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  1. I did what every one said not to,,,,,they told me it was unsafe,,, that the tire would be dry rotted and would explode ------I bought a set of tires ---15 to 20 years ago from a place in Hershey PA for my 32 Plymouth----had them stored in dry basement,,,tubes in unheated garage put them on a year ago---did just a little driving at this point no cracks, no separation . and after taking the weights off my wheels and painting them they seem to drive down the road with no shimmy or vibration----with a 6 wheel car just did not want to go for $ 1000 plus-------am I just lucky ?
  2. there have been discussions about the new way E Bay will be handling the payments----many of you probably use this service-----what are your feelings ---will you just give them you bank account and allow them to control everything ?????
  3. it sits in the timing case and meshes with Cam gear their is a slot on top that the distributor rides in I will look in my part boxes but it will not be until it warms up cold here right now
  4. I have some extra Lug nuts from the 4 cylinder Plymouth---can supply 10, left threaded nuts,,,9/16 Looking for $ 10.00 a piece plus shipping-------------have brakes,-drums, axil, door----other stufff----------bobnroman@yahoo.com
  5. Looking for a starter----------------bobnroman@yahoo.com
  6. Looking for a starter------bobnroman@yahoo.com
  7. and how about -----------UNCLE FLOYD----something called ---local access on east cost
  8. Who remembers GENE SHEPPARD out of WOR----- NY CITY
  9. if you google HANDLE ON THE LAW--and go to sticher radio--you can listen to episodes with out the commercials any time
  10. I have heard him say that the station has one of the oldest licenses in the country
  11. thank you terry---did not know that
  12. Bill Handle is a lawyer on Saturday it is a call in law show---- but he is on through the week in AM slot
  13. This seems to be radio station ---WKFI----in California----it is still in business---Listen to a show------BILL HANDLE ON THE LAW----have always been interested in the subject as a 35 year Real Estate Broker Google him and either listen on STITCHER RADIO or pod cast from the station web sight-------you will find him entertaining and knowledgeable
  14. E Bay 66320 item---124401660808
  15. your video does not work-------
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