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  1. Sooooo.....Sorry this took a while. Finally got over to the car yesterday and installed the refills I got on ebay. They fit perfectly EXCEPT they lack any kind of retaining clip to hold them in. They very easily slip in and out of the blade. If my memories of installing refills years ago are correct, there should be a small springy clip at one end that hooks onto the wiper blade. This has to be pressed in on both sides in order to remove the refill. These blades are okay for now, as the car is not yet driveable, but I'm not sure I would want to try to use them while driving. I really wanted them so that if the wipers inadvertently get turned on while I'm working on the car, the blades won't scratch the glass. If they slip out while the wipers are running, the blade will scratch the glass. If I figure anything out, I'll post again. Jeff ROA 13051
  2. We just shipped a car from S Florida to Ann Arbor, MI. We used Pilot Auto Transport. We were very satisfied with them and the price was reasonable. One of the nice things about them is they do everything; their truck, their driver, their rep on the phone. No middle person in any of it. Good luck Jeff ROA 13051
  3. Wow! Cool to see the 8 track and the tissue box. What a great car!! Enjoy!
  4. These are a couple of pics of the car from about 20 years ago. Unfortunately, the car has been sitting in my dad's garage pretty much since then (life and all.....), and it looks it. Beginning the resurrection now. Slow going, but I should have the engine fired in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed.
  5. I have thought about putting power locks on my '64 using just the generic door solenoids. Has anyone done this?
  6. This place says they reline the aluminum drums with new liners. I found them in a forum post on a different board from years ago. Might be worth a call. I know nothing about them. Brake Drum Relining & Refurbishing | McHenry, IL | J&G Brake Relining (jgrelining.com)
  7. Just ordered a pair here: 2x 18" Trico Wiper Blade Refill-Long Frame Metal Vertibrae Refill set of 02 refl | eBay I'll post back once I get them, and let everybody know how it goes.
  8. No, the N18 refills are too narrow for the original blades. That's what I bought.I measured my original blade refills and the metal reinforcement that goes into the blade is about 9mm wide so the 6mm blades just fall right out.
  9. There is no latch on the front seats of the first gen Rivieras. They were built before latches were required. My seat has only folded forward under VERY hard braking. Maybe the bolts on the hinge are loose?
  10. Has anyone found a source for just the 18" wiper refill for the first gen original blades? I can find whole blade assemblies, but I think that's unnecessary, and I ordered some refills from Amazon that were supposed to fit according to their compatibility data, but they were way too narrow for my blades.
  11. I don't know how fanatical you are for correctness, but my local Ace Hardware has a HUGE assortment of all kinds of oddball screws, nut, bolts, plugs, bushings, etc. You can probably find something suitable if you have a good hardware store near you, unless it HAS to be the correct screw. Good luck. Jeff ROA 13051
  12. Thanks; I'll check with Gene and if he doesn't have something, I'll be in touch.
  13. Gee, thanks for the info guys. I have been wondering if all three years hoods interchange. Now I know. As for rust repair, the entire front edge of mine is rotten. (Part of it came off in my hand last time I was at the car!) It's not just the skin, either. The supporting structure is rotten, too. I do wonder why though. It's a Florida car whose history I know going back to about 1968 (My Grandpa's car) and it's never left Florida, so no salt or snow. Although the front edge of the hood seems to be a pretty common area of corrosion.
  14. I am looking for a decent hood for my 64 Riviera. Doesn't have to be perfect, but should be free of significant rust and have minimal or relatively easily repairable dents. Color doesn't matter. I'm in South Florida, so closer is better, but will pay freight from wherever in the lower 48. ROA #13051
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