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  1. The relays you see in the schematic posted above are in the relay box under the hood. You should make sure they are good.
  2. Have you talked with them? Maybe they could offer a solution. Good luck!
  3. On that simple MC you might be able to remove the fluid and look at a hole in the bottom of the reservoir to see if the piston is always blocking the hole and preventing fluid from entering the cylinder. Just depends on how it is made.
  4. Is it possible the brake pedal/rod is not allowing the piston in the master cylinder to fully retract? If the piston doesn't fully retract fluid can't flow from the reservoir into the cylinder or out into the lines.
  5. It's possible the cooling fan resistor could be bad. If so it would prevent the puller fan from running on low speed. I have a jumper on mine to make the puller fan run on high speed anytime the AC is on. (see photo below)
  6. Happy to hear that solved your problem.
  7. This may answer your question. Check out the rest of the website while you are there. Remote Transmitter (RKE) Replacements
  8. Have you adjusted all the slack out of the linkage to the throttle? That can cause the speed setting to be erratic.
  9. Why are you going to all the trouble to modify the Riviera parts instead of getting Reatta parts? Even if you had to drive all the way to Minnesota to get the parts from Jim Finn it would have been easier and probably cheaper than doing all the modifications you will have to do if you put any value on your labor.
  10. Thanks. I agree with that. So far no one has came produced a good write-up for installing power brakes for a Reatta like you have for the TC. A few have cobbled parts together to install vacuum brakes on a Reatta but it wasn't something I would want on my car.
  11. Any idea on what they charge for a rebuilt Teves unit? I don't see prices on their website.
  12. I assume you mean code B335. I could not find a code B355. Below is what the service manual says about a code B335. The first thing I would do is make certain the cover on on the ALDL connection under the dash before proceeding to troubleshoot the code B335.
  13. Please explain what you mean by climate control crash. That would be helpful.
  14. I must not be thinking clearly about this for some reason. How does slack in the cable cause the parking brake light to come on even if the parking brake pedal is pulled by hand all the way back to the released position? I don't doubt it's possible. I'm just wondering how. Maybe something to do with the ratcheting mechanism?
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