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  1. Looking for parts for carter model D-209S Carburetor,,,,, especially LOW SPEED JET TUBE NO 65----------used a 32 PA
  2. am supposed to get pictures in maryland will let you know
  3. The tail light is steel and will work for 31 mopar
  4. I am running the original carb I rebuilt it I understand the idle screw works in reverse I think I am running rich other that filling up tank putting on miles and rechecking how can I tell ? which jet would most likely affect economy is there a way to lean it out like the BB1
  5. If I had a seepage problem I think I would take the head off and do it correctly don't think I world put ANYTHING in motor to gunk it up------------------but that is just me
  6. any one out there looking for Plymouth stuff friend rodding a coup
  7. I still have the 45 rpm record KOOKIE, KOOKIE, LEND ME YOUR COMB !!!
  8. this is E bay ad up to $ 9500
  9. broker-len


    that is a Plymouth PA
  10. Any one got this stuff they are willing to part
  12. does the manual state PB ? you will see carb I friend of mine in North Jersey, about an Hr from me has a bunch of carter BB1s Gene 201 953 4255 mention my name Bob Romano
  13. there is a little hole on inside of carb throat at top where flange meets manifold if yours is open could be your running proplem that goes to vacuum advance do you have a owner's manual ?