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  1. That Kissel is one heck of a nice product. It is sad that not more of these survived for us to enjoy. Al
  2. Hello Harm, I used this "Reed" material on a 1912 Model T Ford Tourabout body project. I could get it to fit nicely and was able to tack it in place but was not overly impressed with the finished product. I could never get the finish to hold like it should, and I played with it a bunch. This is just my 2 cents thought..... (maybe it was the quality of the material that I could find at the time....I don't know). Al
  3. Hello Dale, The body brackets, I need, are the ones that are on the bottom of the body and bolt to the brackets that you speak of above. If you have any of the brackets that are rounded, not with the corners clipped, let me know. Thanks for your response. Al
  4. Ok Gary....... You are now the talk of the net with your new rebuilt Pres. engine in place and ready for the dressing. Body is mostly complete. You should surely have your steam built up to finish this Indy Race car! Al
  5. Hello Harm, I am getting "in the mood" for radiator building. So...I revisited page one of this blog and read again of your radiator building project. Would you please put a tape to the copper return bends, you used, and let me know what the center to center measurement is Also, what were the size of the .02 copper sheets that you used to form your fins from? You are correct in your statement that copper sheet is a tad expensive...but doable. I am considering whether to use belled return bends or straight return bends with couplers to connect the tubing to the return bends. One advantage to doing as you have done is you reduce the number of sweated joints by one half. Your response is appreciated if you have the time to revisit this older subject. Al
  6. Joe, You are just like wine and cheese....getting better with age! 🙂 Al
  7. I like your creative use of get the job done! Can't help but notice the glass helper in the picture. I keep one of those "tools" close at hand also! Al
  8. Hello Harm, It looks like Mike has a perfect suggestion for the beading you need. Al
  9. Do you know what year the above limo is? Al
  10. Good work. You are getting to the point of seeing the near end and a running car. Al
  11. Hello Harm, Nice work! I do like the structural strength of your corners. Have you made up your steel support braces for various locations on your body? I am anxious to see how you devise your locating pins and what the mounts will look like. I am certainly making some mental notes for my own future purposes. Al
  12. Gary, Nice work for both your and Wray. It is a blessing to have a skilled fellow leading your progress in such a way that you are ending up with a very nice, smooth and correctly proportioned duplicate of a Studebaker Indy race car. You certainly are giving us all something to dream/daydream about! Al
  13. Mike, thanks for sharing your bushing process. Yup, not always do things turn out just as we would like! You are on the very edge of success however! Hang in there, the sun is going to shine tomorrow. Al
  14. Hello Steve, Roger has, in the past, provided some valuable help but I heard the same news regarding him, sadly. If someone here may know of the whereabouts of the 1903 Cleveland that Roger owned, share some current information here as a help to Harm and his project. Al