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  1. Roadmaster75

    Garnet Red 57 Roadmaster 75

    Glad its running! Hope it’s a quick kill on the trans, Adam. was Dynaflow out recently by previous owner? Sounds like trans wanted to engage allright..... maybe an errant bolt or piece of hardware in there ? Cant wait to hear what you find!
  2. Roadmaster75

    Garnet Red 57 Roadmaster 75

    Another winner , Adam! Congratulations! On my little iPhone screen.......looks like an AFB on there, too..? Have fun with it
  3. Roadmaster75

    C 10 trailing arm placement

    Yes, my question, too........ as I understand, if you find a Buick differential from a 61 or 62... (open drive lines) it will bolt right in to your housing.
  4. Roadmaster75

    56 dynaflow fluid leak

    I’m no believer in “repair in a can”, BUT, I had very good luck with the Lucas transmission sealer/conditioner product in a leaky Flight Pitch Dynaflow in a 58 Roadmaster. Pricey, but noticable reduction in fluid getting past the torque tube seal , especially when the car was driven on a more regular basis. They don’t like sitting around!
  5. Roadmaster75

    1958 Caballero

    Beautiful work, Sir! Heads up........Those big ole 58 tail lamp housings use only the two long studs as the ground to the body. Ensure that those threaded ends are bare metal contact or you’ll experience the “Floating ground ghosts” with the tail/brake lights. I actually added a short hidden wire from the studs to the body to make sure electrolysis didn’t creep in. ask me how I know!
  6. Roadmaster75

    Dynaflow reliability

    I had a shelf full of trophies from U.S. 30 Dragstrip in H/SA back in 1966 and 1967. I had a 55 Special 2D Hardtop. with Dynaflow. This class was for stock vehicles with 265 cu. inch and auto. Needless to say every 265 Chevy with a cast iron PowerGlide would be in my class. Toasted all of them! Brake torque in LOW as much as you dare....then mash throttle on Green. Same scenario all the time...... I'd jump 2 to 3 car lengths at the start, wind it out, shift to D and they would never catch up. Then, just pick up the trophy, get a picture, pound the hubcaps back on and cruise home. They hated me........ Go out looking for Tri 5 Chevies and have some fun!!
  7. Roadmaster75

    1969 Buick Riviera

    my opinon..... i've done 5 of these motors. Although your rear main didn’t leak will at some point. Be fearless! Replace every soft part with new state-of the art seals and gaskets. This includes the timing cover seal conversion to a lipped, neoprene pressed seal. Stick it back in and enjoy your Riviera!
  8. Roadmaster75

    1958 Caballero

    Simply spectacular work on a spectacular Car.....! Would love to see your masterpiece in person someday.....
  9. Roadmaster75

    1957 Seat Belts

    For what its worth......... Dei’s pic shows exacrly the same weave and buckle style I got from Julianos. Good automotive archeology going on here!
  10. Roadmaster75

    1957 Seat Belts

    Lance I was very pleased with the color and buckle selection I made at Julianos for my 58 Roadmaster. It had the leather and cloth silver interior. They nailed the silver belt webbing and matched to a period correct chrome “airliner” style buckle. They are not the cheapest but I felt they had the greatest range of options for my car. Looked factory. No longer own the car or i’d send pics. Mike
  11. Roadmaster75

    Magic Potions

    Serious drag racers have weather stations in their trailers for a reason. The "air density" meter probably the most useful gauge in the pits. Humid , hot days at the strip meant slower times. Cooler, less humid air meant quicker times. Air pressure, air temperature, and humidity comprise "air density". Damp wet air requires leaner tunes. More dry air allows for richer tunes to make more power. Water molecules in the air are not conducive to burning fuel. I ran an alcohol front engine dragster for a number of years. The air density meter pretty much dictated the choice of nozzles on the mechanical fuel injection set up. Gasoline passenger cars are more forgiving, but the principle is the same. Our Buicks will always run better on a cool, dry autumn evening.
  12. Roadmaster75

    1953 Special - Smoke from crank case ventilation tube

    Neat car! If taking out from the top....... No need to be afraid of taking out the ridge at the top of the cylinder. Rent , borrow, or buy a small hand reamer. You'll have that ridge leveled in minutes. Getting the oil pan down so you can push out the offending piston remains will be covered in detail by my Buick brothers here shortly, I'm sure. You will then get to pull out the busted piston pieces and scrape out the thick layer of gray/black splooge from your pan. No need to fear this job.......just good advice from the boys here, a good helper, good tools, and good common sense. And, lastly ..... if you can't see daylight through the other pistons on that bank.... leave 'em in there and enjoy driving that car. Mr. Bond got it right!
  13. Quick kill....... replace condenser. have had 2 fail out of the box over the years. if you have a known good one....try it. falied condensers can exhibit the intermittent symptoms you are having.
  14. Roadmaster75

    1958 Roadmaster 75 - all original - 40,000 mi.

    Hi Svein im sorry but the car has sold. mike
  15. Roadmaster75

    58 Roadmaster 75 Turn signals

    Thtats it all right, Caballero2. Mine broke at the skinny part of the casting. Years of interchangeability on this part? Perhaps other GM marques used same parts? Gonna ask myCadillac form boys if there's any chance Caddy stuff was the same Will start looking for used or possiblyNOS replacements. thanks to all contributors! Mike