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  1. I imagine someone said something similar when gas vehicles first hit the roads and started catching fire. Up to that point no one had saw a horse catch fire when it ran off the road. We have to prepare for the future and it appears electric vehicles are going to be what our grandchildren will be driving. It only makes sense that we start making changes now to ensure their safety in the future.
  2. Looks like you are making good progress. There was no reason to take the motor apart. All you needed to do is open up the gearbox to replace the bushings/rollers.
  3. Thank you for reporting this to the moderators. Cortes has been banned from the forums. He is a known scammer on many automotive forums. He goes by many other names so beware. All forum members should use caution when contacted by new forum members who have made no posts on the forum. Don't hesitate to report any suspicious activity to the moderators.
  4. Offering help with sugar in gasoline is fine. Argumentative comments are not helpful and will be remove without further notice.
  5. Please elaborate. I thought it was a temperature that should match all the other sensors if the car has set over night so the temperatures normalize to ambient. Take a look here: A/C Temp Sensor Troubleshooting
  6. Jim Finn - reattas60@gmail.com He does rebuild headlight switches.
  7. Wasn't it basically a stack of large hard drive disks in one housing about the size of a 5 gallon bucket?
  8. Would you mind if we call him a Monk Head? People call me something similar all the time so it just seems more natural to me.
  9. I have a forum exclusively for Reattas and it's not very active. www.reattaowner.com/forum With only about 5000 Reattas still on the road there are too many Reatta sites and facebook groups and not enough people interested for them all to be active. I suspect that is true for Alantes and many other cars as well.
  10. Not necessarily. The Reatta has a sophisticated AC control system and a lot of variables can effect how it cycles on and off. You are in the ballpark and ready to fine tune it for the best performance. AC System Fine Tuning
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