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  1. Please note Tom Mooney is alive and well. As you may know, Tom is the current ROA technical advisor for '63-65 Rivieras. Leonard Scott and DIck Sweeny were former ROA technical advisors that have both passed away. I met Leonard Scott back in 1984 when I drove my recently acquired Riv from Vancouver to Southern California. Leonard worked at Classic Buicks in Chino, CA, and I had stopped there to inquire about some parts. Leonard saw my car parked outside the shop and came looking for me because he also owned a Verde Green '65 Gran Sport which he had bought brand new in 1965. Leonard was a wealth of information about these cars and we quickly became friends. He told me about the new Riviera Owners Association that had been started by Ray Knott. I joined the ROA as soon as I could, and have been a member ever since.
  2. Thanks everyone who commented on the YouTube video about my '65 Gran Sport. It was fun doing it. About 4 hours of filming got boiled down into the 12 minutes you see in the posted video. The videographer captured my story about the car quite well and I'm glad he edited out anything I may have said that wasn't politically correct! 😅. During the filming I made specific mention of the ROA as the organization that has long supported our interest in Rivieras. I also acknowledged the assistance and expertise of the ROA Technical Advisors who have been of great help to me over the years, including Tom Mooney, and also Leonard Scott, and Dick Sweeny who are no longer with us, regrettably. Alas, those remarks didn't make it into the video. 71GS asked how much I paid for the car back in '83. The seller wanted $2,200, and I wound up getting the car for an even two grand. A rather good buy, in retrospect. Cheers,
  3. I was approached by a local videographer to feature my '65 Gran Sport in the latest episode of the "Center Lane" YouTube Channel series. This feature was filmed in Queen Elizabeth Park, in Vancouver, BC. Enjoy!
  4. Hi Bob, Do you have '65 Buick Color-Trim books for sale?
  5. What's the maximum tire size for a '65 with factory chrome wheels? I see Ed quotes a size for original steel wheels. Would the chrome Formula V wheels take the same maximum tire size?
  6. They are hard to come by... You could make some up from sheet metal, form them to loop around the front seat brackets and paint them to match your interior. I managed to find a set of plastic ones but not the complete set with brackets, etc. I painted them to match and nobody except our experts would tell they weren't the proper pieces. I'll post pictures if you like.
  7. Thanks Tom for confirming the number of GS Rivieras sold for sale in California in 1966. May I ask where you gleaned this bit of statistical data? Ward Yearbook, or Buick factory data? We are fortunate indeed to have you on this board to share your depth of knowledge on these cars!.
  8. Here's a question for you 1966 experts. Every photo of a 425 engine in a '66 Gran Sport has a dimple in the driver's side aluminum valve cover. And, in every case, the A.I.R. pump is MISSING! It just looks weird, the dimple there for no apparent reason, like someone took a hammer to the valve cover. I know the A.I.R. systems were routinely removed back in the day to improve performance and do away with the pump, tubing, and hoses. A.I.R. cars had their ignition timing retarded, so removing the pump and re-tuning the car to 49 state specs would have improved performance and economy. Removing the smog equipment would have been illegal in California, but cars exported from that state could have had it done without consequence. Does anybody have a photo of a '66 (standard or G.S.) with an A.I.R. pump installed? I'm told the dimple was cast into the cover to accommodate the mandatory A.I.R. smog control pump installed in cars sold in California in 1966. I further understand that A.I.R. may have been 'optional' for all other 49 states, although I can't see anyone ticking the option box for this 'feature' if it wasn't required by law. So, my questions: How many '66 Gran Sports were sold new in California? Could you order A.I.R. if you lived outside California? How much did this 'option' cost? Did anyone actually order one with A.I.R. but who did not live in California? Could you order the Super Wildcat 425 (with aluminum valve covers) on ANY '66 Riviera? This was possible in previous years. Was the engine with aluminum "BUICK" valve covers only installed on cars with the A9 Gran Sport option? I know the 2x4 induction was an over the counter option at the beginning of the '66 model year, and later became a factory installed option. Did the dimpled aluminum valve cover get installed in cars intended for sale in states OTHER than California? Or, were Gran Sports sold in the other 49 states delivered with valve covers LACKING the dimple?
  9. Thanks Ed. I'll keep my fingers crossed/
  10. Good... but could we see the finished restored door panel?
  11. Wow - exciting to hear that progress is being made! Thanks Ed for keeping us informed, and for incenting your grandson to undertake this project. Can you post pics of the prototype?
  12. Nice tribute of the original chrome wheels! Dare I ask how much these wheels retail for?
  13. Hi Ed - I think in a recent post of mine Bill posted this photo showing that the plastic insulator sticks up 1" from the top of the fender bezel. The insulator is longer than 1" as it needs to fit down the mast inside the fender bezel. Perhaps someone will send you an original so it can be copied. I'll be one of your grandson's first customers! Let us know how this project evolves.
  14. Swede's post reminded me of the time I was a kid of about 8 when my parents stopped at a southern California restaurant for lunch. It was a sunny day on a family outing as we pulled into a restaurant for lunch. My stepdad parked his brand new '68 Tempest station wagon in the shade less parking lot, leaving our male Doberman "Tauro" in the back. The car was white, but the interior was black. Bad move leaving the dog in the car. As we walked back to the car after lunch we could see bits of white fluff inside the car. You guessed it, the dog decided to chew the inside of the car! He destroyed the back seat, chewed chunks out of the rear door panels, left tooth marks on the front seat backrest, basically ate the driver's headrest, and went after anything soft inside the car. My stepdad was FURIOUS!. I hate to report he gave that dog a good beating that day. My sister and I had to stuff loose foam over the rear seat springs for the ride back home. My stepdad had to order a new interior for his wagon from the Pontiac dealer. They parts counter man told him that was the first time anyone had ordered replacement upholstery for a car that was still brand new. Moral of the story - don't leave your black and tan Doberman in a black vinyl upholstered car when you go for lunch on a hot sunny day!
  15. Sad to hear of Dick's passing. I met Dick when he stopped in Vancouver to take an Alaska cruise a couple of years ago. We picked him and his wife up from their hotel in our '65 Gran Sport and toured him around Stanley Park then driving up Cypress Mountain for a panoramic view of the city. He said our car reminded him of his Verde Green Gran Sport, except without the vinyl roof his had. Over dinner we enjoyed talking about Buicks, travel, his career as a police officer, and other things. A gracious man and one who left his mark on many, including me. Dick, may you rest in peace.
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