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  1. do not want to post a couples name on open forum send pm
  2. definitely the same car the couple of bought it from have been driving it in mass so the sticker is a different color very cool so now it looks like the car was restored sometime before 1999 great lead now i have to figure out who owned it and some more history
  3. answer to alsancle as it states purchased from an estate
  4. i just purchased the car pictured from a couple in shrewbury. they purchased it in 2016 ftrrom the estate of the person who restored it who was supposed to be called old joe but not sure on name. trying to get some info on the car
  5. just purchased a 34 ford cabriolet from boston area that was restored in the 2014 time period by someone named old joe trying to find any info on the car that might be availability
  6. wanted 1933 1934 ford cabriolet luggage rack
  7. looking for a vintage spare tire tread cover stainless strip or i will buy the tread cover with a stainless strip
  8. 1931-1933 auburn columbia two speed axle housing with axles and backing plates $1000
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