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  1. Mr Gungeey, now those pictures were for audiences that have iron senses. I drove my car to a local Buick club meet and it rained. One gent said he’d never take his car out in the rain. I said mine won’t melt. I take good care and clean the undercarriage every one in awhile. I cleaned the undercarriage once and treated the metal with brush and POR15. Seems to be holding its own. I especially like the tip on blue tape and using an air hose where we do know where the water puddles. Great Tip.! Thank you. Turbinator
  2. I’m sure one can be better than the other. ive had good luck with this stuff. “spaz stix chrome paint” Turbinator
  3. Zimm, I experienced the Ester oil pooling in the hose from the compressor to the AC muffler. Tom Telesco discovered that once and I experienced yet again. The AC system would take a charge. Finally, I took off the AC muffler and had a new hose made for the rerouted AC hose. The hose was. made by Colliflower on RT 40 in Rosedale or White Marsh. Cost for the hose $100. it dawned on me other suppliers may have a ready made hose for less cost. I thought the fittings at the ends of the hoses were all gone. Probably a whole supply is available of AC fittings for the 63 on the market. Now after I did all this Tom Mooney suggested turning the AC muffler hose and position such that gravity work on our behalf. If you are still using the STV and it works then God Bless. If you suspect the STV needs this or that throw the whole thing away and put on either the sTV upgrade or The STV by Pass kit. The by pass kit works for me. The upgrade kit requires you rebuild the STV to be leak proof for the upgrade kit to work. If I had to do it over again I would have found a specialty shop that installs AC systems. The closest shop I know that would do such an install would be a shop in Long Island NY. I'm thinking you are looking at a $5k job for such a replacement. We could stay home on those hot humid days and do something else then ride in our Rivieras. There are always choices. Turibnator
  4. Mr Gungeey, I washed all. my cars which were daily drivers until I got my 63 Riviera. I got the 63 Riviera May 2016. I was on the forum asking for paint care. One of the gents, Seafoam, told his experience with paint care. Seafoam never washes his car. Bottom line, wipe the car down after a drive. Of course, sometimes a damp cloth wipe down won't do the job. The Griots Dry wash is a great product to clean the paint. Airplane Dry Wash is another good product. I know you said you wash your car sparingly, but I wanted to tell you about the dry wash. Griots takes off a layer of "dirt" on the paint without a scratch. Turbinator
  5. Zimm, Thoroughbred Transmissions in Laurel off Scaggsville Rd. Owner is Stephen Powell. The business is actually run like a real business. Professional demeanor. Reasonable fees ( comparative) for work performed; however, I had taken the project near completion. They checked my work, fixed the leak and charged the system with 4 lbs of R12. You are better off if you have your own R12 and dry nitrogen. Having your supplies can save you money. The shop will use your supplies. Turbinator
  6. Want to buy 1965 Buick zRiviera rear defogger switch with bezel. I’ll buy your kit with the switch or the switch only. Turbinator
  7. Tom, I found the 64 NOS HOOD mount still in the box. It was in my overalls back pocket. Turbinator
  8. Gents, thanks I need to know this info. Some of the “ holes”‘ I had you gents filled in regards the holes for the spear mount on 63 and 64 hood . I had the ornament covered, but the rest I did not. Thanks again, Turbinator
  9. If Gene doesn’t have what you want I have 3or 4 that will ship from central Maryland. FlatTop makes plenty sense to repair locally if you can. Turbinator
  10. Bill, we’re the stock ACsystems dead when you got the car(s)? Did you just go ahead and replace the stock AC systems in the beginning? I’m trying to find your motivation to go to Vintage. In the case my stock AC system fails yet again I’m inclined to switch to Vintage air. Did you can the vacuum controls? I’m supposing you got rid of the vacuum actuators and vacuum switches? So what is left is compressor, condenser, evaporator and box, hoses, vent system and controls. I’d really like to keep the stock appearance in the cabin. thank you for your input Turbinator
  11. I spent 4-5 seasons wrestling with a 63 zRiviera AC. Putting the evaporator box in was hard real.I rebuilt all the hoses and replaced every component I could new. The STV And vacuum actuators 3 and 4 are no longer made or professionally rebuilt. A work around has been provided for 3 and 4 vacuum actuators. The STV has been solved with a by pass kit. Many hours of frustrating work went in to the AC plus tool purchases. I read the service manual over and over again. Knowing how the thing works is peachy. Yesterday was the second time the AC has put out cold air in 4-5 years. Now I worked on the AC every season. Please let me give it to you straight. Your local guy doesn’t want the job. None of the shops in my area would touch my AC. It takes too long and they don’t want to guarantee work on a 60 year old car. There is one specialty shop on Long Island NY said they could fix my AC, but Ihad to get in a waiting list. Had I to do over I would have found a specialty shop that could install a custom AC without changing the dash appearance. I’d write a deposit check and tell him to call me when he has cold air. Turbinator
  12. I am so glad you finally got the system working properly! Congratulations! Jim, something to be said for persistence. Although I’m no AC mechanic I can claim experience with a 63 Riviera AC. Thank you for your support over the years. Turbinator
  13. A lot of people don’t know what they are doing. Turbinator
  14. Gents , here we are almost 2 years since I started this thread. Since then I replaced the heater core, took out the plenum and heater box and fixed the doors so they would open and shut proper. Ester oil was pooling in the hose coming from compressor to AC muffler. Took AC muffler replaced hose. Took POS STV leaking SOB and put on the STV BYPASS KIT. I had a leak and so was fed up. FINALLY found a shop that had no problems working my AC and R12. The shop fixed the leak, pulled a vacuum at 30” for 24 hours. Charged the system with Four (4) lbs of R12. System on hot day put 38 F of cold air. Hopefully, it will hold. 38F is the coldest It has ever been. Turbinator PS don’t overlook adjust vacuum switches on the switch panel under the hood. #2 vacuum switch must be adjusted correctly or you will not get air through the vents.
  15. If you want take the HVAC FONTROL PANEL out and take it to a welding fabricator. That is what I did. The fabricator made a new part and put it back together. $300 USD. Turbinstor
  16. Sir, if you want a used 1963 water valve I have one for sale. If you want to save money use the replacement vacuum control valve Jim Cannon described. I put a vacuum water control valve on my 63 and easily tucked the valve out of the way. Turbinator
  17. Ed. These are very good. I believe the ground wire from the METAL bulb socket saved the day. I actually got the wires crossed when I made the connection. During testing the filaments were strangely lighting in an odd fashion. I rearranged the attached wiring and uncrossed my wires and “I Saw The Light”. Turbinator
  18. Either one have plenty of pizaz. I like the one wheel cover that is on the car. Very cool. Turbinator
  19. Well written and accurate assessment of spending on a hobby
  20. $15K for a quality paint job is a lot of money to me. Whereas $4500 for 50 plus year old musical instrument is no big deal. Someone said this is a hobby. In some arenas gents “doll” their car up so much they don’t drive them. Cars not driven and gas/oil not put in the car and trailered to shows are pieces of folk art. Enjoy looking at how a person dresses up an automobile for the viewing enjoyment.
  21. If I could find four(4) OEM Rallye wheels for $400. All the same code number that do not have to re-chromed or painted Id buy a train car load of them. where can you find the under the hood black plastic cover that goes over the vacuum switches on a 63 zRiviera? Those covers are almost non existent. For someone that wanted one like me would pay for that item. Turbinator
  22. Ed, $400 for four wheels that are Buick Rallye wheels and they should have correct caps and look good too? I think you should raise your expectations a tad. 😎
  23. Ed, seven Rallye wheels with any Buick OEM number seems to be quite the deal. Of course you have shipping. Then what do they look like? It’s all in the hunt. Turbinator
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