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  1. I think they went with Riviera again because of them wanting to compete globally with the Italian design (Italian Riviera), and they used leather in the first 63 because they pulled out all the stops for launching. But after lunch they then had to think more about the dollars and cents. Plastic is cheaper and more versatile. Hence the plastic Star Wars air cleaner and plastic radio knobs in 1967. The commercials often referenced the Americans taking it to the Italians as a form of flattery in reference to their engineering. I think of Bill Mitchell's Pontiac Pegasus (1971). American styling with an Italian Ferrari V-12.
  3. That would be cool. Maybe weld two more chrome snorkels on to make it a quad-snorter.
  4. 65 GS, sorry...I mean Gran Sport...
  5. Interesting low miles 69 GS. From the pictures, it looks like excellent condition.
  6. Might be ready if I replace hose, clean the fire wall dust along with valve covers, install the NOS hazard lights red eye switch, get a fresh set of redlines and put them on with some bight and shinny 66 one year only turbines?
  7. 67 with skirts:
  8. OK Tom, I took your advice and got out the chrome polish. Now I should get the dust off that back firewall.
  9. OK, a cheesy attempt at concept, but it would be cool to modify one of these aluminum Star Wars to fit over a dual quad setup.
  10. I know they let it soak, but I think someone mentioned they put it through the carburetor, but I will double check. I would have take some pictures of the process, yet they told me after it was done that they used it.
  11. Thats the preserved barn find dust Tom! Some people like that kind of originality.
  12. Took my 66 dual quad Riviera in for a compression test. First results: #1 220 #2 185 #3 175 #4 172 #5 165 #6 172 #7 170 #8 172 After running 16oz sea foam motor treatment through: Cylinder #1 and #2 was retested at around 158 PSI and Cylinder #3 and #4 at around 152 PSI. Apparently the shop got smoked out pretty good! hehe.
  14. Looks like the billboard to a sweet horror file...with cool cars.
  15. 70s and 80s in the SF Bay Area. Run up, check oil, do windows, pump gas, ask what else needed.