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  1. Buick National in Denver
  2. Your guess is as good as mine.
  3. I bought a GMC pickup there. The owner of the dealership owned a '55 Buick Century Convertible.
  4. Where is your mask? Buster...
  5. If I remember correctly, the '58 Caballeros had this exact pattern with the exception that the stainless trim strips were patterned differently. Caballero2
  6. The late production door panels were different with molded arm rests.
  7. A few years ago, I reproduced those headliner bows. I have sold all of my stock and have given permission to use the extrusion dies that I paid for originally. This link below is his olds obsolete parts is the guy that I have given permission to use. The photo is shown as installed on my Caballero reproduction along with an other installation. https://www.oldsobsolete.com/
  8. This is a quote from a '57 guy with factory AC. It was from a '63 LeSabre with factory Air and is an after market clutch from Napa. I noticed the fan was essentially free-wheeling yesterday after I shut the engine off, so I took your good advice and upgraded the clutch from a 1963 Lesabre. The new clutch moves a lot more air at idle. One small difference is that the old clutch has four fine thread studs to mount the fan. The new clutch takes four coarse thread bolts with lock washers. Pull up this AACA Forum page #7, and thumb through. I think it may be helpful. Dan
  9. Here is what I did to a '57. The thermal lock-up helps at stop lights, keeps the engine below 200 for greater periods and on hard runs in 100 degree temps.
  10. 2018 National - Denver
  11. California Highway Patrol, privately restored for 1991 Buick National.
  12. Lance: Did he not say that he was into at least one Buick?
  13. This photo so good that it must have been taken on glass photo plates. My grandfather was an early photographer as a hobby. some of his photos were as crisp. I still have some of his photo glass plates. I have had some reproduced on film.
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