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  1. Dude its mint! I mean its literally mint green hehe. Well the seller says it all: "Every boat-tail Riviera we have ever had has barely been with us more than a few days because of the popularity of these cars." So get it while you can!
  2. 73: 66:
  3. Nice. It looks black? I have a 68 with front disc brakes from factory and the main thing that you cannot find is replacement rotors, unless out of a graveyard. Im assuming it has the posi differential being a GS? I don't see the screw top on the air cleaner.
  4. Forget those guys...Im going to hunt gold in California and hopefully I will find a few massive nuggets to cover the bill!
  5. An invaluable piece of extremely rare art on wheels. The car gives me chills...the good kind.
  6. Excuse me sir, but my "wood" steering wheel, turbines, and 2X4 make my Riviera MUCH better! Hehe...
  7. Interesting 73 with factory sun roof and build sheet:
  8. Lots of Rivieras up on eBay now. This one is up again. sale fall through?!
  9. 63-66 Dual Quad setup on Facebook asking $3500 plus shipping (not mine):
  10. An interesting 66 posted on Facebook: "After 5 years it runs. ‘66 Riviera GS. ‘72, 455 BB, 2x4 ELDERBROCK cars on Offy manifold, 268 Comp. cam. Engine built by “Wells Racing Engines”. Totally new wiring harnesses from “ Haywire” wiring. Totally new front suspension. Paint by “Munoz” painting, Red Oak, Texas. Color “ Riviera Red”. New AC from “Old Air” Kennedale, Texas. “ Griffin” Raditor Summit Racing Next is 4 wheel disc brakes, coming this winter."
  11. Thats about right for the black 67 GS. Really nice vehicle, yet wrong tires, cracked steering wheel, wrong stance. A good deal considering it was sold at Barrett-Jackson for about $51K. The guy had it listed for $50K for awhile now. I think $30K is just a tad low for such a rare and excellent condition 67.
  12. Bring a trailer 1970, auction ends soon!
  13. non GS 67 went for well over 18K
  14. I know a guy who is building a "stage 2" motor with his 67 Riviera. He is purchasing "stage 2 heads & cam," this weekend. Any comments on the pros and cons? Also, what would that look like in the most correct historic sense? He said it would have 700HP, but that sounds like a lot to me...
  15. 72 for about $25K