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  1. I posted a comment ,,,,day later got a notification of a response but was barred from access to either notification or the member's info-----contacted administrator twice not response-------------have you noticed,,,as time moves ahead many things that are UPDATED --MADE BETTER,,are never as good as original
  2. thanks for responding-----is issue is the gears and shift fork,,,cluster is frosen with what appears to be hardened oil it is like a think paste locking every thing I tried to fill the case with gasoline but because I have removed some things there are holes and no matter what I do it leaks out-----I guess I could take the trans to a shop and have the hole thing dipped in cleaning tank
  3. the issue is because there is a freewheeling unit that has been removed and left by-pass holes it leeks out no mater what you do also between bearings liquid just does not stay in the case long enough or high enough and the material is soo think you can barely scrap with finger nail
  4. broker-len

    old oil

    trying to take apart a gear box that seems to be seized with what appears to be crystalized oil I filled the case with gasoline------any suggestions ?
  5. have driver's door for a sedan----am in NJ
  6. trying to get it apart --have any one done the job or have literature other that parts and owner's manual book ?-------------contact at bobnroman@yahoo.com
  7. Have a transmission I am trying to get apart, two steering boxes. a pair of PA front doors. heads, front end parts----contact at bobnroman@yahoo.com
  8. Am working on a 32 PB transmission with the beveled gears and free wheeling---trying to get it apart and would like to here from some one who had done the job or has any literature addressing this unit,,,,all I have is the large parts book and owner's manual----please contact me at bobnroman@yahoo.com
  9. Sorry for your lose ---$ 700.00 is allot of money THE FIRST TIME !!---Do you think you should have learned from the first mistake ??---do you think you should have been more careful ??---do you think you should have demanded to see pictures as a prerequisite for sending money a second time-? Why not contact a local car club and ask some one to do you a favor and go look at the parts ?--I do not know how bad you needed the parts or how rare they were but your car hobby is getting expensive
  10. in late 20s and 30s the technology for charging cars and batteries was a adjustable generator,,My 32 Plymouth has three brushes one is for adjust out put,,,the cut out riding on generator's only job is to break the circuit when shut down--if you only did day driving you had to adjust accordingly at night raise a bit ----you have to be careful not to charge to much burn the armature and boil the electrolyte by 36 my Plymouth had a two stage unit again riding on generator one was a cut out and other gave two levels of out put---------------BR
  11. I am loosing lube just in the freewheeling unit of my car----I see in the cutaway picture there is a seal that rides on the brake drum------ has any one had this issue-----thanks-----------------bobnroman@yahoo.com
  12. I am loosing lube just in the freewheeling unit of my car----I see a seal in the cut away picture that rides around the brake drum--maybe it is bad ? has any one had this issue-----thanks-----------------bobnroman@yahoo.com
  13. As a seller trying to avoid pay pal and the fees and big brother-----E BAY putting the arm on my for the cost of shipping is there a way I can accept payment for a sale without it going through E bay
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