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  1. Hello Mike, Kevin has a nice car. Have you considered have a pair of new rods build? Al
  2. Is anyone currently under way on a restoration of a Sear or Holsman? If so please drop me a PM as I am in need of a few related parts. Maybe you can help a project out. Al
  3. That is a bunch of steel to haul but it is an opportunity...... Al
  4. Is anyone currently restoring a Sear or Holsman? Al
  5. Hello Jerry, That is one nice Locomobile! I have a pair of the same type headlamps that need a car to put them on. Do you have any mechanical pieces under the bench? Oh yes, though this is a Locomobile forum, your red Auburn is a very pretty and sporty car! The Auburn was a fine addition to the Idaho Glidden tour.
  6. Joe, Another good aspect of your Mitchell done or mostly! Your great grand dad sure had a creative side to him! Al
  7. Mike , The hood is turning out nice. I can see the "HEAT" on you to get the mechanics done so you can run and enjoy this prize! Al
  8. Thanks for posting the picture. That is a nice looking car. I am not real familiar with Lozier or Chandler, but I can see some kinship between the cars with the shape of the radiator. How similar is the engine between the two automobiles? Al
  9. That is a nice sketch. I may be missing something, why does the pilot look to run on White gas or Coleman fuel, kerosene and the burner appears to run on gasoline? Al
  10. Hello mike, Considering how the V-twin shares a common rod journal, it stands to reason that the leverage point would be different for the secondary rod has the connecting point will push the rod further into the cylinder. Thus a shorter rod to compensate for4 that difference. The V-twin design has that unmistakable sound due to the firing order being hit hit, miss miss. Al
  11. Hello Ben.... If only it were that easy. ........ Al
  12. Hello Joe, One of these days I need to invest in a surface grinder! The lifters can now be put to bed while you get on with other aspects of the Mitchell resurrection. Al
  13. I am perplexed by the different compression height of the rod assemblies. Something sounds amiss to me. More Sherlock Holmes....... Al