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  1. With the number of topics per page increased from 25 to 40, and the already long list of forum categories, it sure would be nice to have a button that could be clicked at the bottom of the page that would auto-scroll back to the top of the page. My computer mouse is starting to complain about all the scrolling it has to do.
  2. Test the battery cables. -Set your multimeter to 12 volts DC. -Put one lead from your meter on the negative battery post. (not the cable) -Put the other lead from your meter on a clean metal spot on the engine block for a ground. -Turn on the headlights and then have a helper try to start the engine. If the meter reads any voltage you have a bad connection or a bad battery cable. It should read 0 volts. You can do the same test with your meter between the positive battery post and the lug where the battery cable connects to the starter solenoi
  3. @Peter Gariepy Try clicking the links in the main menu on the main AACA site. It appears they are no longer clickable links but are instead just plain text. Only the HOME button works.
  4. That is the first time I've seen posts archived on this forum. Other forums I've been on have used archiving to save space in the database which makes the forum operate a little faster. Archiving can be turned off and archived posts can be restored to normal but Peter will be the one to make that decision. I personally don't like the archiving but Peter may have his reasons for archiving posts.
  5. How can I reproduce this archiving problem? I'm able to search my posts all the way back to 2007 and I don't see any indication that my posts were archived. Are the archived posts changed some way or unable to be read?
  6. I like that you can tell who started the thread (Author) by looking on the right side of the screen as you scroll through a long thread.
  7. It's most likely the blower control module causing the problem. I've heard of the module failing and causing the blower to run several times. Try unplugging it and see if the blower motor stops.
  8. Going through a forum update is like moving into a new house. You know all your stuff is in the new house but it can be aggravating trying to figure out where it all is. It wouldn't make sense to move back into the old house that was badly needing improvements just because you have a hard time finding your favorite pair of shoes. Nor would it make sense to roll back a forum upgrade just because old folks like us are set in our ways and don't like changes. "Letting the members be involved with making or not making changes might be a good idea." With over 92,000 members on th
  9. When you click on "Ignore User" the next screen will allow you to select what you want to ignore. Telling a member you want them to know you are ignoring them is best done with a Private Message as nicely as the forum rules will allow. I'm not ignoring 1937hd34. This is just an example screenshot that shows your ignore options.
  10. I agree with you Peter but I handle it a little different in the Reatta Buy/Sell forum where we have a thread dedicated to Craigslist, eBay, Etc. posts. Instead of deleting the posts, I edit them and mark them as expired as shown below. That preserves the information the posts contain for future reference while letting members know that the link to the vehicle for sale is no longer valid so they can pass over it and move on to the next post if they choose to do so. Just a thought... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. I saw your drawing of a part in another thread. Could you show us an example of a finished product you have made for a car?
  12. This is a known issue that is being addressed. You can read more about it here: Outage on the website www.aaca.org
  13. Same error message when using Internet Explorer on a different computer.
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