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  1. Its a matching #s originally Stockton California vehicle 401 with total at $24,200.00.
  2. I have this aluminum version. Im not sure who made it, yet it says Made in Mexico in Spanish on it. It would look awesome on a 425 GS with the aluminum valve covers, as Ed mentioned.
  3. Because it looks like the Millennium Falcon...Kinda.
  4. Hmm, I wonder if it is a good venue to sell my 66 GS?!
  6. All 66 GS had that dip, not just California vehicles.
  7. Anyone looking for a Boat Tail in Germany?
  8. 66 GS Air Cleaner.
  9. Sounds really cool. Do you have any Holiday pictures to show?
  10. Gas Monkey Boat Tail.
  11. Buick Tach with make offer button...|parentrq%3A234d6eae16f0a4e8836b9c0aff9e0532|iid%3A1