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  1. Ed I've got a 4th with curb rash and no spinner.
  2. I've got a set,think there driver quality.Ill get back to you after looking at them tomorrow.
  3. It's still running strong Ed.I had my rebuild guy talk to Russ about the dos and don'ts with the nailhead.Bought my parts from Russ,all is well.
  4. #s front of block,infront of carb manifold
  5. If the original paint is enamel,lacquer will lift it(craze).
  6. Have a 63 lesabre hood lip in very good condition.No pictures,you pay shipping.
  7. Have a 327 30 over,took baffles out of side pipes and is cutting out at higher rpm.Has a edelbroch 650,bigger jets?
  8. Have 327 30 over with edelbrock 650 cutting out after removing baffles from side pipes.Does carb need bigger jets.
  9. No oil in aircleaner.Welcome,think about joining ROA...
  10. tenugent


    Watched a high end painter use wool burnishing pad to take swirls out,no compound.