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  1. They were my first small diecast cars when I was a kid and still have some of my original ones and have since found all that I had and the ones that I wanted and never got,I still collect them as they are bringing out some neat ones.
  2. I think it came in a box of laundry detergent back in the early 70s and it got painted many times so its getting restored with some model parts,the second picture is what it originally looked like and I got it on Ebay a couple years ago.
  3. Yes I do attend it and after I get the frame swap done I am looking for a nice late 80s crown vic body to put my engine and trans in,the Ohio winters have about dome my 89 in and might be able to get one more winter out of it.
  4. Even though I still have not finished the new engine for my 37 I picked up a new frame for my 95 f 150,I have been wanting to step up to a 3/4 ton but all I found are too rusty for the money wanted so I am going to build one. My 95 has a really nice cab with no rust holes so I got a rolling F 250 chassis and will get a nicer bed and front fenders and start the frame swap in the spring,the frame is rusty where the rear bumper bolts on so I can not tow anything heavy and my old bed and frame will be made into a trailer.
  5. Was thinking about building a dump bed but that would take too long so it will be a flat bed.
  6. I have found its best to just show up.if you call sometimes they say they do not have what you are looking for and they will have more then one. The ones that are running the show there are not the ones who put it there so they do not know what they have and I am going to work on informing them what is all in there some day after taking a inventory.
  7. I have not seen a snake in that yard even after 30 years.
  8. This one donated rear end gears to a 60 Edsel that I put in the trunk 15 years ago when I found it laying outside,someone pulled the axles and gears but did not take them and suprised no one grabbed the gears after all that time.
  9. The cars in the last 9 pictures can not be seen when the vegetation comes back,could get to them easily 10 years ago during the warm months but not now and here are some more.
  10. None good enough to bring home and the new ones have free shipping so that is probably what I will do.
  11. Done another walk today,tried to find a usable 216 Chevy valve cover but all have been exposed to the elements too long.
  12. Going to take pictures of a 40s dump bed in a local junkyard and see if I can duplicate it.