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  1. Hi Greg, I'd be happy if you came along. I will PM you if I am able to set up a time to check it out!
  2. And if not, there are plenty of other fun looking projects out there!
  3. Definitely interested in the semi-local '31 Franklin. I reached out to the ad last Thursday, and got prompt but somewhat terse answers to my questions. I then asked about discussing the car over the phone but did not hear back after that. It apparently drives and stops enough to get on a trailer. Sent a follow up email this afternoon so time to wait and see what happens. It's over budget, but driving, stopping, and less than a day's round trip is worth something too. Hopefully they'll get back to me
  4. Thanks everybody for your replies and suggestions! Will definitely check out the links shared. The plan is to share lots of photos whenever I get started with my new project. I enjoy the work as a relaxing activity since it is so different than what I spend most of my day doing
  5. The cars I am looking at are not runners, but you bring up a good point Brooklyn. There a chance some of these were parked for expensive reasons decades ago. Not being able to hear one run and drive is a risk for sure. Good news is I learned there is a whole lot to like about Franklins from your car search thread earlier this year Scott, I’m located in Gainesville Florida, what would you be interested in selling?
  6. Hi all, I’m Nick. I’m 28 and a graduate student living in North-Central Florida. My only car is a 1965 Volvo 122s that I partially restored a couple of years ago. I maintain it by the book and it’s been drive anywhere reliable over the past year since a tree fell on my newer car. I had a huge amount of fun fixing up my old Volvo, and now it’s time for a new project. I plan to make plenty of mistakes, learn a ton, and have fun. I’m especially interested in learning more about bodywork, wood framing, and parts fabrication. There is a club in town I can join that has equipment for woodworking, metal fab, 3D printing, upholstery etc ( I am looking for a bigger (I’m 6’ tall) 6 or 8 cylinder car from the 1928-34 period that I can restore to driver condition. Looking to spend 5k or less, and putting in a ton of sweat equity. Non running is fine, no title is okay too. Prefer something that can roll on to a trailer. I am guessing mostly four door closed cars will be within budget but open to anything I’m curious to see what’s out there, and looking forward to hearing from folks!
  7. Thank you odat for the dimensions; looks like it would be a fit! The one in Oregon looks like a really good deal, and thanks for sharing! I do not doubt that chrome and paint on a project car would put me above the 15k mark easily and quickly. Unfortunately that one is pretty far over my project car budget :-/ I'm planning on spending 5k or less for a car, which leaves me with a few k left to get started on a driver quality overhaul with lots of sweat equity
  8. Hi all, Would anyone happen to know a rough bumper to bumper length and fender to fender width of a 1929 Franklin 130? I'm considering the car advertised below and need to make sure it will fit in my garage Thanks in advance!