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  1. because of the mix of powertrain brand as you have mentioned you might have a better time pushing this car on chevy forums and sites not trying to sound cynical but over the years chevy owners are more apt to put chevy power in brand X where buick people are much more apt to stay in their brand dont get me wrong it looks like you have a beautiful car but it would probably sell quicker with a big block buick, and i have seen some beautiful other brands with chevy drivetrains my opinion
  2. The tube looks like on later A/C cars there was a duct on the back of the generator and the tube ducted outside air from the rad support to it for cooling you can just make out the bracket on the rad support i am not a 58 guy but i know i have seen it on 61 buicks might be a retrofit i don't think the tube material might be the original material though maybe the owner did it himself because it is not on the pic of the other 58
  3. Guys Guys please John figured it out we are men we don't need instructions lol
  4. Kevin M down on the Island I think that the Allante's are a little more plentiful but not by much. Overall not many of each. Pic is about a year ago we were not parked next to each other but decided to do a photo shoot, Allante is nice but Reatta is sportier. But I am biased lol!!
  5. Kevin M as far as neon sign you are referring to if it is the R sunburst logo big sign that sign is florescent bulb and a bit fragile but very nice indeed the ones i like are the thick black frames to the left up high they back light the pics one was for sale at the national with a $600 price tag on it that collection is very impressive indeed now i jut need alot of money and a bigger garage lol
  6. working in a Nissan & Subaru dealer currently and through my 30 plus years in the dealership parts dept business and prior dealings with GM, Hyundai, Toyota, and Jaguar the trend to full modules instead of individual parts is everywhere i have to agree with many strong points that NTX5467 makes another part of the equation is the ease of installation at the assembly plants. and remember especially on sensors the dealer is going to have the most up to date revision not the parts store! i know that much of what is being said about dealerships is true but please be aware that the overhead is quite a bit more than the local auto parts store and i buy there also, but for a good part of my life the dealers have been a good place to work and they are an integral part of the economy. my opinion
  7. Polo Green and Saddle top and interior now that sounds like a killer combo
  8. azreattacollector thanks for the info, i will keep digging. so here is a question do you know if there is documentation on the 4 Reattas that were driven by the EV1 execs like the vin numbers, one of which is yours it would be interesting to find which are the other 3 cars
  9. Total Proof that hard work and dedication do pay off Congrats on the kudos
  10. very cool having two consecutive numbered cars,and in such great condition, and real interesting that they both traveled across the country to get to your garage! (in good humor) i am trying to figure how do you choose which car to take somewhere the nice one the nicer one or the nicest one. having a 91 red/tan vert myself 900336 i totally get the look, the combo just works so well i was wondering how you know so much of the history, was it just documentation that traveled with the cars? i am asking because my window sticker shows my car was delivered to BMD show cars not a dealer and have been trying to find more info about where Buick may have displayed the car, and was wondering if you had a particular source best of luck
  11. So Jack from what your saying, you were one of the guys prepping the way for the Gran Sport owners! Good luck with the 38 MrEarl looks like a great starting point
  12. Ronnie i think you are correct, many times the style of the taillight changes with model change if you look on the late 80s front drive Lesabre/Park Ave taillight i believe you will see the same thing because those lights were used for quite a few model years
  13. Best way to tell is marker lamp on quarter panel 68 is round 69 is rectangle all other outside parts could be changed easily.
  14. Went to a really nice show at Morgan Park in Glen Cove, waterfront with the 57, this show always draws hundreds of really nice cars. i was lucky and got a shady spot on a hot day, included a couple of non Buick shots
  15. Hey JohnD looks like God was using the the WHOLE box of crayons the other night Beautiful pics