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  1. I am in need of a dash mount hand pressure pump suitable to install in a 1925 Locomobile 48. This pump is a typical hand pump that mounts to the dash board with four bolts. See the attached pictures. Al
  2. Does anyone here have a spare pressure pump to fit in the dash of the 1925 Locomobile project. Attached is a picture. It does mount with four screws through a flange. Al
  3. Hello James, I tried a phone call to you but it must have been a real bad connection. I will try again and hope for a better connection. When is good? Al
  4. Mike, I will dig around and see what I have for sure, then let you know. Al
  5. Hello Larry, I assume that you are after. Firestone rim parts? Al
  6. Hello Mike, I do not have wheels, but I may have a set of Firestone rims sized for a 36x 6 tire. Al
  7. I am looking for a set of 6 flat bottom 25" Firestone two ring rims. I think these are called demountable but not detachable. What have you got? Al
  8. Hello Mike, Do you need desire wood wheels or cast wheels. Pneumatic or hard rubber rims? Al
  9. Hello John, Is the clutch you are looking for a typical Helleshaw design? The same as Stutz and several others makes used? If the answer is "yes", I can help you out. Al
  10. Yes.....😁 "Outstanding" in the hot summer sun to get this assembly apart! I am winning so far! Al
  11. Side note... It is just to hot to work in my shop with no AC this time of year so I am outside!
  12. Last for today, I lightly applied some heat to the attaching pins on the spark and throttle levers. A bit of heat for a couple of days and those pins should tap right out. More on that in a couple of days. I am hoping to have the steering wheel off and ready to send out for a new rim to be installed soon. ( And other pieces ready to go to the foundry for duplication ). Al
  13. With this good luck, I decided to dig deeper and see if the quadrant arm retaining screw would also come out with a bit of persuasion from the heat wrench.....yes it did.
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