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  1. The picture I posted is the Jenkins material however I would ask them to send a sample just in case they ran out of it and replaced it with something else ?
  2. The Jenkins material is as close a match as you will find . Mr Jenkins Sr. just passed away and perhaps they are closed for a short time ????? Keep trying and let us know if you make contact .
  3. Any updates on the trunk lock problem ?
  4. Try pushing down on the lid and turn the key at the same time - worth a try . Try the vacuum trunk release as well .
  5. Hi Patrick , Check with a locksmith . I imagine the trunk is full of stuff and you wont be able to get to the bolts . Its a lot of work to get access to the trunk from behind the seat , even if the spare is not in place if its full of stuff . Send me an email when you have time - need to catch up .
  6. Listed on Ebay if needed = 1965 1966 BUICK RIVIERA DUAL 4 KICK DOWN BRACKET <!-- google_ad_section_end --> __________________ <!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -->
  7. Both sides are the same - no left or right - Good Luck ! Dick
  8. Listed on Ebay if needed = 1965 1966 BUICK RIVIERA DUAL 4 KICK DOWN BRACKET
  9. I think I can help - email me at rivsrus1@cox.net - send pic if you can . Thanks ,
  10. Congrats on your new Riv ! If you need any questions answered , give me a call or email me . rivsrus1@cox.net . Live in Alpine just East of San Diego . Have fun !
  11. Is there a new issue of the Review out ? I have the May / June issue - nothing newer and The Secret Code does not work !!!! I am trying to check / correct my dealer listing . If there is a new code out please email it to me - rivsrus1@cox.net Thanks , Dick Sweeney
  12. Tried to find his store on Ebay today - could not find any listing at all ? Where did Classic Specialties go ?<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  13. In the Review - 65 GS in CA . 20K - if the car is in the same condition as was the last time I saw it - its a strong buy !
  14. Anyone going to this show besided me ?
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