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  1. I thought the whole thing was very well done. The issue is there will always be stupid people, no matter what rules are in place and we cannot judge the quality of the event based on those stupid few. Problem is stupid is the “new” thing to be.
  2. I meant to post this picture that Jerry took. It’s a picture of me with my lovely wife of twenty years. She’s the best person I know and a ton of fun to be with.
  3. Well at least it provided you with some discussion material! LOL. Michelle and I are still kind of taken back with the reception the car got considering the company it kept in the area. With Auburns, packards, Chrysler’s, Caddy’s, pierce arrows, and values of some in excess of $1,000,000 right across the row, it amazed us at how many people hovered around the Olds all day. The condition of the grass close around my car was pointed out to me and can be seen in many of Jerry’s pictures. It was worn almost completely down from all the foot traffic and was in the same condition of the main road. I do think keeping my hood open helped draw people over to look at it and I was more available to answer questions about my car than others seemed to be. What I thought was different was I was asked about setting up the automatic choke by a packard owner. The owner was surprised to find out that my Olds had the same choke as his 34’ packard did and my Olds was a 32’. He mentioned that he was having trouble getting his to work good, either not choking enough or over choking the engine. He was trying to adjust it by the thermo-spring and I explained that he needed to adjust it by how much the choke plate is open when the choke mechanism is in the cold or closed setting. It seems everyone wants to totally close the choke plate when there is no need for it and it will always over choke in that setting. I explained to set the plate about 1/4” open when in the cold position and to pump the accelerator about two to three times before turning the motor over to dump raw gas into the intake. When I showed him how instantaneously my car started he couldn’t believe it. It was great I was able to help out a guy with a big classic car like his. The whole experience will give Michelle and I plenty to talk about for days to come. I am willing to bet though she’ll get tired of it pretty soon!😁
  4. It stinks Jerry. I took the olds out for a longer ride a day ago and sure enough, after about 10-12miles, it heated right back up and was bubbling. So the hood will come off, then the distributor, then the head and anything else I need. Might have some good news though. I found two head bolts that will not tighten and possibly there's a chance they are the culprit as one is right at #6 where my leak has been coming from. I ordered two head gaskets from Olsons so they should be here soon. I will get it fixed and will be checking things very carefully. With an 87 year old motor, the metal simply could have fatigued with the torque of the head bolts once it heated up so that the remaining threads just pulled free. I will use thread inserts of course and will look at every single hole to evaluate to see if I might put thread inserts in all of them. It's a pain but it's more of a pain to have to do it again. Other than this issue, the Olds drives really good and I look forward to driving it around like I do my 31' Chevy. The show in Charlotte does look interesting and that possibly might be where I go to try and get my Sr. It's closer to FL and possibly my son could come up to see me. He loves car shows and it will be great to hang out with him some. Russ at Paul's is great to work with and he is fast. If your mains do need to be done, I believe they are inserts so you can pull them and send them to him. If your local shop can line bore you'll be golden. I'll be keeping watch on your thread for your progress and any help you might need, just let me know. Just a thought, I was able to locate some oversize rods when I did my 31' engine over for cheap money and that is sometimes another way to go. Paul's is cheap enough though and uses modern materials so that has to be considered too.
  5. That warped heat might just be the smoking gun to your overheating problem! That banana might be a good thing.
  6. There was a 32’ Olds sport coupe right next to me that has already won his junior and senior awards. I was showing him my recreated golf bag door lock and pointed out your work on the dust cover. He was quite impressed. I also pointed out the sill tag and the fact that you duplicated the exact fonts used by Oldsmobile back then. There were quite a few people interested and asking about how you went about getting the fonts so correct. There were a couple gentlemen who are restoring Olds right now and took my card to contact me at a later date for your information. Great job my friend. I was very surprised to find many asked about all the small details on the car which makes all the special efforts worth it.
  7. Jerry, thanks for taking all those pictures. I never got to take many. My car was real dirty, even the inside as your pictures show before how it looked before I got to the inside! When I unloaded it today, it was again full of dust and dirt! While walking around in the chocolate field, I ended up ordering a custom fit, dustless, car cover. Hopefully it will help.
  8. I’ll have to look at the date. Can you direct me to more info?
  9. Me and my buddy Joe Pirrone. Every time I’m trying to find him at Hershey he always tells me to “look down”! His height is a benefit though when going into the Hyman tent🤔 Key chain anyone? (Only those who attend Hershey and have gone into the Hyman tent will know!)
  10. Thanks everyone for all the support and comments throughout my restoration of the Olds. At 9:20 last night at the awards banquet my name got called for confirmation of the Olds getting its first junior. The whole thing was a great and enjoyable experience. Everyone was super hospitable and helpful for this first time shower. Steve M stopped by to see my car offering encouragement and advice. The car drew a pretty fair size audience at times and luckily my buddy Joe was there to help me along with another friend Charlie, clean up a very dirty car I never had time to fully detail before leaving home. I ended up talking and answering so many questions about the car, I felt bad they did most of the cleanup! It was great meeting people who have followed my thread like John, Doug, Dale, Jerry, Bob, and others. I’ve made a ton of great friends in this hobby and my wife even commented on that fact of how everyone is so nice in the antique car world. I have to give her a lot of credit supporting me with this whole adventure often putting up with me not being as attentive to her needs as I should have been at times. I’m sure there’s many of you out there that know exactly what I mean. But hey, I did get that new kitchen in for her!😂 The Olds ran and drove perfectly which helped ease any jitters. I picked Joe up on Hershey Park drive early Saturday morning and he accompanied me to my trailer then we drove in with the car to the show field. It was important to me that he was with me because without his help over the last 3-4 years, I never would have been able to accomplish the level of restoration that I wanted. Joe is a great friend and I’m glad we’re able to work together, though most times long distance, to bring these old cars back to life. There is still some tweaking that I’m planning on this like some small hardware pieces that I need to change and a simple easy mistake that I completely missed like having the weep holes on my tail light lense rims up instead of down (duh!) before I go for my senior. I’m also planning on attending the National Antique Oldsmobile Club national meet being held next June in Lansing, MI. Lansing is the birthplace of this and most Olds so it will be a great homecoming for the car. Here’s some pictures from the show and the “real” trophy. It’s metal and a marble like material. Thanks everyone again and I’ll be back here from time to time posting some updates. Keep an eye out on a new restoration thread on a 34’ Chevy pickup I’ll be documenting from now on. It’s already about half done.
  11. Jerry, great seeing you at Hershey and thanks for the support on the Olds. I would also check the face of your manifold while you got it apart. I always face my manifolds when doing a head or engine over.
  12. Anyone who’s done a long restoration will know and will relate to the picture I took today.
  13. I’ve done both MiG and Tig welding on my cars. While tig welders were very expensive, they are no longer and for the work you are doing, much better than MiG. There can be virtually no grinding necessary nor much or any warping of the metal. I purchased my tig for $730 including a foot pedal control and have never looked back. The guy who did my fine body work told me my welding was better than any he had seen and that most use MiG. The piece you show looks very much like the bottom edge of GM cowls and there are patch panels with the correct shaped molding available. Not sure if they would be exact for your car and might require some massaging like they did on my Olds but still a huge time saver. I believe the company is called American Muscle that makes the patch panels. The pictures show my patch panels that I mig welded in. The running board I tacked with MiG then welded the whole 46” seam with my tig when I got it. Needed almost no filler after some hammer and dolly work. In the bottom picture the running board has been welded about one inch up on the splash apron with the yellow welder in the background. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made for my shop and it has paid for itself already.
  14. Hi George, if you’re there on Saturday, look me up on the show field, I’m in section 20B.
  15. Couple more pictures with one showing the angle sanded on each pedal shaft opening upper edge.