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  1. Looking for 57/58 wagon headliner bows. Thanks, Don
  2. Message sent. Thanks Joe. Don
  3. Got the glass from Pete Philips and the seat from Joe/95Cardinal. Thanks, Don
  4. I should have bought that car but it was a long way from home. Thanks, Don
  5. Thanks LR. Is it possible for you to post a couple of pics? Thanks, Don
  6. I bought that car from Pete but those two items are not included. Picking it up tomorrow. Thanks, Don
  7. 57-58 Oldsmobile wagons use the same parts but they are quite rare as near as I can tell. Thanks, Don
  8. Looking for liftgate glass and rear seat for 1957 1958 Buick wagon. Caballero, Estate wagon etc. Edit: I found both thanks to this forum. Thanks! Thanks, Don
  9. Looking for rear liftgate glass and back seat. Edit: Found both thanks to this forum. Thanks, Don
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