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  1. If you can, save the pdf as a jpg and re-upload
  2. Congratulations on becoming a member of the Riviera Owners family. Have you considered joining the Riviera Owners Association yet? www.rivowners.org
  3. 1910 Buick Model 14 on display at a 1973 Antique Automobile Club of America car show, possibly in Rhode Island. The AACA window sheet lists the owner as "O. Johnson" and the model as "1910 Buick". The license plate is a Rhode Island "Antique" plate #23(?). Does anyone remember Mr. or Ms. O Johnson and this 1910 Buick Model 14? Any idea where it might be today? Image is from an AUG73 process dated Kodachrome slide in my personal collection of classic cars slides.
  4. I bought my 68 430 radiator hoses from oldbuickparts.com (CARS)
  5. Two images from two separate Kodachrome Stereo Transparencies. An elderly couple standing proudly next to their 1955 Buick Special. The second picture shows a partial view of a red 1950 Buick parked behind the black Special. Images are from an 1950's Kodachrome stereo transparency slides in my personal collection.
  6. 1955 Buick Roadmaster in a local parade? Image from an undated 1950's Kodachrome slide in my personal collection. The picture is slightly out of focus. I can't make out what the sign in the back window says. Notice the two way radio antenna on the driver-side rear fender.
  7. 1950s Kodachrome slide image of a 1951 Buick Special Tourback Sedan in the center and a 1951 Chevrolet Fleetline on the left. This pictures exact date and location is unknown. One soldier has an 8th Army shoulder patch. The first US Army 4 Star General officer in command of 8th Army in Korea was GEN James Van Fleet (14 April 1951 to 11 February 1953). Image from an undated 1950's Kodachrome slide in my personal collection.
  8. PRE-OWNED 1967 BUICK RIVIERA PRICE $39,995 https://www.collectorsdreamcars.com/VehicleDetails/used-1967-Buick-Riviera--Boulder_City-NV/4597506653
  9. PRE-OWNED 1963 BUICK RIVIERA PRICE $39,995 https://www.collectorsdreamcars.com/VehicleDetails/used-1963-Buick-Riviera--Boulder_City-NV/4597506683
  10. Not mine 4 16” Polished Aluminum Buick Riviera Wheels Rims - $89 https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/pts/d/newton-upper-falls-4-16-polished/7158768376.html
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