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  1. Where does the bottom "wire" (?) coming out of the bottom of the box lead off to? I see it's circled upon itself a couple of times before heading towards the engine. Have you traced it down to where it leads? Does your car have or look like it once had a trailer hitch?
  2. Jason, Are these pictures for an article Ray is working on for the Riview? I'd rather not have my car identified if he uses any of my pictures. (it's pretty embarrassing)
  3. Seen on Instagram I am not digging the rub bumpers adhered to the side of this Riviera in Germany. 😢
  4. RIVIERA What's in a name? Everything! Your identity. Your passion. Your character. Your looks may be fleeting. Your works may out live you. But your name is yours for eternity. Riviera..... By Buick
  5. Somehow I've ended up with two rebuilt #1100774 8D2-dated alternators. I am offering one of them for sale with a repainted single groove pully. I don't remember having any special work done on this alternator so I have to assume it is a 55 Amp model. See pictures below to view condition. Applicable to 67-70 Buicks. $60 plus shipping from 28306. I will have to look up shipping based on your location. These things aren't light so don't be shocked when I quote you shipping charges. Sorry, no overseas shipping unless you have a USA shipper.
  6. Look on Ebay. There are always various NOS and used Buick switches for sale. There are several there now. You need someone to give you the correct switch part number to be sure to buy the correct one. Or contact Gene, our resident First Gen parts supplier: abandg e-mail
  7. Kid, Welcome to the Riviera forum! I am not an expert on 6th Gen Rivs, but they share components with the same year Cadillac Eldorado and Oldsmobile Toronado. You may be able to find what you are looking for by broadening your search to include these models also. Be sure to check on Ebay. Inevitably what I am looking for always shows up there. Good luck. Post a pic of your car in the Pictures section. If you haven't already done so, please consider joining the ROA. is the place to check us out!
  8. The short answer is NO. No one is making fender patch panels for 2nd gen Rivs at this time (as far as I know). Only the floor pan sections Pat mentions above are commercially available. The guy I bought my 68 from had to scrounge to find better front fenders than those the car originally had. The bottoms were all rusted out. The rotted rear fender metal behind the rear wheels was cut out and metal and fiberglass patches were added. A competent metal fabricator should be able to create the patches you need.
  9. Hopefully my Riview will arrive tomorrow on May the Fourth (Be With You!) A little Star Wars humor there! 😂 Having a little Photoshop fun today! PS My Riview actually arrived yesterday, May 2nd. I really should learn to check my mailbox. 🤔🙄
  10. 1988 Buick/ASC pre-production transparency images. I just purchased a 7 piece lot of large format GM transparencies of what appears to be the pre-production 1988 Reatta. I am not sure if any of these images were used in Buick advertising or if these were design studies. The transparencies range in size from 8" x 10" to 4.5" x 3.5". Images are slightly watermarked to discourage illegal re-posting.
  11. As mentioned earlier please consider joining the Riviera Owners Association
  12. Seen on Instagram