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  1. It is a shame, and that was such a great show with beautiful countryside. I think that part of the problem is that GM is demanding facility improvements and like. The Bennett Buick article in the Bugle stated they want them to buy expensive equipment for the electric vehicles. upgrades, equipment, less models, can you blame them for getting out. another way that GM is thinning their dealers Loved going to that show Jim and his crew did a great job, many thanks to the Cernak family, i hope Jim finds a new location soon!
  2. The Long Island Chapter hosts The 41st Annual All Buick show at the Wantagh Train station, behind Sun Buick/GMC This is a charity event benefiting The Harry Chapin food bank-LI Cares, The John Theissen Childrens Foundation, and Bobbi and The Strays Pet Rescue. GPS Location: 3470 Park Ave. Wantagh, NY 11793. Sunday May 24th 2020, show hours 9am to 4pm. Show is open to all Buick's, 16 Driver choice judged classes including Modified and Non Judged Driver/Survivor Class Special Pricing for Pre-War cars, Rain Date Sunday June 7th. Please visit our website: for more info and past show pics and registration form for questions or day of show call: Marty 516-606-4620 or Dave 516-380-5751
  3. Smartin the ebay item you show is very close or correct for the application the problem i had was that with the metal connector/lug on the cable i was not able to slip on the covering that was correct for the diam wire because the connector was bigger. i used a larger size and tapes it at the ends but this was for my 60 which is a driver i would not want to do that on a resto or original Marty
  4. DAVES89 no hard feelings we all love these cars in one way or another just breaking chops lol and actually do understand one of our members bought a riv and it was the first time i had seen the startup display on the CRT was very cool i never realized how neat that was till then Marty
  5. i love my 91 vert but as Barney said look for the best condition Best deal Best color for you that you can find 88-90 if brake system is bad you might be in for bucks to repair and to DAVES89 comment about no soul on 90 and 91 wow cruel comment maybe you don't deserve your 90 vert lol just in fun Marty
  6. RivNut you are stating that the 64 was not a switch pitch years ago i got a engine and trans from a 64 Electra wreck and i am pretty sure that the dual quad linkage had the switch for the electric kick down just like the switch pitch cars so are you absolutely sure that the 64 did not have switch pitch my out is it was many many years ago lol
  7. NTX5467 your comments above well said and agree with such But i think because it got caught up in this somewhat heated thread the "my year is better than your year" was started to lighten it up with some humor i don't think anyone was looking to better anyone else just a bunch of guys sitting around a campfire making each other laugh, i think any one of us that commented like that would be happy with any year Buick again thanks for the solid comments Marty
  8. i was writing as you were the picture says it all thanks
  9. just went on their website to check them out on the contact page it states "you will never be asked to make a bank transfer as payment" so with them stating it, Big Red Flag sorry but haven't dealt with any wire harness company's but i do have a question my 57 is original low mileage the negative cable is cloth covered the positive (battery to junction) was changed before i got it, to your knowledge is that wire also covered in cloth or is it just the rubber insulation. would be interested to know and when you find a source please let us know thanks Marty
  10. i'm on board with the Autosol also had some nice results with it
  11. Sounds good to me here goes my wax of choice Collinite Insulator Wax hands down probably the best wax i have ever used with great staying power no abrasive just a wax ask around at car shows you might be surprised how many people use it Marty
  12. OK i am going to chime in again so hold on 54 Really i am sorry but how can you compare that to the style and elegance and power of the 1960 models especially the 225 all in good fun Marty
  13. Great story a fun read also love the Maroon and tan great color combination and again i will agree a good looking group
  14. From Instagram yesterday all of the new Encore GX First is Buick USA Second is Buick Mexico Third and fourth is Buick Canada All that snow up north sure gives you Canadians a great perspective on things. And I just wanted to make sure you know how to use the tailgate. lol