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  1. If I sneeze today, someone will shun me.
  2. Yours truly, homeward bound from Sacramento 1991. Photo taken near Park City, Ut. 500 miles to go.
  3. One more detail for the optional fuel filter...
  4. Here is an often overlooked detail. That is, the throttle return spring as original.
  5. I tied the tail shaft with a small tie-down strap to the frame at the time of I installed the transmission. (Also can be done at the time of engine removal) Then at the time of attachment to the engine I placed a jack under the bell housing to assist alignment to the engine when the engine was installed.
  6. The carb location works well with grade 8 bolts. I made my own from structural angle. I was in a hurry and am a cheapskate.
  7. Yes, I overlooked the BFH part. Hope that I covered that and maybe otlhers by emphasizing the strict instructions. Caballero2
  8. I belive all are on track about the shoes being on exact center with the drum. However, no-one is citing the fact that the anchor pin for the shoes is eccentrically mounted in the backing plate. In the service manual, at least for the '57s, a major adjustment is described when no arching machine is availible, the mounting nut on the anchor is loosened and with the brakes applied, the anchor pin is rotated to center the shoe. This adjustment should be done by strictly following instructions in the manual. If I am correct, this adjustment is also described in the '55 service manual. Caballelro2
  9. I think that this might help some. shoe arching machine photo&prt=ngc&schemacat=sbu_w&olpchannel=retail&tpr=111&doa=2019-07-24&guid=2124f7d8-323e-4218-9c0c-3561844bc64a&hspart=symantec&installstatus=updated&doi=2019-07-24&type=ff_ds_ignite_wk30_2019&param1=2124f7d8-323e-4218-9c0c-3561844bc64a_2019-07-24_ff&param2=ds_nag_ignite&param3=ngc_22.17.3.50_wk30_2019&param4=1007450
  10. Try this, I have not solved any similar problem, but it is amazing how it works. It is a polymer similar to that used for tooth fillings these days. After application, it is activated by applying UV light to the polymer. I suggest that you might, by finger pinch, hold a small piece of copper wire or other conductor between the two parts. Then, bond the two parts with the attached. This product has a built-in UV Light. Oh, a good bond requires a mechanical grip, eg; rough interface or a couple of bends or holes.
  11. Do you suppose that this photo was taken from that Car? This photo now decorates the East wall of the men's room of Aunt Alice' Kitchen diner in Longmont, CO.