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  1. Your JOKING right. Yea, but I really like the wheels on the Riv. It does add some conversation and mystery to the car. Did this Riv come with them, was it ordered this way, was it a dealer that added them on for an addition charge or did the previous owner just add them. Thanks, Art
  2. So it appear that I could have Wildcat wheels? Here some pictures. Center cap black has washed off so I need to repaint it or find replacements. Hole is 2".
  3. Rivnut, I was looking for the stamping on the back side of the wheel rim. I was not planning on removing the tire at this point. I will post pictures as soon as I get them from my phone. The web area is silverish or light gray. No sign of register ring or mod's made. The hole is 2". Art
  4. 1964 Wildcat rally wheels, was there a date code stamped on the inside? Could someone tell where it might be located. Also does anyone what was the cost for this option. I have a set and try to identify if they are really 64 wheels. Art
  5. Rivnut, I was just trying to clarify something about the wheels. I do have what appears to be Wildcat wheel with the Wildcat center button cap. I have not found a date code yet. I know that does not that they really are Wildcat wheels. But is someone going to want the wheel remove to see date code? I'll keep looking for date code.😊 Thanks, Art
  6. Rivnut, Yes Virginia, all of those 63 and 64 Rivieras showing up at the ROA meet and entering as 'stock' are not stock if they're shod with rally wheels. So what defines STOCK, anything on the is on the option sheet? So a dealer adding the Wildcat wheel on a 64 Riviera is not considered stock? I understand if they were 65 wheels, but why aren't the 64 wheel considered as a dealer option? Putting together a list of the option that are on my Riviera and getting a window sticker done. Was going to ask around for a price of the 64 Wildcat wheels. Art
  7. If someone has a nice early 64 lens and needs a later 64 lens, I would be willing to trade. Art
  8. telriv, True. Maybe they found out that the early ones like mine did not line up as well, you think? My has a 08D build. Art
  9. According to what Telriv states, the lense on the right is for later built Riv's. So I should use the one on the left, because I have an early built Riv, which is what I just removed from my plate. Need o find a better looking one though. Art
  10. The replacement I just got is on the right, but I will say I think the one on the right spacing lines up better than mine, which is the left one. Yep they are different spacing. Johnrex, What is the build date of your car? Mine is a 4wk of Aug 63, so it's an early build. Art
  11. That right. Thanks. So they have two lenses for 64? Art
  12. Hi, Could someone post a picture of a 64 Shifter Plate? Mine is on the left, just bought the one on the right. Is the one on the right a 63? Art
  13. I went with the US Mag. U111, 17x7 with 225/55r17 fronts and 17x8 with 255/55r17 rear redlines from DB tires. I use a 1/4" spacer up front and a 7/8" spacer in the rear, but don't need the rear space. Back space is 4" front and 4.5 rear. Wheels are a one piece wheel, about $200 each. Art
  14. So what good is getting a window sticker that you provide the info. There could more option than what you may know of, isn't this true. Or are you saying, you go through the option list and check what is on your car and build the window sticker that way? That leave it open to people loading up the car with options that may not have been on the car originally. You could add Gildematic, am-fm, cruise, wood steering wheel and other and say it is correct, is this correct? I was asking this about the Cal plates, because I have a very nice set that are still good until May 2020. Came off my 64 Riviera and not sure what do with them. Was think of selling them. Art
  15. Thanks. I'll try both. Chimera, As side thing, what do you know about 64 black and gold plates. I have some 64 very nice Cal plates. How would someone in Calif register these? Art