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  1. I would like to see the pictures----sent you a message with my email address.
  2. Cars sold on ebay are NOT legally binding contracts---read their fine print.
  3. Last digit of the engine number is 4, which I believe confirms it's from a Special.
  4. Airy Cat, Your post is way off topic---please delete and start over in a new thread. John
  5. I'll post the serial number, but will be a week or so before I can get to where it is stored. I thought 55 Super has 4bbl?
  6. Would like to see this one saved, but it will probably be parted out if not sold by end of October.
  7. Yes, I transposed the letters and it is EPV---Thank you for your help! John
  8. Housing is stamped EVP-4001B and 12V. Anyone have a catalog for exact application(s)? Also would like to know how to test it. Thanks!
  9. These were in with some stuff from a Buick/Chevy dealership. The 2 castings are slightly different. One on the left has "101" casting mark, one on the right "31". Looking for specific applications, ideally GM part numbers.
  10. I'm going to pass---was hoping close enough for pickup. Thank you for making them available!
  11. Thread title revised---thanks guys!
  12. Might be....what are you going by?
  13. Hi Walt, Where are you located? If these are 4-3/4" bolt circle I could use them. John