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  1. Call this man his name is mario , located in rancho cucamonga socal. He will have what you need. 909-786-5323
  2. Your friend is 100% right about l.a. I remember days in the 60's and 70's where the smog was so thick your eyes would burn and lungs would feel like you just smoked a carton of cigarettes. The only days there was no smog was after a rain storm or when the santa ana winds would blow, so most of the year we had very smoggy days.the upside was no one wanted to live here so property and rents were VERY AFFORDABLE. the downside was all the riff raff that moved in ( i nclude my family as part of the riff raff) .I live a few blocks from downtown l.a. And on a smoggy day you could not see the city hall which at the time was the tallest building in the city.This is how it looks now thanks to epa rules. Still not 100% clean but sooooo much better!
  3. White vinyl with burgundy mist was available. That's what my 65 is. Don't think they had leather as an option in 65 but I could be wrong.
  4. Volvo already starting to phase them out with a plan of 50% of their sales to be all electric by 2025. I am 63 and of the opinion that i will see them completely phased out within my lifetime. What say you men?
  5. Just saw on news that kansas city is being hammered by tornados. I think ed ( rivnut) lives there. Hope all is well with you and yours ed. I am in l a but if there is anything i can do from here just let me know.
  6. Not trying to make it drive like a formula 1 . My suspension is tired , want to tighten it up. Thinking / hoping a certain brand shock and or bushings may be better than others. Not looking to change springs either.
  7. I would be interested to know what you guys did to improve the handleing. Thanks
  8. I will try to do the title of " de man " justice Ed but can't promise anything 😂 . I plan to mimic the set of deep rallys with beauty rings that were on that beautiful black riviera that was posted on this forum sometime back. Had been trying to figure out how he had turned 6" rallys into 7" rallys until Tom mentioned they came in 7". I'm guessing that what the owner of the black riviera used. I will be using 1" spacers as he did .
  9. Thank you much Ed. Will the ralley wheels from a 1971 estate wagon fit on a 1965 rivi? I know i would need a spacer due to deeper offset .
  10. Do they look like the 65 rivi ralleys? Will the 65 rivi ralley wheel center cap fit on the estate wagon ralley wheels ?will the wheel itself fit on a 65 rivi? thanks for the info SBRMD.
  11. Tom , also wondering which rally wheels came in 7" widths. Thanks
  12. Check that headlights open, electric windows work, if equiped with cruise control check if it works along with all other accesoryies and lights. I would also check how well it returns to proper idle by lightly stepping on the gas pedal and slowly releasing foot pressure off it. If it stays idled high after fully releasing gas pedal check dual quad linkage setup make sure its not hacked together and that everything is from factory including carbs. It may still not reurn to proper idle even if the car still has all the proper parts, ( linkage, carbs) but will be easier to correct than if you did not have all the proper parts. Good luck