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  1. Unfortunately there are some people that are like that in the hobby that we love to enjoy.
  2. Hello, So that pinch weld on ebay didn't pan out (http://www.ebay.ca/itm/1957-Convertible-Pinch-Well-Surround-1958-Oldsmobile-buick-LOOK-at-last-pic-RARE-/291976079975?hash=item43fb216a67:g:kTwAAOSwqBJXXYqH&vxp=mtr) I was dealing with the guy and he originally listed it for $295 plus shipping then after I asked him a couple of question about it he jacked it up to $795 plus shipping, I just found that very underhanded of the guy. It's unfortunate that I could not work out a deal with him, but oh well, I will keep on searching for one, so I am still in the market...
  3. Lancemb, That is the item that I am looking at. He says it is off a 98, but I cannot find out if the part will fit a 88. Does anyone have a parts book that will show if the part number on the Buick pinch weld is the same between the special/century and the roadmaster? Thanks!
  4. Hello g g g0, The wheel base is longer in the 98, but I don't know if on the convertible if the stretch is done in the back seat area where the pinch weld is. Jason
  5. So I found a rear boot pinchweld off a olds 98. The pictures look good but I am not sure if it will be interchangeable with a 57 Buick special. Does anyone know if the pinch weld are interchangeable between the Buick Special <--> Roadmaster and from a Olds 88 or 98. The 98 is a longer car, but did they stretch out the pinch weld to get that length, or is it the same between an Olds 88 and 98? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I do believe the the olds share the same trim, but I am not sure about the pontiac. From what I can tell, the Chevy is a different trim piece.
  7. Thanks for the headsup on the one on ebay, I will keep my eyes open for one. As for the dash, I have one that I can get from a guy that has 5 spare dashes! It's just, I've never seen where the switch is for the convertible top, or what it looks like, and google images are not coming up with anything.
  8. Hello, I just recently bought a 1957 Buick Special Convertible that is in pieces, and after doing an inventory I have noticed that I am missing a few pieces, there probably is more, but this is a glaring missing piece. I have one half of the trim that goes around the area where the convertible top meets the rear trunk lid. It is a stainless piece that has snaps on it and I believe it goes all the way around from the drivers side door to the passenger side door. I believe they call it a pinchweld with snaps? The one half that I have, I believe is the drivers side. but it's tough to tell. I have attached an image of a Chevy example as I couldn't find one of a Buick on the internet. Also, this car was missing the dash completely, and I have a donor dash from a non-convertible. So I would need the convertible switch and knob for it as well. Please PM me if you have any of the pieces, or know where I can look for them. Thanks!
  9. I seen a 57 2 door super here for sale. It looks to be all redone to 100% original. Grey on black. Jason
  10. Ey, so I have made it to Portland! A alternator and a vacuum advance later though.... We are staying at the holiday inn down the street and looking forward to meeting so!e fellow Buick owners! I wish we could have stayed at the red lion inn, but they were booked up over a month ago. . Hope to see some of you soon!
  11. Hello all, the paint isn't original, or is the chrome. It was all redone back in 1989. The interior paint is original, but the seats was redone back in 89 as well. We are in Spokane tonight, and should arrive in Astoria tomorrow. Thanks for all of the complements! And today I have gotten at least 20 or so "nice car" comments, and many more nods or waves. This is our first classic car and we didn't realize how much attention an old beauty like this would get.
  12. Well thanks tank, I'll see you there! We are leaving in 1 hour to start our trek to Portland. We are going to be doing a bit of the Oregon Coast then do a U-turn back up to Portland.
  13. Hey Guys, It really has been a pleasure owning this beauty so far. Every time I take it out I get a "nice car" or a thumbs up! We love it! Here are some more pics, the first one is Bree and myself posing with the Buick.
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