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  1. This was done by another forum member who had the same problem after installing LED lights but I can't remember who it was. I saved it in case I ever needed it. I looked at the wiring diagram in the FSM and it looks like it should work. I think it bypasses the headlight filament as a ground to satisfy the HCM. If I knew for certain it worked correctly I would add it to the ROJ How-to Guides.
  2. Probably a good choice but I've never been there...
  3. They sure did slow down when they left the factory and hit the drag strip. Below is a summary of the full article about testing a '68 Roadrunner straight out of the factory. Their test results were what I would have expected. I don't know if you are joking about the Roadrunner's preformance or not but what you are saying about it is absurd. Vintage Muscle Car Test: Motor Trend Wrings Out the 383 Plymouth Road Runner in 1968 "Their test car was equipped with the 335hp 383 V-8, three-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission, and a Sure-Grip rearend (with either 3.55 or 3.23 gears; the story said the former, the spec chart the latter). As delivered it had “mileage of 00003, or something equally ridiculous. When we arrived at Orange County International Raceway, the odometer had yet to turn 600 miles, yet we ran consistent 6.8s from 0 to 60, 9.6 from 0 to 75, and a 93-mph quarter in 15 seconds flat.”
  4. You are kidding, right? You're calling factory stock cars that can run 10.80 in the quarter of mile slugs? You're saying a stock '69 Grand Prix could do better than them in a 1/4 mile? You should have took that GP and Roadrunner to the drag strip to find out what they could really do. I think you would have been really disappointed if you were expecting either one of them to run in the 12s much less the 10s.
  5. Don't you imagine that was what the old guys were saying in 1969 when they were looking at new 1969 Challengers? Everyone has their own idea of what a show car should be. I happen to like looking at them all. If the new cars are what attracts the young people to car shows I'm all for it..
  6. I can't see any competent mechanic installing a crankshaft that has been ground into an engine using used standard size bearing inserts. The engine would knock like hell if you did and oil pressure would be almost non-existent. I guess you could find a mechanic that would be willing to do a half-ass job by grinding, shimming or modifying the inserts in some manner but don't expect him to stand behind his work. That is the kind of thing that's done when your objective is to get the engine to run long enough to push the car off on someone else. As a mechanic and machinist for over 30 years my conscience wouldn't allow me do that.
  7. My guess is the trophies were People's Choice awards presented to the car that got the most votes from the spectators at a local car show. The car that gets the most attention gets the award. A 700 horsepower Hemi gets lots of attention.
  8. I agree. I wouldn't install used bearings on a freshly ground crankshaft. I worked in a shop that had a crankshaft grinder. As soon as the crankshaft was ground a counterweight was stamped with the undersize the bearings needed to be. If it was stamped 010/020 it meant .010 undersize main bearings were needed and .020 undersize rod bearings. I can't imagine the bearing inserts costing $500 in less they are special order or almost impossible to find.
  9. Ronnie

    Rough idle

    That is correct. Try unplugging the MAF and drive a little to see how that effects the problem. Also, pull the vacuum line off the fuel pressure regulator and inspect for gasoline inside the hose. A member of the ROJ forum had a problem very similar to yours. Replacing the fuel pressure regulator fixed the problem. You can read about it here: Rough or Surging Idle
  10. You have aroused my curiosity. How do you go about doing that.
  11. You don't mention where you live. Have you already died and went to heaven?
  12. State sales tax-7% + 2.5% local tax=9.5% total - Tiered tax rate for items over $1600 like vehicles results in lower sales tax. Annual auto registration=$29 ($0 for antique cars) No state income tax. No personal property tax
  13. That's one of the reasons I put an '89 glove box in my '88. My wife hated fumbling around with turning on the ignition and finding the right button to open the door if I wasn't in the car. It aggravated me too because a lot of times she would hit the button for the gas door release and I would have to shut it back. Having a regular manual latch on the glove box is much easier to use and makes more sense to me. Installing a '89 glove box in an '88 isn't a simple swap but it can be done.
  14. If you are going to scrap the car you might want to cut off a section of wiring harness with the blue connector attached. This photo will explain what I mean.. Having a spare might come in handy down the road. Those connectors have been known to melt if the switch overheats.