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  1. Oiler site tube mounted on board. Hollow metal tube mounted at 90 degrees to the board. Any ideas on application? Any help is appreciated.
  2. I'm unable to load a photo of a black 1913 Cadillac touring. It is advertised for sale. The body has a similar appearance to the body I listed, including mounting location for lights on the cowl. I appreciate everyone's input as I'm no expert.
  3. Axle is indeed a Metz rear axle
  4. For Sale: Touring car body, similar to photos of 1913 Cadillac. Has door hardware and front top bow attaching bracket. Rust in rear sections. Prefer to sell as one lot. Rochester Minnesota area. $400
  5. Wood framework early car seat base and toe board base. It was with 1913 Cadillac touring body parts, but not sure if it for that car.
  6. That looks like a match. Thank you for the I D.
  7. I am restoring a 1913 Metz 22. All mechanical parts have been repaired and ready to assemble. I found an engine belly pan and seat back in this pile of parts. 2 parts I have been searching for. Also a pair of axles with wire wheels.
  8. I purchased a pile of parts which contained some Metz 22 parts. Also in the pile was these touring body panels. It has three doors. No door in the right front. Can anyone ID this touring body??
  9. For Sale: Mitchell gas tank, approximately 36" long, 12 .5 " diameter, Mitchell embossed on the tank. Nice solid tank with gauge. $350 offer. Southeastern Minnesota.
  10. For Sale: Mitchell gas tank. Solid straight tank with Mitchell embossed on it (see photo). Gauge included. Slightly over 36" long, 12 1/2" diameter approximately. Price $350.
  11. Is there a serial number list for year for the Metz 25? I have the model 22 numbers. Have a couple engines in the 40,000 and up range.
  12. The engine and transmission will bolt up. I agree it is a late teens mack engine. Sold for $10.
  13. What engine is this?
  14. Anyone know who had the Galloway motor truck project at Chickasha this year. It was in one of the two main buildings.