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  1. Really, are you serious? Looks nothing like mine. It's a joke, you got me. 🤣 Art My son sent me this. It's a 65. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/cto/d/washington-1964-riviera/7308456122.html 65 Riviera https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/cto/d/washington-1964-riviera/7308456122.html
  2. Mine was 8D (forth week of August 63), so yes pretty early. That's why I was asking what the 078 meant. Usually it would be a sequential number wouldn't you think? Art
  3. Ed, thanks. I clean the paint away and then put clear over it. I know, I know it did not come that way, but easier to read. The KX 078, is the 078 a sequential number? Just wondering why not four digits, like 0078, because there were only 2122 of these for 64, 3808 for 65, or maybe they did not know how many were going to be made at the time. Art
  4. Here are some pictures of the KX id and the engine number. I think the engine number should match the vin tag. Art
  5. I have had AAA for 50years. I also pay for the extra towing with my insurance just in case the towing is than 5 miles that AAA covers. It's not that much $. Art
  6. My two cent worth. I have the Pertronix in my 64, have had it for 2 years now with no issue. It was in the car when I bought it, so cannot say how old it is, but works fine (knock on wood) I also have a 67 Firebird 400 with points with no problem have had it since 93 (again knock on wood). Haha, I keep reading about having problem and about carrying a spare. How many darn spare parts are you guys carrying around with you? If mine breaks I'm pulling out my handy dandy AAA card to tow it home on a flat bed. If I'm going to an event far from home I haul my car in a trailer, so if it does b
  7. Will, I have been reading all this since it started and cannot understand how or why this got started and was not going participate. But here I am. My thought are that of any of the Riviera, the 65 is just a beautifully designed automobile. The front is beautiful with the clamshell closed and equally beautiful. I don't know if any other Riviera can say that. The 65 is what Mitchell wanted in 63. He wanted a four seater luxury car with a sport car flair. The 65 GS is just that (IMO🙂) After 65 is what happens to a lot of GM models, they get bigger and bigger and lose their dir
  8. Sorry did not really answer your question. The 255/70R15 will fit a 6.5-9.0 wheel width (per my handy dandy BFG info sheet). They are 29.1" tall. 235/70R15 are 28" tall. The largest tire would be 275/60R15 per BFG will fit 7.0-11.0 wheel width, these are 28" tall.
  9. Dave, According to BFG tire, you can go to a 275/60R15 on a 7.0 min rim width. Diameter is 28", which I don't think is much different than what your 215/75R15s are. Art
  10. Got it. Had to loosen the mount that is attached to the head to be able to adjust the pump. So all is good, very little wobble now. Thanks, Art
  11. Thanks all. Hopefully it is fixed. Let me ask one more thing on this, what is the trick to tightening the belt. Any tips??? Art
  12. EmTee, I have too. Found what is called Broadcast Sheet inside the back of the back seat of my 67 Firebird 400. Other than one small hole, it's near perfect. Have not heard of anything for the Riviera. Art
  13. I kinda got the pulley off, but not completely, because of the fan shroud. I did notice and I'm posing a question here too, what size should the lock washer be. I'm asking because I believe mine may be a 1/2" that fits the thread part of the shaft, but does not fit over the shoulder. What I'm saying is that when the nut is tight the lock washer is tight to the shoulder not necessarily to the pulley (shoulder protrudes slightly beyond the pulley). With tension on the pulley from the belt, this could be the cause of the wobble. Is there a shim or spacer I should have between the pump and pu
  14. Hi All, I was just about to go for a little drive today since it was nice outside. With the engine running I open the hood to check something and notice the power steering pulley had a serious wobble. Checked the nut to make sure it was tight, which it was. Check all the threads on this. There was some mention of bent pulleys. Hard to figure how it would get bent. I can see there are no bearings or bushing per the diagram in the manual. There is a seal, but have no leaks. Going to remove belt to see if there is a lot of play. Any thoughts? Art
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