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  1. Found one in the local old junkyard in that looked to be that color originally.
  2. While walking around a local junkyard I noticed this 215 or 224 Ford six with what looks to be a 40 to 48 trans used to power a old cement mixer
  3. I might still have new kits for a 55 Dodge truck that had the same type cylinders if I can find them.
  4. You need a binder to do it correctly,without one I can only get the binding to ok.. Acme headliners can do them.
  5. I might have some parts left over from my 50 Chrysler.
  6. No that is not correct,I spent about 450 on the trucks and the rest I spent at other places.
  7. I know I have spent over 20,000 dollars on the tool trucks over the last 30 years,its probably a drop in the bucket compared to what others have spent but its enough for me. I only spent around 700 last year and nothing so far this year.
  8. I am glad I got most of my Snap On tools years ago since now that I have a house I can not afford them now.
  9. Picked up this early 60s kit and not sure if its going to be the coupe or convertible
  10. If you can still get points stay with them,I had to more problems with electronic ignitions then with points and when I put a original engine back in my 55 Ford its going to stay points.
  11. Still needs tires and exhaust that I hope to get on before summer.
  12. 90 Town car thst had neen sitting in a garage for about 5 years.
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