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  1. I have installed those covers and would never put any on any of my vehicles,I still do not understand why anyone would have installed them when the cars were new. The way I look at it is with the covers you are saving the seats for the next owner and I did have a 50 Chrysler that had covers since new and the seats still rotted.
  2. A friend stored them covered up behind my shed,he has since passed away and his family did not want them so they are free to anyone that can use them. Came off a car that had sat since 66 and back there for about 20 years and I am in the Dayton Ohio area.
  3. Only one radiator shop in the Dayton Ohio area and its in Fairborn.
  4. I never heard of the 4 bbl engine called a special but that was before my time,I know the 292 was available in police cars in 55 but probably not many were in regular production unless it could be specially ordered and they were more common after 56.
  5. Oil change and a bath and I will be ready to drive it,its not exactly the way it came from the factory but I like it much better then with that tweed I had in it. Those trucks were just a little too plain for me so I had to dress it up a little and with all the panels painted it gets a little of that old truck feel again.
  6. Interior is done for now,going to install a firewall insulation pad and heater next winter.
  7. Seat is done and now on to the door panels.
  8. I will start the hunt after I see how the new job is going.
  9. Going to put new foam in the seats while its apart,
  10. Can not buy a car now.my job was eliminated and did find another but need to see how it works out before buying anything.
  11. Backrest almost done and still might have to get more brown,I need to get the cushions pattered out before monday so I can get the material.
  12. I would like to have one of those that look like a mid 50s Packard.
  13. Starting on the seat and it will be two colors and I do have a job lined up,I was planning on all brown with red bead but did not get enough brown and had plenty of red left over after cutting out the bead. Need to watch my spending and still need over 100 dollars of foam to finish it.
  14. Kick panels are installed and making a panel that goes behind the backrest to mount the other two speakers,then it will be the seat and the door panels will be last.