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  1. Does anyone know anything about this car . It has a ROA Sticker in he rear window . https://www.ebay.com/itm/283416784014
  2. I met Hardy at the ROA meet in 14 and had the opportunity to drive the black 65 GS in the first picture . Very nice car and a GREAT GUY ! I was lucky enough to visit Hardy and his family a few months back in Houston and had a wonderful time . As we go thru life we meet a lot of people but remember few as years go by - I will NEVER forget Hardy Rawles . RIP my friend - we will meet again !
  3. I will be there after leaving the BCA Nationals in Denver . I will stay at the The Double Tree to help support the Club .
  4. The Car won 2nd in the ROA Reno meet in June .
  5. Sorry I missed you Alex . I am 30 miles East of San Diego ! Will be in Vancouver for a few days the first part of April ?
  6. I have a friend that wants to do this , who is making the kit for the conversion ? Thanks in advance ! Dick
  7. I guess the BJ sales price on their web page inc. their commission . 10K or so.
  8. 65 Resale Red Riv. GS sold for 117,700 in the last couple of days . New owner may want the rest of the vinyl top molding that is missing . Needs help .
  9. It is listed at going for 117,700.00 - Resale Red . Perhaps I can sell the new owner the rest of the vinyl top trim that is missing .I can take the bar under the rear window on trade ! Dont want to go into the rest .
  10. In my case with one set , they were on a car that I sold . I removed the plates and the car went to Wisconsin . I sent DMV the report of sale .
  11. LOL - Problem is I want to sell the plates and dont want the buyer to have a problem !
  12. Going thru the firewall is a lot easier ! Less chances of breaking a number of small parts . Call me anytime and I will walk you thru it . For a filter I use a kit made for Jaguar , google Jaguar coolant filter . It is placed within the upper hose . Inside a cup is a screen and the cup has a screw on cap to clean the screen .
  13. I will give it a try tomorrow and report back . Thanks
  14. Does anyone know how to clear YOM plates in Calif. DMV ? I have a nice set of black and yellow that I want to sell but dont know how to clear them . I went to DMV , stood in line for an hour only to be told that I cannot sell the plates ???? Any help would be appriciated by me and someone that needs them . thanks. Dick
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