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  1. Now that it has rear brakes it went a little further in the neighborhood and that o/d trans does not have a syncronized first gear,next step is new front wheel cylinders and hoses.
  2. Starting to get irritated at the local part stores too,on my last two 65 full size Fords I had been substituting the rear wheel cylinders from late 70s to mid 90s Ford half ton trucks and now they are not keeping them in stock. NAPA had one and the other will be here on monday but was suprised that they had the 77-9 T bird rear brake hose in stock that I used on the Merc since its close to the original,I guess the parts that I consider late model are getting older but one would think they would have had rear wheel cylinders in stock for a 92 to 96 F 150 since there are plenty still on the r
  3. Today I got one rear wheel cylinder replaced (other will be in Monday) along with the rear springs and shocks and new rear brake hose and lines,the other night I got the interior and trunk lights working. I think the reason the brakes have a good pedal but nothing is the hoses are collapsed,could not blow air through the rear one. Waiting on parts to put the gas tank back in and should be able to start on the front brakes late next week.
  4. I ran into the same issue with Year One trying to get 69 Camaro parts,I was trying to get those little rubber bumpers for the seat and a console light lense and they were not in the seat and console parts. I found them accidently looking for other parts and I know it must be a pain setting up a website but when you type in seat bumpers everyone they offer should come up and not having to find them when you type in for another part not even related.
  5. Whoever rebuilt the 390 in my 65 mercury did not install the dipstick tube but since there was none I had to look for one,looked on Macs website and all that would come up were ones for a 289 in the 60 to 72 full size section for a 65 so I had to get one from the thunderbird section. I am now ready to install the gas tank and thought I ordered the right fill tube seal but my tank took the O ring style seal and I ordered the newer version,I had to go to the thunderbird section again to get the right seal. One would think that someone would have done some research in what they offered and put
  6. It went around the block but even with a brake pedal it does nothing so everything is froze up.
  7. Found the problem of no first and reverse,there is another lever going from the clutch linkage to first and reverse linkage where the clutch has to be in for it to shift out of those gears. It was not adjusted right so it got removed until I can get it up enough to work under it so I will do that when I check the brakes.
  8. Column or linkage is frozen,it will go into second and third.
  9. Was up in the garage attic the other night and it was no where to be found so it must have been sold.
  10. It runs and now need to see why I can not get it to go into first or reverse,broke in the engine last night after work and got the charging system working tonight. The new looking voltage regulator was the problem.
  11. I was not the only one having tire troubles that day,there were at least 10 others on the side of the road with flat tires and all were much nicer vehicles then my truck.
  12. I do not need anyones sympathy,just describing my adventure to get parts.
  13. One would think when there is 3/4 tread and just starting to crack they would be good for a few more miles but no its not,what done the tire in was it was plugged and the belt started to come apart at that spot and was in it when I got the truck but now it has 4 new tires so they will go on another vehicle when it gets the 3/4 ton frame.
  14. I was hoping to get one more trip out of those tires but that did not happen and I do remember using the jack once or twice but it was froze up so bad like it just came out of the bottom of a lake and how could that have happened in only a couple of years,from now on they will be stored under or behind the seat and not in the engine compartment.
  15. I think its the second time I had help so I need to help some more and I need to quit pushing my luck with tires,I had the truck 5 years and it sat a couple years before I got it and who knows how long they were on the truck. I really did not want to put new tires on this truck since it will be getting a 3/4 ton frame next spring but do have other vehicles they can be used on.
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