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  1. Good for you for taking on a car that was so full of cancer. Nice job so far.
  2. Well said. Given that they were used across so many models you can't interchange them easily. I think that's what puts so many people off of them. With a few small changes an Edelbrock will cross over pretty easily. Not so with Q-Jets
  3. Yes, he writes about that event in his book. If I recall, he even includes a Dyno chart. GM really got it right with these carbs.
  4. I bought Cliff Ruggles Quadrajet book. I also joined the forum on his website and ended up talking to him over the phone a couple of times. I ended up ditching the 1966 Quadrajet in favor of a late 70's unit. He helped me dial it in for my 401. It really is an amazing design. The later models are 800 CFM, but only flow to what the engine needs. So the carb is always right sized CFM-wise to the engine. You tailor the fuel needs to our design and the carb does the rest. The ting starts instantly, has no stumble and is just all around great.
  5. I put a 1966 Spreadbore (Quadrajet) manifold on mine. My fuel economy improved over the 2 barrel. That is when I drive conservatively. I'm in to the whole swap for about $500-$600. I don't think EFI would make it any more "driveable". That said, I store the car in Winter. Also, I haven't seen a true off the shelf EFI for a nailhead. The Holey snipers are Throttle body injection which is effectively an electronically controlled carb. The Quadrajet is a fantastic carb. It's complicated and kind of intimidating at first, but there is a wealth of knowledge and you can get them dialed
  6. And don't leave your receipts where your wife can find them.
  7. That stinks. But at least you'll know what you have when it's all said and done.
  8. I have to say. So far, I haven't seen anything that looks better than the OEM road Wheels. Just my opinion, but Buick did it right the first time.
  9. I can't wait to get my parts here so I can rebuild this thing.
  10. Looking for an ST300 Switch Pitch torque converter. I need a core in order to buy a rebuild. Alternatively, I would buy a verified rebuild form a reputable source. Regards, Dan
  11. Ugh, so I got a quote of $900 for a rebuild plus "whatever the torque convertor guy may charge". So, I thought I would tackle the rebuild part myself. I ordered a rebuild kit from this place in Oregon. 8 days later, no change in the status of my order. They don't answer their phones or emails. Finally I sent a note threatening to have my bank draw back the money. The guy responds telling me some parts are on national back order and he didn't realize it. The saga continues.
  12. Thanks Rivnut. I'm registered on every Buick forum I can find :). I figured since it was from a GS Riv, I'd ask about the specifics of the transmission here. No torque tube in 1962 (I think 1960 was actually the last year for torque tubes). I got the guy to throw in the correct starter when I bought the trans. I've tried to do as much homework as I can.
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