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  1. Anyone know if depressed park wipers were standard, optional or not available on 1970 Impala's?
  2. Probably won't get to it until after the holidays, but will post what I find,
  3. Well I'm totally confused! Did the changes as to input shaft diameter and elimination of the bearing retainer take place mid model year? Or has my tranmission been modified? Or.......???
  4. Came from the estate of a collector. I got them from guy who did the garage cleanout. Not my area of expertise and I know little about them.
  5. Hi Jeff, I had no idea what this fit and asked for help in the AACA "What is it" section. It was ID'd as '37 based on the 1-1/4" input shaft. John
  6. Complete transmission identified to fit 1937 Buick Specials. Operating condition is unknown. Pickup in Lehighton PA, 30 minutes north of Allentown. $100
  7. John

    Transmission for

    The shaft is 1-1/4" so apparently it fits a '37. Tag is gone now so can't try the flashlight trick---it probably came off during handling last week. Will be looking for a new home for it now that it's identified. Thanks again to all who replied.
  8. John

    Transmission for

    Thank you all who replied!
  9. John

    Transmission for

    What's different from tranmissions used with the 320 engine?
  10. John

    Transmission for

    Thanks for your quick reply! I won't be able to get the measurement until sometime next week. Would there be any identifying numbers on the case if it is late 30's Buick?
  11. John

    Transmission for

    Whatever was written on the tag is invisible now.
  12. Ran across this today. Been around long enough I don't remember what it fits. May have come from a Buick/Pontiac dealer. Didn't have time to clean it and look for stamping, tag or casting numbers. Input shaft is 10 spline. Look familiar to anhyone?