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  1. mrcvs--------------------I feel the same way the older I get the better the condition of my cars the worse the traffic. the more time and money I put into them and afraid of damage from flat bed or accident or just get stranded I follow Jay"s garage he drives is cars also but when he has issues on the road, and he has admitted it has happened,,,,,, he calls his garage and one of his people shows up with his own flatbed you can fix and tune but if it is original IT IS STILL AN OLD CAR
  2. if you go to a real Battery store not pep boys or auto zone they sell 6 volt batteries truckers buy them and use 2 to get 24 volts I pay about $ 90.00 just make sure the physical size is the one for your car
  3. shaffer and long in south jersey any one know the owner's name ?? thanks
  4. On my 32 Plymouth after redoing the front I did the to in to out as per google instructions did not worry about caster camber rides great
  5. looking for carter brass bowl or parts
  6. had two brake systems sleeved in brass by apple few years ago did not use anything in assembling did not know !!!!! no problems
  7. are you having trouble getting the peddle to open the pressure Plate ????? plates also have an adjustment if you study a picture you will understand how it works as with other aspects of old car restoration you just have to LOOK and see just what is going there are three screws around the pressure plate what ever you do adjust the three the same E mail me and we can talk
  8. there are a pair of 36 plymouth tail lights on E Bay
  9. just get an E mail from some in California look at the wheels they are rustoleum primer and top coat Krylon !!!!! any comments ?
  10. but I don't hear any squealing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. agree the powder coat is far superior in looks and probably wares the best but I look at the value of the car and the money invested also not crazy about handing some thing over to some one else that I have owned for 40 years and I can not replace and there ARE some negatives with this option I did get one quote locally $ 80.00 per wheel
  12. We went through this before-------------32 plymouth wheels good shape no rust and does not need to be trued I sand blasted them do not want to powder coat overkill for me I bought Epoxy primer but also think overkill I have painted several cars but am wondering if I can get inside spokes at the hub and all around the spokes what has your experience been and what kind of paint did you use friend with Ford A had them dipped what do you think