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  1. Here is a nice picture of a Locomobile 48 Gunboat Roadster. How many of this style still exist? Al
  2. I lacked a tail light bracket and noticed this one that was available from another collector. I completed a deal and now have what I lacked. I am impressed in that this bracket is the same design and will match my side lamp brackets perfectly. Here it is. Al
  3. Thanks Andrew. I will continue to share these fun and historical pictures on this forum. Do you know where these pictures originated and why they all have a written dialog with them? Were they originally some form of publicity sent to dealers? Al
  4. Update on the new casting project, pictured above, that has been in place for a while. These new parts are one, The Locomobile Trade Mark" tag; two the serial number tag, and three is the narrow Locomobile script threshold plate. The update is this, these parts will be available for those who have them on order in a week. I did order some extra pieces so if you have a need, drop me a PM. Al
  5. Al, The pictures didn't load for me? I wonder whats up? Al
  6. Nice picture of another Old Work Horse laying asleep waiting for the next wake up call, (parts and restoration). Al
  7. Riker Picture 5 (state of the art WW1 Portable Field Kitchen)
  8. Hello Harm, Some do not like asparagus at all and some of us consider it a blessing. It grows native and wild here in the mountain west of the US. I must admit, later in the season it gets a bit annoying to walk down a ditch or canal bank and am required to climb through a maze of 4' tall asparagus that has gone to seed.....but I put up with it! I am also interested to learn what you can about your mystery carburetor. Regards, Al
  9. Riker Picture 4 (while not exactly Riker, this picture shows 5 of 10 Locomobile Limo's. bought for War time use by the US government and likely shipped with RIker Trucks, looks like only the best).
  10. John, I re-read your posting dated 4-4-18. Do you have a good taillight bracket pattern or casting? Al
  11. Hello John, I am not sure that thresholds were a tightly controlled and released item per model or year. What are the dimensions of this piece you have? Could you post a picture of the back side of your piece? Are you lucky enough to have a pair of these? You may find a few other Locomobile owners who would potentially share in a project to get them reproduced. I have several sets of the smaller threshold I have spoken for. The replicated thresholds and other pieces should be just about ready to ship. Al
  12. Good work Gary. You may be nearly ready to have a test run to shake out some of the bugs soon. Al
  13. Here is a clip that shows the 300 hp Fiat Beast of Turin running. This clip does make the hair stand up on the back of your head to think of what this car represents and when it was built and run! This is the ultimate SPEEDSTER/RACER. I bet it was a brute to handle! Al