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  1. The original horn bar is still in one piece. I filled the cavity on the back with resin. Hopefully it will keep the bar in one piece.My question to those who still have the original horn bar; how is the fit?mine does not center perfectly and one side of the bar seems to sit deeper than the other if i tighten all three of the mounting screws all the way down. Also cannot get both sides of the bar to honk when depressed.only one side works. Thinking it is just the nature of the beast being the bar is an imperfect cast piece. Im still toying with it in hopes of getting both sides of the bar to work.What say you men with a gs steering wheel ?
  2. Firestones have some history of thier tires blowing out . If i recall it was sometimes in the 70's there was big scandal about how bad they were. may have been sued also.glad you are ok kreed and thanks for the refresher heads up!
  3. Thanks David. I got the puller for the steering wheel. But after looking at the manual , I think I am going to take the car to a column specialist that I know of in east l.a . Hope he is still there. How is your car coming along?
  4. Kudos to you for the rescue and recommissioning job. Great looking car!
  5. I am having trouble moving mine to its lowest position. Will go all the way up and back down to mid point only. Just started doing it out of the blue. Anyone got any experience dealing with this issue? I would like to fix it if I can with as minimal amount of disassembly as possible. Looks like I may need some specialty pullers if I need to get to the tilt assembly. What am I in for ? Many thanks
  6. That boat tail is AMAZING! i really like what he did with the back window. Giving it a split window sting ray look. Truly a piece of art on wheels!
  7. Call this man. I think he will be able to help you. I am in L A also, if there is anything i can do to help , let me know. MARIO 909-786-5323 he is in rancho cucamonga which is about 30 miles east of los angeles.
  8. Dont use a pipe wrench, wait for the proper tool to arrive.
  9. 65VerdeGs , the redirad is a electronic device that allows you to use music stored i your smartphone or mp3 player without changing anything to the original sound system . Its plug and play
  10. Those of you that have them, what your opinion of them? Do they last? How is the sound? I remember hearing some 8 track tapes back in the 70's that were recorded in reverb and I liked it. Never heard an actual reverb in person. I ask because I have one that I had repaired over ten years ago. I have everything, box, switch and wiring harness. Never installed it. Wondering if it's worth the trouble of installing. Now that I got my antenna fixed I'm going to install the REDIRAD setup and was considering trying out this reverb. Thanks for sharing the knowledge men!