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  1. top photo left front, left rear 1923 Dodge, center photos 1920-1922 front touring dodge brothers with accessory outside handles.
  2. Bob Scafani

    Flooring pictures please

    If that doesn't end the discussion, nothing will!
  3. Bob Scafani

    Type of wood used in frame

    I may be overly sensitized to political correctness, but the jocular wordplay of ash and ash boring can be construed as being knotty.
  4. Bob Scafani

    1929 Chrysler 'Locke' Coupe

    Here is a video of a car with very similar body features.
  5. Bob Scafani


    speedsters and prewar race cars only on facebook
  6. here is mine from a 1931 Plymouth.
  7. Bob Scafani

    Any idea what year

  8. Fantastic car, here is one that sold a year ago for $725,000.00
  9. Bob Scafani

    390 Car Collection plus parts, Medford Oregon area

    The narrator does mention that the collection belongs to Don Babb.
  10. 1923 Studebaker maybe other years but probably not other makes. The lock rings are not used on these rims. Dodge Brothers used very similar wheels. I have a full set of used clamps, bolts and nuts for these wheels in good condition.
  11. Bob Scafani

    1931 Model A slant window cabriolet 68c

    1931 cabriolet sold last year.
  12. Bob Scafani

    Mishmash of Vehicles and Parts

    Of course the pile can sit there, it would cost more to haul it than it is worth in scrap.
  13. Bob Scafani

    What year is this Chassis

    1929 Chrysler photo has a tube axle and rubber spring perches such as a model 75. Ben's chassis has a forged axle and shackle bolts could be a model 65.
  14. Bob Scafani

    Oh dear what have I done

    After my own heart.
  15. Bob Scafani

    3rd Kelsey Rims

    Studebaker used 24" kelsey with a slight difference in the valve stem hole location. Dodge 24" rims are quite common as they produced several hundred thousand of them.