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  1. I am looking for a Viking to include in the 2020 EyesOn Design exhibition. Click on the link below to see the thread in General Discussion. Thanks!
  2. For more than 30 years, the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology has sponsored EyesOn Design, an annual international exhibition that celebrates automotive design excellence of the past, present and future. Held on Father’s Day at the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House in Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan, the show features a new theme each year. The 33rd annual EyesOn Design Automotive Design Exhibition will highlight " Marques of Extinction: Significant Designs of Bygone Brands." For the 2020 Exhibition, we are still seeking several pre-war vehicles for groups of "Companion Cars" and "Mid-priced Depression Era" categories. Vehicles should be pristine original or restored to original condition. We are looking for the following: 1926-29 Rockne 1926-30 Erskine 1927 LaSalle 1928-31 Plymouth 1929-30 Roosevelt 1929-31 Viking 1931 Oakland 1931 Pontiac 1934 Nash Lafayette 1934-38 Plymouth 1936-38 Terraplane 1938-40 Graham 1939-40 Mercury 1940-41 Willys If you have - or know of - a vehicle on this list, please send me a PM and I'll follow up with you. More about the show: http://www.eyesondesign.org/carshow About the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology and its services: https://www.henryford.com/services/eye/dio
  3. Hinges are back from Rowland Hall. FANTASTIC workmanship!
  4. dei wrote: "And now as it's been said, you know the rest of the story." Wow! Thanks for sharing that story, Doug. Heal up soon; I think it's time for another burger & beer lunch. Joe
  5. Are you referring to the Cadillac LaSalle Club Grand National? That event is June 9-13 in Overland Park, Kansas. https://www.cadillaclasalleclub.org/events/event_list.asp
  6. Not on the east coast, but this is an experienced shop that has been in business for over 80 years: Hart's Machine Service 106 Main St Cecil, OH 45821 +1 419.399.4777 They have built engines for some of the regulars on this forum. Might be worth a call...
  7. What's the story about the news article? Is that you hanging in the harness??😲
  8. That's a big step. Go Lance, go!
  9. Michael, I've sent you a PM with suggestions for forums that might be more accepting of your Chevrolac project.
  10. "Decided to try and push the panels back in place standing on a big truck wheel rim that was right there on it's flat side." Doug, you know better! At our age, we don't bounce well. You're lucky you didn't do more damage...hope you're healing up quickly. Joe
  11. "Thanks Joe for a wonderful day!!" You're very welcome! It was a great visit and thanks again for lunch. And thank YOU for putting those parts to good use! Joe
  12. I can think of a few recent vehicles that I would enjoy: 2009-2010 Pontiac G8 GXP with 6 speed manual trans. 2010-2014 Cadillac CTS-V station wagon, again with manual trans 2018 Ford Focus RS hatchback in Nitrous Blue. 350 HP, 6 speed manual and 3435 lbs. Even if others don't ultimately deem these to be "collectible", they all would offer a lot of joyful driving. And just for fun and creating a stir, a 1992 Pontiac TranSport GT "Dustbuster" and a yellow Aztek GT!
  13. Tucked into the windshield header of my 32 Ford pickup was a matchbook from a Nudist Camp near Lansing, MIchigan.