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  1. hello Steve please email me at the number on the head is 320449-1 a picture would be great Tks
  2. Hello Looking for a Chrysler 384 CID (1931/1932) L8 Cylinder head... Tks Fred
  3. Hello Guys any chance you can share the information where I can get the Chassis in IN? Thank you Both
  4. Looking for Auburn 8 1926 cylinder head the distributor is on the middle, not on the side of the head Thanks Fred
  5. Oh...You killed my illusion..ehehhe... Thank you for the info...
  6. WOW...Great info Bud...THank you very much.
  7. True...I check the ruler picture couple times...It doesn't look that big at first sight.
  8. the engine number starts with UEL....Maybe a Marine or Stationary application???
  9. The head is 39.5 inches long The engine number start with UEL
  10. Bob...Anyway, I m curious about the engine... Do you have any idea what it is? Maybe a American Lafrance Lycoming or some marine engine? they say is 420CID