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  1. Barney I think it might be pretty easy to add a relay to take the load off the ignition switch but it might be harder to take the load off the blower switch if it has several speeds. Would have to see a wiring diagram for the blower on your Corvair to know for sure.
  2. Jake if you are serious I'll take both. I might need the stalk down the road. You don't need to pay anyone to get rid of them. I would be grateful just to get them.
  3. I think a tape job would probably be more noticeable than the missing paint. If it were me I would tape and mask off the aluminum part of the bumper, sand the rubber trim smooth and then spray with a rattle can from the auto parts store. Dupli-color has about any color in small spray cans. I saw them the last time I was in AutoZone. Another option is to order a good used rubber trim strip from Jim Finn if you want the bumper to look it's best.
  4. I bought new shocks for my GMC truck from RockAuto and one of the shocks got bent in shipment. Their return process was easy using their online system but talking to a human about a problem might be a different story. They sent a new replacement shock right out the same day and didn't request a return of the defective shock. I liked that. I got the shocks dirt cheap in one of their closeout deals. My complaint with them is if you place an order for three items and each item comes from a separate warehouse you pay three shipping fees. I don't like that. Its hard to order many parts without them coming from different warehouses if you're picky about the brand you want to buy... and I am. That is what keeps me going back to Amazon. Good prices, free shipping and free returns (no return shipping fees) is hard to beat. You can actually call Amazon and talk to a human if you have a problem you can't solve with the online return system. You have to dig deep to find the number but you can call them or they will call you if you request them to. Although it might be possible, I've not figured out how to communicate with a human at RockAuto. I've also not figured out how to get them to send me the list of closeout parts for my GMC truck either so maybe I'm just a little dumb.
  5. Ronnie


    This year I have hardly driven my Reatta due to health, rainy weather and the Coronavirus shutting down a lot of the places I like to drive. My battery will go low enough that the engine won't crank in about three weeks. About a week ago I installed a battery cut off switch. I'm waiting to see how it works out. Cheap, simple and hopefully effective. I don't like resetting the clock and radio after cutting the battery off but that is part of the deal if you want to avoid the battery on a Reatta going dead if it sits a lot without being driven.
  6. Ronnie


    Also might want to disconnect alternator to rule out a bad diode.
  7. Ronnie


    About all the info I have on Reatta battery drain is here: How To Measure Battery Drain If your car is drawing too much after everything times out, all I know you can do is start pulling fuses until it drops to normal. Be sure to disconnect any accessories you have added before testing.
  8. Ronnie


    Remember this? It's been a while. Inverter Testing Instructions
  9. Padgett you could host the manuals on your website or I would be happy to host the manuals on ROJ. I could even password protect them as was done before if needed. The problem is a website owner would be putting themselves in legal jeopardy unless written consent could be obtained from the copyright holder(s) to put the complete manuals online. You can get by with posting a page or photo for educational or illustrative purposes in an article but when you post a manual it is a different story. A good lawyer might could argue that they are in the public domain but the problem with that is I don't have the money to pay a good lawyer to argue that in court if I get sued. The best bet for getting the manuals accessible again is for the Reatta Club to take on the project. That way it wouldn't be one person having to shoulder the risk of their website being taken down or the cost of fighting a lawsuit.
  10. I read through that thread. It is good information but way too technical for the majority of the people who visit ROJ. I've not been adding anything to ROJ because I don't know if anyone goes there anymore. ROJ and this forum are all but dead compared to the way it was a few years ago.
  11. Try Jim Finn. He sells used Reatta parts. He might have what you need.
  12. You are aware of the N* head bolt problems aren't you? I have a friend that has a Caddy with a N* sitting in the yard that runs and looks good but won't hold water because the heads are loose. He's tightened them up but they just came back loose again because the studs won't hold proper torque. They sell a repair kit but it's not a cheap or simple fix. Some people call the repair process "Studding your Northstar". Robert calls it "Being studded by a Northstar". 😂
  13. Have you Regrettaed buying yours?
  14. At almost 69 I'm about ready to draw the line at doing anything that requires laying on my back under the car. I still change my oil but I've been thinking about getting someone to do that too. If anything major happens to my Reatta it will probably be looking for a new home. At the prices Reattas are selling for the new home might be called Pull-A-Part or something similar.