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  1. broker-len

    P2 Deluxe details

    there used to be some one in plymouth club that made the matts available in brown
  2. broker-len

    P2 Deluxe details

    I have a 36 P2 I have black matt and peddle rubber but I understand that it should be Brown as you say but not that important to me
  3. broker-len


    SPOTS----We all get them our old cars out cloths our furniture have found two things that work for me------ REGULAR LIGHTER FLUID, car and cloths,,,,,,,,just spray it over stain---------------------STANLEY STEEMER PROFESSIONAL CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY SPOT REMOVER------have used on cloths and furniture----------fantastic
  4. broker-len

    When did all cars get two tail lights?

    My 32 Plymouth PA came with one, driver side tail light,,,,,,my understanding is that a second was available had the passenger side fabricated out of driver side and put turn signals
  5. broker-len

    Wanted black lacquer car paint

    PPG still make black lacquer may not be available in every state can get it here in NJ maybe you can but it from company on line------------------ $ 200.00 a gallon
  6. broker-len

    Buy/Sell Forum Rules

    I have been contacted by scammers you can tell in the first few words you can tell !!!! I both buy and sell here, and E bay and in this day with the ability to send photos I would not consider buying parts with out a picture descriptions are subjective !!!!!! I know that all of us has different levels of ability but if you want to get a good price for you stuff have some one show you how to post picture it is not complicated it may open a new world
  7. broker-len

    1932 Plymouth PA

    I have had this unit for 10 years I appears to have been never used rust free again even if I was to loosen the joint as you mention the CAN is fastened to the bell housing so even if I took the vertical piece off I could not swing it out and even if I could it may come closer to hitting the inside of the hood-----------as I look at pictures of other PA motors mine is the only one that is bent outward and in the other pictures the arm is going through the throttle from the inside your suggestion I think is the answer my car is a PA but the registration is for a 1932 so the car was second generation PA which tells me it had the updated silencer from the factory may be that is how they got it to fit bend the throttle arm in to clear the vertical pipe we are starting winter here and I don't work on cars in the cold and the next project is to paint the 6 wheels in the spring at this time have a bb1 with first generation silencer on the car
  8. broker-len

    1932 Plymouth PA

    Plywood------thank you,,,,,,,,,,,,the silencer is held by a BOLT on the bell housing and over the manifold stud all the pipes are fixed there is no wiggle room and if you look at the picture I posted it would not make any difference ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,as the picture indicates this unit is made by burges not sure if it was the one that came on the car going to try spinny hill's suggestion it is interesting that no one has come forward and said they have one of these,,,,,,,, maybe non survived
  9. broker-len

    1932 Plymouth PA

    Spinny Hill I do understand your reasoning and I will check if that joint is movable but all the joints are braised and don't want to butcher it up the silencer can not be moved also as I said because it bolts to the bell housing left bottom which prevents it from being swung out if that is your idea
  10. broker-len

    1932 Plymouth PA

    Tom --none of the joints are able to pivot they are set there are two mounting points to the left at the bottom of can mounts to bell housing and one on the vertical tube mounts to a manifold stud there is no ability to change the position once it is bolted on I think spinny hill has the idea going to reverse the throttle arm I have seen a few pictures of this motor and this arm is straight don't know why mine is bent except maybe that was procedure to mount this unit I'm starting to feel it is pretty rare no one has seen it---- bu not sure if I will clear the cable but will give it a go right now have the bb1 in place the next project is to paint the wheels
  11. broker-len

    1932 Plymouth PA

    Spinneyhill----------------you may have something found a picture of another PA motor and the accelerator rod is reversed I will try it but it seems the cable will still be a problem----------------------- thank you
  12. broker-len

    1932 Plymouth PA

    did you sell the PA gas tank you had ?
  13. broker-len

    1932 Plymouth PA

    As I said---------------------I had a PB air silencer I sold it it would not fit I have the one pictured I do have the early silencer as well but just trying to unlock the Question---------------why would chrysler put this picture in manual if it was not possible to install-------there is something I am missing-----------------------thank you for your help
  14. broker-len

    1932 Plymouth PA

    I contacted Mcmulkin-------he told me he never saw one some one told me they went with the updated silencer because of fire due to motor backfire I did have a PB unit could not mount on my car if I remember it seems it hit the firewall at any rate I do have the early type of unit that I am running with a BB1 I also have a brass bowl but but I guess the search goes on as to why the unit will not fit maybe Lanny will run this post in the PLYMOUTH BULLETIN thank you all for your help
  15. broker-len

    1932 Plymouth PA

    it is cool-----------------but can not put it on I studied the picture of carb it seems it would go on with out the cables am hoping some one can clear this up