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  1. Here's a photo to keep this post on topic.
  2. Creating a "Commonly Asked Technical Questions" sub-forum under the "Technical" forum would work well if you have one locked thread for the FAQ pinned at the top. That would allow some control over the amount and validity of information added to the FAQ. With the FAQ pinned to the top, the rest of the forum could be used as an are where members could make submissions to be added to the FAQ, (moderator would move or copy them to the FAQ). And it would be a place where members could post topics to discuss the FAQ and ask questions about it. That way the discussions about the FAQ wo
  3. Peter is the decision maker on this and he knows best about what would work. With so many brands represented on this forum I believe a reference guide thread would have to be locked and only moderators would be able to move or copy posts worthy of saving. I think it would be chaos if you opened it up to question and answer sessions. A thread like that is useful for being able to refer someone to the thread to find answers to frequently asked questions but you would have to stick to the basics like "hard starting with a 6 volt system". It would quickly get out of hand if
  4. Several years ago members of the Reatta forum wanted something similar to what Matt is requesting. With the guidance of the forum members, I created a sticky topic in the Reatta forum that lists frequently needed information about the Buick Reatta. It has worked out well for us. When a routine question is asked we just refer them to the "Reatta Resources & Quick Reference Guide" for the answer instead of answering it over and over again. Maybe something similar could be done in the Technical forum or a "Commonly Asked Technical Questions" sub-forum as suggested. ht
  5. I went back and read the thread closer. Maybe what I said won't work on a '90.
  6. Why not just clamp the 21mm bushing on and use it? It's split on one side and should go over the bar about as easily as a 23mm would. The rubber should compress the 0.079" difference in diameter. The bar only rotates a few degrees at full suspension travel. A dab of grease inside the bushing and you would never know the difference - or am I missing something that is different on a '90 vs my '88? Trying to machine or drill the ID of a soft rubber bushing would be very imprecise even in a machine shop.
  7. We set a record for this date at 82* here in TN today.
  8. I like the Dragon and Skyway stickers in the back window. Nice touch!
  9. Your first step is to take the door panel off. Instructions for doing that are here: Door Panel Removal Instructions The photo below shows what you will see inside. I think a vert is the same. The small rods you see in the left center of the photo are what operate the lock mechanism. You will just need to look it over and see what isn't working correctly and repair as needed.
  10. HOW TO EDIT YOUR SIGNATURE LINE 1. Click on your username in the upper-right of any page on the forum. 2. Then click Account Settings from the menu that drops down. 3. On the settings page select Signature from the menu on the left of the page. 4. Add or edit the information you want to appear in your signature line. 5. Click Save at the bottom of the editor. Congratulations! You've added information to your signature line.
  11. Lamar, People who haven't driven the Dragon may not appreciate how well your wagon was doing in the video. I've been around those curves in a big Cadillac and it would turn up on it's side like a boat going around those curves. I usually just put my car in 2nd and leave it there. It accelerates good out of the corners and has good engine braking going into the corners. Sometimes it will run up to about 4000 RPM on some of the longer stretches between curves but it won't hurt it. I like going down the Dragon (toward TN) much better than going up it. P.S. If you go to killboy.com t
  12. Fantastic video! I felt like I was riding with you. That old gal corners pretty flat in the curves.
  13. Love all the Skyway and Dragon photos. I go there and Bald River falls quite often. Great photo of your wagon at Deal's Gap. That's got to be the largest car that was photographed there today. LOL Here is the other end of the Dragon on the TN side. Another dragon is in the background. Did you go that far?
  14. Click the three dots on the upper right of the post you want to share. Then select "Share" from the menu that appears. A box will pop up that has several options for sharing a link to the post, including sharing by email.
  15. Looks like all my posts are back. Thanks!
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