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  1. Pump must be primed fill with oil before bolting it on ---------I had the same problem on a 4 cylinder 32 Plymouth all rebuilt low pressure the pump was serviced by a supplier that advertises on this sight I took pump apart and found that the gears were bad got NOS gears from a supplier in Washington and problem was fixed good feeling when you see that oil gage in range and steady
  2. As some one who has spent 30 + years as a real estate broker I can say that the market for most commodities is reflective of economy and the wants and needs of the buyers,,,,,, different generations view thing differently and to be successful as a seller one must take that into consideration we understand your car has a value in your eyes but you must put yourself in the position of the buyer if sellers of houses could do that they would not need Real Estate agents
  3. Keiser have heard about mount with wheel on car but want to come in from back I THANK EVERYONE FOR INPUT !!!!
  4. how do you use hammer going to have to pry the tire over lip ?????
  5. I found this putting it on from the back what do you thing
  6. I have the tire off painted the wheel enamel with hardener I have several methods should I put the tube in tire first then get first side wall on them slip have it get valve stem through
  7. Keiser have the same wheels I do have a manual tire changer again afraid I will destroy paint job not sure what you mean about the plastic really would like to talk with you
  8. thank you Matt the wheel is a one piece steel wire wheel 32 Plymouth just painted the wheels with enamel with a hardener worried about getting the new paint destroyed going to try to mount myself new tires pretty stiff any advise ?
  9. Bought 19 inch tires from coker a little while back has the little dot embossed on the tire wall does it go on the same side as valve stem or opposite side I forget Called coker the person who answered first did not know then said it did not matter then said opposite ????????? thanks
  10. Can anyone use these parts ?
  11. need a new
  12. these need a new home
  13. I think I have read members posting about a car section on Facebook. Have trouble understanding how to use the site. How do I get to it?