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  1. Bye. I wish you all well. Bill
  2. I'm a pro at taking the radiator out of a 1965 Riviera. After wanting to keep the old radiator. It had been recored before I bought the car. I had it out probably 7 times. Over heating issues, and leaks. I spent over $300 to keep the original radiator. To end the drama I bought a new one from US Radiator. NO issues in 3 years. If I had it to do over. I would have done it much quicker. And got an aluminum radiator. And saved $$$$. It's so hard to find a good radiator shop. Good Luck, Bill
  3. Please share the trick to look up only closeout merch. Thanks, Bill
  4. Great choice in wheels!!! They look fantastic on your car.
  5. Not much of a hobby if you don't do it yourself. If you are able that is. I'm too cheap to pay a mechanic to work on my stuff anyhow.
  6. Great looking car! I love the stance!!!
  7. Thanks Steve. Same old swap meet wheels.
  8. Mine on 3" inch drop spring from Jamco. I drag bottom on speed bumps and humped parking lot entrances. Drive over them at an angle to minimize the carnage. No issue on the road. Rides fine. I had the exhaust move as far off the ground as possible for clearance. Tail pipes are simple turn downs that are 1/2" below the bumper. I didn't care to see them at all anyway. Jamco took along time to send the product. And the weren't the best with customer service. Got a discount being a HAMB alliance member. I don't know if that is still available. I don't look at the HAMB anymore. Jamco sources them fr
  9. That is the tallest tall boy I've ever seen!
  10. That same pad has been for sale for nearly two years that I know of. I seriously considered it in 2012. But got a nice stocker for $200. Dyed it to match and off I went.
  11. The color is Prowler orange. From a 2000 Plymouth Prowler. In Dupont.
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