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  1. I know this has probably been discussed before but do the parking light lenses from a 63 or 64 riv fit into the headlight opening of a 65 and if not how much difference is there?
  2. there are 2 rivs for sale on the h.a.m.b a 63 and a 64 google jalopy journal
  3. there is a nice 66 on BAT (bring a trailer)
  4. looks like 3 1965 gran sport rivs are coming up for auction at BJ on thursday havent even checked other days
  5. need a solid drivers side quarter panel for a 65
  6. Any tips on fixing a sticking drivers side window crank?
  7. A couple of pics showing my gauge setup which I’ve had for many years. Don’t remember where I got them and there’s no name visible unfortunately but they just seemed to cry out to be right there and have proven very useful. Also not in the way at all and I am 6’ tall.
  8. Just wondering again if anybody knows what happened to the above convertible? Or does anyone know of any others? Good looking conversion