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  1. Geez John, it’s only been two days! LOL 😆. Actually, Gilly has had obligations and I’ve been straight out with family things and other Stuff so no, nothing has happened but I believe if not tomorrow, the Sunday Gilly will be coming and we’ll get back to it. I’ll be heading to Florida next Tuesday and won’t be back till the first but Gilly will continue working while I’m gone and I’ll have him send me pictures and progress reports so I can post them.
  2. chistech

    Square Hole purpose in advertising giveaway ??

    Wow, right after I posted I saw two of us had the same thought!
  3. chistech

    Square Hole purpose in advertising giveaway ??

    Bottle opener and a outside water valve spigot wrench. Don’t know how many times my dad would go looking for the small handle to open the water valve on our house. Truefully, I’m only guessing but a guy in his yard on the weekend walking with a beer in his hand and a wrench to open the water sounds about right! LOL
  4. chistech

    Trying to figure out what this car is

    I’ve seen rust just like that here in the states. My dads best friend (we grew up calling him uncle and he was probably better than my blood uncles to us) was born and raised on Nantucket Island here in MA. There were tons of cars and trucks rotted out just like this one in the early years when average working people still lived on the majority of the island. There were farms and plenty of pastures weused to hunt on that 6 x 9 mile island with cars like that on them and if the car ran, people would continue to drive it no matter how rotted it was. Once it got too bad, often they would drive them to the land fill and run them over the edge. One of the hunt groups deer (brushing) hunt truck had no doors because they had rotted off but it still ran and had 4wd. It was a 50’s era Chevy with a Napco conversion. My uncle told the story of driving over 10 model A’s over the edge of that landfill that he alone owed as a young guy. I really miss the old days and my childhood. Kids these days will never get the chance to experience things like we did.
  5. chistech

    Can anyone tell me what car this is?

    My 32’ Olds roadster came out of a collection of a former Buick, Olds, Pontiac dealer. I went to where all the cars were kept to pick up a spare complete chassis they had. I was told to look through the building including the loft for any parts that might go with my car. Sure enough I found an area in the loft that held quite a few 32’ Olds parts. Why I’m mentioning this is up in that loft was almost the complete outer OEM sheet metal with GM tags for two cars, one was a Vega, the other sheets were for an OPEL GT. This was all NOS stuff, hood, door, rear quarters, rear valance, trunk, front fenders, etc.. I couldn’t believe my eyes and this was all mixed in with model T parts and packaged OEM sets of probably every single hubcap GM made for 60’s-70’s cars. Had to be 300 hubcaps, all taped together with GM tape with all GM stock warehousing labels all over them. Don’t know what came of all that stuff.
  6. chistech

    1912 olds limited

    I thought the Olds F-88 concept car brought 3.3. But maybe I’m wrong.
  7. Primer is still hardening up so a guide coat got sprayed on and we started on the front fenders. They were done years ago and left in primer. While the majority of the surfaces of both fenders are perfect, there are some areas that were exposed to moisture and it caused the need for some removal off the old work and new touch up repair.
  8. chistech

    WANTED - 1931 Chevrolet rumble seat frame/springs

    Snyder springs makes copies. Found they’re pretty close to the originals.
  9. That’s exactly it joe, we’re all just a little too spread out. My buddy with a 32’ Chevy lives in Voluntown CT which is just a little too far at the hour twenty minute mark. There is a guy in town with a very decent collection from pre-war to the 80’s but he’s basically 95yrs old and still working in his garage. He has a friend who comes over to his place every day so I won’t intrude. He’s a little eccentric, somewhat of a miser, and I know we wouldn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. He’s like “that will be good enough” and I’m the opposite with “it needs to be done the best way possible”. I’m not big on being encouraged to cut corners if you know what I mean. 😆
  10. It's a shame that the older cars don't seem to be able to Garner the admiration anymore. Now people look at me with crazy eyes when i tell them I'm into pre war original cars. 😒
  11. Is it because I only offered beer and pizza 🍕? 😆 actually, it amazes me that I can’t find anyone who’s interested in coming over, talking old cars, and just hanging out. I really think it’s because I’m a pre-war kind of guy and most cars guys now who are retired are Muscle car guys, my brother being one himself even though he’s not retired yet. There’s really not a lot of pre-war, original type guys in New England anymore and those that are are either spread thin or too old to want to drive or do anything much on a car. I have a good friend who loves this era and original cars but he’s over an hour away. Just a little to far for us to pull daily or even weekly reciprocal visits. It’s actually a good thing though as both our wives get along great and both love to tea-total a bit. Man, they can get 😜 and when that happens, who the hell wants to work on cars!
  12. I took my radiator assembly to my moms garage where my Olds chassis is so I could mount it on. Didn’t take but a few minutes and it was mounted up. Again, another assembly that hasn’t been back in place for well over a year. Piece by piece, it’s looking like a car again.
  13. It was a gratifying move to bringing the body back to my shop to stop worrying about when or if any work would be done on it or if it would be ready for the 2019 show season. I had discussed with, and my wife saw, my frustration over my decision to leave my friends shop but I had to do it. I needed to move on so things could get done and I could rest easier. I examined other options including other shops but really wanted to find a body guy to work out of my own garage. I knew if I could At least get the body prepped, I could still get my friend to paint it as we parted on friendly terms. What was a plus was getting Gilly to come to my shop as I not only got an excellent body man, but an excellent painter too. I can tell you I’m sleeping much better but just recently not so well. Now with the excitement of it getting close paint, I can’t seem to sleep again!😅
  14. My good friend Joe who’s also restoring a 32’ Olds rumble seat sport coupe sent me a custom made stone guard that was probably made over 20 years and is no longer available. He bought it many years ago but decided not to use it. His car is a deluxe wood wheeled model but he’s gone with a very subtle version. 32’ Olds could be ordered with lots of bling or could also be ordered in a subdued look. My car has lots of chrome including the optional chrome hood doors, chrome windshield frame, landau bars, etc., with the optional varnished wheels, and wide white walls. Joes car has chrome but his hood doors are painted, his car is closed sothe windshield is part of the painted body, his wheels are painted, and his tires are black walls. So while both cars will be restored to equally high standards and as close to OEM as possible, they will be at both ends of the spectrum as to how they were available to the public to purchase in 32’. Our goal is to eventually show them together so people can see the contrast. Here’s a picture of the radiator with the stone guard in place. It really gives it even more bling from the black shutters underneath. In 32’, with the depression in effect, anyone who purchased a roadster was probably fairly well off and if single, probably considered a “playboy” with a flashy car. So that’s what my roadster will look like!
  15. Doors, rumble lid, golf bag door, and the rear fenders.