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  1. What happened to the guy that painted the Olds?
  2. I posted a CL link in a thread regarding a 1967 Ambassador 4 speed wagon someone was working on. It was also on the For Sale forum in February of 2019. Posted January 27, 2018 Pretty cool. Here is another 4 speed wagon that would be cool to own.
  3. That's the one I'm looking to buy. I will keep my eyes out too and see what I can dig up.
  4. Yes, mine has a noise filter at the voltage regulator also and the bottom had a little hole in the casing. Looked like a blown out compacitor. I did buy one that was for a 65 Mustang and looked similar, but when I hooked it up I still had noise. I'm thinking that this one is worn out too. If you come up with a solution please let me know. I have to replace my antenna also since it has a crack going vertically down the mast.
  5. James, I circled the area on mine where there is a slight raised area on the side panel. That's where they leaded the panels. They are not perfectly flat and smooth. I even have an area behind the rear window with lots of lead and it's not perfectly flat either. I'm just leaving it the way it is. Being the car is a lighter color it's harder to see the imperfections. Did you get any word from them on a noise filter of some sort to cancel out the engine noise over the radio? If you are looking for a replacement speaker it will need to have a small speaker magnet. The bigger cone magnet gets in the way. I can't wait to get it painted too. I'm looking into a portable paint booth so I can get this thing sped up.
  6. Olds is looking good. Sorry you didn't get a chance to do what you really wanted to do.
  7. That body work stuff is just fun times huh? Coming along. Keep at it.
  8. I was thinking the same thing last night while looking at it. I thought, man that roof has more metal than Jeff's whole car. Next one, if there is a next one will be a small car.
  9. Today was a great day. It was not as hot today so this morning I pulled out the old Merc and started to get busy on it. I removed the rear window, sanded the window area, applied seam sealer and was able to get that big piece f sheet metal primed. I'm hoping next weekend I can get it all sanded out and apply a finish coat. Then hopefully a coat of paint and clear. Finally some progress.
  10. Not mine. Just putting it out there.
  11. I wish mine was smaller I can relate to the time consuming thing. That's why they call it body WORK. It will all be worth it in the end.
  12. What color don't you have in your Crosley collection? Nice progress.
  13. Sorry to hear this. Do you have pictures of the trailer that can help identify it? Color?
  14. My opinion would be to chrome the rims and use black wall tires. The black tires will go with the running boards and help break up the tan body color. The chrome rims will go with the other chrome on the car and help break up the tan also. If you had darker fenders and a detail stripe than maybe a WW tire to stand out with a chrome rim. It's a big car with a large field of color that needs to be broken up some. Also a chrome spare side cover may further break up the long tan sides. Just throwing my hat in the ring. Nice looking car be the way.