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  1. KReed passes . It's all yours Tom T. KReed ROA 14549
  2. Hi Paul- can’t bear the thought of a good grill going to waste . Can you get a ball park shipping cost to Des Moines ? Thanks Ken KReed ROA 14549
  3. BTW it also has a 67 grill instead of a 66. Not sure what that means overall to any prospective buyer but wanted to mention it . KReed ROA 14549
  4. Got lots more pictures from Jeremy . He said he might post them but is listing the car in other venues as well. It is apparently a complete numbers matching silver mist poly GS ( Code WW with 618 interior) with the MW code 425 . The brakes are locked up and he can't get under it to verify BS tranny or posi rear end . Strato bench seats, AC , manual windows and antenna , AM radio, power seat, spreadbore carb, correct GS air cleaner. Motor is not froze up . . Floor pans are toast in passenger compartment and trunk , quarters and A-pillars very bad , headliner and ail panels falling out. It possibly could be restored but would take $$$$ . He is asking 4 K . He's a great guy with good knowledge of Riviera's so give him a call at the number above if interested . I'm gonna pass . KReed ROA 14549
  5. Talked to Jeremy last night - apparently a real deal GS . He’s sending me more pics today - probably will go look at it this weekend. Like I need another project !😀 Wife is skeptical KReed ROA 14549
  6. Thanks Jim and Gabriel - I actually know Jeremy having bought a 66 Riviera parts car from him about 5 years ago . Didn’t know he was in the restoration business now. I’ll give him a call. Appreciate the help .Ken KReed ROA 14549
  7. Trying to find the contact for this owner but no luck - might go look at this car . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks KReed ROA 14549
  8. Ok that makes sense Mr. Clamshell. Until next time ( and I'm sure there will be many) KReed ROA 14549
  9. Rivdrivn was in first with Seafoam right behind . Exactly right. Blown wiper fuse ! Why would GM put those two things In The same circuit? I learn something everyday about these great cars . Thanks guys ! KReed ROA 14549
  10. Those are killer wheels on your 65 ! What are they ? Thanks KReed ROA 14549
  11. That's what I thought I was in for , but No . It was much easier than that! HINT ; 30 cents . KReed ROA 14549
  12. Clue - answer buried deep in dealer service bulletin . KReed ROA 14549
  13. That’s what I usually do but no that’s not quite it . KReed ROA 14549
  14. This is a pop quiz for all you Riviera guys. My 65 Riviera clamshell headlights have been working perfect until a few days ago . They would open but would not close . Everyone knows how finicky they can be . I was dreading figuring it out but thanks to Tom Mooney and his unlimited knowledge and wealth of dealer bulletins, got it fixed in 5 minutes . First person to tell what I did will be named the “ Tom Mooney Clamshell Guru” - an honor bestowed to only a very few ! 😀 ( had to share this as very few things are this easy .....maybe everyone knows this but it was news to me .) KReed ROA 14549