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  1. broker-len

    electrical thoughts

    I have two collector cars one 32 Plymouth PA that I drive as it was from the factory no voltage regulator, just a cut out and third brush also a 36 with what was the early duel voltage attempt I replaced both the wire harness I do have a radio in 36 that is an old VW 12 volt that I run with some kind of voltage step up or step down that I found other than radio what else do you need ? if the wires are good and the generator is good should be OK for hobby type cruising
  2. broker-len

    28 dodge

    do not know-------------------some on mailed me looking for it
  3. broker-len

    28 dodge

    29 dodge water looking for one
  4. broker-len

    28 dodge

    looking for a water
  5. broker-len

    28 dodge

    looking for a water pump contact at
  6. broker-len

    SCAM Alert!!

    I have always thought I could smell and scammer a mile away-------------did you ask for proof that he had the stuff ? if I get contacted about this kind of thing I ask teck questions that only a car guy could answer and pictures $ 2900 is a big hit
  7. broker-len

    Utah gas staton

    freeman Utah 3 years ago
  8. broker-len

    Electric Oil Pump for antique cars

    why not just rebuild the original with new gear ???????????????????????????
  9. broker-len

    Electric Oil Pump for antique cars

    I had the same issue with a 4 cylinder plymouth bad gears got new ones now I have good pressure and it is still factory-------------------------------------------HAPPY MAN
  10. if you do your driving in day time you can start with a good, fully charged battery and set the third brush at a few amps charging......that is what I do on my 32 plymouth the 36 mopar used the little voltage regulator on the generator gave the option of using the light or heater with out readjusting third brush,,,, they come up on E Bay ,,,,, you could just replace the cut out,,,,,, again I set the third brush so it rides a few amps charging and have never overcharged or was under charged
  11. broker-len

    P2 Deluxe details

    there used to be some one in plymouth club that made the matts available in brown
  12. broker-len

    P2 Deluxe details

    I have a 36 P2 I have black matt and peddle rubber but I understand that it should be Brown as you say but not that important to me
  13. broker-len


    SPOTS----We all get them our old cars out cloths our furniture have found two things that work for me------ REGULAR LIGHTER FLUID, car and cloths,,,,,,,,just spray it over stain---------------------STANLEY STEEMER PROFESSIONAL CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY SPOT REMOVER------have used on cloths and furniture----------fantastic
  14. broker-len

    When did all cars get two tail lights?

    My 32 Plymouth PA came with one, driver side tail light,,,,,,my understanding is that a second was available had the passenger side fabricated out of driver side and put turn signals
  15. broker-len

    Wanted black lacquer car paint

    PPG still make black lacquer may not be available in every state can get it here in NJ maybe you can but it from company on line------------------ $ 200.00 a gallon