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  1. My fan blade measure from 15/16” to 1” spacing from the belt.. have you tried to source a oem shroud?
  2. I think i have the H2 option. Cant say for sure but my steering box on my 65gs is 2 3/4 lock to lock.
  3. I’m thinking I’m thinking if you have to do all that then maybe they are on right they way they were originally
  4. Have you done the modification TOM T. Mentions ? Reversing the auxiliary air blades so cutout/holes face the Venturi supports?
  5. Huge improvement! No sludge is a good sign !
  6. I know where I would send my motor if I wanted a rebuild ! you get what you pay for. Tom because you are using forged pistons do you set them up looser than factory spec? Do you get any piston slap on cold start?
  7. Happy to help in ANY way i can Bob. No trouble what so ever.
  8. I have only used the electric fuel pump to get me home when the mechanical dies. Longest distance was 35 miles and it did perform well. I too now have an oem mechanical fuel pump on my car. They are rebuildable. So far it’s holding up well. I tore into the last mechanical that died on me. It was from NAPA AUTO PARTS. Very cheaply made. Clarified why they kept breaking. I posted pictures of the internals and the weak point. If I knew how to search for them I would re post so you could see what I’m talking about. I think I figured it out ;
  9. Count me in with Ed on an order if it happens
  10. The few times my Rivi broke down it ALWAYS the fuel pump. So I carry an electric fuel pump with enough fuel line to go from the inside bottom of gas tank to carborator and about 5 foot wire leads on the fuel pump with clamps on the end and the few hand tools needed to do the installation I.e. pliers , small adjustable crescent wrench, Phillips and straight screw drivers , knife and zip ties
  11. Where was the vacuum reservoir located for the 1965? Mine must have been changed out at some point in time, I have the 63 model and it has always worked without fail.
  12. I used to get that start up tick too. I still happens but no where near as often as before. I think it is because I started using 10-40 oil , was using 10-50 before and more importantly, in my opinion, is I don’t let the car actually start until the oil pressure light goes out by cranking over with the starter. Car is 1965 Rivi gs
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