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  1. Wowzer... the red Dykem on the boring bar sure looked like blood when I first glanced at it!!! Great work on the pump, I love being able to live vicariously through your work while I'm on the road and otherwise away from the shop.
  2. Well Chris at least you're making progress even if everyone around you stands still... I wish you were in my area and you could use my machine shop guy and I could help you with the engine. We could have gotten that thing done in a week or two. Great progress!
  3. So another "no" update... the house work is mostly done and while I'm clear to get back on the MG... I'm now out of town for most of June. That's the bad news, the good news is that I'm with my son as he plays in his last few big junior golf tournament before heading off to college next year. We're having a great time and, as he the last one out of the nest, I fully realize that there will never be another time like this so I'm throughly enjoying it. I miss the MG and I miss you guys but I'll be back in 3 weeks.
  4. I think we got your 100 degree heat Wonderful job on the tractor!
  5. I like the copper spoon trick.. care to share some more details?
  6. Stopping is one of the best lessons. The number of times I wished I had stopped probably equals the number of screw-ups You progress is steady and inspiring. I long to get back in the shop but seeing your journey does take away some of the disappointment of not being in the shop. I keep thinking I'm close and then something else comes up. Such is life!
  7. Wow... a month has gone by! I'm close to getting the house ready for summer and will be back on the MG pretty soon. I need to replace all our shutters (we've got the real shutters that swing out from the house on hinges) and once that's done then I'll be back in the shop.
  8. George, note that Wayne left his email address in his post.
  9. Wow, that looks great and gives me an idea for a piece on the Metz that I wasn't sure how to do.
  10. That sounds really frustrating. Wish I could help.
  11. Looks like they were designed by a Matt... but a Matt Kline. Maybe that's why they are similar? The plans are available from Red Wing Steel Works for the nice price of free. Along with a body roller/lift and trailer.
  12. I'm doing the same. I thought it would be a week or so, looks like it will be most of Spring. Ah well, it'll happen.
  13. Well done! Do you have an estimate of how long it took you and how much money you spent on the materials?