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  1. Congrats on the award Ted. Well deserved for all your hard work on the Olds.
  2. If the pistons are sloppy and there is a lip at the top then the cylinders are worn. Needs to be bored out and bigger rings.
  3. What happened to respecting other peoples things. Look with your eyes and not your hands. The nerve of some people these days. Sad, just sad.
  4. For all you lucky ones that got to go to Hershey this year, did you find what you were looking for? That hard part you could never find? Stuff for your man or woman cave or shop? Meet someone new or an old friend? Share your stories with the rest of us that didn't get the opportunity to go.
  5. I like it. Nice lines. Never saw one.
  6. Good on you Mike. Your lungs will thank you for it. Nice work on the car.
  7. Nice stripe work. Gives enough pop to break up the black and ties in nicely with the ww.
  8. Here's one
  9. Hey Keiser, speaking of Dodge brothers. How's your's coming along? I know you were going to get them rolling again. Thought I would ask.
  10. I think Xander should buy it and make a cool speedster with it. I'm sure he can dream up something vintage with a hint of modern touches.
  11. That's what my neighbor did for me on mine when he rebuilt it.
  12. Do you have some vintage plates to put on it for shows?