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  1. Thanks for the note - I have a 63, 64 , 65 GS , 2- 66 GS, 67, 69 GS, 72 and 73 GS - love them all - each with a different " personality! Looking for a nice 68 GS . KReed ROA 14549
  2. The " beater " is a twenty footer for sure . When I bought it , the seller said the paint was 7-8/10 . When it arrived , it looked it had been painted in a Kansas sand storm (2/10 and lacquer ! ) . It's in the queue for paint job , hopefully this Winter . KReed ROA 14549
  3. Problem solved ! Here's what my differential guy did (and this is his description ). " We installed standard Eaton #400 springs and retainers into the 9 3/8 posi unit . Also when we loaded the clutches , we removed one splined clutch on each side and replaced it wirh a standard separator disc. This brought our rolling preload yo 70ft/lbs . To be clear we still had a total 18 discs in the differential . We just removed two splined discs and replaced them with two spacer discs . If you want a more aggressive preload you could leave all 8 splined discs in the mix , but the car may let you know it when turning tight slow speed turns " i watched him do it - fascinating stuff - learned a lot about real dirty work . Drove it afterwards - perfect in all aspects . If you have questions , send them to me and I will pass it along to him KReed ROA 14549
  4. I never cease to be amazed by the "creativeness" some people have . Is this a Ferrari or Lamborgini? 😱👎 KReed ROA 14549
  5. My original 64 pulley shaft had the pin on the shaft messed up at some point and the previous owner put on a billet pulley ( obviously incorrect ) and it was wobbling and making me very nervous . So I pulled the entire unit to replace the shaft and rebuilt it with new seals . I had an extra steering pump from a 66 parts car with a good shaft which looks exactly the same and fit perfectly . Measured the shaft and it is 9/16 OD and the only one I can find so far on EBay is a 5/8 diameter pulley ID . KReed ROA 14549
  6. I am replacing at the steering pump pulley on my 64 . The shaft is 9/16 . The only pulley I can find on EBay has a shaft size of 5/8 . Obviously it will go on but is that too much slop ? The key on my shaft is perfect . If anyone has one gathering dust and wants to sell , I am interested .As always thanks KReed ROA 14549
  7. Ran across this October 1962 issue of Mechanix Illustrated which was one of the first reviews of the 63 Riviera by Tom McCahill. Thought the first paragraph was hoot ! Later in the article he stated that manual 4 speed was an option and wished he had tried it . We're any ever produced and / or sold ? KReed ROA 14549
  8. Why would anyone mess up a nice 67 with those crappy wheels - just don't get it ! And that 70 with side pipes !,,, what's the world coming to? 😂🤔 KReed ROA 14549
  9. James Kehr at Bestoffercounts has one listed on EBay right now -$40 . KReed ROA 14549
  10. Jason - I actually have two 66 GS - a "beater " (black one that I got ripped off on an EBay purchase about 3 years ago - lesson learned) that my differential guy just finished with new clutches and now behaves as it should . My other GS (riviera red with 15K miles ) is the one I am currently discussing . He ordered some aftermarket pre load springs and retainers today that he thinks will work and so I will keep you posted . Thanks for all the discussion and help . KReed ROA 14549
  11. Definitely not posi- jacked up rear end . Only one wheel moves at a time when you rotate either . There is a stack of alternating clutches and shims on the right side and ?..a few shims on the left . Haven't pulled it out completely but my friend who is the differential specialist says the clutch springs and retainers are definitely not there and that is definitely NOT a posi at this point . This discussion is quickly getting above my pay grade as I know nothing about these sorts things ( but willing to learn) . As I told him , I would be glad to to show up how to take out a colon cancer if he would show me how to fix a Positraction rearend - the colon resection is much easier !,😃😃) . Will check out Steve's suggestion . Thanks everyone KReed ROA 14549
  12. The way it is set up now it is definitely not a Positraction and I want to put it back to the original way it should be - my OCD I guess . Any suggestions ? Thanks Jason KReed ROA 14549
  13. My 66 Riv GS was originally a Positraction 3.42 ( as they all were) . The original owner got tired of the clatter and " had the clutches removed " according to his detailed notes in 1970 with only 6,000 miles on the car. Had my differential guy look into it today and found that the clutches are there but the clutch springs and retainers are gone ( 2 each ) - know this is like looking for a needle in a haystack but would be interested in them if anyone has set laying around ending a new home . Are there any aftermarket equivalents that would fit - my guy seems to think so but this is the first Riviera 3.42 he has looked into ? Any help would be appreciated . Thanks in advance . KReed ROA 14549
  14. You are correct about the "iffy" . Many issues such as Engine code is MW which is a 66 425 single carb . Good engine but certainly not a 65 LX . KReed ROA 14549
  15. I am interested if still available . Thanks KReed ROA 14549