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  1. They can copy any image but the 3D effect claim can be misleading. The “3D” reference is to the outer dome shape of the medallions. The image under the clear dome remains 2D. I had a simple Chevy bow tie set made years ago and it was perfect for my set up. I wanted the colors to match my car. But the image was not 3D.
  2. The two generations you mention won’t swap as the interfacing angles between the bodies and mirrors are off. Check out KReeds after market mirrors on his boat tail. They are slick and match the flow of the body lines well IMO. Happy 2021
  3. I got 2 and 9/16 inches across the face. 66mm Tabs not included
  4. Ken ’67 turbine medallions are identical to those in ‘69 plain wheel covers. Extremely rare in good shape. I can show you how to restore them. I have three non cracked medallions you can have for your dads Riv. Not mint but very nice. Happy new year Paul PS there are ‘69 plain covers on eBay now.
  5. That brown Riv has been for sale for years Brown on brown is a hard sell
  6. I’m sorry but the column is gone. You’d be surprised at how difficult it is to give this stuff away. So much is one year only and shipping is what it is. I still have the really nice driver grill set. 50 clams holiday break for members (+shipping) Cheers
  7. If your old cable is not broke don’t replace it. Just replace the sleeve. Most of the time the ID of the sleeve gets worn and the cable is fine. Some new cables are junk as they twist and give inaccurate readings. Also a Speedo repair shop owner told me to only use bearing grease for lube.
  8. My replacement NOS grill came crated. Too easy to crack without support. You don’t want to see those belts at the shipping hubs and they literally throw them in the trucks by hand but occasionally get dropped Seasonal help during holidays ugh
  9. No sir I sold the seats to a cat in Texas - is putting them in a Catalina. Gave the upholstery to Mr. Reed. My back can’t handle that monster powered up Strato
  10. They found a home. Thanks all Any one interested in my console on ebay? I'll give big discount to ROA members. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Buick-Riviera-Floor-Shift-Console-1966-1969/174275213753?hash=item28939cb9b9:g:8f8AAOSwLrletHnu Happy Thanksgiving
  11. Thanks Gonna trash them soon....
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