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  1. hello Is the Franklin project still available?
  2. Completely overhauled Mercury 8BA Flathead engine, dual Carburetors, 12 volts, 3 Speed Ford Transmission, Ford front and rear axle. All new bearings, seals, brakes, clutch, gauges, electric harness, tires. This vehicle has been handcrafted by Vintage Racing Car, using authentic FORD parts. The body has been manually handcrafted and the chassis modified as per Edsel Ford design. Clear Ford 40 US Title. This is a tribute to Edsel Ford's Famous Speedster built in 1934.
  3. Looking for Complete Dashboard or gauges for a MG TB or TC, from 1939/1947 Tks
  4. Thank you for sharing your point of view. if you are interested, let me know and I can email you a presentation with more info. Tks
  5. Hello the present condition of the car, is the light brown. The first picture is from 2017 in an exhibition where it got 2nd in its class. email me your phone number at and I ll call you to explain anything you need to know.
  6. Hello Al The engine is the original 288 CID, F head. The engine was completely overhaul. The wheels are the original Buffalo hubs, with new Dunlop profile rims and all new spokes. I ll add a picture of the cockpit. Thank you very much
  7. CC,,,I added some more pictures...If they are good enough to stir your interest, let me know and I will share more details. Thank you for your sugestion!!...I appreciate!
  8. I saw that River Side Special..Amazing!!... Totally agree with you...Good reproductions are half of this price, depending of engine and amount of work and detail. A famous REO that raced in the same era of this Hudson, was sold for over 1.2 Million, and the big difference was the driver;s popularity and the races that car won. Also the fact that it was a REO 8. This Hudson has the history and some records and prizes...But the importance of the driver is not comparable with the REO's. That;s reflected in the price. the car has FIVA carnet, that allow the buyer to participate in many races.
  9. The car belong to the grandfather of the actual owner and founder of an important Winery. The family still owns the winery and the car had been in the family since then. Thank you for your comment.
  10. George here goes the bone.....hehehe.... you can get it for less than 200K