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  1. Good Morning Joe, I have been right past the Bridgeport works a few years back. You are certainly in a beautiful area. Bridgeport has rather ran its course and appears rather "weathered" in modern times, (to bad). If I could turn the clock back, it would be nice to visit the Bridgeport factory, Buffalo factory and Trenton factory of a few of the makes that I certainly admire during the Hay Day of early automobile development. My current project is getting close to surviving into the next generation. Enjoy the traffic, I don't! Al
  2. Hello Stakeside, Thanks for your posting. The BB-1 series carburetor that I am dealing with a 289 SD. I understand that this particular series carburetor has the largest through-put and is good for engines around 300 CID. I have picked up a rebuild kit for it already and am ready to clean, break down, and rebuild. The kit I have has the improved "Daytona" style needle and seat. Does anyone have experience with that needle and seat design? What should I watch for as I open up the carburetor? Any practical information is greatly appreciated. Al
  3. Hello Mike, Now that you suggest the proper way to stack the bows....hmmmm. I know a trimmer who frequents the AACA forums. He is real good with tops/ If you are not in a big hurry, I will ask him and see what he suggests. Now for my thoughts, which are only worth about 2 cents. I don't think they should be stacked on top of each other and in perfect line. This is my reasoning, each bow/hoop will have a certain amount of material wrapped around it. That material will make bulk and make the stack taller if the hoops are in perfect alignment. If they are staggered just a bit, the stack will not be as tall. I will chat with the trimmer and ask him to come over and make a personal posting on your thread. Regards, Al
  4. I thought I would share a few pictures from the original Locomobile Service and Owners handbook shown above. This picture shows the layout of the Locomobile Chassis with all the lubrication points. Al
  5. Hello Mike, What is the latest progress on your Cleveland project? Have you been able to gather enough pieces to have a complete project? What is the engine looking like? Did it suffer any catastrophic failures in the past? Regards, Al (Utah)
  6. Nice car Steve! I am envious of your very original automobile. Could you take a few close-up pictures of the windshield pivot points so I can use them as a guide as I rebuild my Roadster project? Thanks, Al
  7. Mike, Shaving the head is sure a very real possibility. I am wondering if the Spitfire head may have a better combustion chamber. I have never had a Spitfire head in hand to compare. Al
  8. Here is a side note. I read on the automobile wanted area, close to the top of the AACA forums, A fellow, Mercer09. is looking for an early 40 plus hp chassis. If any of you here are looking to sell a project or one of your projects, this may be an opportunity for you to move along...... Al
  9. Even with true blue engineers, a bunch of testing is ALWAYS part of the process. Good for you. Al
  10. Here is another view from original literature of the fuel pressure regulator. Al
  11. I would like to source another of these fuel pressure regulators. Have you got a spare or know of one? Al
  12. Yup another couple of good days progress for you. The filter assembly looks nice and so does the pump. Like, I am not sure slow speed and centrifugal force may not be enough to keep you pump pumping. Al
  13. Hello Mike, The Locomobile used a "T' bolt similar to a wooden wheel, wood fello retaining "T" bolt to anchor the fello to the rim. The same idea to mount the wood bow to the folding irons. I am sure the "T" bolt design was to minimize the side flex on that connection that would or could end up splitting the wood bow. The "T" bolt would be formed around the wood bow to put the squeeze on the bow when the retaining bolt is tightened down. What are you going to do for your rear window? Al
  14. Hello Dave, Do you happen to have a Screenside bottom seat frame? If so could you take a good picture that will show me the details that I would need to keep in place if I modify a touring seat base. If anyone else could take a picture of the seat base it would be very helpful. Al