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  1. The front grille on my '65 is in good shape, no broken tabs and the chrome is still bright. But, 54 years on the silver paint inside the fins needs repainting. I don't want to remove the grille from the car to refinish it. I removed the grille once. That involved a lot of cussing, so I'm not eager to risk damaging the grille or the surrounding paint to repaint its insides. Has anyone repainted the silvering inside the grille while it's still on the car? How did you go about it? Lastly, what rattle-can paint is the correct match for the OEM finish? Thanks,
  2. Nice car, well bought. It does look a bit 'jacked up' at the rear. Maybe due to new springs, or air shocks pumped up?
  3. Great result, despite the tribulations. I hope you'll enjoy your newly minted Gran Sport for many years and miles to come!
  4. Hi Ken, You're GS looks great! Excellent bodywork and paint. What color did you paint it? You said "4 years, two crooks later..." I'm sure there's a story there! Mind relating it for us to learn from? Congratulations on seeing the project throught - the results are outstanding!
  5. I can confirm Jon's assertion about the "bang for the buck" improvement of swapping a 2-speed for a TH-350 can make. I did this swap in my '67 Corvette coupe with Powerglide. What a difference! The TH-350 is dimensionally almost identical to the Powerglide, so it fit right in without any cutting or modification to the cross member. The 2.52 first gear of the TH-350 really improves launch from a dead stop, and having an intermediate gear (1.52) helps with climbing hills and with kickdown for passing. I added a shift kit, and slightly higher stall speed torque converter to the TH-350,. This swap transformed the car's character into a much more sporting machine.
  6. Well, all this A/C talk is a bit academic to me, as my Riv doesn't have it. Here in the Pacific Northwest, having A/C isn't critical. We rarely get so hot and humid that it's needed. But of course it would be nice to have! I find the ventilation system on the non-A/C early Rivieras to be excellent. Just slide the ventilation levers all the way and in comes a generous blast of fresh outside air. For more flow, open the vent windows all the way!
  7. Thanks for the info on Redirad. Sounds like a neat solution! I had my stock AM/FM radio rebuilt last year by Precision Radio, in Ithaca NY. They added an iPod input (mini-jack), so I can connect my phone or MP3 player and play tunes through the radio. The cabling/jack is hidden in the console. All I do is open the console lid and plug the phone in. As soon as I plug it in the radio switches automatically to the source connected; no selecting a specific FM station or anything like that. The nice thing is that the connection is hidden so nothing is visible on the face of the radio. Works good too!
  8. My '65 Gran Sport won "Best Buick" at the Tsawwassen Mills all-make show last weekend. Here's a judge inspecting my car:
  9. Hi Arnulfo, I've never heard a radio with Reverb, so can't comment. But, what is the READIRAV setup you refer to?
  10. I've driven my '65 from Vancouver, BC to California three times. Twice to Los Angeles, and once to Monterey, CA, for the 2012 ROA Annual Meet. No poblems. The Riv would easily pass anything but a gas station (joke!). The only time I had trouble was when the brake line over the rear axle sprung a leak during a trip to Portland, Oregon. I was cruising fine on I-5 and hit the brakes - NOTHING! Pedal went straight to the floor. I managed to use the transmission to brake the car sufficiently to get off at the next exit, then cruise to the nearest gas station, stopping the car with the parking brake. I got all the way back home by topping up the master cylinder a few times. Other than once running over a very large German Shepherd during a night drive on a narrow canyon road, the no-brakes epoise was my most 'white knuckle' moment behind the wheel of the Riviera.
  11. The front left (driver's) turn signal on my '65 won't blink when I push the lever down. All other bulbs flash properly when I active them via the turn signal switch. I replaced the 1157A bulb in the front left hosing, but it didn't make any difference. To confirm if the flashing (brighter) filament was working, I put the bulb in backwards temporarily. The bright singalling filament light up, so I know it isn't a bad bulb that's causing the problem. I reinstalled the bulb correctly and tried giggling the wiring to the socket (from behind), and also tried same with wiring at the base of the steering column. No difference - the bulb won't flash with the turn signal engaged. I noticed that the green dashboard arrow lights up and flashes as it should, even thought the front right bulb does not flash. I thought if there was a burned bulb the dash arrow would either flash rapidly, or stay light and not flash, as an indication of malfunction. What is the normal behaviour supposed to be in this case? The bulb socket looks to be in good condition with no corrosion or other apparent issues. Is my problem related to wiring, or the turn signal switch? Any ideas appreciated. Thanks,
  12. I'll pipe in with an update on my windshield replacement. I had mine replaced a few weeks ago, and it turned out great. I bought the windshield through Summit. It was a screaming deal: only $133 delivered to CANADA, all duties and taxes in! That's an unbelievable deal. The windshield I got had the LOF logo in the lower right corner, just as it should. The tint and shade band are perfect. Luckily my windshield arrived in perfect condition as I was fearful it would arrive broken. Although it took about 8 weeks to get here it was worth the wait! I had a glass installer put it in. Although I do admire those of you who have taken on this job yourself, I figured it was worth paying a pro to do it right. The cost for the install was only $125. My installer did NOT use the 3M butyl tape. He used urethane. He asserted that urethane is superior because it can be added as needed to fill gaps and won't distort and create leaks over time. So far there are no water leaks, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Here's the view through my old pitted windshield. Note the multitude of freckles and wiper rash: Now here's the view through the new windshield. Nice and crystal clear! From outside the car: Anyone considering a new windshield for their '63-'65 Riviera should act fast and seize the Summit Racing deal. You won't be disappointed!
  13. Welcome to the forum MrILO, As Tom T. states, it's not so simple to determine whether a Riviera was born as a Gran Sport. You've hit on the obvious indicators, such as an LX 'Super Wildcat' engine with aluminum valve covers and dual four barrel carburetors, BS coded transmission, and of course those Gran Sport badges on the front fenders, trunk, and glove box. There are many other things that distinguish a true GS from a regular Riviera and you'd be wise to become as educated as you can on these differences. Among these are: different suspension, exhaust system, etc., etc. Beware these cars have been cloned - this has become more prevalent with the increase in their value that has occured in recent years. For example, a presumably genuine Seafoam green Gran Sport recently sold on the Bring-a-Trailer website for almost $80,000 USD. Such prices are not uncommon for good quality cars. However, I would want to know that the car is genuine in order to pay anywhere near that amount, as they seem to bring anywhere upwards of $50,000 USD in very good (restored or original) condition. Of course, you are in Italy. The market there for this type of car would be limited. There are precious few Rivieras, little own Gran Sport Rivieras in your country, and likely the seller's door isn't being knocked down by many prosepective buyers. For that reason alone you may be able to get the car for a good price. But, be clear on exactly what you are buying! I suggest you post many photos of the car as you can to this forum. As the seller to send you photos of everything - inside, engine, trunk, undercarriage, etc. Knowledgeable members here will be happy to give you opinions on whether the car may is genuine, or counterfeit. There are some misconceptions out there about the Gran Sport and you'd be wise to learn them. For example, the chromed 'Formula V' wheels were available as an option on all Rivieras, as was the deluxe interior with full length wood panels on the doors which included the ribbed outside rocker mouldings along the bottom of the car. Same goes for the wood wheel. It was a separate option. Many options could be ordered 'a la carte', which means that it's rare for two Rivieras to be exactly the same, and don't imply the car is necessarily a Gran Sport. For example, one could order the. Super Wilcat dual four barrel engine on its own, separate from the Gran Sport option (however, the engine, unless faked, would have a different coding). Those cars are actually rarer than the Gran Sport as only 454 were made vs. 3544 Gran sports. Despite being rarer, these don't command the same price on the market as a Gran Sport. As mentioned, those GS emblems are not indicative of anything, as they are about the easiest thing to graft onto a car in hopes of fooling a buyer. In fact, the placement of the emblems can be a tip-off to a counterfeit car when they are not positioned correctly. I've owned my '65 Gran Sport for 35 years, so would be happy to comment on your prospective purchase, as can others on this forum. Good luck on your research and on verifying the true identity of the Burgundy Mist Riviera!
  14. Good on you for exposing the young lad to the glories of the Riviera!
  15. Hi Scott, Who did you buy the glass from? Search this forum for info on the change made sometime in '63 from pressed-in (glued) door glass to the bolt-in method. As mentioned, the '64/5 cars have the bolted in glass. Your car was made in the third week of February (date code 02C) so perhaps the change-up happened after your car was built. The glass seller should honor a return, or send you replacement glass that matches the hardware in your doors. Note also that all 63/64/65 have the pressed-in glass for the rear quarters. This glass does not bolt in. I recently replaced mine with glass from a parted out '64 and it came with the chromed pot metal frames. I wouldn't know how to remove the pressed-in glass, but I suppose it can be done. Hope this helps,