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  1. I want to add my thanks to the organizers, vendors and volunteers. I think it was a great event; well organized, well attended. Great week! Joe
  2. Welcome aboard, Tony! That is a WONDERFUL little wagon you've got there!
  3. Posted by BearsFan315: If I had seen those slide rules, I probably would have bought one. In high school, I helped with Math tutoring. I taught people how to use slide rules using one of those giant ones that hung over a classroom blackboard!
  4. Meet your head (Spam) chef... Thanks for a great time, Mr Earl!
  5. I'll be with Larry Schramm at RNG 8&9...when we aren't out looking for Buick and Cadillac parts.
  6. Need a solid left hand quarter panel for a 1966-7 Chevy II/Nova station wagon. Will be at Hershey, space RNG 8 & 9
  7. HAVE FUN! Congratulations on reaching the finish line!
  8. MrRush, I have replaced the original lap/shoulder belts in several 67-74 era vehicles with 3-point retractors. They eliminate all the aggravation of those original style shoulder belts. You could install 3-point retractor systems for the two outboard front seat positions for your Buick. They will bolt into the original attachment points and are designed for your vehicle structure. Use matching lap belts for the other seating positions. If you have a Skylark, you can use one of the available Chevelle kits to add 3-point harnesses for the outboard rear seating positions, if you desire. (I used Morris Concepts restraints for my 68 GTO, including retractors in the rear outboard positions) You can buy them from a variety of suppliers. Here are a few: Seat Belts Plus: https://www.seatbeltsplus.com/product/WSCH205P.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw29vsBRAuEiwA9s-0B47j1WgLvzuk3qpPUDr2hhbRvUmNsYK6A6zZT70T-j0IAHekeA-5-RoCdPQQAvD_BwE https://www.seatbeltsplus.com/category/buick-lesabre-seat-belts.html Seat Belt Planet: https://www.seatbeltplanet.com/ag-1781688.1781677.1781911-1973-buick-skylark.html Snake-Oyl: http://www.ssnake-oyl.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Session_ID=9f5c7bd864f03fe2824ed2dd0280ef13&Screen=PROD&Store_Code=Ssnake-Oyl&Product_Code=WSCH201P&Category_Code=3PRLS Beam's Seat Belts: http://www.seatbelts.net/products/retractable-lap-belts/ Morris Classic Concepts: https://www.morrisclassic.com/collections/seatbelts You can also order these from companies like Summit Racing or Speedway. All these seat belt suppliers offer a wide variety of colors combined with either lift latch or push-button style latches. Most also offer an OEM appearing "GM" pushbutton option. Choosing NEW belts provides an added margin of protection; I will not trust my life - or my family - to 50 year old seat belt webbing. I installed Morris Concepts belts in my GTO and in my 69 C-10 pick-up. My 58 Buick has lap belts with chrome lift latch buckles from Beams (purchased from Cars Inc in Michigan) Make sure you are buying MVSS 201/210 compliant belt systems.
  9. OD = 3" (76,2 mm) Height= 5/8" (15,9 mm)
  10. My coupe has all red lenses in the tail light array. I want to return it to the original configuration, with one red, one green "STOP" and one clear/white back-up lens. I will be at Hershey next week, if that's convenient for anyone. Please PM me if you have the green and/or white lenses. JoeT
  11. Thanks for sharing your experience. He also just responded to my request for a running Pontiac straight 8.
  12. WTB good, running Pontiac straight 8 engine. Model year is not important, but post-war engine is preferred. I'll be at Hershey, if that's convenient for pickup. Joe