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  1. That doesn't mean they won't work or even be identical. Visual inspection is the best way to tell. Part numbers can change based on visual changes with no change to fit form or function. Also, Buick and Chevrolet were different divisions, I would expect different part numbers. Part numbers are usually only one variable in the equation and aren't always the deciding factor on fitment.
  2. You may want to cross them with Chevy units. There's a bit of Impala stuff that is very similar if not identical.
  3. It looks like for $550 you could get two front brake drums and a boat load of other parts. I wish it was closer I'd buy it and deal with the wrath of my wife later.
  4. I've seen a few listing lately where people are calling these "Cascada". Shouldn't it be "Lesabre" or "Invicta".
  5. Yes, that is the answer. I was able to find a Buick "Facts Book" for a (relatively) low price. The 9.0:1 2BBl 401 was optional. The published torque for that model was 375 ft-lbs. This is further borne out by the "2LI" stamped on the engine block (2 barrel, low compression). I'm not sure about export, but the manual specifies that the "L" represents a low compression model and the facts book substantiates that this was an option for people wanting "improved economy".
  6. Thanks for your response. All casting numbers indicate 401. The width of the intake bolts is 9" (401). The VIN on the engine matches the VIN on the body. The engine code indicates 401 2 Barrel. So, it's the original engine. However, the air cleaner says "375", which I understand to be the torque. The 401 2 barrel was 385, right? I looked up that value (375) and it corresponds to the 1961 "364" engine. The car has been in my family since it was new. However, all of the previous owners are deceased. I can't ask if anyone has installed a different air cleaner. I doubt very much that they did. I know mistakes like that aren't uncommon in the automotive industry. The hard part is that I've been assuming all this time that I had a 364. Thankfully I haven't bought the 4 barrel manifold that I've been looking for.
  7. That's it. The intake bolts are 9" apart and the block casting coincides to 401. I'm not sure how that air cleaner got on there. My brother had it appraised many years ago and the appraisal also said "364". My uncle bought the car new, I figured that maybe he cheaped out and selected a 364 versus 401. It seems not. I inherited this car from my brother last year and I'm stillteying to figure out everything he did or didnt do to it.
  8. Does anyone have any idea why a 1962 Lesabre would have a 364 rather than a 401? I understood that in 1962, the 401 was standard. Yet my car has a 364; at least according to the aircleaner decal.
  9. So you wouldn't really gain anything in terms of performance?
  10. What do you do for an intake manifold? Do you just keep the old 2 barrel unit and find a TB that fits it? I assume this is TBI, right?
  11. It's been awhile but I wanted to follow up on this. It did turn out to be a loose screw. I tightened it and it's like a brand new switch. Everything in there actually is pretty robust looking. That switch should outlive me. Thanks again for the advice.
  12. Thanks, I'll give it a try. Maybe I'll get lucky.
  13. There's a ton of slop in the lever. Not just in the up and down directions, but I can also rotate it a little. That lends some credence to your comments. I'll check it out. However, it also doesn't consistently engage or disengage after a turn. Sometimes there is a very positive "click" when I engage the lever and sometimes there's no click at all. There's a lot of inconsistency that to me may indicate a worn out or sloppy mechanism. Dan
  14. Hi guys, my turn signal switch is pretty well shot. I've searched and can't seem to find a new replacement. I do know that I can buy repro switches that will fit a 1962 Chevy. I guess I have two questions. The first is does anyone know where I can find a repro or NOS switch for the Buick? Barring that, does anyone know if the Chevy switch is the same? I know very little GM stuff translates between the companies. Maybe a third question is whether or not these can be rebuilt. Regards, Dan
  15. Great work. What's the plan on the paint. are you going to use a gloss clear coat or leave it satin?