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  1. I’ve restored quite a few 29’-31 chevys so if you have questions just ask me. I restored my own 31’ special sedan about 4 years ago. Did a real nice 31’ 5 window coupe also. I’ll be starting on a 30’ 4 dr once the 34’ pickup I’m working on is done and out the door. Here’s a couple pictures of the coupe and my sedan.
  2. Yes, but rebuilt motor installed, custom 9” Ford for Olds rear installed, and just this weekend, a built racing turbo 400. Of course I helped my brother with all that so that why I can’t get my own stuff done. He does most of it actually with adding the extra hand when he needs it. It should be going to paint soon. The pickup cab came back this Sunday so once my garage is cleared out and clean, I’ll be going strong on that.
  3. It has a tail stock Joe. I am going to purchase the lathe card for my serial number from Grizzly. That should tell me a lot more about how it was originally optioned out. I was told today it was made in 1943. I got my two hand wheels back from polishing and put them on. Turned a pin for a packaging machine for a customer today to give it a test. Came out good.
  4. Learned more about my lathe over the last couple days. It seems South Bend kept excellent records and I should be able to find out the day my lathe was ordered, who ordered it, what options were ordered, and the day it was delivered. Looking at the generic SB date line by serial numbers my lathe was most likely made in 43’-44’ putting it right around 77-78 years old. It was originally built as a production turret lathe with a 6 hole powered turret, slotted cross slide, coolant pump system, and lever type collet system. Some were also ordered with conventional cross slide and tool post holders
  5. Not Olds related but hobby related. I got offered this 7’ south bend lathe for $200. It had been up and running until 6 months ago in a yarn mill in central falls RI. The mill was sold for condos and the lathe had to go. It was a job getting it on the truck and home but we did. It seems like it weighs as much as a Volkswagen! I’ve been disassembling it, cleaning it, and painting it up. I have virtually no tooling unfortunately so now it’s time to start trying to buy some stuff. It came with a 3 jaw, 4 jaw, steady rest, two tool posts, and a coolant tank w/pump. I don’t even know what size too
  6. Very nice L32 Patrician. Hub caps have become very scarce for the wood and virtually non existent for the wire wheels.
  7. While this is a 31’ brochure, it’s all artists renderings and you do need to be careful of that as many times the actual production cars were different. Many artist painted cars aren’t even in colors actually offered for that year. There is only one deluxe car shown in all those drawings (bottom right) and it is definitely black walls but all cars pictured are black fendered also. As I said. Continue to do research on the 31’ as I’m familiar with 32’s and what I found was totally different from what many said. My photos are not working properly or I would post a ton of 32’ factory photos I hav
  8. Stapled or tack nailed on the edges and covered with hidem molding. Is this the hard top with fake convertible top or a true convertible car?
  9. I believe this is a 31’ and not a 30’. Wrong radiator shroud for a 30’. Probably sold the end of 1930’ so they titled it as a 30’ when it was actually a 31’ model.
  10. What you have is a different animal. Oldsmobile in the thirties did things differently from most other makers including other GM brands. Olds actually stamped matching serial numbers on the engine, frame, and sill plate long before others did. Oldsmobile kept more specific production records than other manufacturers and offered more factory installed options than dealer installed options in the thirties. You will find numbers on wood spoke wheeled cars, wire spokes, standard 5 wheeled and deluxe 6 wheeled on every model. Other marques just didn’t bother to be that precise. When I questioned W
  11. Hi Rob, thanks for the compliments. I believe the originals were stamped metal with a simple, two eared, spring steel keeper that held the cover in place by pushing it in. From what I was told they weren’t that secure and that’s why many were lost. I knew that there were no originals available so I never bothered researching them in depth but simply looked for a replacement. What’s strange is while the shape of the cover is square, and the retaining hole round, even the factory stone guard had a round hole in it. The square is larger than the hole in the guard and basically it’s impossibl
  12. Hi Rob, you were with Wally correct? If you have a pattern that could be sand cast I have a guy who could do that and simply put a 1/4-20 carriage bolt in the back. My own is a copy and instead of the original metal spring clip mine has a bolt with a washer and nut that holds it in place. I ended up making a tube nut with a round rod T handle to tighten or loosen it if needed. It would be cast metal and would need polishing and some filling. His fee is very fair and turnaround fairly quick. I would have a few made up as there are still some guys looking for them. Wally needs three if I remembe
  13. I hate things like that. Lost a really nice 6.2 diesel to a tiny hole and water getting in to the engine! I know your pain!
  14. Just this past week, a similar MG came up on Facebook Marketplace close to me for what seemed reasonable money. After watching Chris’ progress following his restoration, it was hard to hit “back” on the iPad and not inquire about it! Then last night while the wife and I were out in the Villages in Florida, we walked by one parked in a square and she stopped to look at it. She likes convertibles but said “nope” doesn’t do enough for me. Phew, glad I didn’t ask and go look at the one for sale!😄
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