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  1. after reading the January Bugle article on the 59 redesign its interesting to see that the front "corporate door" doesn't have the tail spear section on it yet
  2. as said above red engines definitely 1966 340 ci because 1967 had sticker with engine size on it on the valve covers there is no spot for the stickers on those covers. what i found interesting is how the starters have so much overspray making them red and here we are detailing the black and aluminum on the starter motor we should just slather engine color paint all over them lol. would love to have one of those cradles the engines are on. great pic
  3. see this website http://plates.lachs.net/col/for/ scroll down to Germany shows this and other plates used in that country, my son has the silver letter green background in his USA plate collection marty
  4. Sad to here at any National i was at i always had to stop by his area he always had some of the most interesting stuff and interesting knowledge he had quite a bit of knowledge on the pace/festival cars from Indy He will be missed Blessings to the family
  5. Now come on Brian that's cheating using the emblems lol some really great pics of some beautiful cars man do those 59's have a presence love that they are being driven by military or cadets of some sort and i wouldn't mind seeing a better pic of the commanding officers military Jeep thanks for the pics
  6. Nice pics John, wish i could go on a 40 mile drive without having traffic LOL
  7. bill could you let us B60 people know what led's you used, where you got them from, and did you change the color. my dash is pretty dim Thanks Marty
  8. Hey Matt i know you love the older stuff but you better watch out your sitting with a prime, pristine example of Buick muscle don't drive it to much, YOU might not let it go
  9. Went to the cruise spot Saturday evening and took our 75 Century Pace Car and another Buick owner we know showed up with his 75 Lesabre Indy Festival Pace Car. Great little side show. His car was at Indy, my car was sold out of a Harriman, NY dealer and spent it's life in Harriman until I brought it to Long Island.
  10. So that guy smiling would be me and the reason of course is I am behind the wheel of my 60 225. My wife pulled up and did an impromptu pic.
  11. The Wife and I spent all day Saturday making a Buick day of it. Morning was spent running errands and doing brunch in our 91 Reatta vert. No pics though Then we ended up taking the Pace Car with some chapter members after 4pm to a real nice low key cruise spot. Great day with friends and cars and of course my wife.
  12. The Reatta is such a great platform to introduce the next generation to the Hobby. She loves it and my 75 Pace Car now i have to get her into the 57 Thanks Marty
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