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  1. Thanks for the info. I will get pictures. Thanks Chris
  2. I don't know. no pictures of that. What does it look like? What is the difference in value in a gs and standard on a 67. The car has air and p windows but not custom interior. Thanks Chris
  3. How can I tell if a 67 is a true gs. It doesn't have the correct air cleaner it has a 68 intake and air cleaner. Thanks Chris
  4. Does anybody have a suggestion on a car cover for the 1st gen riviera. Their are a lot of choices with little info. I need a good guality semi custom indoor car cover. Thanks Chris
  5. Can some body explain the fuel filter with the return line. Is it also a regulator? If it has a regulator do they go bad? Thanks Chris
  6. I am trying to locate right front fender moulding. This is the moulding from the wheel opening to the door 1/2" wide and about 14" long. The previous owner reinstalled the moulding with sheet metal screws. Thanks Chris
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