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  1. Bill , you and bob have some great memorabilia there. Kudos to both of you! I agree with your assessment as to bobs character! Don’t know him other than a few pm’s and what he posts here bit my gut tells me he is a good man.
  2. Mine did the same. I welded the handle back on
  3. Whittier Blvd was the main cruise spot when I was low riding. Would spill into the side streets sometimes until the L A SHERIFF dept would break it up. That went on from Friday thru Sunday. Wednesday’s was van buys Blvd in San Fernando valley. Never heard of the 6th st. Bridge as being a cruise spot. Yes it did get tore down . A new one is in contruction . L A has changed a lot since those days. Some for the better and some for the worse. A lot more people for sure
  4. Does it count if you do it by cutting the firewall?😁
  5. Thank you very much. VERY INFORMATIVE!
  6. I agree with Tom. The method i use to determine that is to run a hot wire off the positive of the battery directly to the 12v side of the ignition coil. If it stays on , your problem is in the ignition circuit somewhere between the switch and the 12v side of the coil. The problem is most likely at the connector in the back of the ignition switch. They get hot back there sometimes even to the point of melting the connector plastic, causing a poor connection. I had the same problem as you and that is where the problem was. Good luck
  7. Cholos did not ride like that Ed. Hydraulics, rabbit ear antennas, sometimes fender lights, custom paint, 520x14 tires on dynasty’s or rockets, glass packs,crush velvet interior ,best 8 track available ( pioneer at the time) and a color bar. This coming from a former cholo living the life in L A. Cruise night FRI. SAT. SUN. On WHITTIER BLVD after the house party’s ended, until the EAST LA SHERIFFS broke it up. Funny how they never messed with the hot rodders further up Whittier Blvd in the city of Whittier. Anyone with a foxtail antenna or cucaracha horn would have been considered a lame and
  8. I got 2 3/4 turns lock to lock. So i guess better that H2 not as good as yours Tom. I like , works for me!
  9. Never realized how much of an improvement bilstiens provide till I drove your car. A world of difference. Makes the car a lot more fun to drive
  10. You are probably right but no plans to change them , trying to keep car as original as possible. The car had spacers when I bought it but I took them out because I did not like the look at the height it was at. Air shocks will work perfectly for my situation.
  11. To get in and out of my drive way without scraping the mid portion of the frame.i plan on using a compressor with one air line to each shock. Not looking for huge improvement in handling just something better that what the Monroe’s i currently have provide.
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