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  1. arnulfo de l.a.

    3 65 gran sports for sale

    I agree this will be interesting. My 65 gs has the same factory color combo. Only mine was painted over by previous owner with a cheap earl shieb red paint job which it still has today. I will be very surprised if the owner does not lose money
  2. arnulfo de l.a.

    It's time for a poll

    Bob ,yes i am old school. 63 yrs old but i got to say you got me stumped. I remember the song and some lyrics but cant come up with the artist. During the sixties i was listening to whatever my older brothers ( had 6 older and 2 younger) were playing at the time . Good times!
  3. arnulfo de l.a.

    It's time for a poll

  4. arnulfo de l.a.

    65 Riviera Value

    Who rebuilt the engine? Where they experienced with nailheads? If not ,and they line bored the block, you will never be able to get the timing right because of a loose timing chain. Hopefuly that is not the case with your motor.
  5. arnulfo de l.a.

    65 Riviera Value

    Good looking car. If a true gs and rest of car looks that good, motor matching numbers and in good shape i would say between 25-30k also the fact that it has been in same family since 1967 a big plus.
  6. How wide are the beauty rings?
  7. arnulfo de l.a.

    Freeze plug

    Yes 1965 rivi gs. Thanks for the info
  8. arnulfo de l.a.

    Freeze plug

    Greetings men. First i want to wish you and your loved ones a very happy new year . Looks like i have to change a freeze plug. Got antifreeze leaking out the rear of the drivers side head. I think there is a freeze plug somewhere back there . Dont know exactly where. What am i in for men? Thanks in advance.
  9. ^^^^^that looks factory clean
  10. arnulfo de l.a.

    Holley Sniper EFI on my Nailhead

    Dave! Your rmotor looks fantastic, glad to hear the efi turned out well for you. Good work !
  11. arnulfo de l.a.

    67 LS1 40K (eBay)

    My experience with ls engines has led me to believe they are the best engine chevy has developed to date. Dam near bullet proof in my opinion.
  12. arnulfo de l.a.

    1965 Riviera Advertisement

    What do they mean by " hill climb range " ? Didnt the 64s have the same tranny?
  13. arnulfo de l.a.

    Factory routing of spark plug wires

    I will put them on just like that and let them age. Eventually they will match the rest of the car.🤓
  14. arnulfo de l.a.

    Factory routing of spark plug wires

    Thank you very much for all the help men. Thanks dave . My next question was going to be where i could get them. Are they copys of the factory holders? If yes, i will take them.
  15. arnulfo de l.a.

    Factory routing of spark plug wires

    1965 riviera gs 425 ci