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  1. I appreciate all the comments. Thanks guys. I am going with the vinyl spray route on this one. Its a case by case. When I redo the star wars air cleaners I don't like it when people have glued on the BUICK letters, because it often makes it harder to remove and restore, yet that is a special part. Still, hearing that other people have used the product I was thinking about getting, successfully, helps me to move forward with greater confidence. It makes sense for my specific project.
  2. Is the pictured a torsion bar on the X frame (67)? Also, does anyone sell a god OEM suspension kit for a 67 Riviera GS? Thanks!
  3. So I went down to the local O'Reilly's Auto to look for a product to dye some of the faded spots in my 66 Riviera carpet. All I could find was a spray that is used on car fabrics, but not really anything for dying carpet (black). What is a legit product with a good result. Does anyone have good experiences? Thank you for any insights. I am sure there is a thread somewhere on this.
  4. Bro, don't you have an area to store extra parts? Like if your car gets in a fender bender or something (knock on wood!)?
  5. It appears that James Donlan is Wemark's Restoration. If that is the vehicle you are talking about.
  7. Or buy these for $3.5K
  8. CHROME!
  9. Murder Bee Riviera on the loose and for sale in southern California!
  10. Messed with saturation on the second pic. From the past...To the future!
  11. BaT 64