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  1. Doug, Gene has them call at 610-359-8901. Turbinator
  2. JFrame, the color I’ve heard for the 65 Rally Wheels is known as Shadow Gray. The rocker panels for the 65 are suppose to be Shadow Gray. I’m going on what I’ve heard from a person I would say is a 40 year expert on parts. Im trying help here with a piece of info you can go forward on. You probably know this, but different states have different customs and regulations regarding chemicals /paint, etc. I found a auto supply store in PA that will scan your color from a FLAT shaped item. The colored piece piece you want scanned must lie flat on the counter for the scanner. Sherwin Williams auto paint in Towson MD could not mix flat/matte black car paint. Can you believe that? They tried to mix the flat black but gave me a gloss black. Confirm with someone who is in the know on the ROA Tech specialist list on the Shadow Gray. Turbinator
  3. Don, not so sure about those manuals explaining what you need to know to get where you want to go with all the electronics. Some of the manuals are written by American engineers or Off shore folks where English is not their first language. We have people writing, but I’m not sure they are communicating what they write. Turbinator
  4. Ken, Thank you. I thought the price fair for what I put in the refinishing to make the value added worthwhile. Turbinator
  5. Sir, I’m faced with older gents buying cars at low prices and taking care of their car. Im looking for the few that are in the restoration process looking for good parts. The unfinished banged up rocker panels usually go for $600. a set. When I got my motorcycle in 1965 I could get a gallon of gasoline and a pack of Marlboro for $.60. And there is no inflation ?
  6. All used eight pieces powder coated and cured satin black. All screw holes reinforced and/or repaired. Polished. Refinished Repaired $800.00 FIRM. PM me if interested In purchasing
  7. Sir, last things first. Facebook forums are weak at best. The enhancements you’ve made to your car have not materially changed the construction or design of the car. The front brakes, dual master brake cylinder, and radial tires You added are for your safety. I would award points for a driver car you that you can take drives and enjoy your vehicle, If the ROA was a club for “trailer queens” Id go along with nylon bias tires single brake cylinder 100% used parts replacement from donor/parts cars as standard level of acceptance. I think there are limits on where you place your car for peer judging, but then again it is for fun. If a person wants an after market AC that works in his car and the rest of his car is stock it should enter as stock. Thank you for your participation. Turbinator
  8. Winston, your point is well taken. I think customized cars, resto mods, hot rods and the like can be a subset under each model automobile. Or even a subset of the brand of automobile. My car is stock. I put different wheels on for different events. All in all my car is stock; however, I’ve shown pics of modified wheels on my car with Buick center cap assembly. Stock? No. Out of place? I don’t think so. From a purists point of view I’m all wrong. So, is having metal valve caps on my tires is non stock. I have radial 710 R 15 bias look tires on my car? Stock? No. The tires look like they are bias tires. Am I wrong? It’s our car we can show it like we want. I’m my opinion a 63 Riv with 1” white wall radial tires is great. I think 65 Rallye Wheels on a 63 although looks sharp can be shown in stock or slightly modified. I don’t vote in peer judging. So many of the cars look so good I can’t make up my mind how to vote. Turbinator
  9. PWB, having sold various types of back office mailing/shipping/weighing systems to the DoD for a long time I quickly adapted to their way of doing business. The military had different demands which I thought goofy, BUT give the customer what they want. I found on the bottom of the cabinet the place they want it grounded. Never fault a man for being safe, but there are limits. Thank you Turbinator
  10. Gents I purchased two govt’t surplus safety cabinets from Ft Detrick, Md which has been closed for a long time. I feel better migrating all the flammables to a safer place. I bought an oily rag can. My fire extinguisher is up to snuff. Turbinator
  11. When I finished the last coat on the air cleaner I said to myself, “ that’s as good as it gets for me. Turbinator