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  1. looks like another day in New York City
  2. And if you were parking in a press area you had better make sure your car had NYP license plates otherwise the meter maids would be more than happy to ticket you. lol just wondering if that was an overcast day or could that be smog. that area looks quite different now great pic thanks Marty
  3. The Long Island chapter has the town's approval to go ahead with the show! WE ARE ON FOR SEPTEMBER 5 WE hope to see you there. Keep an eye on our website libuickclub.org for any further info. Marty
  4. I stand corrected Thank You but then could we consider fuel percolation lol
  5. i belive that 60 is the last year for bolts on the wheels as also for the pedal start and torque tube on all my cars i have an inline filter before the fuel pump after the metal line in the short rubber hose in the engine compartment. temporarilly i would also put one between the fuel pumpand carb but just be aware that not being high up in the air stream from the fan it might also contribute to vapor lock i dont belive the filter housing is reproduced but there should be some available on ebay it also looks like you might be missing the bracket for the fuel filter and possibly a vaccuum switch if you have a 2 prong flat plug just hanging out, not sure if the lesabre smaller motor had this. hope this helps Marty
  6. gongrats beautiful looking car glad to hear its running
  7. probably one of the best things i have heard of yet to do with our cars, pics are great
  8. not trying to hijack the thread but the 60 next to the 39 in the pic is that on the block also, just wondering lol
  9. Mark thank you for the comment when i decided to take on being the Director of the chapter i run it as a Buick Club not pre or post war or late model anything produced by Buick is welcome. ( i even tried attracting opels for a while, but that didnt work lol) many years ago at a show and new to the hobby i saw an older gentleman hand cranking an early Buick, i think a model 10 not sure. i was hooked. i have not had a chance to own a pre war YET. i think 36 is a beautiful car with 37 and 8 real close 41 oh yeah and anything before 36 is just cool. my wife and i came real close, and i mean real close to pulling the trigger on a 37 mdl 41 a few years ago. it just didnt work out. Still kind of regretting not finding a way to get it. ah well.. So the passion is there, but i stil love my pace car, my 57, and the Reatta and my wifes 2014 Lacrosse is a pleasure. so you migt say a man for all seasons lol thank you again Marty
  10. After reading many of the above comments, if this is truly the attitude of the board, that is a shame. I can only tell you that is not the position of the Long Island chapter. For quite a few years now starteing with the prior director, to attract pre-war Buicks to our show their entrance fee is FREE. We want ALL Buicks at our show. Yes you might be able to see newer ones at Walmart but it is also about the owners who care for any Buick old or new. The trend of 60,70 and 80s cars is ok they are easy to drive and what baby boomers remember growing up with. At our shows we want all years as many as possible. Those who don't understand this will learn one day but till then we will enjoy them. Marty
  11. The wife and I had the Reatta at the Gold coast cruisers car show in Morgan Park Glen Cove. This is a great show with a lot of variety, in a beautiful beach front park. The car attracted a lot of attention. Great day with a great lady and a great car.
  12. just adds to "They don't build them like they used to" lol
  13. As the director of the Long Island chapter i am disapointed to see this outcome. we have two 1916's in our chapter with owners who were interested in recieving these awards. i always thought that because of the circustances surrounding the movement of these vehicles over long distances to a National necesitating trailering, that if the requirement was to be driven on to a show field, why not let it be a local BCA chapter show or regional show or tour with documentation from the chapter director or board. Just to go on record i voiced this idea directly to the President John in a phone call, but to be fair i understand that John and the Board have been dealing with alot this past year and even now. but still i think there could have been a better way to keep it going. Thank You to those that pushed as far as it got. Marty
  14. my 91 is adjustable like said above carefull, slow, dillegent work you can do it like the matchbook idea, remind's me of points lol
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