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  1. Hello Pfeil, I do not remember that much about the original version of this Series as far as characters and who relates to who and etc. I guess I nee dot set down and have a movie marathon and watch all the original episodes. The episode three single car bridge scene is, in my mind, a Riley, per the shape of the radiator shell. I would three Alvis and the radiator shell is very different. The picture is of a post war TA-14 Carbodies DHC Alvis. Lastly, these new episodes are certainly "cleaner" from a Veterinaries perspective. Al
  2. I am curious, If I were living in 1925 and wanted to purchase an enclosed RR of either flavor, Ghost or P1, what could I expect to pay in 1925 dollars? Then what would that 1925 cost be if adjusted to 2021 dollars? Al
  3. Hello Harm, This is certainly proof and evidence that we can do work of restoration if we put down some effort. I had new babbit installed on the bottom end of an 8 cylinder Marmon several years ago. The job done professionally was OK, nearly marginal and I was surprised that the shop didn't re-pour one of the bearings. One bearing had what looked like bubble holes in the babbit. What would cause that? Too hot or moisture? Al
  4. Episode three of the new "All Creatures Large and Small" reboot was fun and entertaining. First the automobile question. When James met the fellow on the one way bridge, (it was who he thought was involved romantically with the gal his is a bit smitten with). What model is the Riley saloon he was driving. The plot thickens when the black horse has to be put down. This was a good story line and great character development. Last....it seems each episode has James checking out the hind end of a creature and never seems soiled in the process. 🙂 Al
  5. Harm, Keep feeding us a daily dose of interesting information about pouring bearings. I thought that process was above my skill set. I am rethinking that thought. Regards, Alan
  6. Harm, You are certainly a well rounded hobbiest with a good skill set. I am anxious to see your pour process. Al
  7. I am enjoying this series just for the same of enjoying and getting to see some typical early British automobiles is even better. I have been around the rectal examinations for dairy cows many times and just smile when James gets his arm out and he is actually clean..... 🙂 not in the real world that I know! Charming none the less. The poor woman sure didn't want to loose her pet Jersey! Al
  8. OK for those who know British automobile and have watched the new reboot second episode. I have a question for you. In the scene where the little Austin sedan is being purchased, what is the small red delivery car in the background? Al
  9. I am very happy for you locating an original cap to top off your original radiator. Al
  10. Hello Harm, I absolutely know that you would come up with a remedy to modify the shells in preparation for the babbit process. I may have missed something, what base material did you make your shells from? Also, I must have been asleep, I see both main bearing shell sets and also the rod shells, that is the solid bearing tube to be used for? Keep up the good work! Al
  11. Hello Walt, Some of these projects grind along at a slow pace for sure! If you would share a picture of your new-old Locomobile Radiator cap. Does it have provision for a moto-meter? Al
  12. Hugh, With patience you will get there! Al
  13. When you get done, you will have a nice shifting and clutching Overland for sure. You are addressing all the small deficiencies and by doing so the end result will not be a compromise. Al
  14. Looks like for a mere $5000. is can be yours, plus freight.
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