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  1. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Lahti35, Don't give up yet. The warm weather will be coming. I lived in Michigan and Wyoming when I was younger so I had my share of the freezing cold temps. Thanks for the comments. JamesR, I didn't have to replace any of my body panels thank goodness. It's just going to be little patches here and there and knockout dents. Since it's a one year model it's very hard to find fenders, hoods, and trunks. There's no sources I know of making any big repair panels. My bumpers are beat up, but still solid. I'm going to heat up the bad areas and bang out what I can and have the chrome shop do the rest. Just some information for you. I had "Then and Now" make the original style E brake pedal pad from my old worn out one. I wanted the correct one and you can't find one anywhere. He has them for sale if you need one. They also made the special rubber blocks for the front of the rear leaf spring mount.
  2. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    The weather was great today. Sunny and warm. I know you back easter's don't want to hear that. After hanging a new glass shower door for the Mrs. I then was able to work on the car. I painted the black on the front of the fenders. They used a brush on them from the factory, so I used a brush and the same gloss black paint for the radiator core. I guess the reason for the black is so that the slots in the head light housing will show up better and to match the black in the center grill. I then installed the front rock guard, filled the tank with some gas, and took it out for a ride around the block. Still running great.
  3. When the car is already to go and your just waiting on the instrument panel to come back and be installed you're not going to be able to sleep a wink. It's coming along nicely.
  4. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    After two days of it I was starting to wonder. Things will green up nice this spring with all the snow and rain we had.
  5. Laughing Coyote

    28 olds coupe

    Nice one. I'm not up to speed on the older ones, but I'm sure folks here may be jumping in to ask what help you may need.
  6. Laughing Coyote

    Source for cover for Continental Kit

    Repositionable or removable vinyl will be fine. It has a lower tack so if you applied it to a wall it won't pull paint and drywall off when removed.
  7. Laughing Coyote

    Source for cover for Continental Kit

    The magnet material is thin and can be cut with a utility knife and straight edge or tin snips. If you go with just the vinyl and it's the removable type it will be okay on the car. There's lots of different vinyls out there and some stick really well and can be a pain to remove later.
  8. Laughing Coyote

    Source for cover for Continental Kit

    Sign shop usually offer magnet signs too. You could have them put your design on the magnets and just stick them to the car. Pull them off after the event. Once the event is over you can display them on anything metal. Just wipe the area off prior to installing to prevent any scratch issues. Used them on my work truck for years with no issues.
  9. Laughing Coyote

    1961 Mercury Meteor 800 restore

    Well the weather has finally broke to a point where the sun is out and warming up some. We had 6" of snow for the 1st and 2nd day of the new year followed by rain every other day mixed with cold temps. When the weather was somewhat decent I had a ton of work to get done for the business. Since the weather was nicer today I decided to repaint the front rock guard. I had it painted and cleared a while back, but the clear ran bad and I wasn't happy how it came out. I resanded it and got it repainted and cleared and it looks nice like the fenders. Now I'm debating on if I should put the grill and headlight pieces on after I put the rock guard back on. I will be able to mask and cover those pieces when I get ready to do the cut and buff so they won't get damaged and dirty or be in the way.
  10. Laughing Coyote

    My "new" lathe - Input?

    South Bend lathes are nice machines. I would make it a restore project. Once restored you can learn up on how to use it or resell it for more profit. Soak everything with some type of solution to aid in removing rusted bolts and parts. Good luck.
  11. Interesting. It would be a real collector since Sears is out of business.
  12. Just incredible. Still can't believe that it's all hand made from scratch. True talent. Thank you Roger.
  13. Laughing Coyote

    Looking for 1964 Buick Riveria Parts

    Try here for trunk boards
  14. Laughing Coyote

    1956 Cadillac Biarritz: to restore or not?

    Oh, I guess I'm a little behind the ball .