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  1. The occasion is the return of "Cuba Nostalgia" (Nostalgic Cuba), an annual three-day festival in where Cuban-Americans and other Latin American ethnicity celebrate "All Things Cuban" before it was taken over by the Castro regime. The exposition/show will take you back deep into the Cuban culture where you can experience art, food, drinks and music in a venue resembling the streets and way of life in Old Havana. The event has been taking place in Miami since the 80's except last year due to the pandemic. Car enthusiasts can discover a collection of vintage 1950 era cars and light trucks.These type of American and European cars were widely used in the island as they were the last vehicles imported to the island before the U.S. embargo. Pictured is my Cuban wife to the right and my friend's Colombian wife in front of "Almendrón" the 54 Roadmaster. The black 50' Super made its first showing at the venue.
  2. Check out this item on OfferUp. https://offerup.co/Xt3hMzneljb just posted. I would jump all over this except is not the right time!
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