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  1. John

    MoPar Lens Lot

    OK, if they become available PM me with payment info. Thanks!
  2. The GMpartswiki site is good for Chevy, not so much for early B-O-P and Cadillac.
  3. Group is 2.822, and it is a Horn Contact Plate for 1941-1942 Pontiac with flexible steering wheel.
  4. John

    MoPar Lens Lot

    I will take them if still available. Shipping to 18062 in PA. Let me know about payment. John
  5. Master Chassis Parts Book, 1936-1957, effective November 1957 as pictured. $95 includes shipped to US48 address. Contents in a 3 ring binder. Cover is from a 1958 book but all contents appear to be from the 1957 edition. Book has normal wear for its age. Look complete, but have not gone thru page by page so cannot guarantee.
  6. Selling as a set, $130 which includes shipped to a US48 address: Master Chassis Parts Book, 1940-1964, effective April 1965 Master Body Parts Book, 1940-1966, effective July 1966 Books have less than normal wear for their age. Look complete, but have not gone thru them page by page so cannot guarantee. Will separate only if there are committed buyers for each.
  7. Vendors want more than the opportunity to sell---they want actual sales. If experience shows very low sales on Saturday year after year, why stick around? Experienced buyers know to be there earlier in the week, and know it takes more than 1 day to cover the fields.
  8. Will be there Tuesday-Friday in the Green Field, spaces GAF-6/7/8, just a short walk north from Mr Earl and Brian DePauli. Bringing a lot of different stuff this year, and Sally Getz will have a low miles mostly original 67 Special Deluxe 2 door hardtop for sale .
  9. Trying to identify applications for some old United brake cables. These are too old to be in a 1951 catalog: 91111, 91406, 91562. Would appreciate help from anyone who has older catalogs. Just an interchange with another brand or the OEM part number could help.
  10. Your pictures are excellent, but unfortunately none of my parts match.
  11. Can you post a picture of the nose cone---I have some Delco that came from a Buick/Chevy dealer.
  12. I would like to see the pictures----sent you a message with my email address.