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  1. Thanks! That's a possibility. Can't tell from the photo if the cushion is one-piece or 3 piece. I did see that in later years they were one piece.
  2. Can't find a picture of any Chrysler Dodge or Plymouth that matches.
  3. Take-off part that came from a long-closed body shop. Has what looks like the Chrysler pentagon and numbers 3753582 and 21120. If 3753582 is a Mopar part number it would be from 1974-1975. Part measures about 28-1/2" tip to tip. Anyone recognize?
  4. Fedex has franchised the final delivery portion of their operation and service is variable depending on the driver. On two recent occasions packages for a neighbor were just left in the middle of his driveway---one was a new I-phone.
  5. I ship 50-75 packages per month, primarily with USPS. Everything eventually arrives, but delivery times have been unpredictable since March. I've been told this is because USPS is severely understaffed in some of their distribution centers due to Covid cases and quarantines. I use Fedex for heavy stuff and they have been more consistent, but occasionally exceeded their specified intervals. They are my choice now if delivery time is critical. Signature confirmation of delivery is recommended if item is irreplaceable or high value.
  6. Thank you dpcdfan---looks like a winner! John
  7. Looking for help on this one---have no clues. Thanks! John
  8. Saw that, but could not find any references as to which years used 12x1-3/4.
  9. Everbest "Custom Cut" Brake Lining Set S-5063 from Western Auto. Cross reference on box BLMA643. Linings are 12" diameter, 1-3/4" width, 10-1/2" length.
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