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  1. Bill, whatever you learned has some great lessons. Very fine work indeed. Turbinator
  2. Ed, the use of the mat was a very fine one. Creative for certain. Turbinator
  3. My GrandFather had farm truck we knew as the Diamond T. I watched grandfather start the Diamond T with a hand crank. It was cool. im familiar with UPS company culture. I was able to earn sales of UPS approved Pitney Bowes equipment from 1976 forward. A person had to know the UPS procedure. I have friends that had long careers with UPS. I heard UPS would print in paint the drivers name on his truck for years/miles of accident free driving. I heard UPS started package delivery on bicycle. Amazing outfit, but they have their ways. Thank you for the information regarding calibration
  4. Tom, I have the set of floor mats that came with my 63. They are old looking and the color is faded. Because I like to renew things and most times come up short on an acceptable restoration. However, for fun I’ll check out my mats closer for possibly of “ restoration.” I know you can’t wait to see my creation. Turbinator
  5. Good question. I’ll figure out a way to check for accuracy of the odometer. Turbinator
  6. Ed, I started off with with grease coming up through the speedo cable and dripping grease on my shoe. So, I started trying to fix the leak with a new cable that advertised as direct fit, but stretched out about 6 feet. I cut the new speedo cable and it didn’t work. Went to junk yard and got a speedo off a junk 63. The speedo fit perfect. No more leaks. I fancied a speedo that was accurate and my new cable did not help the case. I bought a new speedo drive gear from Best Offer Counts fit a $100 bucks. I ruined the new part. A friend of mine and I went back to the junk yard for a shot at a
  7. No expertise here. The 40-67 Buick Parts book will you what transmission gear tooth you need by you rear end ratio. I have the parts book if you don’t. “‘Best Offer Counts” had my 19 tooth gear for $100.00 plus shipping. Turbinator
  8. Ed, it’s our English common language that separates us from clear communication. I can see how you could have thought I was a nut without having a speedo gear in the transmission. Ha, that is funny.
  9. So you mean you want these with R logo? You need the steel 15” Buick wheel the wheelcovers to fit. Turbinator
  10. DShoes, I’m not clear on what you want. I think you want to mount the wire wheel covers with the R logo on your 65. If your 65 came with a steel wheel your wheelcovers will clinch right on. I have 1965 Buick zRiviera wheels that fit your car and wheel covers. If you want them media blasted and powder coated they are $140.00 each. The R logos you want are $40.00 each. You pay shipping the exact amount. I need some money for boxes to ship your wheels and running them to the shipping / mailing company. A nominal fee. I cut the prices on the wheels and logos close so the fees for handling help me
  11. Ed, I’ve checked the speedo numerous times with the gizmo calibrator and an application on my iPhone. The speed on the speedometer and speed app on my iPhone match. I cannot dispute science. Maybe science is built in the calibration widget? Turbinator
  12. Tom, interesting comments. I was with Pitney Bowes for 31 years. I sold many UPS shipping and weighing systems. Large corporations are always changing. Could be as we age we not as flexible as we once were? We get fed up and it is time to retire. At age 55 I cashed in my chips and retired. Some advances in technology I think have helped increase reliability and safety of my Riviera. The dual brake cylinder seems to make the car safer, at least I feel that way. Tom Telesco rebuilt my distributor and put in electronic ignition, new plug wires and Bosch Platnum plugs. Tom comes w
  13. Sir, thank you for a very fine representation. I used the 19 tooth on my 63 zRiviera. There was a clip that was on the end of the shaft as I remember.
  14. Tampa Riv, you are right. When the level of aggravation is too high I just move on to something else. The rear end in the car should have two markings that indicate the gear ratio. The Buick Parts Book 1940-1967 vol 1-2 cross reference the gear ratio to the number of teeth needed on the speedo gear. “ Best Offer Counts had the speedo gear at $100. Plus shipping. I don’t smoke so I don’t care if my cigarette lighter works or not. I know what you mean. My speedo works, works good too. Turbinator Ed,I put a widget between my speedo cable and speedo gear that corrects the
  15. Tom, most reasonable. Some of us get upset when they think they’ve been rubbed the wrong way. When I first joined the forum I thought making repairs to parts was good. I repaired a 63 wire wheel cover by sanding the inside clincher and using two part epoxy JB Weld. I then primed the clincher and applied rust inhibitor. A gent busted my chops for trying to fix a piece that could not be repaired. I kept my cool and explained my reasoning for such repair. The gent that busted my chops and I are now chums on the forum. The JB weld is still holding after 3-4 years. Restraint of tongue and p
  16. When a nailhead is rebuilt what is the benefit of of NEW rod bolts? Turbinator
  17. Jim, I changed out all my interior lights except 2 with Cool White super brights. I like a strong lighting system for work or moving about is what U like. I’ve heard the SuperBrite warm white LED are softer. I matched up the bulb spec from the manual to Superbrite equivalent. All the bulbs went in ez except the glove box light and the light in the HVAC controls. I left my tail lights with Red 1157 incandescent bulbs and they shine fine. I had problems with cheap LED 1157’s canceling themselves out. I saw a demo on YoyTube why it happened but I can’t explain why it happened. Some
  18. Winston, you knew what to look for is 90% of the battle ( for me it is ). Thank you for taking the time to tell us about the problem and the fix. Turbinator
  19. Many thanks for your recognition of my work. I still want to get back to you on another item via pm. Turbinator
  20. I listened to his hit “ It’s Only Make Believe” when I was a boy. Conway Twitty was his stage name. Conway is a town in Texas and Twitty was a town in Louisiana. Conway had the “pipes”.
  21. Marty, must agree with you regarding the 63 with leather and DynoFlow. The 65 had options that I liked. The lines in the body design struck me when I was boy. I will say the AC in the 63 is hard for me to work on, but I did get it finished.
  22. The more they remain the same. History does not really repeat itself it is humankind that stays the same. Turbinator
  23. Winston, when a person gets a terrible effect like getting a mild case of polio after getting the vaccine I’d be wary too. My experience with vaccines and medicine has made my life better. When I had joint surgeries and I was on opioids I found the pain went away, but the side effects were not good at all. Fortunately, we can choose what we want and what we don’t want. Turbinator
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