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  1. I have an unopened gallon of PPG DDL9300 Black Lacquer, that I would be willing to sell.
  2. This site has 1963 Galaxie information that may help you;
  3. My first date, in my own car was in July, 1966. I had graduated high school in June. My father cosigned for a car loan for a 1963 Chevrolet Impala convertible. It was Polomar Red, with black interior and top. On the way home from the dealership, a girl I went to school with was standing on the curb in front of her house. I stopped to show off my 'new' car. She was waiting for her 1959 Ford that she just bought, to be delivered. She like my car, and out of the blue, I asked her to a movie that night. We dated for about a year, then went our separate ways. We stayed in touch, until she passed away in March, 2016.
  4. I had been a subscriber of Old Cars Weekly, for well over 30 years. This past December, I dropped my subscription. Less content, and a higher subscription price was the reason.
  5. Back in the early 1980's, I owned a 1958 Edsel Ranger with a column shift, three speed manual transmission.
  6. This picture was taken with my 2 year old daughter, in January 1979, the day I bought home my new 1979 Turbo Mustang.
  7. They are pages out of the 1958 Edsel brochure.
  8. I worked for a Dodge dealer in 1966 thru 1968. I didn't see many Monaco station wagons even then. Great find, do enjoy.
  9. Since I sold my 1969 Plymouth, I have no need for the; 1969 Texas Inspection Sticker. It still has the protective film on the face side. $20.00 shipped.
  10. My first Edsel was a 1958 Pacer 2 dr ht. It was color code GEE, Horizon Blue and Snow White, with red and white interior. When it was restored, it went back as factory original even as the restorer wanted me to change the colors. I felt as going back as per factory delivered, it did justice to the car.
  11. Enjoyed the pictures, thank you for posting them.
  12. I've been covering my cars for aver 30 years. I have never covered my cars when they are hot from engine heat, also, from heat from the sun. Especially darker colors. I have never experienced any paint problems on my cars. My last car, a Black Lacquer 1969 Plymouth Road Runner I owned and covered for 28 years, still looked great. I buy only quality covers, not the generic Walmart type.