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  1. I had one like it and was a hand me down from my cousins who were 8 to 12 years older then me so probably early to mid 50s.
  2. If I had that 54 Buick the only things I would change would be a 64 TH 400 if it would bolt up and a 54 to 56 Olds rear end and springs to get rid of that torque tube or something easier,now if it had a manual trans nothing would be changed. Never cared much for a Dynaflow.
  3. I still need to get the rear spring front mounts and install them before I can go any further,I also picked up overload springs but need longer U bolts.
  4. I need my stimulus check to buy parts.
  5. I think I might try to squeeze one more winter out of it since it has up to date tags,the tags expire just when the weather should start to turn nice.
  6. I have a couple of those Corgi land Rovers that need attention.
  7. I have a Danbury Mint 32 caddy on the way and will post pics when it arrives.
  8. When I get this project done one will show up in the condition I like and for what I was willing to pay,all I have found were 4x4s or extended cabs that I do not like since its useless to get a adult in the rear seat and they rust badly in the extended area. I want either a 2wd crew cab or a 2wd regular cab.
  9. I came close to buying one from your area last fall but shipping it here would have got the cost too high for my budget.
  10. .I know I live in the wrong part of the country to find anything in this age decent so I am going to build a truck since I have a decent cab,I was wanting to get a better bed and front fenders but this virus crap is going to put the brakes on spending much money so I will reuse those parts for now and just get a new core support. I can not tow anything heavy due to the frame rust.
  11. I have a very nice cab and the a/c still works and I hope I can get the cab off without damaging it.
  12. I was hoping I could find a decent mid 90s truck so I would not have to do this but I will have less money in it doing it this way,the bed and rear half of the old frame will become a much needed utility trailer.
  13. Been looking for a truck for over a year and either rusty junk or too much money so time to build one.