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  1. James Kehr (BestOfferCounts) has the complete set ( console and panels ) stained and unstained . I lightly sanded and then used a medium walnut stain from Home Depot and brushed it on with a 2 inch foam brush (two coats ) and sanded again very lightly and then rattle canned the clear . My guy striped then after very lightly sanding (2000 grit) the clear . Did not reapply clear after Pinstriping. Good luck KReed ROA 14549
  2. CARS has always been very responsive for me. Talk to Kevin or Jeff by phone . KReed ROA 14549
  3. The round fasteners and screws are used on the long pieces only(2) . Screws only on the short pieces(6) There are about 4 “lips” on the long panel fits over the round fastener . KReed ROA 14549
  4. He said stencil. KReed ROA 14549
  5. Hi all - restoring a 65 GS and bought a nice set of unstained matched walnut panels from James Kehr at BestOfferCounts ( whom I highly recommend ) I stained and cleared them . They did not have the pinstripe and I had a very good friend add the pinstripe for me . Returned to day and I am very pleased . If anyone is interested , I am happy to supply his name and contact info by PM as he said he would be happy to do others if needed . . Pardon the glare on my pics but he really nailed the stripe IMO . KReed ROA 14549
  6. Hi Ed - group 8 under fenders of all places! “ rocker fasteners “ 😀 KReed ROA 14549
  7. CARS had them. $1.50 each plus shipping . KReed ROA 14549
  8. Interesting conversation indeed with some great stories . I have always said and still try to convince myself that if someone would give me every dollar spent for every car that I own , it would be very tempting to jerk their arm off ( at least my wife would) but that being said I also have several cars that will NEVER be worth even close to what I have in them . I believe this is a hobby to enjoy not an investment to retire on some day . How many times to you see something go at auction with $100 K in receipts sell for $40 K? My future philosophy after dealing with my latest on-going project is to buy someone else’s restoration …… but I still do believe half the fun of having these old cars is the “ journey “ of chasing parts , painting and making them presentable. Yes , some may increase in value but others will decrease . Personally I would rather spend $10-15 K on a quality paint job than $5 K on something that would drive me crazy every time I looked at it . Hard to put a dollar amount on the enjoyment ones gets at looking at a car “ done right “ vs the 20 footer .😀Just my thoughts . Anyway it’s still lots of fun. KReed ROA 14549
  9. I really like those wheels on the car. Can you photoshop a whitewall into the pic? KReed ROA 14549
  10. iMHO that would just be too much gray on that beautiful boattail but it’s all in the eye of the beholder ! I do like those wheels though. Personally I would want more chrome but….Who cares what anybody else thinks. Do what YOU like . Gorgeous car! Let us know hat you decide .Thanks KReed ROA 14549
  11. Hi Jason - I have a 66 rear bumper . Decent shape - good core….. but a long way from East PA ! KReed ROA 14549
  12. Hi Andrew - I believe I do have a compete set up . I will check and let you know. And send pics . Thanks KReed ROA 14549
  13. Hi Tom x what are those two beauties in the background reflection? 64 and ?… KReed ROA 14549
  14. Thanks Wayne - will certainly keep that little trick in mind but I am sincerely hoping there is NEVER a next time.I’m done restoring cars after this one ! 😀 KReed ROA 14549 Did not have to cut a slot in the lower portion although though I might have to when I started . It doesn’t have that “ upper lip “ like the top section and it did not deform at all . It was amazing how three passes with the cut off saw gave me a food two inches out on the end . That being said it’s not perfect but will be OK I think . I’m gonna weld it up , grind it down and put in back on the car again before sending for replating . KReed ROA 14549.
  15. Think I figured it out . Cut a 1/16inch slot on top of bumper and pulled it together with a ratchet strap - came out pretty good . Back to the chrome shop ! KReed ROA 14549
  16. That’s a good thought but Garon has it dialed in so perfectly I hate to move it ! Even considered taking it off and trying it on the project car to make sure it wasn’t something in my frame and body although it looks pretty good and the frame wasn’t bent at all when I took it apart . Suspect these bumpers take a beating over the years with jacking them up incorrectly . If I could only put this darn thing over my knee and bend it down! How’s your back and knee ? Willing to pay all doctor fees 😀 or if I could put the middle up on a 4x4 and then have a couple 400 lb guys hanging off each end , it might move ! 🥋 KReed ROA 14549
  17. Couple more pics KReed ROA 14549
  18. The bumper on my 65 restoration project will not fit after two attempts by the chrome shop. They have no data or patterns to go by for this old of a car . Suspect it was hit right in the middle at one time and splayed out each end . Comparing it to my “good fitting “ 65 , the center angle is off about 2-3 degrees at the dead center but obviously that translates into a big gap by the time you get to the corner wrap around . Have tried to find a good no-hit core but hard to find one that does not serious issues . Trying to figure out a way to correct it myself before sending back for replating (which I am sure it will need and they will do it for free !) after pressing or banging it back to fit . This metal is obviously not the thin stuff on modern cars of today and will take some serious work . Would it require a large heavy press of some sort attached in the middle and pulling down on each side ? Or removal of a small piece of metal in the center to allow it to bend a couple of degrees ? Looked online and all repairs are pulling outward rather than bending inward . Don’t think it possible in my shop to beat it down with 4x4 and sledge hammer . Suggestions appreciated . Thanks KReed ROA 14549
  19. Sorry do not have . KReed ROA 14549
  20. I am hoping this is photoshopped but just had to put it up for a few comments . Was in the Riviera Facebook chats. KReed ROA 14549
  21. Of course you are right Tom - just didn’t read the initial post carefully enough . Oh well , back to the OR to do something useful ! 😀. I can take your colon or pancreas out but can’t make a Riviera door switch work - what’s wrong with this picture ? 🤔 KReec ROA 14549
  22. Hi all - could it possibly also be a ground from the body to the passenger door. Had similar problem with a 66 recently . Grounded a 14 gauge wire from body to door and worked perfectly then. Just another possibility. KReed ROA 14549
  23. That is James Kehr KReed ROA14549
  24. Try James Kerr Bestoffercounts . He has them . Kreed ROA 14549
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