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  1. I agree that I like the centering of the license plate in the 73 design and the pointed tail is a bit bodacious, yet there is just something about the 71 with the louvers vented that makes it look like a jet engine powered vehicle.
  2. It is official...NOT A BOAT TAIL! Hehehehe. Still either way, people will call it a boat tail, while technically it is the rear of a car with sudo-boat inspired body lines. Although, it sure does look a lot like what someone might call a Boat-tail!
  3. Could you post a picture of the code plate for the 73? Thank you.
  4. I had something similar in my triple green 67 Riviera...
  5. Wow, he will be missed and he had vast arcane Riviera knowledge! Thank you for the update!
  6. Plastic Boat Tail grill (71) went for: $225 Metal Boat Tail grill (72) went for: $450
  7. Results are rolling in. Dominated by in person bidding. $11,250 for "new in box" 66 Dual Quads. https://www.proxibid.com/Joe-R-Pyle-Complete-Auction-and-Realty-Service/Lifetime-Collection-of-Dr-James-R-Foor/event-catalog/197798?srch=&srchloc=true&ipp=100&sort=0
  8. Im not sure if this is correct for a 63 Buick Riviera, but interesting auction. https://www.ebay.com/itm/184792504008?hash=item2b067dd6c8:g:V9kAAOSwmXtghcG9
  9. Guide Matic on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/63-64-65-GUIDE-MATIC-autronic-eye-chevy-buick-olds-cadillac-dated-1963-RIVIERA/333965791977?hash=item4dc1e992e9:g:7tgAAOSwk2xgfLox
  10. You may also want to check out the topic post on finding a inspection sheet behind the drivers side kick panel...
  11. Yeah, Thunderbirds are cool. I have been liking the 1971 form (alligator print vinyl top anyone?!), but frankly it is hard to beat the style and performance of the Riviera...as we know.
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1968-1969-1970-Buick-Riviera-GS-3-42-Posi-Rear-68-70-Positraction-Differential/224385713635?hash=item343e6e45e3:g:~hgAAOSwkztgTfv8
  13. Gorgeous 67. Excellent color. I am curious about the added rear turn signal and front reflector/turn signal. Did your dad add that for safety reasons? Thank you for connecting with the RoA forum to offer insight. That is really appreciated!
  14. These are not the best of photos to look at, but may give an idea. On a side note, make sure if someone ships you an older vehicle, that they tape down some of the chrome/stainless pieces. Notice the missing on the back window and front windshield is loose. It must have been a bumpy ride! PS: I like redlines on most GS, but I hear the redlines from DB are hard to get clean if dirtied...
  15. "hard to say... may be interior door handles...or door straps... '68 was a year of 3 different deluxe interior door panes" Darwin F. What type of door handle do you have on the inside.
  16. Darwin confirmed that the K30 is the RPO code for cruise control. Sounds like our new lingo for cruising. Time to K30!
  17. Just pulled mine out of the 68 Triple Black GS for the first day of Spring. It was a bit of a challenge because of the tight fit and sharp metal; oversized tweezers work the best I found. Laboratory grade, and not too big... Does anyone know what K30 "special sticker" signifies? Maybe special order or GS? Trimm 688 Paint A2 A/C Manual Control C60 Seat Adjustable 4 way power A41 Door Guard Mldg B93 Tinted Window Glass All A01 Seat Asm Front Bench A53 Vinyl Top C08 Power Window All A31 Belt Front Shoulder Dlx A85 Remote Control Mirror D33 Belts Front Rr St A39 Body Side Moldings B84 Special Sticker K30 Style 49487 Body Number 150389 0285 followed by the date 01-12-68 followed by 1 of 1 red wax pencil showing 44 and 40 Pencil mark at top showing 10-40
  18. Go to about 12:20 on this video. Shows where he found inspection sheet. Thank you Aqua Zef!
  19. I know it is inconsistent, yet have we had an article in the riview or a post here on the best place to find a build sheet per Riviera year? It could be interesting.
  20. I noticed the same thing with the color, yet the paint almost looks gold (metallic) and the green is darker so probably just didn't get it right. It shows ZZ (Riviera Silver Green)There are more pages to the appraisal... It does look like it came with a posi from factory, which is cool.
  21. Here are the details passed on to me of the 1966 Riviera being sold to contribute to a charity (shown in the recent Riview). "Obviously, the intention of the owner was to help us as we serve people in various countries around the world. We do medivac flights and angel flights, provide medical and dental clinics, build wells, teach reading classes and provide many other services to the local people in remote, undeveloped regions of the world. Please take a look at our website (flyawa.org) where you will see examples of the humanitarian work that we do. I share this information with you because we want to honor the donor's desire to provide funds for us to help as many people as possible. That being said, I have attached the appraisal for the car and pictures that the owner provided. I have been instructed to accept the appraised value or the appraised value and any amount above that as a charitable contribution to AWA. I have received several inquiries and we hope this car will be a blessing to both the purchaser and the nonprofit. Here are comments from the owner: "Here are the photos of the Riviera that we spoke about. The mileage seen in the photograph is the mileage the car had at time of my purchasing it, and has about 250 additional miles on it as I have driven it some to "exercise" the car as well as checking out the rebuild on the main carburetor. The Riviera is currently equipped with it's Factory Dual Quad setup, but the "front" carb showed no signs of needing to be rebuilt, so it was not and both Carbs now perform great. The Transmission was recently serviced with a new filter, modulator, fluid and Aluminum Transmission pan. I replaced the Factory Trans pan as it is made of thin metal & tends to distort its shape with periodic tightening of the bolts, whereas the Aluminum Trans pan does not distort and thus it seals well & does not leak. The Air Conditioning system was recently upgraded from R-12 to R-134 Refrigerant, and the compressor was replaced with a NEW Factory style Compressor and the whole system was recently evaluated on a hot 106 degree Arizona afternoon and it blows cold! The Suspension was recently rebuilt with new ball joints, shocks & other "consumables", and it drives superb. The "body mounts" (I believe there are four of them) MAY be in need of replacement - Nonetheless, I THINK that in the miscellaneous items that comes with the car, is a set of body mounts. I'm not certain on the newness or condition of said body mounts, however if they need replacing they are both a simple and cheap thing to replace. The Trunk area is in as good of condition as the rest of the car and it is quite remarkable to me that it looks so good. Most cars of this vintage cannot hold a candle to this car's trunk and carpeting. The tires were replaced by the previous owner and even still have the "blue soap" on the whitewall! This car is 54 years old and is near perfect. However, it would take very little to get it extremely close to "perfection" with very little time, dollars and effort. This could EASILY be "the centerpiece" of any Buick collector's museum, in my opinion and experience in dealing with Grand National Roadster Show Champion cars and 55+ years of building & restoring Hot Rods and Classic Cars. I grew up with my stepfather's 1956 Buick Roadmaster, which he purchased new. I guess you could say that Buicks are one classic car venue that I do know, inside & out. The car also comes with "extras", and they are; Single four barrel intake manifold and carb. Stock factory exhaust manifold, as it has been replaced with a Ceramic Coated "SANDERSON" exhaust manifold. Ceramic coating lowers the exhaust (and underhood) temperature, and flows better. Also, it looks great - just like polished stainless steel. (Sanderson is a valued & highly respected manufacturer of aftermarket exhaust manifolds)." My office hours are Mon. - Thurs. 9am - 6pm Eastern time. Feel free to call or email me. Sincerely, Sharon Sharon Williams Director of Development | Adventist World Aviation AWA & WFH Wings For Humanity Office (919) 938-2920 | Cell (919) 285-9047 www.flyawa.org 3457 Swift Creek Road (Corp 3) | Smithfield, NC 27577"
  22. Its funny. I just googled what color people with color blindness prefer most to see if there had been any research on trends to test my mango tango theory...because we all know google is always right. They often like bright yellows most!
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