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  1. Thanks again Tinindian. I found out that it was a fuel problem. It just did not act like it. It ran perfect for maybe 10min. Then it just cut right off. I found that it didnt get fuel enough from fuel tank. Dirt in fuel tank stopped fuel supply in a very sudden way. Anyway , now it runs great at all times :-)
  2. Hi I put a brand new Zenith carb on my 1931 coupe. The engine runs perfect for some time before it suddenly cuts of. If anyone has any idea for troubleshooting I would be greatefull. Thanks
  3. Tinindian. I tried to make the spring today. Out of a spring in a starter solenoid. But it did't turn out the way I hoped. So I bougt a spring to a Chevy to night. It will take a week or so til I get it, since it has to come from your side of the sea :-) When I get, I will see how it fit, and get back to you.
  4. Thank you Tinindian. My new segment has been tested and works just fine. Sorry to tell you that I dont have the spring. That was my next question. I dont even know where it should be sitting. If I can find out the messurment of the spring I sure will get back to you.
  5. Sorry. Now I realised how old this post was. But, if you are still her. Did you buy this car?
  6. The car is a serie 60. If it has a inline 6, then its a 66. If it had inline 8, then its a 68. I myself has a serie 96 coupe. My father has a 68 convertible and a 66 coupe. Nice cars. Good luck buying.
  7. Here are two pictures of my coupe. Thank you for your help and interest.
  8. Thank you for your reply. I have the pawl on the lever (handle). I need the toothed part, probably mounted on the transmission.
  9. Hi. I´m new to this forum to day. I am in need for the tooth disc on the emergency/ park brake handle on my 1931 Pontiac Coupe. If anyone have one to sell me? If not, I was hoping someone maybe could take a picture. I cant find any picture on the internet. If I had a picture, maybe I could make it myself. Thanks to any suggestions :-)
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