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  1. Here you go, Mr. Tom. I know the legs were bare metal but I coudn't install without paint. But I still haven't installed them - lazy me! Hope this helps.
  2. What do you need? The bases? Motor mounts? The upper frames were interchangeable with many GM model cars... Heres my base before and after:
  3. But no one sells a new '85 switch with sentinel option and his tails don't light with manual on. I would get a regular new switch (as its listed available) and by-pass the sentinel circuit if the tail circuit isn't shorted. .
  4. I would believe the head and tail lamps would still be successfully manually controlled by default even with the sentinel circuit failed. This design would prevent law suits. But I don't have the wiring diagram. Was your car ever rear ended or water flooded? Was the trunk gutted and re-painted? Were after market speakers installed and someone kicked a wrong wire?
  5. On my next boat tail (bucket list) I'm going to swap the speedo's from a gorgeous '74. Can this be done?
  6. Yes sir, had the ol' gal in neutral. This balancer is tighter than a dead cats' a**. Hmmm....
  7. "The Little Old Lady From Pasadena.She drives real fast and she drives real hard,She's the terror of Colorado Boulevard.It's The Little Old Lady From Pasadena!If you see her on the strip, don't try to choose her,(Go Granny, go, Granny, go, Granny, go)You might have a go-er, but you'll never lose her;(Go Granny, go, Granny, go, Granny, go)She's gonna get a ticket now, sooner or later,'Cause she can't keep her foot off the accelerator" 😉
  8. So, I'm repainting my front pulleys and decided to check for chain slack as you did. I re-installed two balancer/pulley bolts and with a long bar between them I couldn't rotate the balancer at all. But my guns are of small caliber - so maybe I'm doing something wrong?
  9. I love SW but I do cringe when I see it applied to my ride. George Lucas was 23 when my filter (silencer) housing was created. Notice the younger ones are collectively bunching it all into a "that's from the nineteen hundreds!" Ugh
  10. On a '67 the main harness has the wiring for the option. I'll bet a '66 is the same. Meaning you may not need additional terminals. You may not have the optional contacts in the turn signal/lever "module" - behind the steering wheel. Especially if it was replaced by a PO. Lookin sharp!
  11. Imitation: the best form of flattery.
  12. Perhaps Buick gave the (un-ordered, pricy option) surplus deluxe covers to Chevrolet. The Corvette boys wonder where their checkered flag went from mine.
  13. If it weren't for the chrome, that beauty would be totally camouflaged in that desert!