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  1. Not mine, but may be of interest to the Crosley crowd.
  2. Laughing Coyote

    Ford Country Squire

    Here are some out west where it's dry and rust is minimal.
  3. Laughing Coyote

    Shipping/Postage costs

    I do believe you can have them drop shipped to your house by USPS for free. Go to and under shop mail supplies.
  4. How do you even adhere them to the car without getting additional adhesive all over the place?
  5. Laughing Coyote

    Car Vending Machine 7 stories tall in Indiana

    Where is the one located that dispenses Pakards, RR, Auburns, Shelby GTs, and cars we really like? I guess it's still in the works.
  6. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Don't worry Roger. I will be pulling the doors before doing any work on them. The way the hinges mount I can pull the door to the rear of the car to remove them. If I had a big enough shop area where I could do a whole car things would be different. Just doing the best I can with what I got. It will all work out.
  7. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Thanks. The gap was really close. I just had to tug here and push there and tighten bolts down. The fenders had indentations where the bolts were and they lined back up in the same spot. When you look in the paint can it looks tan with a rose tint to it. Then when it goes on it looks tan, and depending on the light it can have a yellow hue to it.
  8. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Thanks for all the comments fellas. The wife and I hung the front fender Monday after lunch and I finished up with adjustments and securing it in place today. Everything lines up nice and has the right gap, and best of all I didn't scratch it. This weekend I hope to paint the other fender so I can do a repeat. Getting a little closer. Part by part.
  9. Sweeeeettt! Looks like you may be getting an early Christmas gift.
  10. Laughing Coyote

    1933 Stude

    Not mine. Thought I would post
  11. Laughing Coyote

    1952 MG TD

    Come on Jeff. You should've just put on a heavier coat. That's how the old timers did it when they drove their Model "T" in the winter. Dang softies now a days. Just kidding you. Looks good and I bet fun too. You will get all the issues figured out and be ready for the next big phase.
  12. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    It was a good day today. I was able to put the cowling on this afternoon. I ran a heater in the paint shop for the day to help it along on curing. You can see how tight it is to mount the cowling if the fender was mounted first. Now if I can get some time tomorrow I will try to install the fender.
  13. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    I put the final prime coat on the wiper cowling yesterday and was able to do a final sand with 1500 today. This afternoon I was even able to paint and clear it. Looks just a nice as the fender. My parts came in the mail too. I'm going to let it sit for a few days and cure up since the weather is cooler and drying times will be reduced some. I'm getting excited to start putting shinny parts back on. I will have more pictures shortly. This coming Friday I will get with the paint store and see what they have for polishing.
  14. Laughing Coyote


    Xander, I thought this was yours For Sale.
  15. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Thanks for the comments John. That's great that you will be working to get your Studebaker back on the road again. Then you can inspire others too by driving it around and enjoying it