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  1. Many people don't understand that logic. Folks seem to have a sense of entitlement about getting back the money they've spent. Buyers also seem to think that what it will cost them to get it where "they want it" is your problem. A guy recently asked for a $100 discount on something I was selling because it was going to cost him $100 in gas to buy it. I recommended that he find the same part somewhere closer ?
  2. That's a great suggestion, I hadn't considered that. Thank you.
  3. Can anyone point in the direction of one of these? I bought a used motor to rebuild and the brass strap is broken. I can run a stranded wire if I have to. But I'd rather find a replacement if possible. So far, I've been able to find rubber grommets and whatnot, but no love on the ground strap. Anyone know a resource for these? Thanks, Dan
  4. I think it's safe to say that owning an old vehicle is an emotional decision, not a logical one. So, I think to that point, asking if keeping it is a good idea is the wrong approach. It's a horrible idea, any accountant will tell you that. But we do it anyway, right? I'm in a similar boat in terms of time. It's very hard to steal a few minutes here and there between family and work obligations. To me, this has meant a couple of things. First, planning is probably more crucial because the timeline to completion moves way out. A job that I could knock out in a weekend can take months now. I have to take really good notes and stay organized because I know that I will not remember where I left off. The second thing kind of relates to the first. I have to be very selective about new projects that I take on because it can move out the horizon for everything else that I have going. Part of that for me has meant thinning the herd a little for the things that I care the most about. Right now, I'm in the middle of trying to sell a vehicle because to do it justice would take time away from my Buick. Last of all, we own things, they are not supposed to own us. Good luck.
  5. Definitely many factors at play. There's a lot about that era that looks attractive in the rear view mirror.
  6. Bear in mind, those services weren't free. I was a gas jockey in the early 80's. We still had a "full service" Island. We were expected to check the oil, air in the tires, wash the windows, etc. There was a price difference for the gas, most people either didn't use it or pulled in by mistake. Customers voted with their wallets. Trust me, if there was a demand, the service would still exist.
  7. How do you intend to support the transmission after the engine is out?
  8. Why would the points earned be a secret?
  9. Still looking. I guess those pictures were just a tease.
  10. "Wildcat 65" I sent you a PM. Just let me know the price. Dan
  11. That would be perfect. Can you PM me a price?
  12. No preference, I just don't want to spend "Star Wars" money on it. I know the chrome units (Gran Sport) are more sought after. It's not for a restoration. I'm putting a QJ on my 62 and I want a stock-ish air cleaner.