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  1. Any ideas what this is . Similar to air cleaner but all enclosed with copper tubing around it.
  2. There is a later model Metz Depot hack on Nixon auctions the end of this month. Advertised as a model 22, It has the later style radiator, cowl and a starter. Looks like a creative project that someone put together.
  3. This is a model 22 with dual chain rear drive. I have a fairly complete guard to use as a pattern. I'll get some photos tomorrow.
  4. Attempting to reproduce a Metz chainguard. The narrow top (2.5") and side panels are attached by a process of folding, crimping and bending. How was this accomplished and was a special tool used to do this.? I've talked to metal fabricators and they have never seen this method used before.
  5. I have a Metz model 22 chain guard that I am attempting to copy. Is anyone familiar with the method used to attach the top and sides together? It appears to be a fold and crimp, but with the narrow top I wonder how it was accomplished. Any ideas or information is appreciated. Wayne in Minnesota
  6. Carbide generator parts listed on ebay. Listed under seller: mag473 6 items. Can only post 2 photos here
  7. Jerry. My cell phone number is 507 269 6696. Wayne
  8. For Sale: 1915 Maxwell engine, turns with crank. Radiator, gas tank, headlight brackets, misc parts. $600 or offer. Will separate. Southern Minnesota.
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