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  1. I did that--------------------it take me to my original post with not other comments
  2. when I log on sometimes get flag about notification to a post but can never find it-----where is it ?
  3. broker-len

    PA Brag

    It seems 40 years ago I found this car in a parking lot and was able to get the title for $ 35.00 it was complete minus the correct head lights and rear seat bottom ----Painted with PPG acrylic lacquer this is a 32 PA delux which means as I understand it, it has chrome lights, cowl strip and cowl lights, duel side mounts, it does has both spare locks and what seems to be anti rattle clamps. Have been told that most of the PAs have fixed front seat , mine is adjustable, also a water heater- safety glass in doors and windshield---was running a brass bowl Carb but it did not work well now a BB1 just finished the wheels - Enamel with hardener ----wander how many others have these features ,,I put a right side rear light and turn signals that work sometimes,,,,,,the only add on that was available as i am told was a radio under the rear floor would like to see other
  4. broker-len


    Thank you Rusty----in this case this is a car that we are just not using right now ---it has been off road for a year still runs good but the gas will get funky----I did put stable the tank seems to be under the rear seat but can not get a hose to the gas
  5. broker-len


    thank you so much for your kindness !
  6. broker-len


    Trying to drain the tank on a 2009 camary can not seems to do it with a syphon tube in the filler hole--------- looking for suggestions
  7. IMP---38C569-----ANY ONE KNOW WHAT IT FITS ?
  8. throw out bearing --IMP---38C569----WHAT IS
  9. broker-len


    have a throw out bearing seem tight ----IMP---30C569---DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT
  10. My P2 and My 32----Plymouths