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  1. Yes, I know about poo poo with OPGI, going through some now. Their's are not for 64 Riviera's. I guess the 64-65 Rivieras steering wheels are a different animal.😆😆 Art
  2. I've been looking at all most all of them. Called Grant and GT neither offers a replacement wheel. Not even an adapter.
  3. Great comments and questions! The minimum thickness spacer/adapter per the manufacture is .875". That is because the lug nut that holds it to the drum must not project above the spacer. The .875 thick spacer/adapter is what I'm planning on using, 5-5 to 5-5 adapters. They assured me that the nut will not project beyond the thickness. As for the exist stud I"ve taken a picture of the back side of the wheel with a 1/2-20 bolt in the space between the stud holes on the 5" bolt pattern. I have about .650" of bolt length in that space. I did not check the wheel stud length when I had the wheel off, my bad, but will check, plus should check all dimensions on the right side too. I could if I need to, taper the ends of the existing stud a little. So what I have is 6.00" from wheel mounting surface (drum) to exhaust pipe. After I add the spacer it's 6.875 to exhaust pipe. I have 13" from exhaust to lip on outer fender. Wheel has a 4.312 BS. If I was to use the larger tire which is 275/60r15, I would have 1.06" clearance on the inside and .094 clearance on the outside. 255/60r15 is not a problem. Please check me out. Art
  4. Agree with Rivnut. I ordered the form and straps myself yesterday from Cars Inc. Art
  5. Anyone know of a Classic Wood Steering wheel for a 64 Riviera? Art
  6. Well actually 15 x 7 wheel, with 4.312 BS and the .875 spacer works out pretty good as far as wheel and tire fitting. It puts the wheel and tire pretty much right in the middle of the fender. I could go with the 255/60r15 with no problem, 275/60r15 would fit, but they advise a 7.5 wheel. The spacer/adapter are custom made with stud inserted in spacer. The spacer has lug nuts to fasten to drum. Something to think about. You would never see them behind the Buick Rally wheels. I could alway go back to the 15 x 6 wheels and tires just remove the spacer/adapter. Thoughts???? Art
  7. Here's the latest info. I made up four equally thick spacers with a 1/2-20 nut and washer measuring .556 from the drum surface. The wheel barely clears the drum on the inside. Leaves me about 6-7 thread on the studs. Not too comfortable with any of this. US Wheel Adapter will make me adapter, but .875 would be the minimum, these would bolt on. This would solve the the inside drum clearance, but does eat up outside tire clearance. Need to check more into this. Art
  8. Three pictures of left rear Buick Rallys on the drums. Plenty of clearance as long as the BS (3.4375) does not increase. You can see the fins will make contact with the ID of the wheel. Third picture is my drum. Art
  9. Those pictures were of the front wheels and drums of Rapom's car. I'll get some pictures of the rear wheel and drums of mine this morning. Here the picture of mine as it is with the 15 x 6s.
  10. No no. I have the four so called Buick Wildcat rallys on the car now 15 x 6s. Looking to change all tires to redline and acquired two Buick station wagon rallys 15 x 7s for the rear. Would like to go with a wider tire on the rears. That's if I can make this work. Don't want to pull the axles. Like what you said " if not broken, don't fix it"😁😁 Art
  11. So to install longer studs, I would no doubt need to pull the rear axles, correct? Art
  12. Hi Rivnut, Your right, I don't know for sure. I had called Cars Inc and had them measure the large diameter, which measured 14.375, I measured the ID of my wheel which is at least 14.625. Per the numbers it may work. I know that is still close, but before I ordered these drums I wanted to check to see if any members had any other issues with these drums. I know they are cast iron, but the factories were cast iron in the rears too, right? So should not be too much brake performance change. Just trying to figure out a way to mount these 15 x 7s Buick Rallys without a thick spacer and longer studs. According to Rapom, his wheels were 4.00 BS wheels and they fit (not Buick Rallys). My 15 x 7s are 4.312 BS, 15 x 6s are 3.4375 BS. Again this is ONLY in the rear. So if I can get the wheel over these drums without interference then I'm only looking at a spacer for tire clearance if needed. Let say I get these drum, I need to have them balanced, right? Would that be a auto machine shop that does this? If I'm missing something in all this, please let me know. All comments welcome. Thanks, Art
  13. Jsgun, Thanks, nice link. I've alway went to the BF Goodrich site for tire sizes, better this is easier. I'm still suck on if there are any issues with using the Car Inc replacement rear drums on my 64 Riviera. If I use them I will not need to use spacers to fit the 15 x 7 Buick Rallys on the rear. The wheels will clear the outside diameter of the drums. Thanks, Art
  14. Has anyone tried the rear replacement drums that Car Inc has for sale? Here's the link Just wondering if there were any issues. They do not have the large fins and are smaller in outside diameter that will fit in the 15 x 7 wheel with 4.312 BS. Art