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  1. How about sharing a picture of two of the car and of the engine? Al
  2. Does anyone have original literature that gives a good listing of part numbers for the early Locomobile 4 cylinder automobiles? Al
  3. What became of the Peerless speedster that resided in SLC for some tome and was touted as a Green Dragon?
  4. It appears that the above shown Riker, located in California, has slipped into obscurity. If anyone can add any information please share. I know I will be looking for a right hand steering gear to refit into this future project. If you have or know of such a steering gear, drop a note. I am partial to Jacox for the steering gear. Al
  5. Yes... and so did the large series Nash and some of the Franklin automobiles. Al
  6. Does any one have any spare later teens and 20's Locomobile 48 cast aluminum valve stem covers? I need three, would sooner use the original items before I go the recasting route. The covers I need are shown on the side of this Riker (Locomobile) engine when at the factory. Al
  7. It looks like the leverage would be a bit better mounted outside the frame rails?
  8. Good explanation of "whats - what" Al
  9. The unit almost looks like a utility oriented vehicle. I wouldn't turn it down...however. Al
  10. aahhh those were the days! These pictures were taken before I was even born and are now antiques. Wonder what that makes me? Al
  11. Andrew Riker must have been a very powerful engineer at Locomobile for sure. Al
  12. The hub caps look to small to even be a Buffalo #4, but it could jsut be the perspective of the picture. I have Houk #4 wheels on a 1923 Dodge and the look larger also. Al
  13. By the way.... I certainly approve of the "black wall" tires on the Locomobile custom shown above! Al
  14. I am no expert on this particular Locomobile, but, if I were a betting man...I would say yes it is the same. Now do you have back information on the setting of this picture? Location and what was the event? I wonder what the automobile is just to the right of the Locomobile left front fender? I would also surmise that if this picture was taken in 1948, many of hte automobile seen in this picture are likely still in original dress, maybe "fixed up" as needed but not restored. Nice picture.... Thanks for posting! Al
  15. hmmmm...... I have heard of several nice Locomobile automobiles that have changed hands without going to auction, as of late. It looks like "word of mouth" is still a very active sells medium. Maybe also the squeaky wheel gets the grease idea. If I knew of a "Locomobile" that I had an interest in, I would stay in contact with the owner and maybe eventually I would be give an opportunity to purchase. Al
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