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  1. Out here a lot of people just use them as an overflow of personal belongings and leave their cars out in the heat all day.
  2. Even better. Ready to go. $17000
  3. Here would be a nice option for $8500
  4. I would find a better option. That one looks like a lot of work and a lot of money. I would find something that does run, does stop, and has all the features that came with the car operable. If it needs a little interior work and cosmetics then you would be able to still drive it, enjoy it and when time permits do the repairs. Rust repair, engine, trans, and suspension work alone will be costly. There are a lot of other stylish cars out there that you would be better off with. Just adding my opinion. Good luck.
  5. If it's an oil based product like Rust-O-leum add a little acetone thinner to thin it and it will help make it flow better. The consistancy of milk. The brush marks you're getting are because the paint is to thick and can't level out.
  6. Now that you found that tid bit of info are you going to stamp it just a little deeper so it shows up even more? Looking good.
  7. I totally forgot about 30DodgePanel being in Phoenix.
  8. Don't give up yet. Is there any auto mechanic trade schools in your area where the car can be taken to and they can do the work as a learning tool? Or a high school that still may have an auto shop. Just a thought.
  9. You could PM r1lark. I do believe his son lives in Phoenix. May be an option.
  10. Thanks for posting the video dei. The narrator is right I don't see any 60 or 61 Sky or Star liners around. There may be one in a blue moon that shows up on CL, but usually shot. I did manage to find a brand new porta garage that I hope to be setting up this weekend so I can get the car in there and start sanding the roof. The weather is suppose to be wet, windy and cool the next few days. The local news said after this storm leaves that the weather will get nice and warm up. Just look at the high temp for Wednesday, it's going to be hot. I guess there is global warming.
  11. This work?
  12. That sounds great. Got some pics? How much land are you talking about?
  13. Nice work! Love it when a plan comes together and the results come out the way you want.