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  1. First set are fronts for 57-64 Ford and Mercury, and 58-60 Edsel.
  2. Yes, has hollow shaft.
  3. American Bearings N-1319 per the box. I've already checked ebay and several bearing cross references with no success. The bearing itself is stamped tt-1171 which crosses to Bower/BCA 2255-18. The cast piece is 4.31" across the ears, 3.35" across the step, 2.05" height and 1.75" ID. The cast piece has what appears to be 1207 and letters E and A. Other bearings this size show used on medium to heavy duty trucks and similar equipment.
  4. Thank you "The55er"---4 for 4, wow!!!
  5. Looks like a match! Thank you!
  6. Has Delco-Remy logo on it
  7. Knob has "Heater Fan" on face
  8. Resistor has "defroster" stamped on it
  9. no brand or part number markings
  10. I've bought cars that were taken apart by prior owner and then sat for years----no documentation, nothing marked, parts missing, parts from other cars mixed in, etc. Would have to be a real sweet deal to go that route again! If you decide to sell, I recommend you put it back together first.
  11. Anyone know if depressed park wipers were standard, optional or not available on 1970 Impala's?
  12. Probably won't get to it until after the holidays, but will post what I find,