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  1. BUMP Still up for grabs. I just got a re-chrome quote today and is as follows: "Paul, Thank you for the inquiry and picture. The grill runs in the $1500.00 to $2000.00 price range plus a 6% metals fee, sales tax and any return shipping. We do ask for a 50% (Cash or check only) deposit in order to begin work on the job. Turnaround time is approximately 10 to 12 weeks. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me. Kind Regards, Shanon Rufo Spacecoast Plating 975 Aurora Rd. Melbourne, FL 32935 321-254-2880" This is why I went for my NOS replacement. $$$$$$$$
  2. My carpet is not stiff or "crunchy" with the dupli-color. Regular RIT is your dads tie-dye. Regular RIT only soaks in to natural fibers. If you are going to use RIT get the one for man-made products. This stuff you usually have to order 'cause it ain't on most shelves.
  3. I used this on my carpet 5 years ago and it is still good today. Like new.
  4. Ok gents Mr. Reed has first dibs since he was first. With $500. Insurance it’s $112. to 06853 and about $128. to 50047. You guys let me know Thanks Paul
  5. I know, right? We are a niche within a niche. Cant give this stuff away. Probably a hundred clams to ship after plywood crating. I don’t know how else to pack it. I’ll go to Home Depot and see what s around....
  6. So, I tried giving this away in the past and nobody wanted it. I'm about to toss it. No cracks. It does have some chrome pits from road rock. Last chance. You pick up or pay for shipping. (Ocala, Florida) Thanks
  7. Oooops. There are both sizes out there. Just swap the center caps. I paid more for my set. Mint ones are very rare.
  8. Mr. Raul There seems to be a missing shaft from your handle which are available but maybe the shafts need trimming? The switch clips may be found in salvage yards out west. Heres a pic of mine. Just type in PO2 for your search for caps. Theres an NOS base set on sale now for a bargain! $699.
  9. Thats one way to get that bondo off Check out the massive patch scabs!
  10. Nothing a heat treatment cant fix. Most big cities have some heat treatment service. (Before you re-chrome)
  11. The Top Cat Whiskers window felts I replaced on my Pontiac last year were dead-on perfect. Even the pre-drilled holes matched. Those guys make them right. I recommend they be commissioned to produce them. I dont know who the parent company is. Possibly Quirey Quality Design Co.