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  1. No removal yet. Nothing wrong with the old pan but I wanted one painted, ready to go. New pan has a magnetized plug. Waiting for all the parts and tips. Service manual says remove fan shroud, disconnect shift link then lift the motor a bit just to clear the pan. I dont get the different gasket dims.
  2. Happy New Year Gang! Gussy up the underbelly. Got my powder coated oil pan from Santa. (TA) TA Performance lists two different thickness oil pan gasket sets for the 430: 1/8 or 3/16. I remember on Chevy small blocks different casts called for one or another and could not be swapped on same? Is this an issue here? Also my rear main don't leak. Leave it alone? Thanks
  3. Happy 50th Golden Anniversary to any and all '69 Buick's! - wish I got THIS goldie for X-Mas
  4. Nice! Such a clean look. Now I wish someone would reproduce the dang bellows sleeve for the switch arm. I’m sure there’s a lot of Buick owners that can use a new one!
  5. Whoa! $96.86 for that ('67) part in 1970! Thats $620.00 in todays dollars based on this website: Makes sense though. I'll bet it cost at least $600 to replace a top end Buick stereo today!
  6. Perhaps inspiration to many, least of all the Mach 5? The winning 1958 Lister-Jaguar - now for sale. Insane spinners!
  7. I would say the smooth field within the lamp frame was planned to hold some decal or emblem. I received the unit as shown. The forensics are always interesting!
  8. Happy Holidays all Mr. Reed was the first to ask for the radio. Im sorry if you missed out. I didn’t expect such a hi response. Peace
  9. Awesome Mr. Tom Her #s match. Must be a ‘66 but my face plate has the green stereo window! hmmmmmmm
  10. I just got it for the mint face plate. Cheaper than re-chroming The green stereo lamp is dreamy too...
  11. I have a spare 66/67 stereo radio. Chrome has a few tiny pits. Freebie It probably works but I don't know for sure. Its heavy so you pay shipping. Just hate to throw any Riviera stuff away.
  12. Can any first gen. person help out???
  13. Great history from Wikipedia: "The spinner cap was introduced into the commercial vehicle and passenger automobile market in the 1930s. The spinner or "knock-off" was designed to keep the wheel on the automobile. They were screwed on and "knocked on tightly" using hammers and tools, hence the name "knock-offs". Most setups will feature right-hand threads on the left side of the vehicle, and left-hand threads (rotate clockwise to remove) on the vehicle's right side so the screw-on spinner would stay tightened as the auto was in forward motion. The knock-off spinners were used until the development of the lug nut method attaching the wheel. During the 1950s automobile manufacturers offered simulated wire wheel covers for a look of luxury that featured criss-crossing spokes designed to look like the real wire wheels that were used on vehicles in the 1920s and 1930s. These "spinner-wheel covers" were available on standard as well as featured on custom cars, and lowriders quickly adapted them for their own vehicles. During the early-1960s, the simulated wire wheel covers returned, but with new look designed to emphasize sportiness with their radiating spokes and center "spinner caps." These classic center spinner caps feature a rigidly mounted propeller-like center element, usually with two or three projecting "blades."[They were intended to simulate the knock-off hubs that were used on vintage racing vehicles and classic sports cars where a hammer or special wrench was used on the spinner to release or tighten the wheel to the hub. These spinner hubcaps were most often an optional appearance upgrade to the standard equipment hubcaps or full wheel covers that attached to stamped steel wheels. In the late 1960s, U.S. Federal safety standards banned the use of protruding bar spinners on automobiles." My first love of spinners was from the Mach 5. Coincidentally the Mach 5 or Mach GoGoGo was originally serialized in print in Shueisha's 1966 Shōnen Book - immediately prior to the U.S. ban. Which made them even more HIP!
  14. Try Tim at: May take a few days to get a response. Let us know how you make out