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  1. It is a private message within this forum. Look up near the top right of this screen for something that looks like an envelope. Every one on this forum has it. Rock On gord
  2. I will send you a PM Rock On gord
  3. Yes that is my email and I have not received anything from you. Nothin in spam and i have received 64 emails from other sources today. My email is working. You can also try gordon.wolfgang@yahoo.com or message me on the forum. Rock On gord
  4. msdminc

    64 Riv

    Tom, as we discussed, whenever there was a rule, exceptions were abundant. I am with you, there are tons of alternatives that could have happened. I think the bank fill alternative is plausible, but may not explain everything like we discussed last night. Heck I would even bet that folks that were there may not know the whole story. The speculation is the fun part. Its archeology. And we can't really be wrong, and we can change our model when new data comes in, to make our understanding better This is great stuff and I like to contribute where I can. Rock On
  5. Turnstedt was a stand alone division of GM from about 1948 to about 1969. It had several plants in Ohio, New Jersey, Michigan that I know of. They merged with Fisher Guide in 1969, a division later known as Inland Fisher Guide. It started in the 1910's and was acquired by GM when they were acquiring pieces to vertically integrate. Turnstedt produced lots of different parts for GM. As I remember it included Hard Trim and Soft Trim pieces, ball bearings, and many more. Rock On gord
  6. msdminc

    64 Riv

    Tom, Yes 64 non saleable pilot cars would be built earlier than 63 build out. There could've been some saleable 64s built before 63 build out (less likely), but they would not have been recognized as built until they were "shipped" from the assembly plant. There are several production pay points where different work in progress inventory relief was made (refer to my articles in the Riview from a few years ago for more detail). The production counts that were in industry reports were only counting units shipped from the final assembly plant, and not still in the plants W
  7. msdminc

    64 Riv

    Art, Bodies were typically built to order, and a body plate/cowl tag were always put on a body when it was built in the beginning of the Body Shop process in the underbody area. Bodies-In-White (BIW) were expensive so we didn't build them without a specific order or reason. Pilot cars even had body plates. The one exception I remember when an underbody didn't get a body plate/cowl tag because we were testing a new underbody welding fixture and used the underbody for destructive test of the welds. Rock On gord
  8. msdminc

    64 Riv

    In preparing for any automotive production year there are a few steps that are taken to prepare. The first is prototype, generally a hand build of the projected model, typically years before the model year. In carry over models (models with small changes, think 1963 to 1964 Riviera, there isn't really any prototype activity per se. Prototype doesn't involve the plants to a great extent if any. There are then some pre-production processes, this includes the projected plant production site. The most important is the pilot, and most model years include a pilot even if it is a car
  9. I am still rebuilding door jamb switches but I do not have ones that I sell. I recondition and replace parts as necessary, but need to start from a core.. The phone in the above is not correct that is an old number that I used to have. PM me for the correct number or use the email it is correct. By the way thanks for all the kind words Rock on gord
  10. Same from here, Thank You Mike. Rock On gord
  11. Prior to the early 70's there was not as much data required by government agencies to be kept for cars built in the USA. There were records retention requirements. After the requirement was lapsed, the records were typically destroyed. When I worked for GM in my GMI co-op years, I had the opportunity to clean some of these records out and send them to landfills, like inspection tickets, build sheets, etc. Additionally, the cost of computer storage (online) and historical data tape retention was also kind of expensive back then, and of course we didn't have the internet, so they were destro
  12. Sixxer, Susan and I live in south Overland Park Kansas and we had a few sprinkles (not far from either of you guys as you know). We also didn't have any branches or leaves out of place like many thunderstorms. We were in KC at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. They had as "Shelter In Place". Didn't seem like there was much in KC either. Bonner Springs and Lawrence got hammered from the pictures I saw. Seems like there weren't many injuries only property damage, which is a blessing of sorts. I guess with the tracking technology and everybody connected with their smart phones,
  13. Andrew, I have one that is available, but I am not looking to trade. I will sell it to you. Attached is a picture of it, PM me if you want to pursue a transaction. Rock On gord
  14. All, My phone number has changed. It is best to get me on my cell at 303-842-6308. The one stated above is my old office number, it is changed to 913-232-9299. The listing in the Riview has been revised for the latest issue. Sorry about any confusion. Rock On gord
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