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  1. Wow that looks like a lot of work, glad that tool is working out for you! That really doesn't look like much fun.
  2. That's very good advice, though Phil has completely disassembled multiple cars and fully restored them. So while absolutely spot on advice for 99% of those reading the post... Phil is in that 1%. I also wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't already put those things back together and/or is waiting on parts/tools/fluids to do so.
  3. That really looks good. There's just something wonderful about seeing you make those parts to get that "parts car" back on the road. I know the Mitchell must be happy as it HAD to think it was headed to the scrap yard. I can't wait to get back on the Metz and start making some parts myself! I got some good news today... the gentleman that sold me the L-W Chuck Co Universal dividing head did managed to find the other two index plates. With this setup I should be able to make a lot of gears and parts, I'm pretty excited! It is a huge tool but it does fit on my horizontal mill table.
  4. Wow, I love it!! Can't wait to hear more about it as you get it road worthy and take it about! I bet it is glad it ended up in your care, should get fixed up in no time.
  5. After Brexit and they break off from Europe, maybe the ocean currents will carry them closer to the US. That's how it works, right?
  6. Wow... that's a great job without a table saw, thickness planar, jointer, shaper and/or router table. Impressive. I would have cut something belonging to me if I had attempted it that way.
  7. Better progress today. When I got the replacement door from the junkyard the window was down and it was taped over with clear plastic. I assumed that the window mechanism was probably broken. As it turns out only the motor was broken and I was able to swap the 20 year old mechanism for the brand new one and it worked great. Very obvious difference in the gauge of the material as well as the depth of the stamp. With the window working I was able to get the rest of the door (and there is fair amount of stuff in there) done and buttoned up. I happy with how it turned out and with a new pinstripe it should look perfect. While it did take me forever to get the door painted, I'm very happy that the finish is flawless. I'm also impressed that the color matches as well as it does. I'll probably buff the whole car this weekend and I'll need to figure out something to do with the right front fender but that'll be another day. This detour, finally, is coming to an end!
  8. Thanks guys, I thought you guys would find humor in the fact that no matter the scale, no matter the age, all these same problems keep cropping up.
  9. I've been putting the door back on the car for 3 days now. I had a devil of a time with the door latch mechanism. It would work correctly out of the door and mostly work in the door, but when everything was buttoned up and the handle attached... it failed to open the door. It took me nearly 4 hours to find that part of the release mechanism the the handle used was adjustable and the bolt had wiggle its way loose so it was moving a little back and forth (in the adjustment range) instead of opening the door. It seemed the slight additional pressure in the door caused it to slide to one limit of its adjustment. At that limit it was too far away to have enough travel to open the door. Each time I was taking the mechanism back out (and that procedure isn't that quick) it was sliding back to the other extreme and the would function fine. Once though that hurdle I thought it would be pretty much all downhill from there. In a way... it was. Downhill to disaster. The window lift mechanism broke. This mechanism broke about 2 months ago and I replaced it so it is brand new and a Mercedes replacement part. Unfortunately one of the arms has bent so it doesn't raise evenly. The arm is stamped out of sketchy thin sheet metal. The old mechanism was a much heavier gauge. I pretty steamed at this point. I've taken the mechanism on and off 4 times and it goes on with 6 rivets so each time it means using a cold chisel to shear them off, remove, tweak, replace and new rivets. I'm headed to the junkyard tomorrow to see if I can find an older mechanism that a POS. The second day was spent painting the door handle because OF COURSE it had a big scratch on it that didn't show up in the pictures so I didn't know I needed it when painting the door (the car lives 30 miles away so it wasn't available for inspection before I started). One final note of misery, Mercedes no longer carries the pinstripe for the car. I might find one to match but I probably will have to take the pinstripes off and then put new ones on. Might as well buff the whole car at that time right?? Oh yeah, there's a rust spot on the right side fender so maybe I should take that off and paint it. There's a lot of paint chips as well so maybe I'll just strip the whole car down and paint it. The check engine light it on as well so I probably should rebuild the engine. I guess since it is a 1998 it is an antique because IT SURE IS BEHAVING LIKE ONE.!!!! Touch one thing and next thing you know it is a frame off restoration.
  10. When I look at the photo I see wisdom and patience... neither of which surprises me.
  11. Trouble to disaster sounds about right for any restoration... at least the ones I do.
  12. edinmass: I read your comment to say "Six or eight months after it’s done, all will be forgotten. Then you can enjoy being back with your family." So just six or eight months of work and you'll be fine Matt.
  13. I've always wondered about that. I wondered a little that it might be a copyright/trademark issue but I think that's a little unlikely. Glad you found something that worked... that always helps progress. Looking good!!