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  1. I looked up the definition of weld to see if it had a requirement for looking good and my memory was proven correct... it does not. "Weld: join together (metal pieces or parts) by heating the surfaces to the point of melting using a blowtorch, electric arc, or other means, and uniting them by pressing, hammering, etc."
  2. Lapped the valves which was pretty easy since the engine had less than 10 hours on it. Getting the valves back in went smoothly as well. Sat the head on the engine and will button things up next week. Time is still limited but I did make some progress at least.
  3. Finally got some time in the shop! I got the carbs taken apart, cleaned and re-assembled. I ended up using a complete rebuild kit so all the gaskets, washers, jets, needles, etc are new. I might have gotten away with just cleaning everything but the rebuild kit was about $120 and I didn't think it was worth risking. For the cylinder head I decided to take out the intake valves. I'm glad I did because it wasn't good. I don't have a picture to show it, but there was some strange stuff in there. It was more like mold than corrosion but it certainly wasn
  4. Looking forward to see the restoration, thanks for taking the time to share!!
  5. Neither had I. That was a really clever solution.
  6. Doing it right at home takes years unless you're retired and can dedicate the hours needed. I think you've made fantastic progress on the car. A lot of skills have to be learned and mastered and that just takes time, there's no shortcut.
  7. Assuming you do start a build page there, please come back and leave a link here in this post so we can follow along at JalopyJournal. Looks like a fun project, good luck!
  8. So it was with GREAT joy that the moment to drive the MG out of the shop had finally arrived!! I fitted a temporary gas tank, connected the battery and verified all the electrics were correct. I removed the spark plugs and turned the engine over to verify oil pressure and all was well. I put the spark plugs back in, turn the ignition "on" and saw the proper lights appear on the center dash and heard the fuel pump kick in. I also heard the fuel pump not stop. I looked around at the carbs and saw fuel spilling out and onto the shop floor. A simple stuck float I thought. I opened up the to
  9. 11" of snow, lol, the panic that would cause down here in Georgia. We'd be shutdown for 3 weeks.
  10. You guys are all awesome! What a wonderful thing to see coming together. Just awesome!!
  11. So... bad news, good news. The bad news is the cramps came back with a vengeance. I wasn't able to leave the house for nearly a week. The good news though is that finally I think the Dr and I have figured out that the synthetic Thyroid medicine I've been taking was not enough. With that change I've been feeling better and better. I was able to get back out to the shop some and had a blast restoring the little shaper. On the MG I got the generator and coil wired in as well as replaced the tie-rod ends and re-aligned the front end. I'm really feeling good now and it is such a relief. Ther
  12. It is not, Hendey had their own head I believe or they would've used the B&S. Hendeyman would know. The key for the head I have is that it is setup to be driven from the left side of the table. Most of the heads you see around now are driven from the right side. If I ever have to use mine I know this guy up north that is super helpful and will work me through it step by step and if I need something extra he'll either help me make it or make it for me. Great guy to know.
  13. Looks like intermediate gear setup for you dividing head is a good bit different than the L-W Diving head I have. I mine has the two gears in the same plane which is in the same plane as the gear that feed the head. The other end, of course, goes down to the table. Of course I haven't actually hooked mine up and cut gears with it so it might be setup wrong. I kinda hope I never have to find out.
  14. Love the car, love the shop, this looks like a great project to follow. Looking forward to it!!
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