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  1. Based on your photos, the pull knob separated from its metal screw. I would just JB weld it back on. Normally the screw stays with the knob. The knob with its screw together normally "screws" into the plastic on the switch assembly. It looks like your plastic is still OK. Just hand tight, its only plastic.
  2. I have a nice free air cleaner for the ROA team. Universal lid / California base. Seal is good. Surface corrosion on back of lid. I have no room for this stuff. You pay shipping / handling from 34482. I have some other stuff for any locals interested PM me. Thanks
  3. Wow. The seller must either now his Rivieras or has some cross reference data. Same mold as mine: Love your new tires Mr. Mike. Still wish you went with red lines though. LoL
  4. Check this one out. Partially blacked out lens. Did these fit others? A point +/- ?
  5. SuperbrightLEDS sells all versions. And some are smart with internal circuitry allowing reversal of poles in-socket. (They are diodes) You should read the specs for each model. Be warned: with old school dimmers and voltage regulators most LEDs pulse while the car is at low RPM / idle regardless of battery charge.
  6. Indeed. There were some very easy to do tweeking that could have been done. Its even missing the ignition key nut. The window roof seals were almost rotted / absent. It makes one wonder where the owner is. So much more potential?
  7. Check his out:
  8. The "Type II" push button styles are officially at Unobtainium status. ( in any salvageable state )
  9. Two dream Rivieras together this week! + Five more Its gonna be something to see:
  10. Question: Was the "Shorty" console ever offered as an option for '71? Wait...I think I recollect a photo with one somewhere... Thanks
  11. Worst thing is the front bumper. I don't know how you'd get 'er perfectly straight again. Mad skills needed. Lower door panels with the speaker holes would be difficult to find in good condition. What a gorgeous color combo! Rare This car is a steal IMO.
  12. Shes back up for sale. Worth every penny - to me. (Not my listing)
  13. Thank goodness there is another source. Thanks
  14. Just sharing info. I heard they have good brake/fuel lines: "In celebration of the Inline Tube Annual Car Show, we are offering 15% off all orders sitewide* *excludes exhaust systems Enter discount code CARSHOW15 at checkout to get the discount. Sale Runs May 9th, 10th & 11th"