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  1. Are you having issues with flash rust? It seems like you would have wanted to put some kind of protective primer on it after striping it. That engine is beautiful. Do you have a wider shot of the whole car?
  2. Aha, thanks for catching that. So, there was on cam, no matter what engine configuration you had; if it was a 401.
  3. Hello Mr. Zimmermann, I'm curious to know what it costs to get those small parts chrome plated. Would you mind sharing that? Chrome plating in the U.S. is very expensive. Although, I've never asked about parts that small.
  4. Yes I was. I tried watching that other show (Gas Monkey) and couldn't even make it through one episode. Complete garbage.
  5. Applying the loosening torque when tightening will not yield the same results.
  6. Plastic does last forever, it just keeps breaking in to smaller pieces. It looks like you've already started that process.
  7. I recently stumbled across that show. The guy seems quite talented and reasonably modest. It's almost as if he's just really in to cars.
  8. Someone knew enough to weld aluminum and take an engine apart but somehow didn't connect the dots that this was a horrible idea.
  9. I realised last night that I have a reproduction parts book at home. It goes 1940-1976. It dawned on me that all cam choices should be in there. There were a lot. One thing that baffles me was that some of the part numbers on the team buick website were not in the parts book. Anyway, for 1963 they do list two different cams for a 2 or a 4 barrel. No mention is made of high or low compression. However, the book also lists a cam as being for 62-64, "all engines" and it's different from the other two part numbers. T huh is isnt confusing at all.
  10. I think the OP's engine code showed it as a "Standard" rather than low compression. I would take that to mean that it had the same compression ratio as the 4 barrel.
  11. So, some years would be different but within a given year's product line, they would be identical? In other words, in 1963, there was one cam for all engine configurations?
  12. I'm kind of new to this stuff. Did Buick ever have more than one cam choice for this era? It seems that carburetion and compression ratio were the changes.
  13. I know, that's the difference. I looked for this kind of stuff on other forums and it was all based on opinion. Here it seems, people say, "I did this and here's what happened", versus "I had a friend who knew a guy who....."