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  1. I have seen car #111, 112 this is 113 pretty sure there are more
  2. What a weird color combination! ok I want to see the trailer that 72R was pulling.
  3. This is the one he purchased online. He thinks it can work if he can find a yoke for it. This shaft came with the gears. I believe he is working on a manual transmission and not the semi- Auto. He can’t take a whole tranny overseas!
  4. Have a friend that is looking for the original main tranny shaft for a buick located in 🇨🇺 Cuba. Broken shaft is approximately 10 3/4 inches long and has 6 splines. He purchased a later model GM shaft with more splines that he thinks he can use if he can find a yoke. Any info on availability will be highly appreciated.
  5. Found it! Think is the red ragtop!