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  1. Ted, I was thinking along those same lines a few years ago.....I got done restoring my Black '69 Impala ( 14 year process ) and for my 50th birthday, I was going to get a new Dodge Challenger....nope. I ended up getting the "69 Super Sport. It must be some kind of sickness within a person to go thru this process Steve
  2. I thought it was a joke, I guess not........ ( and sold out )
  3. Looks great Chris.....sorry to hear about those little mishaps that you have to deal with.... Steve
  4. Any mention on who the new owner is ? Steve
  5. Here is a picture of my 1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS that was taken in front of the Chevrolet Dealership in Rhinebeck, NY where I purchased it new off the show room floor. The dealership closed about 11 or 12 years ago... I still have the car. Steve
  6. Makes me wonder if McQueen's son has any interest in the Mustang ? 🤔
  7. I always liked the Charger in the movie... I was too young to see it when it first came out, but watched it a few years later when it was on local tv. My parents got me a Kingsize Matchbox toy of a Charger, which I destroyed ( what a normal 5 year would do ). I replaced it a few years ago.
  8. John - do you or anyone know if the Charger used for the street scenes restored & sold ? Thanks !
  9. Bill Hickman also did the stunt driving in the 1973 film " The Seven-Ups. You can see some of the similarities.... also, I recognized some of the chase locations: Taconic State Parkway and the Palisades Interstate Parkway here in NY.
  10. I drove a '74 Javelin in High School, I think I paid $800 for it....304 V8 with a three speed stick on the floor. What a cool car to have and drive ! Steve
  11. I encourage everyone here on the AACA Forum to take some time out of your day and watch these fine programs that Walt and John do ! I've watched just about everyone of them - excellent !! And the road test.... absolutely beautiful vehicles !! Steve
  12. Very cool truck! Nice project for you John. Steve