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  1. Ed, I understand. was just asking if there was anything. I do remember someone working on a 64 registry, and have try to reach this person with no success. Just trying to learn more about the car I have. Art
  2. Hi Jim, Anyone collecting this data on 64's. Art
  3. Here's my 08D built 64 remote mirror location. Art
  4. Ed, So for starters, what he has is a 65 LX block with a 66 intake with the Q-jet? Correct? Are the valve covers off a 401? Art
  5. You may have a LX block, but an LX engine would have the dual quads set up. Certainly not a Q-jet carb. I see nothing is bolted together too. Art
  6. Have you tried this place. I just Google'd EP-536S and got this. It may be the same place, don't know. Art http://www.2040-parts.com/1953-1967-buick-green-engine-paint-spray-can-ep536s-i1854399/
  7. Carl, I like number 3 too, not anything crazy, just bolt on stuff. I've done the QA-1 on a 38 Chevy coupe with mustang 2 front end and my current project which is a 47 Chevy Fleetmaster Woodie Wagon with a 74 Camaro front end. I like them. Think about it, it gives you the flexibility to adjust to ride height, firmness, and they look great underneath. As far as wheels and tires. I'm not a big wheel person so I was not going to go bigger than 17's. The redline on the yellow car give it more performance look, which is what I wanted. Art
  8. Kreed, I'm with you 100%. I have been there and done it. It is a hobby to me, but I still watch how I spend the $$$$ on a project. Art
  9. Carl, My car is pretty much stock height I believe. I do have air shock in rear with little to no air. Would like to lower the front a little someday. Have thought about adding QA-1 coilover to the front, then I can adjust the ride height. I do have spacers, but did not require them. The 17's fit fine without spacers. One of my biggest problems I is trying to decide what I want to do with car. 1. is do I keep it, 2. do I leave it stock like it is or 3. do I make small changes to more of my liking (a little restomod). Thanks, Art
  10. Thanks. It gives the car more of a performance look. I've seen them on silver cars with the Buick road wheels too. Nothing wrong with the white walls, but a different look. Art
  11. I was in a show two weeks ago and got a top 30 pick of all most 500 cars. I have the US Mag wheels, 7 x 17 & 8 x 17 with DB redlines. I chosed the redline for a little different look. Art
  12. Hey, let me clarify myself. Sure you can get it done for less, a lot less. You get what you pay for, and you can paint it your self to save $$$$. I was speaking of a show quality 2 stage paint with general prep work or even stripping(not major body work) and the removal of all trim, hood and truck lid, maybe front fenders. Then there is the finishing touches, putting it back together and the color sand/buffing. There is a lot of work to do a Quality Job. Just trying to be up front about cost. Paint/body work is not cheap these days, specially from high quality shop. Art
  13. My experience is paint and body work is expensive. Just paint can be 15K if not more and then add for body work. You can hit 20K-25K easy. Art
  14. I thought for 63-65 that the remote was the for left and right. We've discuss this manyyyyy times. Art
  15. Tom, So you're saying the one on the right is correct for my 08D built 64 (Aug, 4th week, 63). Art
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