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  1. OOOOHHHHH, yeah! I'm in. Bacon AND jalapeno, please! Sounds great to me!
  2. Lamar, I have spent hours reading - and listening - to this entire thread this week. It is one of my favorite threads of all time, from ANY forum. Your vision, skills, workmanship and work ethic are incredible! Congratulations! I think the BS & SG is truly a work of art...and you really know your music, too. Hope the knee is back to 100%! Joe
  3. It sure looks like that 1913 Ahrens-Fox image. Is it possible that it was never purchased by the Fire Department?
  4. Looks like a well-sorted touring car. The seller has provided a couple of informative videos about the vehicle and features. Some mods for touring that are not "original", but are reversible. Auction is scheduled to end on Friday, November 13. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1910-parry-model-40-touring/
  5. Try Carbs Unlimited. You want to call; not everything is listed on the website. Here's an example of their parts page for a 68 Chevrolet 2-barrel 307 application: https://www.carburetion.com/CarbNumber.asp?Number=7028101 Order: 253-833-4106 Office Hours 9am-4pm (PST) M-F
  6. I think that might be one of those "one year only" Ahrens-Fox fire cars. Fenders, hood, headlights and running boards certainly look the same, but other details are different. Hubs look the same.
  7. That's cool. I haven't seen an AVO in over 30 years!! Are we going to hook it up and make it work at Factory One?
  8. Thank them for their assistance and ask them to show you their car. Then, you can help them find their own blunders...IF they have a car.
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