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  1. Thanks for the info Joe. I had one extra I had made so I did a test using my vertical mill. I set a stop on my vise and put some blocks in so I could support the bottom of each cover with the tops of the 3/4” just above the top of the vise. I clamped the cover vertically in the vise with one side against the stop, centered a 3/8 cutter, then brought the bed back so the cutter would just touch the face of the round body, and I set my depth stop for the quill. I ran the speed at 1200 and simply brought the cutter down. I then loosened the vise, rotated the cover to the next flat and repeated the
  2. Got in my two custom made taps from Cheboygan Tap and Tool. Not cheap at $285 for two with shipping but great service and very high quality. I turned up 12 more on my new to me, south bend lathe. I’m amazed at how fast I’m able to produce pieces on the SB compared to my small Logan. The stem covers are 1.5” tall overall, counter bored 5/8” with a .410 drill. Then I drilled a 9.7mm hole 1 7/16” deep in the nut. The last step is drilling the last 1/8” with a drill just slightly bigger than the diameter of the round part of the stem (I forgot the size!) then using the tail stock to keep the tap s
  3. I used the garbage bag technique on my 17” wheels and mounted all six tubed tires quite easily with tire irons.
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a lower radiator valance or a radiator apron to some. Here is a picture of what I had and it seems my painter has misplaced it.
  5. The chevy appears pretty correct and almost complete. Nice first antique car for a guy on a budget. The 27’s drive better than a model T but are similar stopping. Good 35-45 mph drivers. Overhead valvetrain must be oiled every run by hand. Other than that, fun little car. I loved my 27’ beater I had.
  6. Fenders and running boards installed today. Starting to look more like a truck.
  7. Or the pump lobe on the cam if it runs off the cam. Not sure how the mechanical pump is driven on your car. I’ve seen lots of lobes worn to the point the a new pump won’t move enough fuel.
  8. Gary, not sure if the Westport River bottom is considered clean enough these days to eats the crabs from it. Originally, years back, they blamed all the cow farms for the high fecal matter levels and pushed them all out. It didn’t change the levels. Then they blamed the fertilizer and pushed most the vegetable and fruit farmers out. Still, no significant change in the levels. Then they determined it was from the homes and went about having the homes tested and all systems repaired. The shoddy home septic systems along the river were to blame. Of course, with the farmers forced to sell, they we
  9. Gary, I remember grabbing a pizza from Jimmy’s and then getting a couple quarts of Canadian Ace beers next door when Dartmouth liquors was right in the old builders square plaza on Faunce corner road when I wasn’t quite legal but my brother was. The first business in that plaza was Jimmy’s and it’s still there. Great Italian grinders and equally as good buffalo chicken calzones.
  10. Really, that would be great. Thanks for the lead, I'll send him a message. Thanks.
  11. Funny you say that Gary. The first time my dad took us blue crabbing was the north side, below the bridge on the Westport river on Hixbridge Road. I was probably about 8. With my family owning a meat market/slaughter house, we used hunks of trim meat tied to a long length of corn beef twine. Throw the piece of meat out and then just wait a few minutes and pull it in. That bridge is only about 5 miles from my house by the back roads. My dad always liked the rock crabs better and we were family friends of John Luciano (does that name ring a bell, he was a relative of Luckies) who had fi
  12. I have some good old SK tools tool. Never broke one, even their ratchets hold up well. Snap On made the best rolling tool boxes for years. The draw slides, thickness of the cabinet metal, locks, and casters were much much better than any manufacturer. These days, with rolling tool boxes being more common, I imagine there's other companies that make either equally as good or close to their cabinets. Specialized tools by Snap On are usually first rate but again, those that I have are at least 15yrs old or more. I have all brands of tools and most are either Craftsman or SK from 1/4" drive up to
  13. Put the original mirror back on the drivers side after my neighbor polished it up. The owner had sent a new mirror and bracket for the passenger side so I installed it on the hinge then drilled and tapped the hinge for the two 10-32 screws that secure it to the hinge. I made up the front windshield headliner out of heavy panel board and glued on the material. Installed it on the header and screwed on the rear view mirror. Made sure all was right and still need to drive the tacks home but all fit as it should. Now to the metal strips along the roof, fresh paint and continuation strips down to t
  14. The covers seem to be metric but the stems should be the 13/32-28. The old stems on the model T’s were that thread. They shouldn’t be metric at all. If you Mike a stem you should measure right around .40. 10mm is under that at .393 or 25/64, 1/64 smaller than the 11/32 tap. It won’t go on and the 1.0 pitch is just slightly off from 28tpi.
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