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  1. Sorry, not understanding you-------------what are you looking for ?
  2. this appears to be NOS is pictured in Plymouth parts book 29 to 33 contact at
  3. MochetVelo thanks for posting tell me about the motor used power, speed, where did you get it ?
  4. Yes will be using a primer when you say turntable vertical or horizontal I look for the post on chrysler sight could not find it
  5. Really brings back memories been all through that if you need any help contact at
  6. I am planing to paint my steel wire wheels with epoxy I sand blasted two of them and it seems it will be tricky to get the paint on the spokes evenly and hub in back of spokes evenly and with out runs with a spray gun !! should I use a brush ? wandering what has worked for the other members in old car land
  7. keiser----------------------do you know any one that may have a vacuum advance for a PA ?
  8. do you have any clums for sale also looking for PB Manifold ?
  9. Keiser Thank you for responding you sound like you know friend looking for 32 PB I have PA what do you have ? what does a 9271 fit ?
  10. I want the one for 32 PA Plymouth think 9271 chrysler Number 300186------- but I will check for the number on switch
  11. used on 28 to 32 Plymouth and chrysler contact
  12. Used on 28 to 32 plymouth and other mopars Contact
  13. Goggle L&L antique auto trim Brad is up and down but used to make a great produce