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  1. Is anyone currently reproducing the -R- plastic insert for the wood wheel? After 56 years mine is starting to show its age. Any ideas on where to get a replacement? Thanks,
  2. Thanks for the Interesting post Tom. It give us background into what goes on behind the scenes in shipping companies, and a reminder to pack well anything we ship just in case one of those inevitable jams happens when our package is on the belt!
  3. To 'resilver' the tail light housings in my '65 I just sprayed bright aluminum rattle can paint in there. It did help brighten up the taillights once done, and has held up well. I do like the idea of Titanium white though!
  4. Nice video of a nice build - not too far from stock but with tasteful custom touches. Its cool to see the hydro suspension in action!
  5. Hey Frenchie51 - 9 Grand?? OUCH! Just out of interest, did you ask Russ/Matt for a cost estimate of the rebuild BEFORE you gave them the job? I'd be curious as to what they quoted vs. the final cost. We all know that stuff can come up that wasn't apparent when the job was estimated. Was this the case with your engine? DId they rebuild the ST400 tranny at the same time? I've found that some of these 'specialists' will charge a premium because you have a less common car. 1st Gen Rivieras certainly fit this description. And the nailhead engine too. This isn't a small block C
  6. 65VerdeGS


    Thanks Art for explaining how the 1-key system on the '64 worked. Makes sense now that I see the ignition switch had a raised section around the key slot. That allows for the switch to be turned to the Start position without the key in the switch. This 'feature' was dropped for '65 - AFAIK you must have the key to turn the switch as the key slot is dished so the switch can't be turned without the key.
  7. Hi XFrameXF - Deja vu... or is that a photo of my interior!?! Darn sure looks like it. I'll take it as a compliment. Anyhow, just so you know, the seat belt retractor housings pictured aren't the original ones - those cracked a long time ago. Esp. the passenger one. I could never get my wife to gently retract the belt into the housing by hand. Most times she would just let go of the belt and 'WHACK" it would rap against the housing. Sure enough this slowly destroyed the retractor cover, already brittle with age. So, about a dozen years ago I found repro ones that looked alm
  8. 65VerdeGS


    Did Buick go to a 2 key system starting in '65? My '65 car came with 2 keys, one for the doors and ignition (the hexagonal one), and a second key (with rounded shoulders) for the glovebox and trunk lock. Is this correct for the year? For '64 and earlier, how would a valet start the car "without a key"? Telriv says the driver could turn the ignition to "OFF" and remove the key, allowing the car to be started without the key. Would the valet put ANY key in there and the tumbler would turn to start the car? Just trying to imagine how that would work.
  9. Thanks Tom and Ed. Duh - putting the solder on the bulb contacts makes total sense! I'll give that a try first and report back.
  10. Hi Kev, When I had my '65 restored 20 years ago the body man invented some new curse words when trying to get the grille out. I'm now wanting to repaint the silver argent inside the grille but will do it with the grille on the car as I'm afraid to damage the paint in trying to get it out. Yes, it'll be more work to mask everything off but that looks like the safest option. I'm considering using a foam brush to apply the paint, to avoid overspray. May have to experiment to see how that would look vs. spray painting. Let us know how you tackled the grille
  11. What's the story behind this car? Where is it located? What options does it have? Looks pretty straight to me...
  12. Summit Racing sold me a brand new LOF "Soft-Ray" branded tinted and shade banded windshield for the whopping price of $133, delivered direct to my chosen auto glass shop here in Vancouver, BC, Canada. You can have the windshield date coded if you like for an extra charge, but any knowledgeable judge would easily detect this is not an original windshield. I paid a local glass shop to replace my old one. It was well worth it eliminate the glare at night and when the sun is low in the sky from looking through a haze of fine sandpaper dots and wiper rash. Polishing my or
  13. Welcome to the forum JDJ. Perhaps you could post some pics of your new Riviera? I'm sure you'll learn a lot from members here. These are great cars and will give you lots of pleasure over the years. And, they are quite fixable, although can be a bit complex if you have a lot of options (eg. A/C). Not sure if pre-formed patch panels for the floor boards are available, perhaps others can chime in?
  14. Hi Tom, Thanks for the tip about placing a drop of solder on the turn signal contact. I haven't had time to fiddle with this as yet, but thinking ahead it might be challenging to place a drop of solder on each contact spot while the socket is in the car. Wouldn't the solder drop just run off and puddle at the base of the socket? Sounds to me like you'd need to be able to position the socket flat so that the drop would stay in place. Or, am I missing something?
  15. Wow - I would never have guessed that '63 pieces would be different from the later 1st Gen years...
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