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  1. That is really cool, I like it - looks really solid ! Small world, tell Jody that I said Hi, made a lot of purchases from him.... I saw his profile over on Facebook and friend requested him, but that was a while ago - maybe he's not on it as much. I like the air / hose set up Mark, thanks for posting the picture ! Steve
  2. Very cool.... I had the opportunity 10 years ago to purchase a '69 Biscayne ex- drag car. The fellow was friends with Jody Anderson who was President of the National Impala Association at the time. It needed A LOT of work, I ended up going with the Super Sport that I have now.... Once I finish up my work rotation this week, I'll give the hose / air gun a try ! Steve Oh, one of many pictures that I've collected of Biscaynes and Bel Airs....
  3. Thanks Mark..... I see that you have a '69 Bel Air listed as a project..... how far along are you ?
  4. That might be.... the picture where I'm pointing my finger at, it looks / feels like straw or hay ?? Maybe nest of some type ?? I feel like I went two steps forward and 5 steps back...
  5. Good suggestion Martin..... the car came out of Kansas, so who knows how long it's been there.... but it's very fine dirt and packed in there....but no dampness.
  6. I ran into an issue....with the lines off, I can see that there is fine dirt inside the frame. I can stick my pinky in the holes and feel the dirt is packed in there... almost the entire length of the driver's side frame rail. I had no idea.. kinda depress at the moment... I'm discussing it with a friend of mine, but now looking at pulling the body off ..... ( pictures are upside down )
  7. I started with the removal of the old brake lines....fun job with a bad shoulder....slow going, but we'll get there. Steve
  8. Thanks ! By the way, my friend Lynn who lives in Oxford has a '69 SS Impala..... maybe your friends have seen it around town - here is a photo of it:
  9. Did you own this ?? LOL I didn't mention, but it's a 250 6 cylinder, three speed on the column.... bare bones, I mean nothing at all options and it was purchased 12-24-68...... oh, it was parked in a chicken coop Steve
  10. I have the paperwork, Yancey Chevrolet Company, Oxford, NC
  11. I purchase this '69 Bel Air from a friend of mine down in North Carolina. Prior to purchasing the car, my friend always referred to the Bel Air as "Mr. Bailey". So when I made the purchased of the Bel Air last year, I asked my friend Lynn, who is Mr. Bailey ? Mr. Bailey Pruitt was a Tobacco Farmer in Oxford, NC. He only drove the car on Sundays and had the am radio removed by the dealership for credit ! It explains why "Mr. Bailey" has only travel 13,000 miles. Does your classic have a name ? Steve
  12. Walt - I wonder if Frank H. Fisk, Jr. had anything to do with the tire company ?
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