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  1. Ted - another photo posted over on the AACA Facebook page........... photo by Scott Vermillion Steve
  2. Thanks Frank.... yeah, no power brakes, but it does have power steering... you figure for such a big auto, they would of added power brakes. To be honest, I didn't noticed the weeping, I guess the flash on my phone camera really highlights it ! Steve
  3. Happiness is taking on another restoration project when I thought I was all done doing restorations..... ( The wife thinks I'm nuts 😄 ) Steve
  4. Thanks Lump for the info.....I'm going to look into rebuilding it and keep it original. When I purchased the car in 2004, it had 5,000 original miles on it... Steve
  5. Sure, I would like to see those as well....... Thanks again !
  6. Never like electricity Bob.... when I was in the fire service, one of my assistant fire chief's was a licensed electrician.... he handled all the electrical fire calls... 😉 Steve
  7. All set with my car batteries now - everything has been disconnected... electricity is where I lack in knowledge ( home & vehicles ) I know little, but not enough.... Thanks for the input ! Steve
  8. Around here, with a green light, you have to wait for the intersection to be cleared before proceeding .... it's like a choo choo train effect... they are running the red light and they are bumper to bumper while they are doing it - unbelievable ! Steve
  9. For winter storage, I've been disconnecting the positive terminal on the battery, then once a month, hook it up and attach the trickle charger, run the engine, then disconnect it again.... just wondering if both pos & neg terminals should be disconnected during storage ? Thanks Steve
  10. It is sad...there are people that don't care or respect people's property.... back in 2011, I took my just completed restored Impala to a car show here in the Northeast, long story short, the following morning, while checking to make sure that the tie downs were secured, I saw that someone went down the drivers side and over the trunk lid leaving a scratch in the clear coat - could not believe it... lesson learn. Next time it will be in a enclosed carrier. Steve
  11. That brings back memories.... I almost traded my SS Monte Carlo on a Polo Green '90 .... I think the sticker price was around $30K ..... Nice looking Vette ! Steve