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  1. First thing that came to my mind is this looks like Los Angeles traffic, then I noticed the signs. Definitely LA traffic.
  2. Elpad, can you post a link to whoever makes/ sells those wood Buicks?
  3. Just tried getting the discount, but was told they cannot do it for California policies. I guess it’s not just Canada... If anyone in CA was able to get the discount, please let others know how. Thanks!
  4. Beautiful car! Welcome to the forum. You will find more info here than you thought possible!
  5. Hi Steve Just received the parts. Look really nice! Thanks Alex
  6. Just read your posts about Buttercup. Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience! I know what you mean about having a passion for the 55s. I was looking for a mid-50s car, any make/model, when I came across a Buick Century for sale. I was smitten! I had never seen a car that had so many features that I did not even know I was looking for. Hope you find something when the time is right! Alex
  7. We had a cruise around town followed by a socially distanced gathering. Looking forward to more of these!
  8. Are these parts still available? If so, I’d like purchase them all. New to the forum, so still trying to figure out how this works... Alex
  9. Sorry about that old-tank. But it was much easier to talk offline. Mike was able to let me know some of the things done to the car-- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Including letting me know that he installed a vapor lock switch that might help deal with some intermittent stalling issues I've had. Wish I knew what that switch did a few weeks ago... Let's just say I'm glad it stalled prior to getting on the freeway on-ramp and that I had enough momentum to get to the side of the road! And since he asked for pics from SF, here's one from Napa. Figure that's close enough
  10. Wallace told me about this surprise tribute to his late wife. That was a really nice touch! The car is now named Bettie Kay to continue honoring her. Can I contact you to help figure out a few issues I’ve been dealing with? Alex
  11. For those of you have been around a while and might have known the previous owners: the vehicle was purchased from Wallace Graner (from Austin, TX) who owned it for about 20 years. The vehicle is an older restoration done by Leland Love of Grove Port, OH (mid- to late-1990s).
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