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  1. looks like it has 16" Ford wheels.
  2. Here is possibly the most recent sale of a similar car...
  3. Here is what mine looks like with the bumper mounted. The tire hangs behind the bumper. Photo of makers emblem, made in San Francisco.
  4. These fenders are not Ford of any year. They look more like 1920's fenders.
  5. Here is a photo of the trunk rack I have. It is factory made and has the makers tag on the right side. I should have taken a photo of the tag. The rack is in Fremont close to you. I am not sure how the original bumper might fit along with the rack.
  6. I have seen this car there for a number of years. It seems to be a work in progress and is constantly changing. It isn't for sale to my knowledge.
  7. It threw me off for a time. it is upside down in the top photo. That is the rear bumper for a 1924-25 Dodge. there were other styles available. I reproduced these some 25 years ago at $125.00 each with the brackets. They are all gone now.
  8. fisher wooded body. not many around because of the wood.
  9. I sure would like to sell the sedan, I had it on eBay for $4,900.00 I haven't seen the money!
  10. I wondered why I could not bring myself to work on the two 1929 model 75 roadsters I have languishing in my yard!
  11. none of them appear to be Dodge. I don't know about Chrysler.
  12. I have one. email or call 510 474-2533
  13. Rounded bottom doors and the lack of embossing in the firewall scream 1922. Roadster doors are the same 1915-1922. I have not seen a 1923 roadster door with an outside handle.