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  1. Since I have had no luck finding many other parts for my 1930 Model 66 I may have to go look at this one.
  2. I am with you Auburnseeker....If I post something for sale I always put a price, plenty of pics, and the city I live in. That narrows down lots of unwanted communication. Don’t get me wrong. The more people I talk to about cars from this era you just might meet someone that has what you need. Thanks.
  3. Arlene, did your friend ever sell this 1930 Chrysler?
  4. Done.... Thanks MC!
  5. From the 1930 Model 66 parts request topic I have received some responses from some very helpful people and one not so helpful. One member said he had all the parts I needed and even sent me a pic of the car. Heck, I will buy the whole car and the price he gave was a little out of line but not by much. After some email conversation and him wanting some money, I asked for a phone number so we could close the deal and I would be off across the country to pick up the car. After 2 disconnected phone numbers I guess this is a Scam. To bad, the pics of the car where correct. I have all of you to know that finding a 1930 Chrysler Model 66 is not easy. I have a great body ( the car ), and now a frame and a steering wheel that I found from members on this site. This car is now in Hempstead, NY. The pics looked like they were taken in Las Vegas. Sure nuff. He said they were taken in Las Vegas and that he had recently moved to New York. Sorry New York friends, I moved from East Coast to escape the weather and now have dry cars solid cars. I love the heat. Bones feel better. This is just an FYI. I may be wrong Buick Fanatic but I don’t think so. If I am, please bash on. Something was just not right.
  6. Kaiser 31, Inwent to visit Bob and he did have a frame that will work. Going back up soon to pick it up. Thanks again! Randy
  7. Yes, I am in the USA states. Las Vegas, NV to be exact. Bob Scafani in California has a few frames for me to look at. I be going up his way next month.
  8. Geez, wish you weren’t so far away. I could use this.
  9. Keiser31...... Thanks for passing on Bob’s contact. I spoke with him and a trip to his shop is in the future. Super nice guy and very knowledgeable of my Chrysler project era.
  10. Looking for a frame for a 1930 Chrysler Model 66 . Thanks. ..... Randy