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  1. I would try to repair it first. Find a piece of heavy walled tubing that the filter will slip over, Then reshape the flanges with a hammer to make them round again. I always try to repair first before replace.
  2. You got it James. That's great you will be up and running again.
  3. Fairborn is where my neighbor is from. His son runs the auto repair shop he started there. I do believe it's called Davidson imports.
  4. That color material looks very classy against the black body. Well done, can't wait to see it all finished.
  5. VL2, If you can't find a after market replacement you can try the guy that rebuilt mine. The one I have in the Mercury is a one year produced heater core and none are available. Did a great job and comes with a warranty. He also did my radiator for the car. Worth a shot if you can't find one. Salinas Radiator (831) 424-4140
  6. It's one of those car wraps. It's from the global warming product line. It's called "broken sea ice"
  7. They rebuilt mine and it works great. Cost is very fair.
  8. Around here, red light running seems to be at the top of the chart. I guess riding the white shoulder line isn't as bad as riding the center yellow. Several times I have had some winner just drift over while messing with a phone of course. One day I may be getting a new truck paid by someones insurance carrier.
  9. Does racing fuel that is sold at the gas pump have ethanol? I found a place about 15 miles away from me that carries it. I wonder how the Mercury would run on it?
  10. It's all about the DOLLARS!!!!!!! Unfortunately we the people have to part with more of ours, for everything.
  11. Oh wonderful. Maybe we should just go back a 100 years. Horses are still plentiful.
  12. Thanks guys. Jeff, I saw that it was getting hot out your way and I bet with the humidity it's real toasty. We've been in the mid 80's, but windy. I just wish I was able to take that kind of time on the Mercury and get some progress made on it instead of a tractor, but I guess I can't complain about a free tractor. Just needed a bit of TLC and repair. I'm sure I will be getting some other items as my neighbor down sizes his shop.
  13. Its funny you say that chistech. I had one bevel gear that drives one of the wheels that had some of the tips broken off. I got out the TIG welder and used some hasteolly rod and welded it up. Did some delicate grinding on it and repaired. Saved me another $50. Besides the Chinese steel wasn't that hard so it worked well. It's finally got it all painted, repaired and new shoes. Just have to get some info stickers made and it's ready for work. The front loader is next for a clean up and paint. It's been windy every day around here so it's been hard to work the car let alone to do anything else outside. The weather has been strange this year. Haven't got to 100 yet and last year it was well over 100.
  14. You can also try Bolt Depot