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  1. Nirvana. What it must be like to be in that cabin? Makes me want to rip my vinyl out with ill temper and put the original cloth in... like...real badly. Drool.
  2. Once you get the panels sorted, Scanlan Classic fabricates the veneers laser-cut with foam 3-M style adhesive. (If you dont want to fabricate your own)
  3. Where the heck is the ignition nut? Probably means burnt wires? I'll bet I got the last NOS one on planet Earth. Whomever gets this baby is welcome to my old scratched nut. Har har
  4. Floor console and bucket frames are worth savin / restorin! Would go in a '68 just fine....
  5. Nice. Did you put the foam directly thrugh the spark plug ports and soak?
  6. Awesome! My favorite so far. Nice work. Hang this one behind the man-cave bar.
  7. Hah I used to pump gas at Metro West Hampton, NY. I always checked oil and cleaned windscreens for tips. I remember being so busy I didnt have time to exchange the massive wad of cash in my pockets. What a horrible and short job. Remember the NFL promos?
  8. Yeah, seemed to be common here up until '73. Of which I just sold mine. The fuel would always shoot out of the neck. And what a pain the old knee cap!! Some cars were worse even BELOW the bumper. Sure were some pretty boots, however. Style before function:
  9. Mr. Colin I removed and reinstalled mine because the debris screen was the most rusty thing on my car. I soaked the screen and transmission in liquid rust remover over night. Re-painted all. Lubed. Better than new. Just do as JZ states. Lift the front lip and slide forward. The hardest part is the wiper blades. Make sure you wear thick gloves when removing / reinstalling them. Driver over passenger. Towels all around to protect the paint. I used nylon washers under the sheetmetal screws to not tear the paint. This is actually done on other cars from factory. >1968 don't have these issues!
  10. CARS has the sheet metal. No experiance with the pieces.
  11. My '67 power antenna just decided to switch to slow mode. Fully charged battery and fresh lube on the outside telescoping parts. Why all the sudden the big slow down? Thanks
  12. Gorgeous car. Thats what happened to mine AFTER I sold it with only 65000 miles. A plastic piece of the intake got sucked into the engine. The poor guy had to replace the whole engine. I felt terrible about it. But who knew? I am sorry for your loss. I hope she gets rescued soon.
  13. One could clear anodize the aluminum. You'd have to remove the patina and all contaminates first. Only a fresh non-metallic media blast would well achieve that with the appearance desired? I would opt for silver argent paint. I'm gonna bet paint is what was originally used as it would have been simpler. But I'm no first gen. expert either.
  14. Prestige, having the best of the best. When someone reaches that affordability point it is his or her time to go for it. Bucket list item for many? Good condition Rivieras mostly stay with owners and their families a long time.
  15. LoL I'd say young female stripper - before the ink ran. * *This post delivered without sarcastic intent.