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  1. Looking great, Kerry. What coating did you use on the axle tubes and differential cover?
  2. Corvette Central has what you're looking for, but they typically sell the hose as part of a windshield washer hose kit. It might be worth asking if they will sell you what you need. This is what came up when I searched for "ribbed vacuum hose" on the Corvette Central site: https://www.corvettecentral.com/search?CurrentSearchCategoryId=&q=ribbed+vacuum+hose
  3. I've got a couple of close matches. Both have 3/8" flange heads with the recessed center. The black oxide screws measure 0.240" thread O.D., with 3/4" of thread length. I have only a couple of these. The zinc version measures 0.230" thread O.D., and has 5/8" thread length. I've got dozens of these. Will either of those work?
  4. The 1958 full-line sales brochure titled "The Air-Borne B-58 Buick" shows multiple images of every Model, Style and Trim level. Every vehicle is shown with Red wheels; even the green cars! The Master Body Parts Book indicates Optional wheel color for all 1958 Seminole Red, color number G94-58785.
  5. There's a retired tranmission wizard in my area who builds transmissions for all kinds of older applications. If you want to get an idea of whst an ST300 rebuild would cost, I will be happy to put you in touch with him. He built my 700R4 for about $1400 last year, including a new GM performance torque converter. Might be worth shipping it to Michigan for that kind of $$$ difference. Send me a pm if you want to get his input. Joe
  6. FYI; the armrest bases for the "molded" armrests are the same as the bases used kn the Chevy Nomad and Corvette. This is a picture from Danchuk's catalog.
  7. Still looking for the answer...anyone?
  8. The car next to the Cord is a 1939 LaSalle. I REALLY like those cars!
  9. Ed, here's another perspective on that federal database... My recently acquired 1909 Buick (Actually, it is a 1910 Model, but that's another story...) has a 4 digit VIN. When I went to the Michigan Secretary of State (SoS) office to transfer the out-of-state title, the VIN was flagged in the National database as matching a stolen vehicle from Alabama. I figured I would be going through the same kind of agonizing and infuriating process that so many of you have endured and complained about.... I was shocked when the SoS clerk told me that I would just have to wait a few minutes while she got the lock-out cleared. It took her almost 45 minutes (normally a 15 minute process, she said), but she researched the open stolen vehicle report, submitted my information to verify that my Buick was not the stolen vehicle on record and then had to wait about 30 minutes for the Feds to clear the VIN hold. I left the office with a temporary registration and able to drive the car immediately. I think it all comes down to the knowledge and attitude of the person behind the counter. While we were waiting for the Federal database clearance, she even helped me verify that the "Year of Manufacture" plate I intended to use would get approved. It was truly a customer-focused and pleasant interaction. Most people I've told about this experience find it hard to believe, but I assure you; this really happened. It was actually fun working with her. I wish everyone could have the same kind of experience!
  10. Kurt, I'm sorry you didn't make it all the way to Petoskey. I'm happy to read that you got as far as you did and I enjoyed reading about your Cadillac adventure. Sorry that I couldn't join you, but I hope to see your car at the Gilmore for the Cadillac LaSalle Club Fall Festival! Joe
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