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  1. Lance, As I mentioned in the beginning of this thread I purchased the car in Texas but it was registered in Missouri which lead me to the final decision of the color of the car. Long story short, I will not be going back to the original black as it came from the factory. I have decided to go with the ruby red that ford is using because it matches the colors of the US Army Combat Engineer. 29 years ago I started my career as an Engineer in Fort Leonardwood MO. The ironic / unbelievable thing about this car that I have found out when I was hanging all of the trim and bumpers on it to ide
  2. It was made by Autolifter out of Wichita KS. and raises 6' 8" but I think they went out of business quite a few years ago
  3. Has anyone ever replaced the rubber seal between the outer rear wheel wells and the rear quarter panels? I received this from Summit today and I need to look for another source that has custom length cut pieces. This weather stripping is from a 1957 Chevy but is way too short for the Buick. I would be very receptive to anyone who has reworked their wheel wells and replaced the rubber seals.
  4. Just finished this up yesterday. I still have quite a bit of body work to do but the left side is solid again minus the wheel well which i intend on tackling this weekend.
  5. Well to mildly put it when I bought this car it seemed to be pretty solid and straight. For the most part all of the body shell and sheet metal just has surface rust and the normal dings and dents you would expect to find on a 64 year old car. Upon further review after disassembly this car is pretty close to being a rot box. The entire drivers side floor is rotted out, both rear wheel tubs and outer wheel wells are rotten, inner and outer rockers on both sides, and both lower front quarter panels are junk.
  6. I couldn't help myself after I completed fitting the corvette front end to the chassis I put this old girl on a diet and removed the rear end that looks like it belonged in a dump truck. I went with a GM 12 bolt that I believe was out of a full size Caprice Wagon. I am not 100% sure but, for $30 bucks with all the brackets already removed and axle lengths that fit the track width that I need to put the wheels I want to use on it I felt like it was a no brainer.
  7. Some more pictures of the front end
  8. Lance, I started it back in September so I will be adding more in the next few days. It has been a long time coming but for just working some nights and weekends I have made so pretty good progress so far
  9. The crossmember is from Flatout Engineering that fits nicely in between the two frame rails after you remove the spring pockets.
  10. Now the fun begins. I am going to take a perfectly good frame and cut it up so I can upgrade the front suspension to a 84 corvette front suspension.
  11. The journey begins Tear down begins, My dads 57 Oldsmobile project is on the hoist next to mine.
  12. After many years of searching I finally found the dream car that I wanted to restore. I fell in love with the 57 Roadmaster while I was deployed in Iraq in 2003. Ever since I saw the all black hardtop in a Hot Rod magazine my dad sent to me while I was away I have been searching high and low for one to make my own. In August of 2108 I found one that was located in Texas that was originally registered in Missouri. I will get to the point of that later in the post but the original state of registration helped me decide on what color the car will be painted once it is complete. Here
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