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  1. Here are the 2 wiring diagram pages for 1964 Cadillac (Series 60 & 62) from the Old car manual project website. I don't see any devices that match the cooked module. I would identify and remove anything on the car that doesn't belong there, according to the Service Manual wiring diagrams. Then, I would restore the originally designed circuits back in place and start troubleshooting a known entity.
  2. This thread reminds me of one of my favorite signs EVER. This was at a few of the market stalls outside the historical city entrance in Ephesus, Turkey: I think the smaller images were photos of Breitling, Rolex and TAG-Heuer watches. Too bad the builders of "clone" cars aren't all that honest...or have a similar, self-deprecating sense of humor.
  3. The fuel tank inlet could be plugging up. If there's enough debris to clog the "sock" on the pickup tube, it will starve the pump of fuel. Then, as soon as the engine stalls and there is no suction on the fuel line, the crap drops off the sock into the tank. I had this happen on a car that sat for a long time. I had to blow the fuel lines out from the fuel pump back to the tank connections. It spewed out a bunch of rust particles and stuff that appeared to be bits of black fuel hose. To test, you can run a temporary line to the fuel pump from a clean fuel can.
  4. As mentioned previously, the part you circled is the vacuum modulator. I have also had a THM400 leak at one of the cooling line adapters, above the modulator. Check high on the case to see if the leak originates further up on the transmission. The shifter shaft is on the other side of the transmission.
  5. As I have worked through the spare parts and "replaced parts" stashes that came with my 1923 Cadillac, I have found several handwritten notes identifying the extra parts, where they came from and when & why they were replaced. These little notes are treasures. I've never done that on any car I've repaired or restored, but I think I will begin doing it now. Those little missives are VERY fun to discover!
  6. I have an early (November, 1923) V-63 Cadillac; the ignition wire tubes are nickel plated brass. I also have a second set of tubes; they are painted black over the nickel plating.
  7. Seller's name is Rick. To protect his personal information, please send me a PM to get his phone number. Joe
  8. I've sent a notice to the person who listed this on the H.A.M.B., asking for seller's contact info. A link to the thread on the H.A.M.B.:https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/1952-buick-super.1165157/ Here is the original ad text and thumbnail images: Attached Files: Most recent post: Lowered 17,500 buy it drive it home, located east central Indiana Date: Saturday, September 5 I wil
  9. Welcome, Buickboy58! If you can't find an axle near you, I've got a complete rear axle. I am in SE Michigan, north of Detroit. If you want to wait until the border opens, you can have it. PM me if interested. Joe
  10. I use these - get them from Ford vehicles in the U-Pull yards: https://www.amazon.com/Ford-XF3Z9341AA-XF3Z-9341-AA-SWITCH-ASY/dp/B000NU76RM/ref=pd_sbs_328_4/136-2625564-6112416?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B000NU76RM&pd_rd_r=ba4c4102-91c4-4c8c-9fbf-ce96fd2ea628&pd_rd_w=lGCrD&pd_rd_wg=Dq7lV&pf_rd_p=703f3758-d945-4136-8df6-a43d19d750d1&pf_rd_r=WS3QDSQZJGTD8RQ1MWJH&psc=1&refRID=WS3QDSQZJGTD8RQ1MWJH
  11. I would check fuel pressure next. There could also be an occasional rust or dirt small particle holding the needle valve(s) open.
  12. Doug, You're on a roll, buddy! Great progress! Going back toan older post, I think that bike might be a Raleigh. Joe
  13. Greg, I think you make a great point...and it applies to later cars as well. My 1923 Cadillac (actually a 24 Model, but that's another story) was originally equipped with 21" wood spoke wheels. When the car was taken out of storage (hiding?) after WWII, 21" diameter tires were not available. The owner switched to 20" wheels in 1945 or 46 because he had no ability to buy the correct tires in Canada at the time.
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