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    reside in Orlando,Fl...owned 65 RIV nearing completion after 20 yrs of restoration....orig.blue/wht int, now silv/ blk int....

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  1. djrogga! Get an official shop manual & a body manual. They can be found on eBay
  2. Greetings Sweden! It looks like "someone" may have installed the distributor improperly, failing to mark it's proper position before removing it. If you were off by only 1 gear tooth that would throw the timing way off, but the car may still run, or at least want to run. That would explain the backfiring, which is what I believe you are describing. You will not be able to achieve the proper timing by rotating the distributor if it was wrongly mounted as you say. Why the distributor will only turn in one direction is a mystery to me. Because of this, I should probably NOT be the one to instruct you on how to achieve the proper timing. Hopefully someone smarter than me (a very low bar to hurtle) can contribute. C'mon guys, reach out across the ocean & help a fellow Riviera owner out!...... Shmiddy! I know you're reading this! You're closer than we are, & probably know a little Swedish. A short train & ferry ride & you can school djrogga how to do it in person. Rivnik
  3. Hey Fitzo! You will usually find some of those pieces on eBay. Search for 1963-1965 Riviera dash trim. Make sure you get a good description or photos. They may not be any better than yours. Also call Gene Guarnere. You will find his ad & contact info in the back pages of the Riview mag. I bought some nice dash trim pieces from him not long ago. Great source for hard to find Riv stuff. Drew


    Thank you guys! One of the stores pegged on the map is the Interstate Co "flagship store". That's the one I had my experience with. I will start on the others tomorrow. Thanks again


    Oh I remember YOU, alright. Who could forget a face like that, not to mention the flattop! Hopefully your knowledge of batteries has improved along with your complexion. C'mon, Bern, after all you've (apparently) been through surely you have some useful advice on the subject.
  6. Greetings! For decades Ive depended on Interstate Batteries for my Rivs & other cars. Here in Orlando they've operated out of a small warehouse in the local industrial park. One of several old school guys always knew exactly what you needed. Recently the battery in my '65 went dead, & when I went to replace it, I found Interstate Batteries had moved to a chi-chi strip mall across town. They have a fancy showroom between FiveGuys Burgers & a dry cleaners. They now have a pimple-faced teenager running the store & sell other batteries of all types. This person had little or no knowledge of car batteries. They had changed their catalog & nomenclature, had no listing of older cars, & no longer carried any batteries of the same dimensions as the '65 Riv. Not to mention all their new products are bright neon green! This really sucks! If anyone has advice on what batteries they recommend it would be greatly appreciated. I do not want to spend big bucks on a classic car battery, just a normal black one that does not draw attention. Thanks, Rivnik
  7. Wont hurt to try.........because after you break it I have a good used one to sell you cheap! (currently nothing on Ebay). PM me if needed. Drew
  8. I don't think I can tell much difference in performance among the major brands. I prefer Lucas SlickMist. Works great..smells good..way cheaper..better bottle & spray head
  9. Go on Ebay Motors & search for seat covers. You will probably find something that suits your needs. I went there looking for beaded seat covers like the one Ed showed but opted for something similar made from split bamboo. They are designed for coolness but are perfect for protecting my newly covered seats, and for windows-down cruising here in sunny(read that HOT) Fla.
  10. hey Gary! What year do those fit?
  11. Ship to home....none of the stores stock them. & can someone help George out? I am computer impaired, but the part# is 5471324.
  12. Found one! At Autozone, thanks to advice from seafoam.
  13. RIVNIK

    Useful Wait Time

    Gary! Sorry to hi-jack your post, but I have to thank Ed & Seafoam for their input on my booster prob. After a fruitless search I ask myself why I didn't start at Autozone. Booster is on the way! Better get one while they last (#5471324). Apparently all the parts stores get them from Cardones and they are out. BTW..... Nice project, Gary.
  14. RIVNIK

    Useful Wait Time

    Hey Gary! Can you tell me where you got the booster rebuilt? There is no one here in Orlando who does this, & Ive been unable to locate a rebuild or new one through all the major outlets. Thanks, Drew