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  1. Turn on the headlights and try to start the car. Do the headlights go dim or stay bright?
  2. The contacts in the solenoid could be bad, or the brushes in the starter could be making poor contact with the commutator. Either one could result in a starter that might spin when off the car but fail when under load as it tries to turn the engine. From the sound I think that might account for the erratic sounds coming from your starter. If you have the skills take it apart and see what you find.
  3. Although it proves me wrong, I'm very happy to hear that. I can stand to be wrong all day long when I hear good news like that.
  4. @victorialynn2 You and I are on the same page. I only allow myself to have one old car at a time and a few spare parts to keep it going. Right now it happens to be a Reatta. I have told my wife and daughter to sell it for whatever they can get out of it or give it to a friend or family member if they have to when I'm gone and not worry about it. I think what you wrote about the experience you've had with your father's cars should be a wake up call to all of us who are well into our retirement years. Thank you for sharing your story.
  5. I apologize for being critical of what you are doing. Just to be on the safe side I wouldn't use a compression fitting like the one shown in your photo that require a ferrule. You should to use flare fittings made for bubble flare connections. Bubble flare fittings are a little harder to work with but they are a much better connection than compression fittings.
  6. I'm in agreement with 2seater on how a banjo fitting normally seals. Unless you know for sure that the banjo fitting on the pump is designed to be used with an o-ring you might want to rethink using an o-ring for a seal. The brakes is one place you don't want to take any chances with something going wrong.
  7. How a Reatta owner feels about the value of their Reatta probably depends a lot on their expectations when they bought their car. I had no expectations for future increases in it's value when I bought mine. I imagine that anyone who has purchased a Reatta for an investment is probably disappointed. I was looking for a replacement for my Fiero when I stumbled across my Reatta. I knew nothing about a Reatta at the time and I had never heard of this forum or the Reatta club so I wasn't actually looking for a Reatta in particular. I just wanted a sporty looking car that was more comfortable than the Fiero I had just sold. Just something I could drive and have fun in without investing a lot of money. From the first time I drove my Reatta I knew it would fill the bill for what I was looking for. Like Dave, I intend to get my money out of my Reatta by driving it and enjoying it. I don't think much about what Reattas are selling for. It does make me sad to see a Reatta with only 5000 miles sell for $7150. BJ may have been partly to blame for the low auction selling price. I don't follow the auctions too closely but I have saw several nice Reattas sold at auction and a little over $14000 for a really low mileage vert is the highest I have ever saw one bring.
  8. SOLD! $7150.00 The market has spoken and the news isn't good for Reatta owners and especially for Reatta collectors. You might say that it is good news by the fact of it being a buyers market and the value of a nice Reatta has nowhere to go but up. I have been hearing that since I bought my Reatta in 2007. It hasn't happened yet and the way it's going I don't think I will live long enough to see it happen.
  9. If there is any interest in a remote accumulator maybe Range Rover or Land Rover is a good place to look for parts that might fit a Reatta. Some of them had a system similar to a Reatta that used an electric motor/pump with a remote accumulator connected to the pump. From what I could find some of them used a high pressure hose and some used a steel line connecting the pump to the accumulator.
  10. That is a good first step in that it has a banjo fitting that will fit the pump. As shown It is a disaster in the making since it has a hose clamp fitting that would need to hold over 2000 psi pressure. Perhaps it could be turned into an adapter to fit a hydraulic hose but I would be skeptical of the wall thickness of the tubing since the fitting is designed to be used with a low pressure hose. Just my 2 cents.
  11. If you have a specific question maybe someone could help you out. Don't know what comment to make without knowing the problem you are having. If you have mentioned your brake problems before please refresh our memory.
  12. Be sure it is the later model pump with the steel pressure line going to the master cylinder. There were some early '88 models that had a pressure hose that will not fit your '89 model.
  13. There is a vacuum switch (valve) under the dash that releases vacuum going to the cruise control servo when you press the brake pedal. It is a safety feature to disengage the cruise control in the event the cruise didn't disengage electrically. Maybe that valve, or the hose going to it, is defective and causing the hissing noise you hear. It is #4 in the photo below.
  14. Since you made several changes you will get feedback on the changes you made quicker if you delete the current average MPG from the trip computer and allow it to start over. After you do that it will still take a while for the average MPG to level out so you get a good reading.