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  1. My 65 Buick radio arrived today, packaged well and exactly as described. Thanks for a great deal Steve!
  2. Can someone post pictures of the 2 different 63 spinners and/or post the casting numbers? I was aware they changed between 63 and 64, but not within model run.
  3. I added a picture in the original post that shows the attaching clips that came with it.
  4. Molding is 51-1/4" long x 7/8" wide, with a 2-1/2" end section flattened as per the photo. Cllips in 2nd photo were package with the molding. Pretty sure it's for a Buick---anyone recognize?
  5. Not allowing the discussion is censorship, and I'm disappointed the issue is being put up for a vote. Those of you who don't want to contribute to or follow the discussion have the option to ignore it---why isn't that good enough? IMO the rules of the forum should be enforced consistently. I see no need to single out this topic for censorship and heavy-handed moderating as long as opinions are being stated in a civil manner.
  6. The one on V8buick is the same one on TeamBuick.
  7. There is a 4 door hardtop posted on V8Buick.
  8. Don't expect that to help your sale thru this board.
  9. Pair of new in the box GM #4434530 lamps listed in the Olds parts book to fit various models from 1964 Starfire and Jetstar up to 1976 B-body. Same part was used right and left, front and rear. Also used on some Buick models. $110, includes shipping, US address only.
  10. Going thru a box of parts that have all been for Olds so far. This looks to be an extension of a passenger side rear wheel opening molding on a 4 door. Casting number, which is often not same as the part numberr, is 4472180. Anyone recognize it?