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  1. Has anyone ever put the tissue accessory in a console shifter 1966 Riviera?
  2. I am currently working on one California version and one non-California. Obviously the California air cleaner has the hole punched out on the side and the base has the extra pipe.
  3. I rejected Seamist Green as a possibility because it wasn't on the ROA site (I'm so trusting). I'll agree that it is visually closer. How common were special order paint cars? It is. If seamiest green then only 58 came from factory that color. Of course it could also be a repaint. Perhaps was originally Emerald, then painted a more rare color, yet this is all part of the detective work.
  4. I think they claimed it was a 20K original miles also.
  5. OK, thanks for all the intel. Looks like its time to check the Riviera bone yards.
  6. Before the "Star Wars," it was just called an air cleaner, hehehe. Maybe dual snorkel or ram air cleaner?
  7. I think I need one of these 9 points to get the newly installed cornering lamps working with turn signal on this 66. Does that seem right? Is anybody selling one? Thanks...
  9. Which do you prefer? the RIVIERA letters centered on the front hood or the script as in 67? You make a good design point, yet at least they claim the Riviera name and don't put BUICK on the front. Like the Ford Raptor. It would be way more cool to see RAPTOR across the front grill than FORD, as an example. This putting the creation before the creator I think is important on some level in design and intention.
  10. Such a clean look! Yeah, a Riviera is what you get when you cross a corvette and a tank...
  11. Hollywood 1964: Classic auto lore claims a ban shortly after (perhaps as late as 1968) thanks to Nader and the gang with the "unsafe at any speed," motto, yet I even found a Hemmings article showing they attempted to ban them in 2005/NY completely. Freedom prevailed!
  12. Im sure there are others out there, yet if so they are much more of the simple brute design. We like a Sophisticated Brute!