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  1. I had one of those with a stroker crank and a big bore kit that made it 305cc. Best hill climbing bike I ever had. My friends called me the Wheelie King... right up to the point when I flipped it over backwards on the pavement. Then they called me the Road Rash King. 😁
  2. Nothing wrong with asking a lot of questions. Questions and answers is the reason most of us come here.
  3. Does the RED brake warning light come on when you hit the brakes? If so the hard brake pedal you are getting for a few seconds is probably caused by a bad accumulator ball. I agree with Dave that you need to replace the ABS wheel sensors to get rid of the yellow ABS light.
  4. Well that blows my theory of what might be going on. A friend over the weekend was telling me his Ford truck with a 390 was overheating when pulling his enclosed race car trailer up the long steep hills we have here in East TN. He said the problem turned out to be the transmission wasn't downshifting properly and was lugging the engine too much. I thought that might be your problem. BTW, check the bottom radiator hose and make sure it is good. I've known old hoses to collapse and be sucked together when the engine is riving high and pulling hard. That will make one overheat. Make sure the reinforcing wire inside the hose isn't missing or damaged.
  5. What are the conditions when you notice the engine starts to overheat pulling the camper? What is the speed and RPM? Is it pulling really hard without the transmission downshifting?
  6. Thanks Barney. He said he had a '90 coupe. Maybe he has a convertible. I emailed him back for clarification.
  7. My '88 has one screw holding the clip on. A guy sent me and email saying his '90 coupe didn't have a screw and couldn't figure out how to get it off. Could the '90 be a different design on the clip?
  8. That's a good turn out for Reattas considering the total number of cars there. Did you go on the Reatta cruise or know how many went on it?
  9. Not the end that pivots. The clip that holds up the other end.
  10. Works for me in Firefox browser. Others may not have a way to view pdf files.
  11. I think you could add sound as one of the main reasons plastic gears are used. Sometimes a metal gear and plastic gear are used together for that reason. Plastic gears are almost silent compared to metal to metal gears, especially if they are straight cut gears. Helical cut gears are a little quieter but I've not seen them used in a window regulator.
  12. I think I will stick with dropping the pan to install a new filter and to clean the magnet in the pan. Dropping the pan also gives you the opportunity to inspect the pan for bits of metal and clutch plate fragments that gives you some indication of the condition of an old transmission. Maybe a flush in addition to that would be good because draining the pan doesn't get all the old fluid out of the converter.
  13. I am a member of the BCA and Reatta Div.. I sometimes use my wife's Facebook account to look around. When I made a request to join the (closed to the public) Reatta Facebook Group the request was not approved. You might could say I'm a dues paying club member in exile.
  14. I think you will have to check the facebook group to get that information. That is the new message board for the Reatta Division.