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  1. What is also very cool about these turbines or most of the Riviera wheels/covers is the attempt to create an illusion or holographic effect with the mirroring of the black and chrome checkers.
  2. Man...mine does not have the super wildcat bulletin! Sweet.
  3. sweEEEEET Vette! Turquoise Mist?
  4. Buick should have one upped them with a 4-bar-blade turbine!
  5. Nice scene. The drop top mustang looks like it has a cross between the Riviera two-bar Turbines and silver arrow hubs. Goldfinger came out in 1964 at the height of the turbine wars; I bet sales went up big time after movie release.
  6. I noticed that 1966 was the last yr that came with the stunning and perhaps potentially injurious, wheel spinners for both Buick Riviera and Chevy Corvette. I personally love the look of the gladiatorial dual bladed Riviera turbine wheel covers. The book entitled, Guide to the United States Popular Culture, mentions: "In the late 1960s, U.S. Federal safety standards banned two- and three-bar spinners from manufacture in the United States." Cheers to the outlaw-dangerous, yet elegant Riviera Turbines!
  7. See the indentation/striations/texture on the bottom half of the wheel? That 66 only I think.
  8. I first got excited, because I will be needing an 67 aqua steering wheel, yet this is 66 and it looks like the blue maybe, but lets get a picture with some good light/flash? Here is a picture of a 67 wheel aqua. I think 66-67 would be very similar. Very hard to say as you top pic does look aqua, yet seems darker like blue. The game is a foot.
  9. Or is this the only?
  10. Is this the date code on dual quad intake?
  11. Chimera

    Riviera Wildcat?

    Unless it is a Super Wildcat, I'm not buying.
  12. Gana have to pay extra for the side pipes.
  13. Chimera

    NOS Front Rubber Mats - Green

    Nice set. I had similar in my 67 Riviera. Hey Tom, did they use green like this for the aqua interior or did they have aqua place mats? Specifically for 67 if you know. Thanks.
  14. Bill Hirsch is the way...