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  1. That deer in the headlights look.
  2. Lancemb: yes I need one for my Roadmaster. The one I photographed was installed on my Super. Thank you for the offer.
  3. Thank you, "Leona" for your contribution. I will "bird-dog" it.
  4. Mine has a marginally readable, raised part number. If yours, "Leona" is readable, I sure would like to know it. This part is ideal for reproduction by 3D printers. Caballero2
  5. This is the only one that I have ever seen on a '57. It is apparently an isolator that protects the spark wire from abrasions and sometimes causes a misfire.
  6. I use the point of the leading edge and it times near perfect at 60 seconds equals one mile.
  7. Note; The same stuff goes around the bottom of the inner fenders.
  8. Interesting, I thought so and, to an extent still do. About 1985, I passed up a chance to buy a four holer with stick transmission, no horn ring, grey interior and original grey exterior paint. The trim tag indicated it was a model 48, which I did not want. The entire front clip would have to been replaced or the extra ventiport inserted in both fenders. Close inspection did not indicate either. The final decision would have been the engine displacement. I did not pursue that. I still wonder if it was a tag error in the factory and sold as a 48. As a novice at that time, I d
  9. I can now buy at a reasonable price 87 Octane, ethanol free gasoline and mine runs well even in 95 degree days. Ask your legislators to get the ethanol out of our gasoline. Honest testing shows that emissions in total do not reduce emissions and may even increase overall auto emissions.
  10. It seems that the contributors to this thread might appreciate this one.
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