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  1. What is the spacing between the two mounting bolts?
  2. Hello, I just found your pictures. I too own a 1931 Hupmobile Coupe, just like yours and really want to make contact to see what you did about windshield gaskets
  3. WOW, what a nice looking car! I just purchased a 1931 Hupmobile S coupe and have not even seen it in person. I'm in Texas and the car is in Georgia. I can hardly wait for it to be delivered. I'm sure I'll be looking for parts soon.
  4. Needed for a 1931 Hupmobile Model S: fuel gauge, choke knob and window crank. Thanks for any help, Tom
  5. Any chance you still have this item of know where I might look for a fuel gauge and a choke knob and a window crank? Thanks, Tom
  6. Do you still have any '31 Hup parts? I need a fuel guage, a choke knob and a window crank.