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  1. As I recall, I simply made a small incision in the inner fabric barrier you refer to, separating seat back from seat bottom. Otherwise pretty straightforward.
  2. Is your Electra equipped with the FlightPitch Dynaflow or the standard Dynaflow? Two different animals. There is a separate transmission shop manual issued for 59s with FlightPitch.
  3. Hers the not so good photos of the Silver Mist 58 and interior. the steering wheel was perfect in this car and was a beautiful , almost translucent gray.
  4. Stand by Boys will send pics of my nearly perfect original 58 RoadMaster75 silver Mist car with shots of dash and steering wheel...... gotta find the file sold it 4 years ago to a nice young man in SanDiego. i miss it......
  5. Matt good thinking i think number 2 is a strong possibility........ thoop thoop in time with the valve train was your clue 😳
  6. This is awful news for us dedicated Buick people...........sorry this has gone off the rails. SO, Dear Buick CLUB brethren...... ( I’m BCA #2954) Lets help get this put right.........! mike
  7. Ok this is now the part of the project I love! each little cosmetic piece......contributing its bling! Go Adam! mike
  8. Excellent find and progress! love what you’re doing! keep it up.
  9. There is a small paragraph in the 1973 Buick shop manual for 455 equipped cars that calls out “clip on flex plate weights” . These were specified to help solve customer complaints of vibration or roughness NOT attributed to belts, pulleys, accessories, etc. Weights were to be clipped on the flex plate in various locations until the roughness was eliminated or minimized. Perhaps a similar procedure existed for later model nailhead cars.....? I’ll try to find the paragraph today........
  10. Another stellar endeavor, Adam! Home run, my Friend! Mike
  11. Heed Old Tanks admonition........ If the Old gasket got petrified and stuck in the groove of the housing..... then you put a nice new gasket on the canister........you get a gusher! Happened to me in 1965 on my 55 Special.......what a mess .....but hey, I was 17!
  12. What year and model? I think you’ll be good for short , low speed shuttling of your Buick. Let our Buick experts chime in, but....... back in the 60s I was always using used, questionable batteries for my beautiful Laurel Mist 58 Special coupe....... due to lack of funds! Many times I enlisted friends to push start me! set it in neutral, get ‘er up to about 25 mph, then drop it into drive.......vrooom! Fired right up. This worked due to the Dynaflow having a rear pump and at that speed , had enough ummmph thru the trans to spin the engine.
  13. Been where you’re at a few times! I believe you’ve answered your own question, tho..... ”Driver” being the operative word. Consider forgoing Or delaying cosmetic, bling, or comfort related items at this point. And spend tight dollars on driver related necessities. Your crank is exposed and you are so very close to a well executed ring and bearing job if the bores are in reasonably good shape. Maybe clean up the head and check for any questionable valves and seats. Worst case.....maybe a valve job. In the old car world.......not a lot of tight budget
  14. A really good TIG man with correct stainless filler alloy could make short work of those holes. careful grinding/filing followed by polishing will finish the repair.
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