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  1. Do you still have the clock from the 57?
  2. you wouldn't still happen to have this would you?
  3. I am looking for a complete dash for a 1957 Super 88
  4. dei I was planning on cleaning and reusing the ones I have. I was only able to salvage six of the eight needed for the car. I just watched a few videos on electroplating that i may attempt once i get the parts cleaned
  5. I am looking for two porthole brackets for my 1957 Buick Roadmaster. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good source for them or PM me if you have a couple to sell. I have attached a couple of photos for reference.
  6. Well for 13 bucks i guess its worth a shot
  7. I have been trying to find replacement parts for the door flippers on a 57 Roadmaster. Does anyone know if the springs, rivets, front and rear flipper stops, and plastic levers are interchangeable from the 1957 Chevy?
  8. the ventura looks great. Looking forward to the buick
  9. I need help identifying which 57 Buick the attached photos go on. I am assuming that they are from a 4 door but I really do not have a lot of information collected on these vehicles yet to know for sure. I have cleaned and given them a light polish and they look very good. I measured the top of the radius of the trim and it measures 28-7/8". Can anyone help me.
  10. Yes, ebay has collected an awful amount of money from me already. I am really having trouble finding inner front fenders and the center arch of the sweep spear molding for the right rear quarter panel.
  11. This is an awesome build. I hope you continue to post pictures until you complete it. I appreciate the work you have completed and documented for guys like me to use as we restore our vehicles. I have a 57 Roadmaster and you have nailed the look for stance that I am looking for
  12. Elpad, As far as plans go. It will be a resto-mod I will keep the 364 nail head, I want to give it a better stance and change the original color of the car. The car at some point in its life was registered in Fort Leonardwood MO that is the same place that I started my military career. I will post pictures once I get started on it all I am trying to do now is find parts that I need for it. That has been a task that I did not realize how difficult it would be. One question, do you know of any way to research vehicle ownership records for buicks. I would really like to try and track down who had this vehicle while it was registered at Fort Leonardwood