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  1. Sounds great....the Old English White will really set off the beautiful contour lines of the MGA ! Steve
  2. Really starting to come together Chris....I'm sure you mention it before, but what color will it be ? Steve
  3. I purchased my 1974 AMC Javelin in 1982 for $800.... it had the 304 V8 with a 3 speed on the floor. It needed paint and a little body work, but it turned out ok.... I drove it thru high school - that car was a lot of fun !! Steve
  4. That seems to be the case Glenn...the Bel Air sedan that I got last year, happen to be a friend of mine....you just don't see them anymore. Steve
  5. Hey James....that's my 327 Impala, the SS Impala still under restoration ( both are Frost Green ) Steve
  6. Rodney - the battery tender was not hooked up during winter storage...I've never had an issue over the last 35 years, always disconnected everything.... this was the first time I had an issue with a new battery. Steve
  7. My faded green Super Sport before the restoration...
  8. So with Kevin's help, I learn that the truck has been in a town just 10 mins south of my location all these years... a NYS inspection was just done a few weeks ago. It's good knowing that it's still in the area...Now to found out which inspection station... Steve
  9. Just received mine in the mail today...As John mentions, great article and picture layout..... Congrats Ted !
  10. I would like to locate a truck that I special order back in 1994. I would like to know from the members here if they have use the Carfax report and does it give you specifics as to current location etc... Any other suggestions ? I still have the vin # from the truck.. Thanks
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