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  1. Consider a high quality waterproof car cover for your car. I buy mine from I have purchased their Premium covers as I too don't have a garage to store my Riviera. I am sure others have other vendors to recommend.
  2. Riviera collage. Snapshots of The Aqua Zephyr in Gettysburg, PA, June 2019 at the Riviera Owners Association annual meet car show.
  3. You might be right about that... 🙂
  4. Ed, you take my response WAY to literally. Yes I agree new cars out perform our old cars. With the exception of Tesla and some of the Super Cars currently out there, I still think my Riviera's "Cool Factor" far exceeds any new car our there. If you don't agree, that's your prerogative, but don't piss on my personal opinion of my own car.
  5. Welcome to the ROA forum, Leejan. Someone with some knowledge about your issues should be responding soon.
  6. My "Aqua Mist" Riv isn't a very "masculine" color either but the car still looks like it can eat Nissans, Toyotas and Hondas for lunch!
  7. What color is your Wildcat? I recently was watching a white 66 convertible for sale in central Canada that was in GREAT shape. It seems to be almost too much of a hassle to have a Canadian car transported to the US though. :-( I love the turquoise 70!
  8. For those who may be interested, I wrote a short article for the Buick Bugle about our trip to the ROA meet in Gettysburg this year. I posted an extended version of it in the "Me and My Buick" forum. You can read it here: The nice thing about publishing to the web is that you can include many more pictures and include videos compared to print publishing.