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  1. Not mine, Just putting it out there.
  2. I know you've dealt with a lot, a least you have the Skyliner and tons of good memories of your dad. p.s. Matt has a nice blue convertible Corvette for sale that would look nice next to the Skyliner.
  3. Not Mine, but I really like the looks of it.
  4. There is a guy just down the road from me that has a 1970 Monte Carlo just sitting in his front yard. All original. It's been there since we moved out here. That was in 2000. Too bad, straight and body damage. Starting to get the nice surface "patina" on the hood, roof and trunk. And another one just up the street. A 1969 Suburban 2wd. All original. Straight body and no damage. It's been there just as long. Parked next to his house. What a shame.
  5. Very sorry to hear the news of his passing. May he rest in Peace. My condolences to his family.
  6. Thanks John. Glad to be back on it too. I received my shrinking disc today. Looks like I will be giving it a try on Sunday and see what happens. I also have a pretty good selection of other hammers and dollies too.
  7. Soooooooo, your doing two Crosley restorations at the same time. Great! , at least they're small.
  8. FINALLY!!! I got some time and nice weather to work on the Old Merc. Was a great day to get some car therapy in. The temps have been starting out in the low 30's , but warms up nice during the day. I think the folks back east are having better weather than we are lately. I managed to get the bad rust holes cut out and new metal strips put in and had to put a filler strip where the lead fell out at the end of the quarter. Looks like I got all the little pin holes welded up on the trim line also. I'm going to invest in one of those shrinking discs and see if I can get the waves out of the panel. I have lots of high and low spots so I hope it can take them out. And this is the good side. The other side is beat pretty hard. Hopefully I can keep the pace and make good head way this year.
  9. Interesting article. Thought I would post the link.
  10. To bad it's on the back burner and not the front.
  11. I just make my own. Can't afford the real thing. Good enough for the shop.
  12. Here is something Xander may like. I know it's been modified, but not a botch job.
  13. Must be nice. Freezing my butt off in sunny Arizona. Cold, wet, and windy weather for days. One storm after another coming down from California. Going to be 29 tonight. Getting really tired of it. It's suppose to be warm in the desert not an ice box. Thinking of moving to Florida if this keeps up.
  14. Lift the beers with your right arm. Ease the stress on the left. Merry Christmas!