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  1. Do you suppose that this photo was taken from that Car? This photo now decorates the East wall of the men's room of Aunt Alice' Kitchen diner in Longmont, CO.
  2. I once read in the AACA Forum that that was part of a feature that prevents the hood from vibrating in a strong wind condition. I am going from memory from a few years ago.
  3. Also, Bhigdog, my thoughts exactly except even easier from self lubing nylatron GS.
  4. My guy says it is feasible, but he is not able to achieve the precision necessary.
  5. I have a fellow reviewing the feasibility of reproducing from this sample a prototype on a 3D printer. Hope to follow up next week. Caballero2
  6. Oh, I see the problem. The nylon piece in your photo should have a sphere integral to that part. The sphere is gone. That is almost impossible to find except in a salvage yard. It is integral to the base in which it is installed. That sphere fits into a pocket in the yoke and actuated the wire. The end of the wire slips over the post shown in your photo of the nylon piece.
  7. I hope this helps. Complete part for 1957. The part has recently been on Ebay.