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  1. My L-W Chuck Co dividing copied a lot from the Brown & Sharpe design. Looks like your's is built to run from left side of the table. I think that was typical for the universal horizontal mills so they could cut helical gears and such. Mine is a bit bigger and a bit heavier and you're correct, it is a real chore to move around.
  2. In comparison to the engine rebuild(s) that'll be pretty darn quick, eh?
  3. hey hey hey!! look at that! Looks like a trunk floor. Great job man, you'll be done in no time.
  4. Veneer work went a lot smoother. They say the these burls really come alive once they are finished. If that's the case then the burl I have is going to be something special because it looks good raw. One cool aspect of how the MG TD dash is put together is that they have a chrome band that goes all the way around including around the glove box opening and door. It is a bit pricey at $300 but it looks good. In the last picture you can see two pieces that I have test fit. The center section is a spare and the original one I sent off to have chromed.
  5. Passenger's door was going absolutely perfect right up to the point where it became a disaster. It seems that I just didn't get enough base on the bottom edge. I was having some trouble getting down there to shoot and I just flat out missed a spot. I tried to blend some base in but it wrinkled. A trick is to shoot some clear over the area and try the base again but it still wrinkled. Unfortunately this door will need to be sanded back down, shot in epoxy sealer, base and the clear. It is unfortunate but that's the reality of learning on the job and having zero tolerance for mistakes. I
  6. Outstanding work Chris, diving in head first is the way to do it!! I might have mentioned that one trick is to assume that your patch is going to be wrong... and thus make it out of something thin or aluminum so that it's an easy practice run. Once you like the shape and the procedure you invented to get it... you can switch to the correct material. Great eye finding things like paver bricks. Once you get in that frame of mind there will be things everywhere willing to jump in and help you make a shape!!
  7. @ply33 thanks for the translation Wing is certainly more representative for what is on the front of the MG. Driver's door is done. I'm happy with how it looks and I think it is probably as close to perfect as I can get for now. It still isn't a perfect mirror finish as there are some distortions from what looks like a low frequency wave more than orange peel. I think it is possible this is in the base as I'm certain the clear was sanded dead flat. The base looked great when I put it on and I don't think I could shoot it any flatter but maybe these stronger glasses will re
  8. Got the scuttle reshot and the doors finished. Still need to wet sand, cut and buff the doors. After that I will most likely start on the dash. Once that is complete I should be able to get the car properly assembled sans hood and fenders. Once complete I can drive it out and park it in the main garage and then have the whole shop area to do the fenders, hood, gas tanks and misc. I will likely be wet sanding the tub again as I realized that my glasses were not quite strong enough and I missed some textured areas along with some scratches. My normal reading glasses are 1.75 and my shop "
  9. I figured as much... 80% is so close and the end results will be the same anyway.
  10. Wonderful work as always. This is going to be a beautiful car!! When we manage to collapse the United States, can I live with you guys?
  11. I wonder if it is worth getting a TIG welder? Shockingly... I think Harbor Freight's ProTIG welder is actually pretty good. While I've never used one, I've heard (and seen) that they are a go to for thin sheet metal. I've been gas welding which is tough but it doesn't end up the the splatter and lots of stuff to grind off. TIG is the best of both worlds in that the process is like gas welding but you don't have have the constant extra heat.
  12. Last time I used the paint booth which was essentially the first time I used the paint booth, I ran into a bit of a problem in that while most of the air exited out under the garage door and significant amount turned the corner, went back through the shop and then again out the fan. The white air filters I started with ended up becoming green. I had always planned on fixing some sort of connection between the two walls and the garage door but at the time I couldn't really see a good solution. This time around I added to extension "wings" to the last wall panel on each side along with an add
  13. Mick, Yes, I too have read about the no glue dictum. I haven't done that much research but I do know that the glues I use are flexible to an extent. I can tell that the MG was glued and I do believe that they intended for the wood to allow the flexing, NOT the joint. I do believe that rebuilding a wood frame using today's woodworking technique and materials will provide a frame equal to or superior to original.
  14. Thanks! You are correct that parts of the MG TD are either made from wood or have a partial wood frame. I think originally nothing was done to the wood and it got primer/topcoat if and when the primer/topcoat was sprayed in that area. I believe as a results of this the wood suffered greatly causing rot for it and rust on the sheet metal that wrapped it. In response to that, and being a wood worker myself, I worked with the wood the same way I would for an exterior wood project. After assembly with a waterproof glue, I brushed on a water base sealer (MinWax has one I'm fond of)
  15. Certainly not an issue Mike, all opinions are valued. If the burl turns out to be too busy I can always make another wrapped in vinyl. I think even if I were keeping this car I'd probably go with the burl. When I think of an English car I'm thinking more of the Jaguar that my Dad had and, of course, it had burl everywhere.
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