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  1. Can you post some more pictures of it before you get started?
  2. ^^ this... I've gotten my feet wet enough in machine work to know it is even harder than he makes it look.
  3. Unfortunately I believe your experience is going to become (if it hasn't already) the norm. It is very difficult to find people with a passion for their work and willing to do things right unless that work pays a significant amount... and even then it is sometime lacking. Doing some right only for the sake of it being right is a foreign concept these days. I've preached this to my three kids since day one and, thankfully, they have taken it to heart.
  4. Looks great, congrats on a major milestone!!!
  5. My apologies if you mentioned this earlier... did the casting for the center cam bearing break and that's the reason for your support? Looks like a nice solution to the problem if that's what it is.
  6. Do you have a feed rate on your mill for a 3 hour cut or did you have to advance that manually? Probably a silly question but now that I have a mill that I'll hopefully be using this year, just about any post with a mill in it catches my curiosity.
  7. Wonderful car, thanks for sharing with us! I've found that most every "strange" decision made perfect sense at the time it was made.
  8. Thanks! As I mentioned I read about this technique on the Caswell forum and the guy that did it has a website with all the instructions. However, one of the things I decided to do differently was drill holes in the bowl rather than use a soldering iron. After 6 attempts (including 4 ruined bowls) I decided to use the soldering iron. I was trying to avoid the fumes and mess but the bowl is "microwave safe" and is thus made out of something that doesn't really stink when melted and had some wonderful clumping like properties when melted. It appears the guy's site is down right now, when it is back up I'll edit this post and add a link.
  9. It is zinc with a clear chromate (which give it a little blue color).
  10. Thanks! I did make the term up so that might be why it doesn't sound familiar. It is a barrel plating system but made with a bowl instead of a barrel... I melted holes in the bowl with a large soldering iron. Having a full barrel would have taken up a lot of room and thus a lot of plating solution. I got the idea from a poster in the Caswell plating forum. I modified it slightly but it is pretty much the same.
  11. I got the semi-barrel plater done and it worked pretty well. I need to work on the dangler as it spent too much time plating itself (and creating general electrolytic havoc) instead of maintaining contact with the parts to be plated. I have some ideas and I think this will be pretty easy to fix. I also want to look at increasing the rotation speed. The bbq rotisserie motor I got doesn't have a speed control and it goes really slow. The parts tend to stick together and make their way to near the top before gravity takes over and they fall to the bottom. I need to get a little more tumble action. All that said, I put 25 nuts/bolts in there and 40 minutes later had a nice plate. I still have to clean each one before plating and they need a quick touch-up on a soft wire wheel after to get the nice shine, but that's a heck of a lots less work than wiring each one not too mention I could only plate 5 things at a time before.
  12. If you could bottle and sell your patience you'd be a very, very rich man.
  13. Been there, done that. I was innocently removing some paint from the framework and some "overspray" from the blaster stretched the sheet metal... had to get a new hood.
  14. Thank John, I hope PT goes well for your wife. Today has been remarkably better than yesterday and I actually got a nice sleep last night. I'm feeling very optimistic.
  15. Shoulder might be a little better. I'll start some physical therapy this weekend and see how it goes. In the meantime I've been doing some plating. I've decided to look at building a barrel plater to speed up the process. I've got a lot of nuts/washers and bolts to do. I'll still have to clean each individual one but at least I will not have to individually wire them... at least that's the hope.