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  1. Love to see that convertible with the top down!
  2. Attended the Festival last year without a car. I now have a 24 enclosed trailer that I would probably Use to take the Buick this year. Get well Regards Al Padilla
  3. Hey Chris, are you coming down for the Nationals?
  4. ”am signed up with the 1991 Buick Park Avenue. Going to all the banquets, School, Judges Breakfast. Hope to meet you there. I'm good friends with Jean & Maurice, Manny, Ira and Mel Mann“ This will be my 2nd year sitting on the board. I’m sign up as well with the 54 Roady and trying to get a Jr. I will also be at the judging school and will be extremely busy with all events specially arranging a line up of vintage police cars to show law enforcement transportation history. I know all those characters that you mention plus my buddy Tomas which is difficult to get lost! Ha, ha.
  5. Hope to see you at the Winter Nationals
  6. Tranny mechanics that works on Dynaflows are a dying breed around here. Mine was repaired by an old Cuban born man that used to work on them back in The island. Did a good job. He used to have a tranny shop in Miami but has closed since. I will attempt to get in touch with him to see where and how he can help me.