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    reside in Orlando,Fl...owned 65 RIV nearing completion after 20 yrs of restoration....orig.blue/wht int, now silv/ blk int....

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  1. greetings Psycho! FYI the '65 air cleaner is completely different from the earlier models. You are correct that the snorkel is on the other side of the hose, but the '65 air cleaner housing itself is smaller in diameter, slightly taller, & has a red aluminum sticker on top with the words "445 Wildcat".(the 445 refers to the torque the engine produces). If you Google '65 Riviera engine images you will find many pics on the subject. A proper air cleaner should be easy to find, although a problem may arise if the LeSabre carb & Riv air cleaner aren't comparable, but chances are that it will be a perfect fit. I always recommend Gene Guarnere of AB&G for used '65 parts. You will find his ad in the Review magazine. New stickers for the top & side can be acquired from a number of Riv parts distributors, like Clarks Corvair, OPG, Classic Buicks, but make sure you get the genuine aluminum sticker for the top( I believe one of the distributors offers one that is a vinyl decal) Good luck & let us know how it goes! Drew
  2. Hey Rich! You've got to get hooked up with the RiveriaOwnersAssn. The club's magazine, The Review, is a valuable(& invaluable), source of information. You will find ads for parts from distributors & club members, tech advice from oldschool experts, notices for Riv related events, & great articles & pics sent in by members. You will also find an index of tech articles & what issue they were in & can even obtain past issues. I don't know what parts you need, but before you spend too much on repros you might consider used parts from one of the members. Check out the ROA website. You'll get plenty of info just as a visitor, & once you join you'll be able to access a wealth of Riviera data through the site. Good luck, & I look forward to seeing your '63 at one of the central Fla events in the future. There aren't many of us but we do get together from time to time, usually in Ocala where the local organizer lives, Bob Wannal. & next time you're in O'ville look me up! Drew Smith
  3. Huge improvement! Next rub down that shiny new alternator with your dirty rags! It needs a bit of "antiquing" to match it's surroundings!
  4. You Sir are one lucky dude! Sittin on two of my all time favorite vehicles! Let me know when you're ready to unload that 2002. You are going to need the extra space to work on the Riv. I'm in Orlando & can be there in minutes. By the way, you need to join the ROA if you haven't already. You will find the club magazine, the Review, invaluable in your restoration. & get yourself a factory shop manual & body manual. They can usually be found on eBay in good condition. Rivnik. ps: from the look of your garage you are already mechanically inclined, so I probably don't need to tell you this, but be careful trying to start that Riv after sitting for so long. You should get rid of the old fluids especially the gas, lube the cylinders, etc.
  5. That is a brilliant bit of info! I am by nature socially inept, so I look forward to using it next time the wife & I are dining proper. Im sure she will be impressed, especially when I loudly demonstrate my newfound knowledge to the entire banquet hall. Cant wait! & by the way, Eb, I do suffer from a touch of dyslexia. Glad Its not that noticeable. Rivnik
  6. Congrats Turbi! Ive had mine off & on several times over the years & had the same experience. Just gotta keep wiggling the thing till it decides to let go. Thank God it wasn't glued on.
  7. thanks Tel! I should have known that since I have an old pair that are quite pitted! My bad Turb! No biggy though, they should still hold up to a bit of prying. And check out Demons recent related post of said piece slathered with sealant. could be the problem
  8. Hey Turbinator. That piece should be easy to remove. It does kind of wrap around the back side a bit & almost snaps into place. It could be a little sticky from age, or someone could have put adhesive of some kind on it, although I'm not sure why. Make sure the screws are out & pry lightly behind the near edge & it should pop right off. You shouldn't damage it if you're careful as it is pretty heavy gauge stainless steel. Drew
  9. Greetings Mark, You need to join the Riviera Owners Assn if you haven't already. In the ad section of the club magazine,"The Review" you will find ads for used parts from many vendors. For many years I've had great success with Gene Guarnere from AB&G. I have acquired numerous parts from Gene for my '65 and have been more than pleased with every transaction. My guess is that Gene has the parts your looking for. I don't think he would mind me posting his E-mail since it is in his Review ad. ABANDG@AOL.COM. Good luck, Drew
  10. It was cracked so badly I tossed it in the trash about 15 yrs ago without regard to the part I now need. I replaced it with a Grant wheel which looks like a three spoked version of the Riv wood wheel. The Grant wheel is fatter and smaller in diameter than the original wheel, which I thought improved drivability. It also had it's own type of center-hub horn actuator, so I didn't think to save the old parts. Not long ago I got a little nostalgic for the old feel so after a long search I located an original, meticulously restored, and only after installing it did I realize something was missing.
  11. Standard wheel. I did find an entire hornbar assembly on eBay which includes the contact cartridge. Unfortunately I will have to purchase the whole shebang to acquire the thing. I am hoping someone has one in their proverbial box-o-parts.
  12. Greetings! Recently acquired an original steering wheel & hornbar for my '65. What I didn't get was what the shop manual calls the "contact cartridge assembly". This is attached to the wheel & creates the connection to the contact plate on the shaft when the hornbar is actuated. Can anyone provide me with one of these parts? Greatly appreciated, Rivnik
  13. Boy! Some things you just can't un-see,& that shot of Mitchell is one of 'em. Thanksalot! Bernie. How 'bout a spoiler alert next time!
  14. No idea as to the cause of that, but ditto on the metal grinding! Not long ago I was mindlessly cutting through a piece of angle iron about ten feet from my showroom perfect '83 Turbo Thunderbird (I know,I know, but in my defense an absolutely awesome ride) and completely ruined the front & right side glass. Everywhere a spark touched glass or plastic melted a tiny pit into it without damaging the paint whatsoever.