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  1. What about the optional BUICK tachometer? I know these were offered by dealers back in the day. I've seen some added to our 1st Gen Rivieras - some where the ashtray lid is, others somewhat awkwardly strapped to the steering column. Anyone know if the Buick tach was offered with brackets to fit the '63-5 Rivieras?
  2. HI Tom, Yes, I first tried using the small prybar I have. But it's angle was too wide to get enough room to pry against the column cover with the curve resting on the hub. Your suggestion prompted me to find another tool to pry with, and I was lucky to have the channel-lock pliers at hand. Funny how simple jobs get complicated without the right tools!
  3. Hi Gene, I finally got around to installing the chromed steering cover you sent me last fall. First, I had trouble getting the steering wheel pulled b/c I used the wrong bolts and stripped part of one of the threads (Duh!) I got that sorted out so was able to proceed with replacing the cover. One challenge as others have noted was removing the old pressed-on cover from the steering column. I tried various methods, including Tom M's small prybar method, but that old cover wouldn't come off. Then rooting around in my toolbox I found a pair of Channel-lock pliers that turned out to do the trick! By gently prying with the jaws against the hub around its circumference I was finally able to get the cover off. Here's the new cover installed: Looks much better! I'll put my old cover in the mail for you this week, as promised. Cheers,
  4. As many of us do, I occasionally peruse Craigslist to see what's out there. My search for Buick Riviera turned up this surprising listing close to me here in Canada: Of course my interest was quickly drawn to the fact that this is purported to be a Gran Sport, highly optioned. Also, the seller is claiming to be located near Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, just a ferry ride away from me. Upon closer look I noticed some 'anomalies' such as the bullet outside rear view mirrors on both sides, and the Gran Sport emblems on the fenders and trunk are not in their factory correct locations. Nonetheless, the car has the 2x4 engine, deluxe interior, A/C, etc. The first hint that something may be amiss with the listing is that the price is rather low, especially as the seller is in Canada and presumably is asking for Canadian dollars ($1.00 Cdn = $0.70 US). So, I sent an email via CL's server to ask the seller a few questions about the car. A day or so later I got a reply via CL from the seller, but he didn't answer ONE of my questions. He asked for me to communicate with him via my personal email. That raised another red flag. A closer look at the listing's pictures raised further suspicions. The vegetation behind some of the photos is not consistent with what you'd normally see here in the Pacific Northwest (I'm an expert on trees). Hmmm. To further investigate whether this may be a scam listing I Google Mapped the supposed location of the seller (as shown on the location map in the listing). The houses and trees don't match the photos in the listing, confirming my suspicions of this being a scam listing. I further read on this forum that there had been ads for a green GS floating around online that were scams. Is this the same car? Lastly, how does this scam work? If the seller gets my personal email address, what could he do with it? Wouldn't he need rather more info to do something nefarious? I'd never buy a car based merely on an online ad. I'd want to go inspect the car and drive it, etc. A transparent scam would be to offer a car like this for super low price hoping some sucker might send a money order or bank transfer without actually seeing the car in person. Do people fall for that? Your thoughts?
  5. Thanks Tom! Good to know. I called Summit yesterday and ordered item 400043595 - tinted/shaded windshield w/LoF logo (Pilkington DW629), for $96.99. This is the same as ordered by Doug (Kdml). The cost, including shipping to Canada with tax & duty only came to $133.24. That's an excellent price! I couldn't get the free shipping offer, as this only applies to USA orders. I was told the windshield is shipped from Pilkington to Ohio which is their international ship depot before it's sent FedEx Ground to me here in Canada. So it could take several weeks before it arrives here. Summit allowed me to have it shipped direct to my glass guy's shop, saving me having to haul the thing from my house to his shop for installation. I ordered the windshield over the phone and their agent Bryce was very helpful. I'll let everyone know when my windshield arrives. I hope it arrives in good shape!
  6. Right you are Ed! My bad. I think what my glass guy said was that OEM windshields were 3/8" thick, but some repros are only 1/4" thick. Maybe Tom can confirm the thickness of the OEM windshield he has?
  7. Hi Tom, It would be helpful if you could measure the thickness of your OEM windshield as I want to contact Summit to ask for the thickness of the windshield they are selling. My glass guy told me that many replacement windshields are thinner than stock. I think he mentioned OEM being 1/4" thick, with replacements 3/8". He said this isn't a big deal as they add more sealant to compensate so there won't be issues with the height of the installed windshield in relation to the moldings. So, if you could confirm the thickness of your stock w/s, that would be great. Thanks,
  8. Thanks guys for your advice, The car drives fine at the moment (no pull to one side) but its been some time since I had it aligned. I don't drive it that much, so am not too concerned at this point. Before I take her in, I'll re-index the steering wheel to the hub so things are lined up properly once the alignment is done.
  9. Hi Doug, I was pretty excited to read your post about a '65 shaded and tinted windshield being available from Summit at such a reasonable price! Thanks for sharing this info with us. I have a '65 still with its original, pitted windshield. So, I'd love to get a new one. Being able to buy a replacement for only $127.15 all-in is simply amazing! I'm thinking to order the one with the "Generic LoF logo". Did the folks at Summit indicate that this is an etched logo, as appears on the original windshield? Did they explain the difference between this cheaper windshield logo and the other, more expensive version? You said the more expensive one has a "sprayed on" logo. Is that the only difference? Is custom date coding included on the spray on logo (which wouldn't be correct BTW)? I'm not hung up on the logo business, just want to understand the options before ordering myself one. Thanks again for sharing your discovery!
  10. Hi guys, Well, here's an update. As Winston remarked, there are scribe marks on the wheel hub and steering shaft. I just didn't see them before (Duh!). So, I removed the wheel and repositioned it. However, even when the marks are lined up the wheel is still hanging a bit left when the car is going straight ahead. That bugged me so I took the steering wheel off again and moved it another notch. Now the wheel spokes are balanced left-right when the car is going straight. Does this indicate I need a wheel alignment? It's been quite some time since I last had the front end aligned. I don't recall having curbed the front wheels or anything to throw the alignment out. Would the alignment change over time on it own. Would it make sense to reposition the steering wheel as per the scribe marks and then take the car in for an alignment? That would let the alignment guys know that something wasn't right. Correct? Thanks for your tips on this.
  11. Hi Gordon - yest those Diamondback triple-white's look great on your '65! Mind me asking what size they are? Which tire are they based upon? What does it say on the sidewall? Last, vital question - how much did they cost? Thanks,
  12. 65VerdeGS

    65 Riviera Value

    Hi Coast, Looks like your GS is rather similar to mine. Both our cars are are dark green with custom vinyl green interior. Similar options too, except yours is a small emblem car, and mine doesn't have A/C. Your car is well-optioned and would likely generate good interest if offered for sale. I can't really give you a definitive answer about what it's worth, as that depends on knowing more about its condition. The good news is the engine and presumably trans are rebuilt and running strong. Despite the fuzzy photos, your car looks to be in good shape, certainly better than just a 'driver'. Questions I'd ask, which would affect value are: Does the A/C work? Has it been converted to 134A? What is the verified mileage? Mileage isn't that big a factor - I'd rather buy a well-maintained and regularly used higher mileage example than one with low miles and poor maintenance. But a car that's rolled the odometer over several times will show it and be worth less. Is the car rust-free? We assume most southern California cars would be rust free, but I've seen many cars from coastal Cali regions with extensive rust due to salty air. Does the back window leak into the trunk? Most of them eventually rot out at the base of the rear window, so unless your car saw little rain over its 54 years then it probably needs some help there. What's the condition of the body work and paint? Has the car been repainted? Is it a 20 footer, or nice and shiny with no dents. Ditto for the chrome and stainless trim. What shape is that in? Do all accessories work as they should? What work is needed for the car to be fully functional? Back to value. Yes, we've seen Gran Sports fetching surprising prices at auctions recently. But relying on these to set your price is misleading. Real world sales bring lower amounts, for sure. Again, your car is only worth what someone is willing to pay you for it. Assuming your GS is in low #2 or high #3 condition then it ought to bring at least $30k, again depending on how nice it is. A low #3 or lesser example will bring less, as the purchaser would likely be facing $$ expenses to restore things that don't work, including body work, repainting, rechroming, etc. All these aren't cheap these days. You can get an idea of values by searching completed eBay auctions, and ads in Craigslist. I suggest you use "SearchTempest" which allows you to search all CL listings in the entire country. Note that you'll be looking at ASKING prices, not what the cars actually sold for (except eBay completed auctions, but remember to deduct the fees they charge, etc.). Hope this helps.
  13. Those tire dollies look very useful! Thanks for the tip.
  14. Thanks KongaMan for your tip on diagnosing the noise. Noise diagnosis can be challenging. I had a roar/whining noise in my Corvette and was convinced it was coming from the rear of the car. Turned out it was a bad front wheel bearing!
  15. 65VerdeGS

    Posi unit cost

    Hey Demon - I think you're on the right track going with the 3.23 ratio. I have a Gran Sport with the 3.42 ratio. As mentioned this is an ideal ratio for around town use. Very responsive. However, on long drives on the freeway it isn't ideal. First of all the revs are getting up there at any speed above 70mph. The engine certainly has enough power to propel the car at much faster rates, but engine noise becomes more noticeable. On long multi-hour trips I wish the car had overdrive. Another factor is gas consumption. The 3.42's run the engine at higher rpm's, regardless of road speed. This means lower gas mileage, especially at cruising highway speeds. Not that gas mileage is big factor to most of us who use these cars occasionally. I drove mine daily for about 10 years back in the day and SHE BE THIRSTY! Best mileage I ever got was 16 mpg driving moderately (i.e. no jackrabbit starts, no embarrassing pony cars off the lights, etc.) I think the 3.23 ratio will give you the best compromise between acceleration and overall flexibility.