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  1. I am still looking for this cable if anyone has recently picked up a 68 parts car with regular AC (non-Auto AC). Thanks.
  2. Valley Designs has a battery box for use of the sign away from it's normal home location. This would be ideal for a desktop display set in the back window of a Riviera at a car show. Click this link to see the battery box Valley Designs Battery Box They also make a direct hook-up to a car battery Cable to Car Battery Accessory
  3. My display is the wall mount version, not the desktop version. I used a torpedo level to level the display. I then marked the wall through the pre-drilled holes then I put drywall anchors in the drywall. I then screwed in the supplied mounting hardware to the anchors and attached the display to the mounting hardware. It's a 10 minute job if you already have the right sized drywall anchors, which fortunately, I did.