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  1. I've been wondering about mine as well since there is no oiler nor any holes in the cylinders for oil. That's really strange about no crank! Is that a choke to the left of the radiator, mine does not have one. Do you know how to check the oil level?
  2. Congratulations, looks good. I just brought my 1910 home yesterday! How did you check your engine number against date? I'd really like to check mine, it's either 1161 or 1911 depending on which side you are looking from?
  3. Does anyone know how to date my Metz using the engine number? Thanks, Tom
  4. Thomas Pruett

    1910 Metz

    needed: oiler and sight glass with oil lines if possible.
  5. Did it have an oiler?
  6. What is the spacing between the two mounting bolts?
  7. Hello, I just found your pictures. I too own a 1931 Hupmobile Coupe, just like yours and really want to make contact to see what you did about windshield gaskets
  8. WOW, what a nice looking car! I just purchased a 1931 Hupmobile S coupe and have not even seen it in person. I'm in Texas and the car is in Georgia. I can hardly wait for it to be delivered. I'm sure I'll be looking for parts soon.
  9. Needed for a 1931 Hupmobile Model S: fuel gauge, choke knob and window crank. Thanks for any help, Tom
  10. Any chance you still have this item of know where I might look for a fuel gauge and a choke knob and a window crank? Thanks, Tom
  11. Do you still have any '31 Hup parts? I need a fuel guage, a choke knob and a window crank.
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