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  1. I need, preferable a side mount brass fuel tank pressure pump for a 1909 automobile. I will consider others, restored or unrestored. What have you got back in the garage that is extra to you. Al
  2. alsfarms

    Looking for ALF or simular speedster project

    Hello, Have you come across your next suitable speedster project of your liking? Al
  3. Good question. I am only familiar with the older Locomobiles and will scrounge through my literature and see if I can see anything. Owners of later Locomobiles chime in with your relevant information. Good luck on your project. Al
  4. alsfarms

    24 Hupmobile speedster

    Don, we all need to have and enjoy our own vision and workmanship, good for you! Dave, You could always start your own thread under speedsters and tell more of your story, details on your Paige and share a few more pictures. You have a nive car! Al
  5. alsfarms

    1913 Mercer Gas Cap

    PM sent
  6. alsfarms

    1933 Stude

    On the bright side, if you are building a 1933 Stude 6 and need parts for your coupe of convertible, I would certainly take a serious look at this donor car . Not one word says that the price is not negotiable.
  7. alsfarms

    24 Hupmobile speedster

    Share some specifications from the proposed Hupmobile car and a few pictures. Al
  8. alsfarms

    Franklin Speedster Build

    Have you had anymore activity with your Franklin Speedster? What is the windshield assembly you have used on the car? Al
  9. alsfarms

    Lavigne 6 drip Oiler

    Here, like even EBAY, the current price/value is what you sell it for. Anything else is just your perception of value. I think you are wise, set your first price then you show you are willing to negotiate to make a sell, not hoard parts. (I wish more were like you).
  10. alsfarms

    Locomobile crankcase, crank and parts

    I am looking for a 48 type, year is not critical. Thanks for the reply.
  11. I am looking for an incomplete Locomobile 6 cylinder engine, or crankcase, crank , oil pan or other misc. pieces. If you have any left overs, drop me a note. Al
  12. I am looking for a Locomobile crankcase, crank, pan and other basic engine parts. If you have any left-overs or know of someone that does, please drop a note. Al
  13. alsfarms

    Locomobile Parts Department "Wanted"

    Does anyone on this forum know of a partial 4 or 6 cylinder Locomobile engine? I could use a crankcase, crankshaft, oil pan and other related items. Al
  14. alsfarms

    Locomobile 25" Firestone Rims Wanted

    Hello John, Could you add a couple of nice close-up pictures of the 25" Firestone rim you have posted here. Please get a good quality picture of the outer bead ring and lock ring area as it fits against the tire and also a similar picture of the opposite back side bead area of the rim and tire. Al