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  1. Ronnie

    1949 Buick Road Master model 70 starter issue?

    I were you I wouldn't bypass the neutral safety switch if you install a push button for the starter. I would keep it in the circuit.
  2. Ronnie

    1949 Buick Road Master model 70 starter issue?

    I agree with this. When you get the starter and solenoid back to good working order you should crank it over by connecting 12 volts directly to the solenoid as described above. That will take the old wiring out of the equation while you are testing the starter. If you can operate the starter under load for an extended period without problems then you can move on to making changes to the wiring to add a push button.
  3. Ronnie

    1949 Buick Road Master model 70 starter issue?

    Pick their brain and ask them why they think the solenoid contacts stick closed and keep the starter running until you remove the battery cable. They have probably been down this road before...
  4. Ronnie

    1949 Buick Road Master model 70 starter issue?

    It will be interesting to see what solution your find that corrects your starter problems. Please keep us informed.
  5. Ronnie

    Liftful thinking

    That is a good looking 4 post lift but for working on a car I prefer the 2 post design with arms that reach out to go under frame of the car. It makes it much easier to work on suspension parts and is less intrusive in the garage when not being used. I have a friend that bought a 2 post lift to work on his race car. He got it for about $2300 delivered and installed. I was amazed he got it that cheap. I doubt it is rated at 7000 lbs like the one you are looking at. His race car only weighs about 2300 lbs. If the ceiling was higher I would have one in my garage. If you are wanting a lift to hold a car in the air while you store another underneath the 4 post lift is the way to go.
  6. Ronnie

    1949 Buick Road Master model 70 starter issue?

    The solenoid is more than just a switch that triggers the starter... it is a heavy duty relay, sometimes called a contractor, that powers the starter. The solenoid has a large set of contacts in it that that are closed when the solenoid is energized that connect the battery directly to the starter motor. The contacts are designed to carry the amperage that a starter would draw under normal conditions. The harder the starter has to work to turn the engine the more amperage it will pull. Once the starter draws excessive amperage for an extended period the contacts in the solenoid will overheat causing them to fuse together. When that happens the starter will continue to run even though the power from the key that picks up the solenoid is cut off. On some starters the solenoid also kicks out the Bendix to engage the flywheel via an electromagnet that draws some current as well. I'm not sure if that is the case on your '49 starter or not. This is all speculation but I think your starter is being overloaded for some mechanical reason causing the contacts in the solenoid to overheat. I have known this to happen when the starter isn't properly aligned with the flywheel causing the gear on the starter to be jammed into the teeth on the flywheel making it harder to turn the engine. Some starters, like on the small block Chevy engine, can be shimmed to give the proper clearance between the teeth on starter drive gear and the teeth on the flywheel gear. I don't know if there is any kind of adjustment on your old Buick or not. I'm not certain that is even the problem on your car. I'm just offering some things to check. At this point, since the solenoid contacts appear to be fused together and keeping the starter turning anytime the battery is connected, you are going to have to remedy that problem before moving on to troubleshooting the reason the contacts in the solenoid are sticking. Three question come to mind. 1. Is the new high torque starter intended to be used with a 12 volt battery? 2. Is the solenoid you are using designed for 12 volts? 3. Are you certain the battery cables are clean, tight and in good condition?
  7. Ronnie

    1949 Buick Road Master model 70 starter issue?

    I guess a battery cable could cause it but if that is the case the cable should be getting really hot when the starter sticks and keeps turning the engine. Be sure the negative battery cable is securely connected to a clean spot on the engine where all that new paint has been scraped off so it makes a good ground.
  8. Ronnie

    1949 Buick Road Master model 70 starter issue?

    It's almost got to be the starters are pulling way too many amps trying to turn the engine resulting in the contacts in the solenoid welding together. You can take the old starter solenoid apart to see if they have been overheated. Have you checked to see if the starter gear is meshing with the gear on the flywheel properly without binding?
  9. That is awesome! I can't stop listening to it. Thanks for sharing!!
  10. Ronnie

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    Nittany, I'm glad that you liked the photo. Thanks for your kindhearted words. I don't know that I deserve it all but I do appreciate it. Thank you and all the other members who have stuck with this forum at a time when so many people are leaving.
  11. Ronnie

    Starter Question

    The problem sounds more like a bad battery cable connection or a bad battery that won't hold a charge.
  12. Ronnie

    1949 Buick RoadMaster starter won't disengage

    I agree that it is likely a sticking relay/solenoid is the cause of the problem. The next time the starter keeps running with the key off, before pulling the battery cable be prepared to remove the wire from the terminal I've marked with a red arrow in the photo below first. If the starter keeps turning when you do that the wiring isn't the problem. It's the solenoid.
  13. Ronnie

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    This is post number 9000 that I've made in my 4220 days on the forum. I'm posting a photo of my Reatta to commemorate the occasion. 😁
  14. Ronnie

    RARE 1989 Buick Reatta Poster FOR SALE

    89RegalBuick, I have moved your post here to the Reatta Buy/Sell forum where it will get more exposure to Reatta owners and enthusiasts. Nice poster!!