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  1. Jim, You sound like you have a good story to tell...... Al
  2. What model Is the Black Buick. It looks larger than the typical Buick of 1938. Al
  3. We watched, with interest, the first episode of "Atlantic Crossing". Being that I am a good bit Scandinavian, this story line is of great interest to me and it takes place at a time frame that my parents lived through. The inter family relationships between all the WW2 countries is rather deep. So much for the story plot. I will be on the edge of the seat, not missing any of the next 7 episodes. Now for the Auto trivia question. I am not real well versed in late 30's automobiles. The big black State sedan, was that auto a large series Buick? Al
  4. Yes, that's why I questioned all the left hand steering Model A Ford's. But then it was suggested that it was filmed in Hawaii. That answered the left hand right hand issue. I would like to see where a current remake could go with the story line. Al
  5. Hmmmm, I guess my thoughts on all the trucks being Left hand drive was addressed if Thorn Birds was filmed in Hawaii and not Oz. Al
  6. Or messing around with people's emotions and no one can possibly ever find happiness.....wrong. the Fiat certainly looks similar but the top assembly may have been changed. I noticed that most of the utility vehicles were all left hand drive Model A Ford's. I would have thought Oz was firm on right hand steering?
  7. OK, this question is for your Mini Series gurus that are all knowing. "Thorn Birds" stared Richard Chamberlain and is actually a depressing but interesting OLD mini series. Its one of those series where you just keep saying...."awww come on". No body ever gets anything close to what they want but tears and unhappiness. Now for the auto trivia. In the first two or three episodes "Frank" the Priest (Richard Chamberlain) is driving a big red touring car that looks to be early/mid teens and likely US built. What is it? This is your test question for the day! Al PS: Yes I am watchi
  8. alsfarms

    Loco pics

    It appears that at Big Island Pond, it is cold enough that your trees are not quite out in leaf yet. It looks like a very pretty area. Is the Whitney shore line home still standing or has it been replaced? What river is this lake tied to? Al
  9. alsfarms

    Loco pics

    hmmm, If anyone is close to that area, would it be possible to share a current photograph of the same location? Thanks, Al
  10. Nice project. What project are you looking for next? Al
  11. alsfarms

    Loco pics

    Do you know the location of this photograph? Al
  12. Hello Don, Do you have any additional parts for the 1914 Cad.? How much are you wanting for these pieces? Al
  13. I am looking for several pieces of sidemount gate type shifter pieces that I can use to build a set from. Check out your spares and drop me a note if you have anything. Pictures are good Al
  14. alsfarms

    Loco pics

    Nice pictures of an important early steam developer. Al
  15. I have heard from a gentleman that has good additional information regarding the Riker Radio truck, shown above, and hope to hear/see some of his comments here. Al
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