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  1. Elpad, what took you so long to come up with this? Thanks!
  2. Never thought I’d see one of these...
  3. Neil- Sure is the Carquinez Bridge. And good eye recognizing the BART tracks. I think I’ve spotted some SF landmarks in your images.
  4. Was wondering how long it would take for someone to start a thread for a different color. Glad it didn’t take too long. Hope to see more soon!
  5. Windows up definitely helps with wind noise (I do it when on the freeway), but you drop them when photographing. My two cents...
  6. Thanks for posting the short film Buickboy58! I’ve seen a lot of student films (I judged for a short film festival) and this was definitely one of the better made ones. Beautiful car!
  7. First thing that came to my mind is this looks like Los Angeles traffic, then I noticed the signs. Definitely LA traffic.
  8. Elpad, can you post a link to whoever makes/ sells those wood Buicks?
  9. Just tried getting the discount, but was told they cannot do it for California policies. I guess it’s not just Canada... If anyone in CA was able to get the discount, please let others know how. Thanks!
  10. Beautiful car! Welcome to the forum. You will find more info here than you thought possible!
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