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  1. Some are unavailable especially with original fastener hole locations.
  2. Hey there Would you please tell again where you got your beautiful tires? Thanks Paul
  3. Got a friend who needs a couple Riviera relays repaired or at least internally looked at. Willing to pay for help. Please let me know Thanks Paul
  4. Try U-Ship. (Website) Transporters bid for your job. The longer you can wait the cheaper the cost. Personally, I'd put them in a PVC tube. Dont trust card board.
  5. Dump Louie and go with Dewey. He had mine with new cadmium put on. While at it we did my hood latch as well. I advise send anything you want metal "etched" and get it all done at once. Kudos
  6. Definitely a poser. Paint overspray in the wheel house. Trunk paint out of the can nilly willy all over the place. Crooked GS badges. The console wood appears to have two layers of wood? I'll sell ya mine. What a flipper. You can look in the fender wells for the drill burrs with a borescope. Run Luke, run!
  7. I took your advice and opened up the relay at the fire wall which was not clicking. Appeared all good in there. The coil passed a continuity test. All other terminals passed. Put her back together and re "brazed" the case. So I then I wacked the AUX relay case a few times. She sputtered and clicked. Cycled once and now works great. Thank goodness because apparently that AUX relay is unobtainium. Thanks all.
  8. Greetings Please help. I'm looking for the part # for the '67 headlamp motor relay. Not the auxiliary relay. No I.D. on the old one. Got this unique insulator. Thanks much
  9. I forget - does a '73 have a 5X5 lug pattern? This is 15X6 with 5/5" lug pattern. Will it fit? Thank you
  10. I have a set of powered bucket cores from a '66. I also have a re-chromed power switch and the plastic aprons. PM me if seriously interested. Thanks
  11. Full black set. From Distinctive industries. I never fully installed them. Very nice set. Just as good - if not better than original. PM if you or someone you know is interested. Thanks Now free. You pay shipping. Thanks
  12. WOW what a color combo! This is a steal if zero rust. https://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/cto/d/dunedin-1963-buick-riviera-custom-build/7167111434.html (Not mine)
  13. If you can accept used parts try Tim at elco1979@yahoo.com You can use Plast X polish then a permanent silver fine point paint pen to bring them back - if not cracked. Then brush on a clear poly over the silver if you want it to last. Also, I’m pretty sure the Electras share the same ring to swap.
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