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  1. survival tip: don't let any unusually large folks sit behind you.
  2. Ditto on all that, Alex! But what has intrigued me is what a Canadian being politically incorrect might sound like.
  3. My bad about the lack of pics! I usually hop right on a project w/out much planning, so on the rare occasion that something turns out right I never have a before shot. & although I hate to admit it I sometimes intentionally shoot for "less than perfect" to match the rest of the car. A kind of automotive faux-antiquing you might say. (that's my story & I'm stickin to it!)
  4. if your '65 grill is like mine (& my 2 spares)you may find damaged or dull chrome on the horizontal ribs adjacent to the battery. Im pretty sure this is due to decades of battery venting. This has bothered me since I've had the car since I'm not willing to fork over the dough to rechrome only to paint over most of it. I recently found a great solution. Molotow Liquid Chrome comes in several sizes of pen type felt-tip dispenser. A bit pricey but results are truly amazing! Available on Amazon, eBay, hobby & hardware stores.
  5. Better get everything you need while you still can
  6. When I bought the Riv 26 yrs ago the rear panels had no lines & the front's were somewhat faded. Recently I had the door cards & rear panels off. Since I intended to replace the wood one day I decided to experiment. After practicing on a similar surface I was able to create convincing lines w a sharpie & a straightedge. I might not recommend this "technique" for new panels but if you have a steady hand it works well for a spruce up. (no wood pun intended)
  7. Thank God I'm not alone! Even though it works I still look around to make sure nobody's watching. BTW how do I contact Bill Hirsch?
  8. I know this sounds crazy, but anyone ever try to transfer paint from a rattle can into an airbrush other than the stupid way?
  9. Thanks again Ed, your two cents are worth a million. As per your advice I am considering reconsidering.
  10. Thanks, guys, Especially for Ed's great pic. I think I'm W Mark on the Detroit Green. Even accounting for photo color inaccuracy it appears to be the closest to what I've got.
  11. Anyone know a source for '65 engine paint, spray or brush? ClassicBuick is not shipping paint until "after covid"only God knows when that'll be! Drew
  12. The tail is subtle but it is there. IMO it will always be a boat tail.
  13. I'll have to dig out my GM parts reference catalog to be sure, but more than likely that is the same switch used in most or every large GM w power windows over many years. Until someone smarter chimes in you may want to broaden your search to include Cad,Olds,etc. If I can find that book I'll get back to you w some part numbers. Until then, where there's smoke there's definately a problem. I recommend unplugging the switch or disconnecting the power source. Drew
  14. After(or while) trying everything else you may want to go to Ebay for a clear plastic disposable car cover. I always keep one in the trunk in case I get caught in the rain at a car show, etc. They are inexpensive & many have elastic around the edge for a tight fit. Not sure how permeable gas fumes are to the thin plastic but its worth a try, & a great item to have on hand. Still a bandaid, of course.
  15. don't let your worlds collide. especially in the garage
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