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  1. it is possible that the car is looking for the extra from the secondaries when under that kind of load 375 cfm is small, Nailheads like carb i understand your thinking but you might be defeating yourself in that situation a 2bbl would probably be wide open so why not let the secondaries help out just another way to look at it
  2. you are correct the steel plugs on the bottom of all nailhead motors rot out the intake must be removed and the plug replaced i believe that CARS carries the plug and i have seen them on ebay be aware there are different sizes for different years
  3. I have to admit that at first read i was very skeptical at the idea after reading through with the answers given i have a different outlook will it work? who knows! but then again the only thing i can tell for sure is we are not having a car show this year. sometimes especially under unusual circumstances things that are unusual work better. thinking outside the box right now is better than what we have and i'm all for it, will i be able to make both? i don't know i am not retired and like said above that is quite a bit of time off and for me our extended family does a vacation together in late July. would i love to do it with a road trip with a bunch of Buick's in the middle, ABSOLUTELY! we definitely have enough notice and who knows maybe this might start something new kudos to the BCA and NMC for taking the chance, we older folks don't like change so sometimes its better to force it on us lol GOD willing i will be at one for sure, hpefully two where was that dinner going to be lol Marty
  4. Monday afternoon more then 15 Buicks from the Long Island Chapter took part in a Thank You Antique Car Parade past NUMC Medical Center thanking Healthcare workers and First Responders. Thank You to everyone doing such a hard job. God Bless. Glad we were part of it.
  5. On Sunday the Wife and I took a ride in the 91 and on such a nice day you have to end up getting ice cream. Great ride with Great company.
  6. The Board of the Long Island Chapter has decided to CANCEL the show for 2020! We waited as long as possible to make the decision, but it has become evident that this is not the time to have a show. The decision was made with the Health and Safety of our members and participants in mind. As with many shows on Long Island our club donates the profit from our show to three charities, i would like to ask anyone who was considering attending our show, if financially capable to donate to any of these charities or the charity of your choice, unfortunately many charities are experiencing a strain during this time. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy See you down the road Marty Jablonski Director Long Island Chapter
  7. nice Manta looks in real nice shape stick or auto. like the 225 Riv as you can see in above post love the 6 windows. Elegance!!!
  8. Took the Reatta out to the auto parts store on Sunday for a quick maintenance on my 60 Then today took my 60 out for a spin practicing social distancing this is the parking lot we have our yearly show in at 9:30 on a Wednesday morning you would be hard pressed to find an available parking because it would be filled with commuter cars
  9. To reinforce the idea of special white walls and what the Tire company's might do check out this picture of the 75 pace car with FREE SPIRIT in raised Blue letters'on the 2 Real Pace Cars at Indy not trying to hijack the thread Marty
  10. So are you absolutely sure you don't need a running lawn ornament. Lol
  11. If I was a young man this listing would be in my driveway not on the forum lol
  12. 1938 Buick Special 2 door sedan model 48. this car for the most part is complete but is definitely a project car. the engine has been rebuilt, transmission work has been done, fuel tank work and new exhaust and brake work. i took the pictures below, the day i was there about a month ago the car started and moved in and out of the garage, i did a quick inspection on the car and realized it was beyond what i was interested in. but for someone looking for a project or a drive train parts car this might be the car. i did not drive the car. as the pictures show there is alot of rust/rot damage to the trunk area. please look up the production numbers this is not a high production model. i have more pics i could email to you if you are interested, email me at the contact info for the car is Russell 631-921-1204. the $4,000 price is about right for the price guides, dont insult the man he is not going to give the car away. this car was used by his brother before he passed away for parades, i believe the original color was dark gray the red is from a spray can.
  13. Power headrest in 56 Way Cool
  14. Jack i am sure that everyone on the Board and in Ohio, have nothing but the best interests of the membership in mind. They are dealing with a totally unforeseen situation and i am sure working very hard to solve the problems that are in front of them now.. Lets bring it back to Ohio in 23 or 24 so that they can finally enjoy their hard work. Lets just hope and pray that we can put all this behind us as soon as is safely possible. Kudos to the Ohio team for doing what they have done so far. Cant wait to get out there and do what we were going to do, another year. Marty