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  1. Old rule,never put lacquer over enamel (will craze).sounds like your finish coat is hotter (thinner in paint) than the base.Maybe a sealer for primer would solve your problem?
  2. Do some test panels first to get the finish you want.Thin the enamel with penetrol(bought at any big box stores)will help paint flow and lay down.For faster drying,use Japan drier.Good luck and be patient.T.Nugent union painter 35 years.
  3. The one l bought was in the 50 to 60 dollar range,outer sheathing was coiled wire.Been a while but don't think there was much modifing.
  4. Jim I found one in Ecklers chevelle parts catalog.part#50-211279.I installed awhile back,think l did have to do some modification,been awhile.Id call and check part# EcklersChevelle.com
  5. He will give you estimate over phone,did a great job.once he gives you price you'll understand why people inquire about disc setup.If you buy used drums make sure there in spec to turn.
  6. J&G brake relining 212 n.green st. McHenry,il.60050.Had mine done with arced brake shoes.Exspensive.TN roa 12969... number should be in ROA review
  7. Don Prudhomme helping push car?
  8. On first generation Riviera glovebox and trunk are the same key.If so,take glovebox key lock off and take to locksmith and have key made
  9. JJ 62 that's it,thanks
  10. Cant log onto facebook riviera owners cars and parts,get page is closed?
  11. Tiger maple doors,burled maple console
  12. Flew in aluminumovercast 10-30-2020 449.00 for all seats.Willard airport(champaign,il.)
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