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  1. Rivnut, I really appreciate the answers to my questions on authenticity. Maybe there should be a separate thread on all stuff related to Authenticity. So the judging is not terribly serious if I ever decide to attend a ROA event. Not like on corvettes.😀 Nothing against the corvettes. So is a 64 dash pad the same physically as a 65? I'm asking because I got a 64 pad from OPGI ( I know, I know, but choices are limited). Nice pad, not what I think is the correct color (saddle), but it had a small defect, so they are sending me a replacement. Come to find out they have a dark saddle pad, but they tell me it for a 65. So that is why the question. I thought the 64 and 65 were the same, but because I really cannot say I spent much time looking at a 65, I don't know for sure. Art
  2. All, Same here! Happy Thanksgiving to All. It's has been great communicating on our Riviera questions. I know I still have many to ask, because I still have a lot to find out about these cars. Thanks again, Art
  3. bodayguy, I had my dash pad already off to replace it, but I think you can remove the instrument panel. I have NOT removed the instrument panel myself. Art
  4. I have 2 sets of new in boxes AC 44s plug for sale. Art
  5. Hi All, Is 64 and 65 the same dash pad? I was told that 65 had a dark saddle dash pad. My 64 dash pad is a dark brown (saddle?). Where is is all this info on what is correct. Do the judges at a Riviera meet have all this info and where are they getting it. Thanks, Art
  6. Seafoam65, Here is the dash pictures. Texture is a tad coarser than my original and lighter in color, but darker than the saddle seats. I will probably dye it to the darker color. It look to me to be a very close match, even the underside metal stamping appears to match. I have only partially installed it, but seem to fit. I will say this, having an original recovered the re-install would or should be easier than working with and new dash. I have to drill the holes in the front and the holes for the Guidematic. I do not have the same choices as the rest of you. I can use this or I go to Just Dashes. This from OPGI was $485. Art
  7. All, Here a 64 Riviera on Craigslist. What I know is that it has (2) 425ci, dual quad engines. One is in the car (not the original), the original goes with the car, but believed to have a spun bearing. My son look at the car and he told my son he would take $5000 for car and the extra engine. Art
  8. XframeFX, You are right! I checked the continuity from the clock (red wire) to the courtesy light fuse contact (red wire) and I get continuity. But I also get continuity to the pwr ant (another red wire), which is a few locations below the courtesy light fuse just above the empty clock fuse location. What shop manual are you look at the body or chassis and what page. I found the page in the Chassis Manual page 10-156. I have both and did not see anything with the clock, but I very well could have missed it too. Still does not resolve everything. My clock works (that's the important thing), I just don't understand yet how it is and why there is no clock fuse or why there is not a wire from the clock fuse location to the clock. I guess I'd like to know what is correct, and you may have answered that. Thanks a lot for info. Art
  9. Riviera63, Thanks a bunch. You are probably correct that 63 to 64 maybe the same. I guess I need to find a 64 color trim book, but I guess I really already have my answer in front of me with the original dash being dark saddle. And the dash seem to fit fine, need to drill the holes still. Art
  10. anestech, Hi to all. I have just received a OPG original style dash pad for my 64 Riv. It comes just like the original with the diagonal hold down brackets attached. It does not have the holes punched in the front, that is for the buyer to do. The grain of the vinyl is a tad coarser than my original, but my original is pretty old too. I have the GuideMatic and on the underside they have impressions for where to drill the holes in the new dash and the impressions do match my original. My only concern is the color. My original is dark brown, they did not offer a dark brown, but did have a saddle color. Not knowing what shade the saddle was I ordered the saddle. I should have mentioned my interior is saddle. Now my question for all you Riviera experts out there, did all 64 Riviera with saddle interior have dark brown dashes? The package tray matches the dash too. I will no doubt dye it to the darker brown to match the rear tray, but in the saddle it does look good. Just a thought, being lighter in color may not get as hot as a dark color, but then I would need to replace the rear tray or dye it to match the saddle dash. Nothing is easy! Haha! One last thing I have not tried the fit yet, which I will do today. I will update everyone on the fit. Art
  11. I agree with Rivnut. I ran a 700r4 in my 38 Chevy coupe with a 65 Chevy 409 W motor. It ran great. At 60 mph I was turning maybe 1400 rpm. I think my tire diameter was 27 inches. Car only weighed 3000lbs though. Art
  12. Seafoam, Thanks. So I can just leave things alone. It appears it is all within the harness. There is conductivity between the 3 points, clock, pwr ant connectors and the red wire on the back of the fuse block which is for the pwr ant fuse. The clock fuse position is not used. Thanks again. Art
  13. ?????? Sorry don't understand. I was asking about how it is wired. No fuse for clock, and the clock is wired to the pwr ant along with the pwr ant. It looks factory wired. Art
  14. Rivnut, Thanks. My clock works, I was questioning the wiring of the clock. It's wired weird, why is that? Art