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  1. Lance: Did he not say that he was into at least one Buick?
  2. This photo so good that it must have been taken on glass photo plates. My grandfather was an early photographer as a hobby. some of his photos were as crisp. I still have some of his photo glass plates. I have had some reproduced on film.
  3. Another color combination, except on a Century modified.
  4. For the original Garnet Red, see the '58 of Fireball Eight in Red Friday.
  5. Must have got there by itself. No footprints in the snow.
  6. In Red Rocks Park, Colorado Mint Green over Dover White
  7. I wonder where it is now. Photo was taken in Denver, CO.
  8. That photo takes me back. The car was shown as Garnet Red and was well displayed. The car had deducts for being shown with the top half up and with wire wheels. Other than that, the car, to my estimation, was restored to as close to original as could be. Maybe even better. Our Caballero is shown next to it. That was me just next to the umbrella in this photo. This is the same car. Does seem to have a brownish hue compared to the newer photos. Dan Hooker BCA #18632
  9. For you Bug lovers, what do you think of the VW split window? Also the Roady is really rare.
  10. One might find out the purpose of the flap after washing the car. When the hood is lifted a fair amount of water could run into the distributor leaving that person with a chore. The original flap was rubber impregnated woven fabric.
  11. I knew the owner of the grey car (Starlight Blue) that was repainted then resold. I obtained the Blue car from an estate in Rifle, Colorado in the late 1980's. The repaint photo came to me from that owner. In the repaint photo, note that the spotlight and separate mirror appear to be as that in the fully restored car. The restored car does appear to have the correct factory Trailmaster spotlight. But, one would have to trace the restored car to be sure. Caballero2
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