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  1. These are the gems you won't find on a search. The defense rests.
  2. Yes! Thanks Ol'Yeller, a'68. me old. BTW: if you need an electrical schematic, the one in the shop manual you acquire may not be very legible (it probably looks like a photocopy of a Xerox of a polaroid) You should check out the beautiful color coded schematics available on eBay from Classiccarwiring.
  3. Just took a quick look at eBay, where there is a surprising number of '66 parts, including shop & body manuals in paper & on CD. It's buyer beware so do some research or inquire here about your find before spending too much. As always, I try to get my parts from a club vendor first, & I for that I highly recommend A,B,&G. I can always count on Gene to have what I'm looking for, though I'm not sure what his '66 inventory looks like.
  4. Great find! I would recommend joining the Riviera Owners Assn. & take advantage of the 1st rate club magazine,"The Riview". In the mag & on the club website you will find much of the info you need on restoration, new & used parts availability, etc. You also need to acquire a factory shop manual & body manual. They can be found in the mag ad section & on eBay( another source for used parts.) Also search this forum for discussions pertaining to your year model. As you'll notice the bulk of info deals with !st generation Rivs ('63-'65), but that's probably because there ar
  5. Nice find Marksan! years ago I searched the interwebs for a suitable '71or'72 , eventually found a '73 on the roadside I could not pass up. Fortunately it turned out to be a great car, although I always missed those beautiful pointy ends. One of the great under-appreciated classics of all time, IMO. Thanks for preserving it. Drew
  6. Thanks for the tip, Gungeey. This car sat unused for a long period w battery in. That would explain that.
  7. When I bought my '65 back in '92 the battery box & much of the surrounding metal were severely eaten away, & the chrome on the adjacent grille was also badly burned, even though the rest of the car was in great condition. Since then two used grilles that I've acquired also showed signs of acid damage in the same area. Looks like my car may have suffered the same malfunction. Probably not a chronic problem if it's new to Seafoam, but has anyone else seen an unusual amount of acid damage in the same area?
  8. Kudos to Haz & Tom for the excellent info! Nothing sadder than a request that goes unanswered. I know I've taken apart & reassembled that GB several times, but could not provide a proper description without doing it all over again. But I do remember one problem I encountered. I found the spring inside the GB light switch to be too strong for it's intended purpose. With the door closed it exerted unnecessary force on the whole assembly, which had already been cracked & repaired. It was many years ago but I do remember taking the switch apart & replacing the spring w a weaker o
  9. Call Gene at AB&G for those pillar trim pieces.
  10. My '65 has been insured by Foremost(through J.C.Taylor) since I bought it in '92. No problems, although I've been fortunate not to have to use it. As far as I know pole barns & carports are covered but not daily drivers, as you must have full coverage on another vehicle for that purpose.
  11. A search of "73 Riviera images" shows quite a few Rivs w what appear to be factory rt hand mirrors, however I looked high & low for one about ten yrs ago to no avail. Probably a rare creature. On a related note: I have a '73 rear bumper of very nice "driver" quality which can be had at quite a bargain. Let me know if interested. & good luck on your search. Drew
  12. I realize that. comment was made somewhat in jest. I am just lazy & searching sucks. sorry
  13. Thanks John! I just found it. Appreciate your help!
  14. Dear Ed, Franklin,& Bill. Thank you all for schooling me on the proper use of a forum. You'll be happy to know I feel really stupid for asking. & now, if nobody else wants to chime in with more excellent advice, I'm gonna go eat some worms!
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